Grandma Jolene: Planting Seeds

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It had been a big couple of weeks. Since me and James Ray had drugged and filmed the Church Committee fucking like wanton sluts, the county had calmed down considerably. The Church Committee had been stirring up folks against the vice community in the area, which was laughable as the few sex workers and drug dealers in Verdanna County were all friends and looked out for each other more than some proper families did. My Step Grandmother Jolene was part of the committee, and I had been fucking her for a while, ever since I convinced her it was part of her duty to God to make me, and herself, cum like a freight train as much as possible. To tell the truth, I think she was starting to have some doubts about the whole God and Church business. I was giving her the best time of her life, and her Church friends had proven to be just as full of crap as anyone. She still prayed, and spoke in righteous words, but when her hot Grandma mouth was kissing and caressing my cock, it felt even more righteous.

The morning after the group seduction, we showed the group the videos we had taken, and they played the horrified victims, screaming in outrage and shock. Eventually they realized they were over a barrel, and agreed to back off their vice campaign. All the ladies left but Jolene. She was ashen faced and quiet while me and James Ray talked.

“Looks like we got them ladies all shut up good, Cousin Jake.” James Ray said, smiling wide and lighting a cigarette.

“There is no smoking in this house.” Snapped Jolene as she rose and stormed from the living room into the kitchen.

“Well, that was rude.” said James Ray. I thought for a second and then said, “You know, it was rude. Jolene get in here, right now!” She came in with a slightly scared expression on her face.

“Grandma Jolene, this man is my guest, and you will not talk to him in that manner.”

An angry look passed across her face. “I will not allow smoking in this house Jake, and that is the Lord’s word as well.”

“I don’t care about the smoking. I care about your rudeness to my guest.” I rose and stood next to her. My 6’1″ frame made her look small next to my 19 year old muscular body. She grew unsure of herself. She fidgeted in her conservative skirt and button up light blue shirt, looking back and forth between me and James Ray, who watched us both with an evil little smile on his face.

“I think you need to apologize.” I told her sternly.

“Allright. James I apologize for speaking . . . “

“No! Not like that.”

“What? What do you . .”

“Like this…” I reached and began to undo her blouse. She panicked and tried to swat my hands away, looking at James Ray with embarrassment. I grabbed her hands and forced them by her sides, gave her a light tap on the cheek, and returned to unbuttoning her blouse. I finally took it off, revealing Jolene’s impressive tits, though they were caged in an old fashioned bullet bra.

“Mmm…she’s hotter on the films.” James Ray said dispassionately from his seat. Jolene blushed, and I laughed at her reddening cheeks.

“You’ve been getting a little full of yourself Jolene, and that’s why we had to take y’all down a peg. Now, lift your arms over your head, so your tits stand out more.”

She did so. And this Church lady, this hot grandma stood with her shirt off in front of two young men. I could see beads of sweat start to trickle down from her tightly pulled back hairstyle. She licked her lips and blinked hard; she was getting turned on.

“Okay Jolene now take off your bra while I speak to my guest here.” Without hesitating she began to take off her bra, slowly. “Good, that’s right.” I praised her. ” . . . take your time. So James Ray, I gotta ask what are your plans for the films we took?”

“Sell ’em of course.” His eyes were glued on Jolene’s sexy, slow striptease. Jolene started a bit when she heard James Ray talk about selling the films. We pretended not to notice.

“You betcha. Some hot stuff there, hidden footage, sexy as hell. You should get a got price for them.” I said. Jolene had removed the bra, but still had her hands covering queenbet güvenilirmi her 38C tits. Her eyes were smoldering behind her large thick framed glasses.

“Especially with all that editing you did. No kidding Jake, you shoulda gone to Hollywood. Now those are really fantastic tits. I cannot believe she’s your Grandma. I can’t believe she’s my Great Aunt!!”

“Step-Ganddma, but yeah. . . me neither. She was always so bossy and mean, until I taught her about God’s true plan for her. And then, I mean you saw the film, she fucks like a slut and even digs the lesbian action.”

Jolene whimpered at my words as she stood in front of us, holding her tits out, slowly massaging them for our viewing pleasure as we sat on the huge white couch.

“Ain’t no lie.” James Ray’s eyes were wide and stuck on Jolene’s tits. His mouth was hanging open a bit. “She’s the finest one on that film . . .” He broke away from staring at Jolene tits to shoot me an adamant comment with a stab of his finger. .” . . . but Rhonda’s big beautiful ass was a god-damned treasure to behold.”

“Don’t use the lord’s name in vain.” Jolene said passively. James Ray smiled. “Sorry, there Auntie. Guess I just forgot myself.”

“Jolene, come here. Now kneel down in front of me.” She did so nervously.

“Take my cock out of my pants.” Her eyes got huge and she looked over to James Ray, who was hooting with delight.

“Allright! I was hoping to see some live action!”

Jolene’s hands were trembling a little as she pulled my hardening cock out of my pants. She held in in her slightly wrinkled hands, and began to stroke my dick unconsciously, while James Ray stared at her body.

“Now suck my cock in front of my guest as an apology for your rudeness.” My harsh tone left no doubt as to my seriousness. She bent over and started to bob up and down on my dick, slurping it in and out of her sexy mouth. I made her lean back a bit, so James Ray could get a good view of Jolene’s tongue as it began to run up and down my shaft and flick my balls.

James Ray was mesmerized. “That is one amazing cock sucking Grandma and Aunt!”, he hollered out, laughing.

“Yes, she’s coming along nicely. Show the nice man how much cock you can take.”

Jolene wrapped her lips around the head of my cock, and then slowly went down, farther and farther, until six full inches of my thick dick was in her proper church-lady mouth. I grabbed her tight bun of hair and held her down for a second or two, and just before she gagged, I pulled her away from my cock, leaving her gasping for air and with spit dripping down her thick lips, smudged with her almost-all-gone-lipstick. Her eyes were half closed in exertion and lust. I guided her back down to my cock, and made her bend over farther so I could pull up her skirt and show off her ass. I was angered to see she was wearing granny panties, which I had forbid her to do.

“Now James Ray, I can’t let you fuck her, even though she is a nasty little Church slut, as she is bonded to me.”

Jolene whimpered warmly in her cock-filled mouth.

“Awwww man, that’s not fair.” James Ray complained.

“Hold on now, but I need you to spank her ass for me, can you do that?”

Jolene squealed frighteningly in her cock filled mouth.

“Oh shit yeah I can! Can I jerk myself off while I do it?”

“Of course, but you cannot come on her, understand?”

“No problem cuz.”

“Jolene, I told you that you were not allowed to wear those panties. You are only supposed to wear the panties I bought you. James…?” James Ray was now behind Jolene, and he had flipped her skirt up, and started to pull down her panties over her round ass. What sagging there might have been for her 60 plus years disappeared as she kneeled, doggy style, her sweet keister waving slowly back and forth as she hoovered on my dick. ?”Hoooo-eeeee, that is one nice highnie there, Jake! You want me to leave the panties on like this?”

“No, take them entirely off, she is never to wear them again.” James Ray’s eyebrows went up and he pulled out his hunting knife, and queenbet yeni giriş indicated he wished to cut her panties off of her. I nodded a reluctant no, and James Ray sheathed his knife. Jolene wasn’t quite there yet, and may never be. James Ray pulled her white ungainly panties down past her knees and then entirely off. Jolene kept her mouth on my cock the entire time. “Damn, her pussy is almost dripping! You sure you won’t let me fuck her a little? I never fucked an Aunt before.”

Jolene squirmed and whimpered and almost stopped sucking my cock.

“Naw, It’s a God thing, James Ray. But you should start spanking that ass, get to it.”

James Ray got a wicked smile on his face and he undid his fly to pull out his cock. I was taken aback at the size of the thing. It was fucking huge, John Holmes huge. He started stroking it as he put his unfilled palm flat on Jolene’s asscheek, then pulled it back dramatically and brought it down on Jolene’s white trembling ass with a smack that echoed in the room. Her muffled scream felt amazing on my cock. “And don’t you stop sucking my cock for a second, Jolene. If you do, we have to start the licks all over again. Please continue James Ray.”

And he did, her gave her slow sure slaps on her ass, all while stroking his huge cock. Jolene screamed or moaned with every whack, and her cock-sucking grew more furious, more intense the redder her asscheeks got. He started to time the strokes of his cock with the swats on her ass. It was artistic as hell! Jolene’s hand creeped down to her pussy to play with her clit. She was now constantly rocking back and forth between the force of the spanking and my hard cock between her lips.

“Oh shit, son, I’m gonna come. . . oh hell. . .!!”James Ray scooted back a bit from Jolene’s ass in order to not cum on her bright red asscheeks. I picked up Jolene and turned her around to watch. Her eyes got as large as saucers when she saw his dick.

“Oh my God…” She said, as James pumped his dick faster, the head of his cock engorged and moist with pre-cum. I turned her around even more, so James Ray could see her Jolene’s tits. Almost as soon as she faced him, James Ray let out with a shout and sent spurts of cum across the carpet. Jolene was hypnotized.

“I didn’t know they could get that big.” She said in a far away tone, which piqued my interest. I stood up and moved to the side, so she could suck my cock and still peek at James Ray’s dick. He was slumped over, and even flaccid his cock was impressive looking. I directed Jolene to start sucking me again, but when she tried to look up at me, I made her look aside at James Ray. In about a minutes, James Ray’s eyes fluttered open to see me fucking Jolene’s mouth in earnest, and her sexy eyes staring down at James Ray’s dick. He saw her leer, and began to jack himself off, bringing life back to his massive snake. Jolene was transfixed. As his dick got harder, she became more passionate on my dick, actually pushing my hands away to use her own on my shaft and balls, all while staring at James Ray stroking his cock. I got close to coming, and when Jolene sensed that, she leaned back a bit and opened her mouth wide, letting me fuck her mouth while she squeezed her tits and pulled on her long nipples. I came with a groan, all over her face and tits, and even as I was coming she was looking right at James Ray’s big dick. When I had finished I told Jolene to get cleaned up. After she left the room, me and James Ray got dressed.

“This is one hell of a set up you got cuz.” James Ray said. “It’s been nice getting to know the family again.”

“Hey, family-it’s all you got, right?”

James Ray just laughed. He was still laughing as he went through the door. Jolene had already got up from her knees, put back on her bra, went to the kitchen to get something to clean up the mess on the floor. She was a lurid sight as she came back to the living and got down on all floors to scrub the carpet. Her ass, still red from her spanking waving in the air as she scrubbed up the cum. I was young then, and my cock was getting harder watching her chore queenbet giriş away, and I began to realize she was taking a lot longer than she needed to to finish the job. My dick got harder, and I got down on my knees behind her ass.

“Oh Lord, yes, please, God needs you to make love to me, he wants you to.” She didn’t even turn around, she just pushed her as back towards me, and I entered her without ceremony. “oooohhhhh Jesus, yes, yes, yes!” She gasped out. I gripped her ass hard and pummeled into her, her pussy flooding all over my dick, and making a bigger mess on the carpet than the one she came back to clean. I loved watching her senior ass jiggle with every slap of my pelvis against it. Her head was pressed down on the carpet, as she grunted mindlessly with every deep thrust of my cock.

“Are you thinking about James Ray’s cock, Jolene?”

She turned around to look at me in surprise, which told me she was indeed thinking of her Great-Nephew’s huge dick while getting fucked by her step Grandson. “You are a nasty little whore to even want that, Granny Jolene.” I chastised her with a mocking tone, which sent her to a full on orgasm, though i did not stop fucking her for a second.

“Oh lord God, I am so wicked, so wicked…” She moaned while coming again all over my cock.”

“You know Jolene, the Bible is the only way to love. That means my love or anyone else’s…” I was laying the tone on thick, the tone of ‘this is a big clue, you daffy broad’. She got a little quieter, as I think she realized what I might be cluing her to do. With my seed sown, I hoped, I got up from behind Jolene, and picked her up to her feet. Her knees were shaky from the orgasms, so I carried her into the kitchen, and lived out one of my fantasies right then and there. I swept everything that was on the breakfast table onto the floor and laid Jolene down on her back where all that stuff used to be. I then began fucking her hard and fast, bashing the table against the wall, shaking the walls and making the appliances in the kitchen shake a little along with them. Jolene pulled down her bra, and started pulling on her nipples, staring hard at me through her cat’s-eye’s glasses, her green eyes alight with passion. I held her legs high in the air, spreading her thick legs wide apart. I loved her womanly thighs; they were curvy and real, and her skin was soft in my hands.

I looked down on Grandma Jolene, naked on her breakfast table, moaning and screaming as I fucked the shit out of her, my cock going the entire length in and out of her at each stroke. I took a mental snapshot of the scene; a 60+ year old curvy Grandma orgasming on my hard dick while she pinches her own large nipples that she has pulled out of her bullet bra, the linoluem and chrome table shaking and clattering with each one of my thrust, a jar of Jolene’s plum preserves broken and shattered on the floor, Jolene’s proper Church lady Hairstyle becoming undone as she is jostled by my pounding.

I pulled out and came all over her stomach, grunting and groaning but never closing my eyes on the sight of Grandma Jolene, trembling and glistening with my cum in the kitchen.

Why was the kitchen table fuck hotter than all the other things Jolene and I had done? I wasn’t sure myself, to tell the truth. It was an unconscious fetish. I wasn’t sure that is, until the next morning.

I came in last to the breakfast table, which is rare for me. Grandpa Wayne was sitting with his head in the paper, only a small grunt emerged as a greeting for me. Jolene was at the stove, cooking up eggs. She looking over her shoulder and shot me a wink, and returned to the eggs. I sat down and had some coffee, and looked at the breakfast table, the one I had made love to my Grandma upon yesterday afternoon. A smile crept on my face. The normal uncomfortable silence enforced upon all meals by my asshole grandfather was gone, replaced with a silence of sweet memories and lust. I looked up from tracing my finger cross the linoleum surface like it was Grandma Jolene’s sweet skin to watch Grandma Jolene take a seat at the table, her wide eyes staring at my fingers, a half smile on her face. She was thinking the same thing. In both our minds, we were still having hot sex on this table, even thought our eyes never looked at each other. We ate our breakfast, and each scrape of the fork on plate became foreplay. As it would every morning after.

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