Grandma’s Helping Hand Ch. 06

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This story contains consensual sex between a 65-year-old woman and young college men, and cum sharing.


Erica Allston puttered in her kitchen, whipping up a batch of chocolate chip cookies, happily humming along to the tunes of ’60s music coming from her radio. Music from her era.

Erica was 65, a stunning beauty for a self-proclaimed “old woman,” she would joke, tall and lean and fit, with shimmery silvery blonde hair, wispy and brushing her slender shoulders. She lived alone, and would often be visited by young people seeking her proficient helping hands – and whatever else it took to keep them happy.

It was a loving largesse that extended to her grandchildren.

Just then, her phone chirped. She wiped her hands on the apron that covered her quite short, summery print dress and picked it up, smiling at the message from Bobby, her 19-year-old grandson.

“Hey grandma, you free? I was wondering if I could stop by?”

Erica chuckled. It had been awhile since she’d lent the boy a hand.

“Just making cookies, your favorite chocolate chip!” she texted back. “Come on over!”

Moments later, the rather shy, muscular young man bound into the front door, giving his loving grandma a big hug and kiss on her wrinkly cheek. She hugged him back, feeling his cock growing between them.

“Oh, it’s not just my cookies you’re after is it, young man!” she laughed, hugging him harder.

“Well…no…it’s just that…we have a wrestling match at school this afternoon, and I’m a little tense over it…,” he said cautiously, looking down as Erica held his shoulders.

“And you need a little tension release, of course, Bobby, of course!” she laughed, walking to the stove and bending to put in the cookies, Bobby keenly eyeing the sexy old thighs as she did, wrinkled but smooth, the flesh tight with muscle as she leaned. “The cookies should take about 15 minutes, more than enough time to lend you a hand! Or more if you think it’s needed!”

“No, one should do. Thanks Grandma, you’re the best,” he smiled shyly. “Uh, where…”

“Well right here is good, if you don’t mind,” she said, kneeling before the boy smiling down at her. “I can keep my eye on my cookies, while I..uh, take care of yours!”

Bobby laughed. He loved his sexy granny’s naughty yet innocent sense of humor. His laughter ebbed,

giving way to groans as she expertly unzipped his jeans and unleashed his beautiful young cock of perfect length and thickness, and slowly stroked it.

“Oh, God, Grandma, you are so good at this!” he gasped, watching her sinewy forearm ripple and flex as she worked his cock.

“Better than…?” she teased.

“EVERYONE ELSE!” he cried out as her little hand picked up the pace, stroking faster and harder.

“That’s right, that’s right,” she cooed, stroking him, the boy urgently thrusting to meet her pace.

“My word, this shouldn’t take too long!”

She curled her other hand up and cupped his huge, bloated balls, making him moan more loudly, now leaning back against the granite countertop, watching wide eyed as she worked his dick with expert precision.

“Do you want it wet or dry?” she asked. “I know you like it both ways, but do you prefer one or the other?”

“Oh, God,” he groaned, feeling his balls knot, adding hoarsely, “wet…please…”

“My pleasure,” she hissed, her head lurching forward.

That initial heat as her wrinkly lips opened and surrounded the leaking tip of his cock nearly put him over the edge instantly. But he fought the urge, knowing that as great as his granny was at hand jobs, her blowjobs were even better, and he wanted to enjoy every sexy second. He watched her work, her little hand twisting in corkscrewing motions around his dick, slurping wetly on his prick as she sucked it in and out of her pretty mouth, her silky hair bobbing on her shoulders.

“Oh…oh..OH GRANDMA!!” he cried out.

She smiled around his dick as she felt the first blast of his sweet young cream billow in her mouth, filling her cheeks and coating her tongue thickly as she swallowed it down. That magical hand continued to work, twisting, stroking, pumping, stream after stream jetting into her sucking mouth as she gulped over and over, feeling her pussy come alive at the taste and texture of her grandson’s spunk.

“Mercy, so much, so much,” she finally said, smacking her cream-coated lips as she popped them off his wilting wang and laughing. “You really needed that didn’t you?”

“Oh, God, yes,” he sighed, smiling at his granny.

She stood and kissed him, the boy not at all reticent to share his cum, as he’d done before, their lips meeting wetly and wantonly, Erica hugging him close and lancing her creamy tongue into his mouth.

“Mmmmm, nice,” she cooed, breaking the kiss with a giggle and reaching between them to gently wipe his cock on her apron before zipping him back up. “Tasty, as always!”

She cleaned up around the kitchen waiting for the oven timer, then taking the cookies out to cool as Bobby relaxed at the kitchen counter, chatting altyazılı seks with her.

“Was one enough?” she asked, turning to put a plate of cookies in front of him, the boy anxiously gobbling one down. “You sure you don’t want another milking?”

“No, no, that was great, Grandma,” he said, but somewhat nervously as if something else was on him mind.

She read the signals correctly.

“Is something wrong, Bobby?” she asked, leaning on the counter, her wrinkly but sexy tits revealed above her apron in that little dress she wore. “Was there something else?”

“Well…yeah, to be honest. The tri-captains of the team, Matt, Donnie and Rick…well, they get a little tense, too, and I was wondering…,” he said shyly.

“Of course!” Erica laughed, standing up, hands on her slim hips. “Any friend of my grandson is a friend of mine, you know that! So you told them about me, did you?”

He smiled.

“Yeah, how could I not, Grandma, you’re so hot, ya know?” he grinned.

“Oh, stop selling me, young man, happy to help,” she giggled. “Give the boys a call.”

He called Donnie immediately.

“Yeah, dude, right now,” he said after telling him the plan. “Just round up the other two and come on over. No, no, she’s happy to you know, lend a hand…no lie, isn’t she though? Yeah, I know you’ve been checking her out when she comes to our matches, and so does she!”

He winked at Erica, who stifled a giggle.

“Yeah, right now, hurry up, dude, the match is in an hour and a half,” Bobby said. “Oh, she’ll take the edge off all right, trust me…”

He clicked off the phone and embraced his grandmother, kissing her neck as he buried his face in its comforting, wrinkly warmth, licking and nibbling at its fleshiness.

“Mmmm, Bobby, you know what buttons to push, don’t you,” she cooed, stroking his cock between them as it stiffened in his pants. “I think you ARE due for another milking, but let me take care of your friends, first…”

They kissed like horny teenagers until they heard the car pull into the drive. Seconds later, his buddies bounded in, all handsome, young, muscular 19-year-olds with beaming, expectant smiles.

“Hi, Mrs. Allston, very pleased to meet you,” said Donnie, clearly the ringleader of the trio, shaking her hand.

“And I you, boys,” Erica smiled, hugging the lad to her and feeling his thickness between them.

“My, my you ARE ready aren’t you!”

“Oh yeah,” he growled, cupping her meaty little ass.

“Hey, is it cool if I just watch?” Bobby said, sitting at the counter.

“Sure, what the hell, unless you want to join in,” Donnie laughed. “We’re a team, after all.”

“Bobby’s had his, uh, share for now,” Erica laughed. “But honey, if you want to jump in, feel free!”

“Thanks Grandma,” Bobby smiled. “Dudes, told you she’s the best!”

“Well, we haven’t much time,” Erica said, leading the three smiling lads to the living room. “We’ll do all three of you at once, is that OK?”

“Oh God, yes,” growled Rick, looking down at Erica’s sexy, long toes and gnarly feet in her little flip flops.

“Oh, a foot boy, is that right, Rick, you like feet?” she laughed as the boy nodded furiously. “Then I’ve got just the thing…”

She tugged off her apron and peeled down her dress top, her fleshy tits spilling free much to the boys’ delight, milky and white, offset by her otherwise tanned body. She sat, patting the sofa beside her.

“Strip, fellas,” she cooed, watching

appreciatively as they did, their handsome young cocks bobbing free, each decently sized and of sufficient girth to make her gasp. “Oh, my, so ready! You’re hard already!”

She patted the couch.

“Donnie, Matt, right here boys,” she growled seductively. “Rick…right here, at my feet!”

Bobby watched from the counter top, grinning, and munching his granny’s delicious chocolate chip cookies. And fondling his hardening cock under the counter.

Donnie sat to her right, Matt to her left and both groaned the instant she reached for their big dicks, stroking them slowly.

“Be good boys and suckle on my breasts, would you?” she giggled. “That will surely help speed things along!”

They dipped their heads down, cupping each one of her creamy tits in their trembling hands, moaning and lapping at the flesh and big brown nipples, suckling her like two babes at their mother’s breasts. Rick lay flat, breathlessly, and gasped as Erica kicked off her flip flops and clamped her wrinkled soles around his heaving cock.

“OH MY GOD!” he cried out as she slowly stroked his dick in her feet, legs bowed out to the sides, the smooth flesh of the bottoms of her feet milking him.

“How does it feel, boys?” she laughed, picking up the pace with her hands and feet, jerking faster, gripping their dicks harder, each one of them oozing precum in thick, clear sheets that coated her fingers and feet, the air filled with the sexy squishing sounds of cocks being stroked. “Am I doing all right?”

“Oh God…Mrs. Allston…yes, anal porno feels sooo good!” Matt cried out, sucking nearly her entire boob into his mouth.

“FUCK, yeah, fuck fuck fuck!” Donnie moaned, thrusting his hips to meet the proficient pumping of her little hand.

“Language, Donald, please!” she laughed. “I have just the thing for that…”

She broke her cock work only long enough to slither out of her tiny thong, dampened by her pussy juices, and stuffed it playfully into Donnie’s mouth, the boy’s eyes going wide and then rolling in their sockets at the taste and scent of the sexy old granny. He moaned, they all did, as she reattached her stroking hands and feet to the three young cocks ready to explode.

“Who’ll be first, boys?” she growled, pumping away. “The winner gets my cookies!”

She laughed at her own lame joke and then gasped as all three boys blew their loads at once. She pumped faster and harder, Donnie’s dick erupting in long, ropy jets of cum that blasted up into his own face and on the tit he was sucking, the boy not caring, lapping at his cream layering her succulent boob flesh, as Matt did the same on the other side. Her feet coaxed an equally massive load from Rick’s prick, arcing high into the air and landing with sizzling splats on her pumping, veiny feet and streaking her muscular, freckled calves.

She slowed her stroking hands and feet, laughing.

“WOW!” she roared. “You boys give…sooooo much! No wonder you were so tense, but that should help!”

She stroked a bit more, Bobby watching,

transfixed, listening to the squish-squish-squish of her amazing hands and feet. She finally stopped and lifted her cum-soaked hands and forearms to her mouth, lapping their sperm clean and sucking the rest off her fingers.

“Wonder if I’m still limber enough for this,” she giggled.

The boys watched as Erica grabbed one foot at a time, bending it towards her mouth and moaning as she lapped the cum from them, savoring the taste and texture, running the hot spunk around in her mouth before gulping it down. She laughed, and pulled her wet panty from Donnie’s mouth, using it to clean herself up.

“Well, boys,” she sighed, as they stood before her, dripping dicks still hard and ready, “I can see you’re in need of more milking, am I right?”

“Yes, please!” they chorused at the same time.

“Well, I don’t usually do this,” she smiled sexily, peeling off her dress and spreading her tight old thighs, the boys gasping at the sight of her huge, gray-haired bushy pussy. “But this is a special occasion.”

She smiled, pointing to the boys, one by one and reciting “Eenie meenie, miney mo,” until it ended on Donnie. She kept the finger pointed at him, and then curled it to her pussy.

“Mind getting me a little wet, sonny boy?” she cooed.

“Hell no!” he laughed, hitting his knees.

She groaned as his tongue speared her copious furry slit, parting it, finding the clit instantly and dribbling it like a basketball. She screamed in pleasure, cupping his head and pulling it fully to her pussy, lacing her lusty old thighs around his ears, locking her ankles and squeezing.

“Wow, Mrs. Allston, that’s some scissor hold you got there!” Rick said.

“Scissor?” she asked, groaning, squeezing Donnie’s face until he moaned with pain and pleasure.

“Yeah, when you wrap your legs around someone like that, like a pair of scissors, and squeeze,” Matt growled, watching and stroking his cock. “That’s a scissor hold…headscissors, since you got him by the head!”

“Mmmm, headscissors, I like that, scissoring his head…” Erica moaned, nearing orgasm on Donnie’s flashing tongue, grinding her quim into his trapped face. “Now then boys, up here, quickly!”

She motioned to them to stand up on the couch next to her, quickly grabbing their cocks, stroking each to full hardness and then twisting her mouth to suck on Matt’s quivering head, fisting the thick meat into her mewing mouth, stroking and blowing him all at once.

“Oh God, Mrs. A, that’s so hot!” he cried out, pumping her mouth.

“Me, me, what about me!” Rick groaned as she stroked his dick.

“Wait your turn, son, wait your turn,” Erica laughed, popping her mouth from Matt’s cock for a second and slapping the thick wet tip on her cheek. “Good things come to good boys who wait!

Now get me nice and wet down there, Donnie, get me ready for you boys…or I’ll scissor your head off in my legs!”

She laughed, squeezing harder, those old legs rocky with noticeable muscle and quivering. Donnie groaned from his leg jail and ate her deeper and wetter, twisting his face into her moist bush.

She got the two boys at her mouth just about to the bursting point, cumming herself on Donnie’s imprisoned face, before letting them all go. She lay Donnie on his back, playfully lapping her juices from his mouth, then settling on his cock, the boy gasping with pleasure as she settled her tight old snatch on his hard young dick.

“Bring ’em here, boys,” she growled, brazzers porno pointing to Matt and Rick, who dutifully stood beside her.

She sucked them, one by one, starting with Rick, stroking him wetly into her moaning mouth as she jerked Matt and pumped harder and faster up and down Donnie’s trembling dick, all three boys groaning with pleasure. Rick was the first to blow, screaming as he filled her sucking mouth with his hot cum, and she gobbled it down quickly. Matt watched and felt his own balls knot as she jerked him off, quickly spinning off Rick’s dick and stuffing Matt’s spurting head into her mouth, cumming as she rode Donnie’s cock, which was also erupting, bathing her twitching womb walls with blast after blast of hot, young spunk.

She swallowed Matt’s huge load, feeling it mix with Rick’s, and clamped her tireless pussy muscles tightly around Donnie, draining his nuts dry. By the time all three boys finished nutting, they were panting and exhausted.

“Oh, my, I hope you have SOME energy left for wrestling!” she giggled, standing up and cupping her hand over her dripping pussy.

“Oh, yeah, Mrs. Allston, we have plenty of energy,” Rick groaned with a throaty growl, fisting his dick which was still hard.

“Oh my word, boys!” Erica gasped, astonished. “You’re still all hard! What am I to do with you…and those!”

They all laughed, and then the boys watched, transfixed, as Erica let out a thick strand of Donnie’s cum to pool on her palm.

“I guess you need another milking!” she laughed, twisting that hand behind her to rub it between her saggy white asscheeks and smear it into her rectal pucker, fingering it open. “You boys…UP for that? Will it make you too tired to wrestle?”

“NO!” they cried out.

“Better do all three at once again, in a special way,” she sighed.

She lay Rick down on his back and backed over his stiff dick, fisting it into her soaking wet asshole and delighting in his gasping as she slowly took him balls deep into her butt. He twisted his head side to side, groaning and moaning as he felt her ass walls clamp like hot velvet around his dick.

“OK, next!” she laughed, leaning back on Rick and spreading her thighs, her furry cunt opening up with a juicy smacking sound. “Matt, would you?”

She pointed to her pussy and Matt hurried to it, kneeling between Rick’s legs and thrusting into her cunt, making her scream with pleasure. Both boys fucked her hard, her pussy and butt filled with beautiful, young dick.

“Dude, this is so weird, hot but weird!” Rick groaned, pumping Erica’s ass as Matt did the same to her pussy. “I can feel your dick rubbing against mine, Christ!”

“I know, huh?” Matt laughed, holding Erica’s skinny legs up in his hand, watching his dick thrust in and out of her tireless pussy. “Damn, that is strange…but hot…oh, shit…”

“Bring that here, son,” Erica groaned as her little body quivered from the impact of the two cocks thrusting into her ass and cunt, pointing to Donnie’s stiff dick.

He moaned, kneeling by her head and she instantly ingested it fully, sucking on the meaty cap, slathering it with her tongue and inch by inch, taking him balls deep. She was holding herself up on both hands as she leaned back over Rick, using only her very proficient mouth on the eager boy’s dick. He looked down in disbelief as she kept him buried in her throat, letting her tongue wash over the shaft, gulping and making her throat muscles twitch around the head.


She growled around his cock, feeling it explode, jetting thick hot ropes of spunk directly into her belly, triggering her own orgasm. Her pussy muscles milked at Matt’s cock and quickly coaxed a load from it, streaming strands of the boy’s cream pulsating into her pussy as beneath her, Rick screamed and nutted into the clamping walls of her milking asshole. All three boys screamed as they filled every orifice of the sexy old woman before falling back, completely spent.

Erica laughed and stood, cum streaming out of her mouth and down her tits, and pussy and ass, streaking her trembling thighs, her body awash and gleaming with hot young sperm. Bobby sat at the counter just staring at his beautiful old grandmother standing naked and coated in cum in the living room. She winked at him and mouthed, “You’re next!”

The boys dressed, laughing and talking, thanking her profusely, walking by Bobby and slapping him on the back.

“Dude, you rock,” Rick laughed. “Well, your granny REALLY rocks, but thanks, man…”

“My pleasure, guys,” Bobby said pleased to be a hit with the team’s captains.

“And certainly ALL mine!” Erica laughed, walking the boys to the door. “You sure you’ve had enough?”

“Oh, hell yes, Mrs. A,” Donnie smiled. “Honestly, we can’t thank you enough. We’re gonna win today, and dedicate the match to you!”

She laughed, bidding them goodbye and then slowly walked to the stunned Bobby, smiling. And kissing him, holding him in her arms, peeling off his clothes and mashing her cummy chest to his as he kissed her through a blanket of his friend’s sperm on her face.

“That is so hot, Robert,” she said sternly in a grandmotherly way, letting the boy lick her face and neck as she backed him to the living room. “Brave young man you are…so hot…so very, very hot…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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