Grandpa Explores Grandson

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{This is the story of a very young man who gets to spend a summer working at his newly widowed grandfather’s horse ranch. Although straight, Albion receives much welcomed attention from his grandpa and the three ranch hands. He may not be gay, but he finds out just how wonderful life can be around four gay men who know how to use their hands to pleasure other people. In this part, grandpa learns all that is possible about his grandson’s perfect body.}


The boy was confused. In two weeks, just as he turns nineteen, his parents were sending him away for the entire summer. Now he knew he was intelligent, but he was a slow learner, at least as far as school learning goes, although he did get accepted at State University. He was a visual learner, which was good because he was passionate about art, the visual sort. But he couldn’t understand was why his parents were sending him away for the entire summer to live with grandpa at his farm.

Now Albion knew grandma had just passed away so perhaps he was going to help grandpa through his grieving time. He always was close to his grandpa and had spent a lot of time at the ranch, learning how to ride and work the chores. He also knew that his grandpa was gay, but the young man knew he himself was decidingly straight. He loved his grandpa but they had little in common. Grandpa was a practical man, a hard worker, and a strong leader. Albion was an artist, a dreamer, and not very practical. And he was also a virgin and his mom, a free swinger herself, thought that was unusual for a young man entering college. Perhaps grandpa’s ranch hands might encourage him to meet new girls and show him the ropes. Albion, even at almost nineteen, was very shy. His parents knew he was interested in girls but nothing seemed to happen in that area. Perhaps a summer at the ranch would help the process and learning practical skills on a farm would not hurt him either.

The only benefit Albion could see for himself was that he would have new landscapes and new people to paint. Whatever the reasons, and his parents did not feel the need to express those reasons to him, he was going to spend the summer on a horse farm, miles away from home and friends, most probably clearing shit out of stalls. Almost nineteen years old, he wasn’t sure this was how he wanted to spend his time.

Physically he could use the work. Although he was almost nineteen, he looked more like seventeen. His physical maturity lagged and even at almost nineteen, he still had that comely, overtly cute face with skin smooth as a baby’s ass, and very little body hair. Now, he had the beginning of hair under his arms and his pubic hair was pronounced but not all over the place. His body was firm and well proportioned and he had filled out. But he wasn’t muscle-bound and there was a softness about his body that was very appealing to the females. They were comfortable with him as he did not present any kind of threat to them and they, alas, apparently didn’t make him feel threatened.

His parents drove him to Grandpa’s farm and stayed for two days to help him get settled and to see how mom’s father was doing. Once they left, Grandpa introduced Albion to the three full-time workers on the horse farm. Albion did not know them, but these men were all gay (and very handsome), making him the only straight man on the farm. They all lived in the elaborate bunk house (Albion would be staying at the house with grandpa – after all, one reason he was there besides work was to give companionship for grandpa after the recent loss of grandma). Hank Gordon was 45 years old, the veteran of the group and ran the whole show; Joey Michaels was 36 and in charge of the horses; and Dakota Simpson was 24, and until Albion came along, the youngest of the group and a general fix-upper man for the farm. Dakota was the cook for them all and was studying to be a chef.

Grandpa was delighted to have his grandson join them on the farm for the entire summer (ten weeks in all). And Albion made his heart flutter – badly. I mean all these men were good looking – grandpa would hardly hire an ugly ranch hand. But Albion was a huge mark above the rest. He was flat out pretty and impossibly cute, with a body one would die for. Indeed, sometimes it seemed as if Grandpa was willing to die -not to have a body like that, but just to look at his grandson’s body – all of it. . Alas, Albion was a shy one – it took him half a week şişli escort at the ranch for him to take his shirt off in front of the others. Albion knew his grandfather was gay, or at least bisexual (he was married for forty years and had five children), but he was unaware that the three ranch workers also were gay. By the time he discovered that, all four men had already explored his privates.

The first few days of hard work had left Albion with very sore muscles and on the third night there, Albion heard a knock on his bedroom door and grandpa walked in, offering his grandson a back rub. Now, knowing that his grandpa was gay gave Albion a small pause. But he trusted his grandpa and also knew that he no longer was a child and could easily stop any unfortunate gestures from grandpa during the back rub. If, that is, he wanted to. He had been wondering if he would terribly mind if grandpa saw him naked while rubbing his back. Or even slightly touched his butt? He had decided that ‘no’, he wouldn’t mind, as long as he wasn’t asked to touch anyone else. One thing the boy was absolutely sure of was that he was as straight as they come. And although he never would flaunt it, Albion was very aware of his sensational great looks and noticed when people would just stare at his beauty whenever he entered a room. Naturally grandpa would want to see him in the nude at some point.

And who was he to prevent grandpa from one of the few joys he had in life? What would be the harm? He once read that gays always gave the best backrubs and rubdowns and he liked to kind of experience different things – especially since he had little experience in this area. So when grandpa asked about the backrub, Albion smiled and hugged grandfather, took off his shirt, leaving him only in his boxers, and lay down. Grandpa had brought some lotion, sat next to his almost naked grandson, and began, with love, to massage the young man’s back.

As he rubbed the Albion’s shoulders, grandpa noticed how smooth his skin was, almost silky, glistening in the sheen of the lotion. He had his grandson place his arms and hands above his head and therefore got to see and feel the small amount of hair in the dear boy’s armpits. His rubbing there elicited a smile from Albion. Those precious hairs were perfect to the touch and he rubbed his underarms. Then he worked on his back and his grandson groaned as he felt the pressure from his grandfather’s strong fingers, hands, and forearms.

When he got to the elastic top of his boxers, Albion secretly was hoping that he would rub his buttocks, which were as sore as his back from all the work that he wasn’t used to doing. But grandpa jumped to the boy’s legs and feet and worked on them, instead. Albion said nothing as the leg rubs felt great, too. And grandpa enjoyed working on the boy’s legs. His legs weren’t boney or skinny but were perfectly formed, with graceful curves, especially leading up to the treasured area that remained hidden under the boxers. His legs did have the beginnings of small, silky hair that added to the beauty and perfect form of his legs.

Then, after twenty minutes working on the boy’s back and legs, grandpa decided to test the realm of possibilities and said, “That’s it, unless there is somewhere else that is sore, or you just want me to continue on your back and legs.”

“I guess not,” Albion said hesitating. “My butt is sore, too, but I know you can’t do that.” Then the Albion stood up to thank his grandfather.

“Well, I can,” said grandpa, “but I don’t rub anything that is covered. Now, if you don’t mind removing your boxers, I can rub your butt to loosen up those muscles. I know you are shy, but remember, I don’t mind and I am your grandfather and I love you.”

“Well, I guess it’s okay.” Albion said nervously. He knew a singular moment was about to happen. Would his grandpa be pleased with what he saw? Would either he or himself feel guilty or be embarrassed? Will his cock and balls measure up to expectations? Will grandpa like what he saw. At age nineteen, Albion knew he did not have the biggest genitals in the world, but he thought his privates looked pretty good. Would grandpa think so?

“Come here, then,” grandpa said to his pretty grandson. Grandpa was still sitting on the bed as Albion slowly moved closer. Albion’s boxers now were level to his grandfather’s eyes. Before the boy could have second thoughts, taksim escort grandpa slid the boxers down so that suddenly, right before his eyes, close up, he could see his grandson’s magnificent and innocent sex organ. Wow! This nineteen year-old’s genitals were just perfect. And they belonged to his own grandson. His pubic hair, not a huge lot, nestled on top of the package, seemingly protecting it and announcing the presence of the treasure just below the bushel. His grandson’s flacid penis, about two to three inches, actually nearly three inches,, hung limply and magnificently across the boy’s scrotum. And his penis crown was gorgeous with a perfectly smooth service interrupted only by a perfectly formed penis slit protruding slightly at the top. The boy’s testicles flowed beneath his penis, slightly swaying loosely in his ball sack. Just an incredible slight.

Albion was very embarrassed watching his grandfather staring at the most private and intimate areas of his young body. So, after ten seconds of just standing there, he quickly lay down on his stomach, giving his grandpa a good, clear sight of his ass cheeks. Grandpa was almost breathless at the sight of his beautiful grandson’ s body, completely naked. Just to see his most intimate parts, his delicate and perfectly formed sex organ, and his cute behind with its voluptuous and soft cheeks divided only by the graceful curve of his butt crack, was enough to make his heart flutter. He lightly touched his grandson’s ass, to see if there was any objection. There wasn’t but the boy did speak up.

“Grandpa, I am enjoying this rub down very much, but you may want to stop after you hear this. I will not be able to return the favor. I love you as you love me. And I love that you are gay and trust me enough to reveal that to me. But I am very straight, and could never be able to do to you what you are doing for me. I love your touch, but I would be too uncomfortable to return the favor.”

“Albion,” grandpa replied. “I don’t want to do that. We will not have sex – that I can get elsewhere. I just want to touch and give you the pleasure that a woman never could. There is something called ‘CMNM’ which means ‘clothed male, nude male’. Unless we are all skinny dipping, or you see us use the outside shower, you will not see me or Hank, Joey, and Dakota, naked. You will be the only one naked while you are on this farm. What I am doing now is relaxing your tired muscles, and to show you, in my way, how much I love you.” With that, grandpa leaned down and kissed the back of his grandson’s neck. The boy twisted around enough so that he could touch his grandpa’s cheek (his facial cheek) and he whispered ‘I love you.’

With that, Albion settled down to receive the greatest rubdown he would ever have, or would have until the next rubdown by grandpa. His grandfather massaged his ass cheeks with strong, confident, and relaxing moves. The boy could feel his ass cheeks being pulled apart and knew grandpa was looking at his crack and his butt hole.. Thank god, he thought, that I cleaned thoroughly down there.

“You don’t have to go there,” the boy said.

“‘There’ is where I want to go. I am going to massage your cute little anus.” And cute it was. Albion’s entire butt was hairless and the crack especially so. Absolutely smooth and exposed, his little anus was a wonder in and by itself. After just staring at his grandson’s entry way, grandpa used his finger to rub the smooth anal membranes that surrounded the boy’s hole. Albion reacted to the touch with a loud intake of breath, followed by a rather loud groan. Then he felt cool vaseline being applied to the secret entrance to his body. He began to squirm a little when he felt his grandpa’s finger enter this most intimate area of his body. And grandpa was in seventh heaven as he felt the inside canal of his grandson’s rectum. After a minute massaging the boy’s canal, careful not to touch the prostate (don’t want Albion to explode just yet), grandpa slowly and gently withdrew his finger, much to the disappointment of his grandson.

“Turn over, sweetie,” the older man said. Albion slowly turned over, with some reluctance, because he had a massive hard-on. Once he was on his back, he heard his grandfather whistle in exclamation. The boy’s erected penis was sticking up and out a good five to six inches. After just staring at Albion’s precious penis for a full nişantaşı escort minute, grandpa said “Jesus,” is there any part of you that isn’t just knock-out gorgeous?”

“It’s not that long,” Albion said. “I thought you might be disappointed.”

“Good lord, no,” grandpa replied. “It is just the perfect length for your body size. Now, I am going to give you the greatest genital massage every given. So just relax. I’m going to put this blindfold on so you don’t have to look or think – just feel.” Once the blindfold was on, grandpa instructed the boy to put his hands above his head. Now, Albion was stretched out, nude and completely exposed, and at the mercy of his grandfather. And the old man proceeded to kiss and lick every inch of his grandson’s body, front and back, saving his rock, solid penis for last.

And grandfather was impressed, during all this, at the self-control his grandson had. If it had been him, he would have exploded long ago. But no, this nineteen year old held back with a self-control that was unbelievable and unusual for a young man his age. At another time, he would really enjoy ‘edging’, a process that Hank, his oldest hand, was a specialist at applying. Well, we can all look forward to that in the future.

At the end, grandpa stroked his grandson’s penis just a couple of times. The size of his erection, and the pulsating veins that grandpa could feel as he squeezed the boy’s cock, told grandpa he had better hold off the strokes until he had finished inspecting his grandson’s entire sex package. His balls were especially delicate and alluring. Each testicle was held in a completely hairless sack. He ran his finger and tongue along each of the folds of the boy’s scrotum that flowed from the base of his penis down to the testicles themselves. Then he massaged each of the squirming boy’s balls, and then sucked on each, rolling his grandson’s left ball, and then right ball, in his mouth. He kissed him all over the area, especially the spot where his scrotum and penis met the rest of his body.

After thirty seconds sucking on each ball, grandpa raised his grandson’s legs up until his knees were resting on his chest. Albion’s thought was ‘Jesus, he can see everything I have.’ Grandpa’s thought ‘holy fuck, look at what my grandson has – the perfect perineum and the perfect asshole.’ After staring at this glorious sight, grandpa devoured every inch of his grandson’s most private and intimate area. Albion’s super smooth and hairless skin of his perineum tasted like strawberries (not surprising – the soap that grandpa left in the shower had a strong, strawberry smell to it and obviously the young man really used a lot of soap when he cleaned down here). The touch of his grandpa’s lips and tongue on this hidden area between his ball sack and his anus, caused Albion to squirm. But he really jumped and squirmed when he felt his grandpa’s tongue lick his asshole. Albion then felt his grandpa’s tongue enter his rectum, and realized that he just loved being fucked by his grandpa’s tongue. What a sensational feeling. It didn’t last too long because grandpa knew his grandson wouldn’t last too long and he wanted to drink his cum. So, he removed his tongue, brought his legs down, and grandpa then engulfed his grandson’s impossibly cute penis. He gently squeezed the boy’s balls and he felt his grandson’s cum leave his balls and flow through his penis.

The young man jerked violently and screamed at the moment prior to and during ejaculation. One couldn’t get more intimate with the young man than this and what made it very special for grandpa was that this young man was his own grandson.. Grandpa received his grandson’s essence in his mouth, then withdrew the boy’s cock from his mouth so he could swirl Albion’s cum inside his mouth until he swallowed the whole drink. At nineteen years old, the boy’s cum was fully developed, and grandpa tasted nothing but sweetness. His cum had no bitterness to it. Was this grandfather’s imagination? – was the boy’s cum sweet because it was his grandson’s cum that he was tasting? Who the fuck cares? Sweet it was and that is all that counted.

The young man was exhausted and just lay on the bed in his pretty nudity. Grandpa kissed his grandsons face all over, and then kissed Albion’s entire sex package. Then Albion stood and grandpa hugged his naked grandson. Then he led the young man into the bathroom and held his penis while he peed. Then Albion went into the shower and grandpa, still dressed (remember cmnm) washed his grandson, paying close attention to Albion’s most intimate parts. After drying him, grandpa led Albion back to bed. After one more kiss on Albion’s balls and penis, he left the room. After all, the boy needed his sleep.

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