Grandpa’s Christmas Treat

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Grandpa’s Christmas Treat

Chapter One

As he clicked on confirm on his laptop, Bill allowed himself a smile and a sigh of pleasure. The last few Christmases he had struggled to find Christmas presents for his son, Dave, and his daughter-in-law, Chelsea. In the end, he had just given them a cheque to enable them to buy something that they wanted rather than risk buying them a white elephant. This year, however, was different. Since he received his inheritance from his wealthy uncle, he had money to burn and he had known immediately what he was going to treat them to.

He closed his laptop and walked to the window, whistling as he looked out at the falling snow. He loved this time of year; he loved any time when the family got together but Christmas was always his favourite. His phone pinged and he opened his emails; it was an email about the gift he had just purchased with confirmation of delivery the next day. He smiled again; he enjoyed treating his family to presents but his finances of late had been tight. Now, he could buy them all expensive presents without leaving himself short of money for his daily needs.

Before he could put his phone back in his pocket, it rang. He looked at the caller ID and saw that it was his granddaughter, Lily. He accepted the call and listened to her excited voice as she spoke.

“Hey Gramps, how are you? I’m just out Christmas shopping and wondered if there was anything you particularly wanted this year? I’ve already got one idea for you, but I am struggling for other ideas and would appreciate some hints.”

“Lily, you know you don’t need to buy me anything — just seeing you and Rose is present enough for me. But if you insist, a nice bottle of Rioja would go down well — as long as you promise to enjoy a glass with me.”

“Okay Gramps — when will you be arriving at mum and dad’s this year?” she enquired, the eagerness in her voice obvious to Bill.

“That hasn’t been arranged yet honey. I’m speaking to your dad tomorrow to finalise the arrangements this year,” he was trying very hard to keep the excitement from his voice.

“Okay Gramps, speak again soon,” Lily ended the call and put her phone back in her coat pocket. She looked at the shop plan on the leaflet in her hand and located the nearest wine store, heading towards it determinedly as she pressed on with her Christmas shopping.

After exiting the wine store with her purchase, Lily smiled to herself. Her shopping finished she made her way to Victoria’s Secret and browsed the lingerie, selecting a red lacy bra and thong set.

After completing her purchase, she took her phone out again and dialled her twin sister, Rose.

“Hi, sis, where are you?” she asked, when Rose answered her phone, “Uh huh — I’m finished so I’ll come and meet you there,” she continued, after learning of her sister’s location. Putting her phone away again, she made her way to the shop where her sister was still busy shopping. It was no surprise to Lily when she approached the cosmetics counter to find her sister finding new lipsticks and nail polish for herself. When Rose saw Lily approaching, she almost leapt at her, showing her the new mascara she was buying herself as well as the bright red matching nail polish and lippy she had chosen.

“Great sis, did you manage to get presents for mum, dad and Gramps as well?” asked Lily.

“Oh shit, I forgot” said Rose “I got a bit carried away with the sale in Zebras and Cheetahs” she continued, as she showed her sister the three carrier bags with clothes in.

Lily rolled her eyes “Oh Rose, why is it you only think about yourself? Have you any money left?”

Rose quickly took her cosmetics purchases to the till, “Not much after I pay for these,” she said, as she handed her money to the cashier.

Lily shook her head. “I suppose you can share what I’ve got for them all. It won’t look very impressive coming from both of us but I guess they know you well enough by now.”

“Thanks sis, you’re a life-saver. I really needed everything I bought if Chris and I are to have the festive season I’ve got planned,” she responded.

Lily shook her head. She had little time for her sister’s boyfriend; in her opinion a layabout who relied on his good looks to get by in the world. She even doubted whether he kept himself exclusive to Rose, but Rose wouldn’t have a bad word said about him and Lily had long ago stopped trying to open her sister’s eyes.

They walked in relative silence to Lily’s car, placing their respective bags in the boot before getting into the car and driving back to their parent’s house.

“So, what are your plans over Christmas, sis,” asked Lily, “I take it we can expect you to spend some time with your family?”

“Sure, I’ll make some time for the boring family stuff,” responded Rose, “I need to check with Chris when he wants to see me but I’m sure I’ll squeeze you and the old folks in.”

Despite the fact Side Escort that she was fuming inside, Lily kept her peace. Her and Rose had fallen out far too often of late about her sister’s behaviour and Lily wanted to avoid, as far as possible, any rows in the lead up to Christmas. The drive home continued in silence apart from the odd reference to Christmas displays in the houses they passed on the way.

When Lily pulled into the drive, they were greeted by the sight of their dad halfway up a ladder, adding decorations to the exterior of the house. She honked her horn and almost instantly regretted it as she watched her father, in an attempt to acknowledge her, almost fall from the ladder. Once she had parked up, she ran to the foot of the ladder to apologise to him while Rose gathered up her bags and made her way into the house.

Once inside Lily was almost instantly called to her sister’s bedroom where Rose insisted on modelling all of her purchases for Lily’s approval. Lily watched the “fashion show” with an air of resignation as her sister paraded her latest, what Lily considered, slutty outfits to her. She had to admit that Chris would, no doubt, approve but then again, Chris would approve of anything that showed the amount of skin that Rose insisted on being on show when she was going out.

With the fashion show over, Lily went to her own bedroom to wrap the presents she had bought, ready for Christmas. Once finished she entered the living room where her sister, mum and dad were all sitting around, watching a Christmas movie with the tree twinkling in the corner of the room.

“You’ve done an amazing job again mum,” said Lily.

“Hold on young lady,” said her dad, “How do you know I didn’t do the tree?”

Lily laughed, “That’s easy dad,” she responded, “It looks nice!”

Her father laughed with her, “Okay baby — you got me there I spose.”

“Baby, it’s your turn to put the angel on this year,” said her mother, holding the final tree ornament out to Lily.

Her father got the foot stool for her and held it steady as she climbed on to place the angel on the tree. He avoided looking up her skirt although the temptation was almost too much for him, instead concentrating his gaze on the face of his wife.

“I still miss the days when I used to lift you girls up to place the angel on,” he stated, as he waited for Lily to complete the task.

“All done dad,” said Lily as she stepped off the stool.

“You should go on top of the tree Lily,” said her dad, “You are far prettier than the angel.”

Lily laughed at her dad’s comment, “You are so silly father,” she retorted, “but thanks for the compliment.”

“Yeah, thanks pop,” remarked Rose, “If that applies to Lily, I guess it applies to me too.”

Dave looked at his twin daughters, identical in looks, apart from their hairstyles, but chalk and cheese as far as their characters were concerned. He loved them both dearly but, truth be told, Lily had a special place in his heart; she was more considerate, did more to help her mother around the house and was, generally, more trustworthy — Rose was very selfish, if there wasn’t something in it for her, she wasn’t interested. He wondered briefly what had made them so different to each other as he put the stool away and returned to his seat, taking a swig from his beer.

“So, Grandpa tells me you are sorting out the Christmas arrangements with him tomorrow, dad,” said Lily.

“Yeah, he’s being a bit strange for some reason. As far as I’m concerned, he is turning up here on Christmas Eve as usual and leaving sometime in early January — I really don’t see the need for a call, but he insisted.”

They spent the evening watching tv before finishing up with a game of scrabble — well, three of them played as Rose went to her room to chat with Chris.

The home phone rang shortly after breakfast the next day. Lily rushed to pick it up, “Hi Gramps — yeah, I’ll just take the phone to him,” she said, as she walked to the living room to find her father.

Taking the phone from Lily, Dave listened to his father’s voice; his eyes getting wider as he listened to what he was being told.

“Wow, dad, really? But it costs so much — wow, I don’t know what to say,” pulling his mouth away from the phone, he told Lily to get her mother.

When Lily returned with her mum, Dave handed her the phone, “Listen to this honey,” was all he said.

Chelsea listened intently to Bill as he told her about the joint present he had bought her and Dave. Like Dave, she was in a state of disbelief as the full details became known. When Bill finished talking, she asked the question that Dave hadn’t thought of, “What about the girls?” she asked, listening again as Bill outlined his plans for the festive period.

After taking the phone back out to the hallway, Chelsea called for a family meeting in the living room. When Rose failed to show, Lily was sent to find her. She knew immediately where she would Manavgat Escort be and walked into her sister’s bedroom, stopping dead in her tracks as she looked at her sister stroking her pussy as she spoke to her phone, which seemed to be trained on her pussy.

Rose looked up as the door opened, “Sis, don’t you ever knock?” she squealed, as she quickly closed her legs and grabbed her phone, “Sorry Chris, I have to go,” she said. She looked crossly at her sister, “Really Lily, you need to learn manners, you should always knock before you enter my room. What the fuck do you want anyway?”

“I wasn’t to know you were going to be flashing your pussy to the world, was I?” responded Lily as she shook her head, “Mum has called a family meeting in the living room, something to do with Grandpa.”

A look of concern crossed Rose’s face, “Is he okay? Nothing’s happened has it?”

“I’m sure he’s fine sis — they both talked to him and no alarm bells rang. But the sooner you get your arse off that bed and come with me, the sooner we find out what the mystery is.” With that, Lily turned her back and left Rose’s room, making her way to the living room.

When Rose arrived, a few seconds later, her mother started.

“So girls, a change of plans for the holidays this year,” her face was looking at the girls with an air of concern, “I hope you won’t be too upset but your father and I won’t be sharing the festive season with you this year.” She watched as a mixture of surprise and disappointment crossed the face of Lily while a somewhat disinterested look was etched on the face of Rose.

“Why not mum? Has something happened? Was it something grandpa said?” blurted out Lily, one question quickly following the other.

Chelsea and Dave exchanged what Lily thought were excited looks with each other before her father took over.

“Your grandpa has treated me and your mother to a cruise we’ve been dreaming of going on for years. It’s a Christmas and New Year’s special and departs on 24th December for two weeks. Grandpa has said he’ll host Christmas for you two girls this year — he sounded quite excited at the prospect.”

“Oh wow, that’s great you guys,” said Lily, walking towards them and putting one arm around each of them, “I’ll miss you of course but it sounds like a wonderful present from Grandpa. Oh — presents — umm — do you want yours before you go?”

They exchanged looks again before Chelsea said, “No honey — it’ll be something for us to look forward to when we return from the cruise. Grandpa said you could go to his whenever you want but no later than Christmas Eve, of course. Take your presents from under the tree with you and open them at Grandpa’s.”

Lily turned around to consult with Rose as to when they would go, only to find that she was nowhere to be seen; presumably having returned to her room to continue her porn call with Chris. She released her parents from her arms and smiled at them “You two have a great time — don’t worry about us — we’ll have a fun time with grandpa.” With that she went to her room and texted Rose, asking her to come to her room when she was “finished.”

With their hairdressing course finished for the holidays, there was nothing to stop Lily and Rose leaving for grandpa’s immediately; though Lily was torn between the desire to see her grandpa and wanting to make the most of her time with her parents before they left. She lay on her bed, thinking over the decision as she waited for Rose’s visit. Her mind also thinking about what outfits she would take; they would clearly need plenty of clothes if their stay with grandpa was going to last the whole two weeks of the cruise!

About twenty minutes later there was a knock on her door and Rose entered, “See — that’s what you’re supposed to do — respect someone else’s privacy,” stated Rose, as she entered Lily’s room, “So, what do you want sis?” Her eyes were peering up her sister’s bunched up skirt, enjoying the view of the white lacy panties that she could see.

As Lily explained the decision they needed to make, Rose settled on the end of her bed, her eyes frequently returning to the view between her sister’s legs.

“Don’t bother me either way,” she finally responded, “ordinarily I’d want to stay here so that I could spend more time with Chris but he and a bunch of his college pals are going to Vermont tomorrow and not returning till after New Year’s. He’s spoilt all my Christmas plans — all those new outfits gone to waste,” she moaned.

Lily rolled her eyes, “Yeah — I wonder who he’ll be seeing in New Year’s with,” she commented.

“He won’t cheat on me — that was why I was giving him the video — to remind him who it is he loves,” responded Rose.

“Yeah, whatever you say sis — he’s a scumbag, he will bed the first girl who bats eyes at him,” said Lily.

“You don’t know a thing about him,” yelled Rose, as she stormed out of the room.

“No? — I know he cheated on you while you were…..” Alanya Escort Lily’s voice trailed off as she watched her sister leave.

Not long after there was a shout from their mother, asking them both to go downstairs again.

They eyed each other warily as they almost collided on the landing; Lily thought her sister was a bit red around the eyes, as if she’d been crying. Once they reached the living room, Chelsea began to speak.

“I’ve just had your grandpa on the phone again. The weather up there is worse than usual so he’s going to drive down tomorrow, bringing our tickets with him and he’ll stay until we are due to leave, then he’ll drive you girls to his house. He doesn’t want either of you having to drive in the snow.”

“Good old gramps; always putting everyone else first,” stated Lily.

“Well, he always was one to look out for people and nothing will change him now,” responded Chelsea.

When Bill pulled up outside their house the next day, the four of them went outside to greet him. Bill eyed them up, thinking it was like arriving at a wedding as he worked his way down the line, hugging Dave and kissing Chelsea on the cheek, before he reached the girls. He considered it fortunate that they dressed so differently to each other, as he would have difficulty telling them apart otherwise, with their identical looks. But true to form, Lily was dressed in, well he hated to call it boring, – Lily was dressed demurely, with little of her figure readily visible. He greeted her warmly as he held her briefly in his arms, kissing her on the cheek like he had her mother.

By this time, Dave and Chelsea were collecting his bags from the car and walking them into the house. This did not go unnoticed by Bill who stepped over to where Rose stood in her tight-fitting blouse and extremely short mini skirt. He put his hands around her, on her back just above her arse as he pulled her in for a cuddle. He kissed her on the cheek, but a lot closer to her lips than he had kissed Lily, allowing his hands to drop slightly and grip the top of her arse as he held onto her. Rose pulled her head away and gave him a knowing look as she reached behind and removed his hands.

“Hi gramps,” she said, “still having difficulty with the navigation system for your hands?”

All the time, Lily had been watching, wondering why Rose was her grandpa’s favourite. She was never as kind to him as Lily was and yet it seemed to be her that he wanted to shower with his love and attention. She turned away and followed her parents into the house, mumbling to herself about the unfairness of life.

Bill smiled at Rose and then followed her into the house, catching up with Dave, he said, “Let me give you these,” reaching into his pocket and pulling out the cruise tickets.

“You know better than that, dad. Give them to Chelsea, she looks after all the travel documents — I’m likely to lose or forget them.”

Bill found Chelsea in the kitchen and handed her the tickets, “There’s a ticket for parking there as well; so you will be right on top of the ship when you arrive.”

“Thanks again pop,” Chelsea put her arms around him and pulled him in for a hug, “We’ll take plenty of photos to show you all when we return. Can you take the girls’ presents from us and put them in your jeep — just to make sure they don’t get forgotten?”

“Sure thing,” he responded. As he walked towards the living room, he was met by Dave with the girls’ presents in two sacks, personalized with their names.

Bill took hold of the sacks and took them out to his jeep, placing them securely in the boot. As he turned back from the car, he glanced up at the upstairs windows and saw Lily watching him; he gave her a wave and returned to the house.

He found Dave at the bar in the living room, preparing two glasses of bourbon and ginger. He accepted the offered glass and clinked glasses with his son, “Nothing for Chelsea?” he enquired.

“Don’t you worry about her pop,” came the response, “she has a glass of wine on the go already — she enjoys a glass while she cooks.”

Upstairs Lily was checking her wardrobe, desperately looking for something even remotely racy to wear to dinner to try and attract her grandpa’s attention. In the end she decided to settle for wearing her exercise leotard and a pair of yoga pants. She decided to do some exercises while she was waiting for the call to dinner to make her appearance authentic and to get her skin to glow.

About twenty minutes into a strenuous work-out, Lily heard her mother’s voice at the foot of the stairs; she grabbed a towel and wiped her face and arms and looked at herself in the mirror. Her nipples were erect and clearly visible through the flimsy material. She worried at first about her father seeing them but decided that it was a price worth paying if she got her grandpa’s attention. She turned around and checked out her arse in the yoga pants as best she could — happy that they clung to her arse cheeks, she made her way to the door.

She was the last to arrive in the dining room and all eyes turned to her as she entered.

“You took your time, young lady,” said her mother, “and what on earth are you wearing?” Her eyes focusing on the clearly obvious nipples on show.

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