Grandpas punishment 3

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It had been a few days since Grandpa last punished me for watching his porn movie, I was quit sore in my pussy and my newly broken in virgin ass. I guess he thought he would let me heal a bit before he made his next move. Although he was now in control of me and he knew that I guess it was all part of the game making me wonder when the next encounter might be. I took a bath every night since that punishment I was so sore. I even walked a little funny as you could tell Grandpa liked that. Another controling factor I soppose. I knew all this was wrong but for some reason it all felt so good and nasty at the same time to submitt to older men. For some reason when ever I thought of an old man in his 60’s having his way with me, my pussy tended to get on the wet side.

A week went by mom was home for a few days and gone again. I was good and healed, and the only thing remaining were the memories of the fuck fest those two old men had with me. Mom said she would be back in a couple weeks. I knew what that meant for my Grandpa.

School had started back up and I was glad this was my last year. I came home from school today and found a note from Grandpa that read: My young slut..I will be home later. I am not sure what time so you need to do what I am saying now as I dont know when I will be home.

I want you to go take a shower, get nice and fresh. Put one of your skirts on, no panites, your high heels and remain topless so I can see those lovley nipples and breasts of yours when I walk though the door. I then want you to watch the video thats in the vcr. I will bring dinner home tonight and we will enjoy dinner at the table as I admire your breasts and nipples that stand at attention so lovely.

I sighed. Not sure if I was mad, frustrated, but definitley felt humilitated. My mind wondered as I took my shower, wondering if it were just going to be me and Grandpa tonight or if he would be bringing one of or many of his friends to join in at dinner and a fuck fest.

I did as he said, then proceeded to watch the movie. Once again it was older men ravishing and having their way with a young girl. As I watched the movie my pussy started to tingle and I could feel the wetness building up. As I got up to go to the bathroom to try to dry my pussy Grandpa walked in the door.

Why good evening my young slut. You look very nice and inviting. I love those breasts and nipples of yours, no sagging just stainding at attention waiting for some attention. Where were you headed to? (testing me to see how I would answer him) Oh, nowhere Grandpa Sir. How are you today? Extemley horney. I was very disapointed your mom came home as I have been wanting to tap into some pussy since she got here. My penis has been so hard for you all day knowing what I was going to come home to. I am glad you obeyed me..but then again I should say you should be glad you obeyed me!

I felt so embaressed and humiliated knowing grandpa was going to have his way with me once again. I was also embarssed knowing if he were to check my pussy it was going to be wet. Hed then think it was wet for him and now the movie. I am not sure where he had been but he was already cleaned up so now shower needed.

Grandpa could not get his eyes off my breasts. He then went into the kitchen and called me in there. Set the table up with our dinner I will be back in a min. I set the food out, Chicken Mashed potatoes, and Pudding? Hum. Must be a KFC night tonight. I thought Grandpa did everything to me he could have but was I wrong! What he had planned tonight was more new stuff I had never done before.

He came back in the kitchen with and set something in the sink but i was not able to see what it was. He said ok my young one its time for a tiny treat..I wasnt sure what he meant. He said I want you to place your hands on the table with your back towards me. I did as he said, he then said spread your legs for me. I spread them apart and he said farther girl! I spread them as far as I could. Thats a girl. He took my head and said now bend over, get your ass in the air for me. I was terrified hoping he was not going towards my ass again. Not now! He then took his finger and slid it in my pussy deep wiggling his finger around..I moaned it felt good and I could not hold the moan back..ohhhhhhh yes my sweet young slut..You liked that? Yes sir Grandpa! Did it feel good? Yes Sir Grandpa. ummmmmmm as he pulled his finger back out, he licked my pussy juice off his finger, tapped me on the ass and told me to sit down. Again making me feel humiliated. I sat down and he sat down. He could not keep his eyes off my breasts. Hum those breasts taste better then any dinner can he said. Thank you Grandpa I said. I know he could tell I was embarssed and feeling humiliated. And that made him even hornier. He always loved controling people. We started to eat when the door bell rang. He looked at me and told me to go answer it. I said GRANDPA I am not dressed! What if its someone we know! GO NOW! he said..I put my head down and said Yes Sir Grandpa.

When I answered the door it was Jake and another old man. My heart sunk to my stomache. Jake was fat old and ugly very vulger. I knew right then the door was meant for me to answer. Jake dressed sloppy a total turn off but he was good at knowing where to touch me and make me enjoy it. I was not happy though being in the situation I was in. He looked at my breasts as so did the other man, I thought the other old man was going to slobber down his chin..his eyes bugged out..DAMN Jake you were not kidding were you? Noooooooooo! So my young slut are you going to invite us in for dinner? Sure I said..Jake snapped and said from now on its Yesir or nosir Jake YOU GOT IT..I said Yesir Jake as my face turned red from embarssement and humilitaion. Come on in Jake SIR I said in a smart ass tone..He then şişli bayan escort grabbed my hair and said look youngin I am the next penis to go in that still very tight ass of yours, I think you better watch how you talk to me! I said Yes sir Jake. I led them to the kitchen as Grandpa greeted them, Hey! Guys! Glad you could make it over for a fun time tonight. Jake said I wouldnt miss it for the world. The other old man just kept staring at me in disbelief. So Grandpa said to the other old man, this is my Grandaughter and this is Tom. Hi Tom I said with my head down.Have a seat gentlemen and eat some dinner. We were all eating dinner when each one of them started asking me questions. So, my dear are you healed from the last fuck fest we had? Yes sir Jack I am..Good! Why dont you tell Tom here what we did to you. Yes sir Grandpa. They tied my hands up and had me. NO young are going to start talking correctly..You tell Tom in detail using words we use Yes sir Grandpa..They tied my hands up..Grandpa laid me on my bed, lifted my nighty, he then proceded to penetrate my virgin ass with his fingers, then a vibrator and then his penis. ( i was so embarresed and humiliated having to talk like this but grandpa knew it and thats what made him so hard being in control) After he penetrated my virgin ass with his penis he let jake penetrate my pussy with his penis, he then nipple teased me, making me fuck Jake until I cum all over his penis.Then Jake fucked me hard and fast until he came deep in my pussy. Tom said did Grandpa cum. Yes sir Tom deep in my ass. Wow!
How many times have you had sex said Tom. Twice in the pussy once with Grandpa and once with Jake, once in the ass with Grandpa. You never had a young guy? No sir Tom. Grandpa said I cant be with anyone except who he tells me. He said an old mans penis is bigger then a young mans penis. Well thats quit true said Tom.
Grandpa said ya guys she is not to be with anyone else until I tell her diffrently which will be as soon as I have done everything to her possilbly that can be done to her sexually. My heart dropped again as I thought he had done everything to me possible..Grandpa said there are so many things yet to do! I am also thinking about only letting her date this guy I have in mind and marrying him. I have been interviewing a few of them. The man that marries her is going to have to agree to let this continue at my will unitl i cant fuck her anymore. WOW! lucky man you are! I was totally devistated to hear that!

They had all finshed eating and ordered me to go to the icebox to get them all a beer. I did as Grandpa told me to do. I looked in the ice box and low and behold the beers were where I had to bend over to get them out. I knelt down and grandpa hollerd at me..GIRL YOU DONT EVER BEND DOWN LIKE THAT EVER AGAIN. From now on when you have to bend down the get something you bend at the waste YOU UNDERSTAND ME? Yes sir Grandpa. I bent down at the waste to get the beers that were still in the plastic making me stay there longer exposing my pussy unnder my skirt. ohhhhhhhh yaaaaaaaaaaa girl you show that pussy Tom said…ummmmm said Jake gonna get me some of that pussy here soon! Me too said Grandpa. Well I knew where this was all going.
I handed the beers out when Grandpa told me to sit on Toms lap facing him and let him get a good look at my nipples..I sat down on Toms lap..GOD I HATED THIS..being embarssed and was OFFEL..but some strange reason my pussy felt diffrent then I did. Go on Tom take a feel of those nipples tease them a little and then do a pussy check to see if shes wet. Tom reached up with both hands and gently ran them over my nipples..instantley my pussy was flowing. He teased just a couple seconds, then slipped his finger in my pussy as deep as he could and pulled it out again..DAMN this young ones WET! As he licked the pussy juice off his finger.
Grandpa said ok youngin..sit down drink your beer with this straw you have five min. to finish it. Yes sir Grandpa..I did as he ordered me to do. I felt a buzz and it felt good. My mind still didnt like all this actually hated it, but my pussy had a mind of its own and was loving it.
So, whats on for tonight said Jake..Well first of all I am going to have her move some stuff off the table. I got up and did as he said. I set them on the stove. Ok young one he said. I want you to lay on your stomache on this table. I am going to do something new to you right now. My mind wondered what could be new laying on the table. He walked over to the kitchen sink and pulled something out the guys made an ahhhhhhhh comment..Neat this will be good they said.
Hold this up Jake said Grandpa. Ok, then Grandpa said ok my yound slut I am going to put something in your ass as I started to freak he said but dont worry its going to be smaller then anything you ever had there before. Tonight you are getting an enema. I thought i was going to get sick when I heard that. This humliation and control was getting the best of me. Then Grandpa said go on Tom rub that lub around her tight ass hole there. As Tom started doing that he said DAMN my cock is so hard i think its going to explode..That made me sick as know Tom he was also fat, ugly, old and had a stupid laugh..oh yaaaa thats a nice ass hole there said Tom. He stopped and Grandpa pushed the enema tip in my tight ass..see young one that didnt hurt at all did it! No sir Grandpa. Ok Jake turn it Jake started to turn the enema bag valve on I could feel something rushing into my bowles. For a split second if felt good. After that it was horrible..Please grandpa stop its hurting my stomache. Its soppose to girl..There goes Tom with that STUPID laugh saying You dont like that young one? NO I said..Grandpa said TO BAD…it kept filling more and more as I begged them to let me use the bathroom..No No No..but I will take the şişli escort enema out of you..he pulled it out and laid it back in the stand up girl and face us..I stood up begging them to let me use the bathroom..Nope not yet said Grandpa, you are going to hold it until I TELL you you can go to the bathroom.
Standing there totally humilated practicly dancing around Please Grandpa sir I have to go! Granpa said ok guys lets get he took they got undressed, three long and fat Penis’s were staring at me. Very hard at that! Grandpa sir I cant hold it any longer I am going to make a mess here soon.
FINE little bitch, get in the bathroom as soon as you get on the toilet you better have you mouth open ready to please a penis with it..I headed to the bathroom Grandpa was right behind me, when I got in there he said NOT SO FAST! Raise your hands up here. When I looked up you could see the hand cuffs hanging from the cieling. He put my hands in them and then slowly lowerd them as I sat down on the toilet. Grandpa sat on the tub. He said wow Tom you got alot of precum there that needs to be licked off! Ok, girl you can go now, but you best give Tom the best mouth fucking you can give..You start with licking the precum off the tip of his Penis..Tom stood in front of me as I sat on the toilet. My hands hand cuffed above my head totally embarssed as I have to release myself in front of three men. How much worse can it get then that. DO NOT RELEASE ANYTHINHG UNTIL YOU TOUNGE IS TOUCHING TOMS PENIS yes sir Grandpa sir! I hurried up and started licking the tip of Toms Penis..I was in pain and had to go bad! As soon as I got my tounge to the tip of Toms Penis I started releasing myself it hurt so bad and to try to lick his penis was hard. Some how I managed..Thats is young one lick the precum, swiril your tounge around his penis head..there you go..Now put your tounge in your mouth and close your mouth..thats it, taste that Nasty little girl, I was so embarssed going to the bathroom in front of these men. Ok now be a good little slut and start licking his cock, get this old man ready for a nice young mouth fucking. I started to lick his cock getting it as wet as I could. Dry cock in my mouth is not good. He kept his hand on his penis and kept guiding it up and down on my tounge. When he thought it was ready for a mouth fucking he took both his hands and placed them on my face, now open wide little girl and let me mouth fuck you real good. I opened wide, I swear these old men have big penis’s. He slowly started mouth fucking me, in and out slowly going deeper each time..ummm this is great..thats it Tom said fuck it good nice and steady and slow..OH ya! He dove his penis in my mouth deep this time, starting to pick up speed mouth fucking me deep and hard..ya thats it bitch fuck this old mans penis..God I have not had a good mouth fucking in over 25 yrs..oh ya..gagging me a few times he would pull back..ummmm ya thats it fuck it good little girl (theres that stupid laugh again) his fat belly almost in the way. Oh ya dont stop now..after a little bit he pulled it out..Damn girl almost made me shoot cum down your throat there! I would release myself on and off as my stomache was starting to feel better now..Jake stood in front of me ready for his mouth fucking..and then Grandpa..By the time I was done with all three the enema had emptied. Grandpa unhooked my hands and said now get a wash cloth and wash that tight ass of yours real good then meet us in my bedroom.
I did as he told me. Dreding to head to his bedroom but knew better not to. Wondering what was going to happen next.
I slowly walked to Grandpas bedroom, high heels, stockings, and a skirt on. When I got in the bedroom all three men were sitting there watching a porn movie..there such nasty talking perverts. But my pussy loved it for some odd reason.
Grandpa looked up and said well there is our young slut ready to serve us once again. So my slut us three men are going to get you ready its going to take more then tonight but eventually you are going to be the fuck slut for a big old mans party some evening. But not unitl you have had every sexual experience there is with myself, Jake and who ever else I so choose.When we have our sex party you will mouth fuck every old man there, they will fuck your pussy then enter your tight ass and fuck you there until they dump there hot load of cum deep in that young ass of yours. You will have a cock in each hand at all times while this is going on. You will materbate for us, as well as a few other things you will find out later.
Now come on over here like a good girl, stand above your hand cuffs and raise your arms so I can get them on you. I walked over there, raised my hands as he placed the cuffs on me they left me there until they decided what was going to happen next.
Grandpa brought two chair over kinda out of the way for now. He then said come on guys dont be shy lets have some young pussy fun here.
They all three gathered around me. Two of them lifted my skirt and started to gently rub my ass cheeks as the other one lightly ran his hands over my nipples. They all seem to know when I get nipple teased my pussy tends to ache and run with pussy juice.
Spread your legs there sweety, as I spead my legs grandpa said ya thats it sweety keep going, get those legs wide apart..Ya thats it..The next thing I knew i saw grandpa lubbing his finger, when he was done he spread my ass cheeks apart penetrating his finger in my still tight ass hole. Ummmmmmm still tight just the way I like it..To bad its your turn next Jake Grandpa laughed..She still feels like a virgin. He heard me gasp as he barley had the tip of his finger in my ass, I felt a finger slip in my pussy..ewwwwww shes got such a wet pussy said Tom help him self to playing with my clit. I stood there hand cuffed as all three mecidiyeköy escort worked my ass, pussy and clit. Grandpa started slipping his finger in my ass a little deeper as Jake started fingering my pussy Grandpa starting finger fucking my ass at the same time..ohhhhhhhh I moaned. Feel good my young slut..Yes Grandpa Sir..Tom was rubbing my clit as I was totally feeling wonderful right now, as grandpas finger fucking my ass felt good right now..all of a sudden I felt Tom licking my clit and then sucking it..ohhhhh yessssss im going to cummmmmm thats it young bitch cum for us old men, show us the nasty bad girl slut you are..ewwwwwww thats it let Jake and I feel your orgasms on our like this us old men dont you..ohhhhhh yessssssssss as I had one hell of an orgasm long and hard..Grandpa pulled his finger out of my ass, as Jake pulled his finger out of my pussy and Tom stopped sucking me clit..gooddddd girl. Im gonna teach you how to really enjoy old men..Us old men deserve young pussy, respect and a good fuck now and then.
Grandpa moved the chair right between my spread out legs. Go on Tom have a seat, you only get the pussy the first time you are here, the second time you get the ass huh Jake? You got that right and its my penis tonight getting that young tight ass..
Tom sat in the chair, now I want you to sit down on his penis, Tom had to guide it in my pussy as my hands were cuffed once again above my head. I slowly sat on Tom’s penis until it was all the way in me. Thats a girl..Now Tom sit back and enjoy..Jake went behind me and started nipple teasing me. He gets the best of me when he does that ever so gently takinig both nipple in his finger and thumb at the same time. I started moving my hips around trying to get Toms penis to move in my pussy. Once again I felt Grandpas finger slid in my ass, again I moaned..ohhhh does that feel good young one? Yes Grandpa sir. Tell Tom his penis feels good. Tom Sir your penis feels good in my wet pussy. I started rocking back and forth to make the penis pleae my pussy. When Grandpa said now start fucking Toms penis. I had to stand up and go back down on him again I had to keep doing this id stand up until Toms penis was half way out and sit back down and grind on his penis hard. How does your tight ass feel my dear..ewwwwwwww it feels good it all feels good Grandpa sir..Do you like old men? Yes Grandpa sir Old men know how to make my pussy feel real good. Tom was rubbing my clit and then moved his hands to my hips making me go up and down faster and faster for him..ohhhhhh this young pussy is wonderful..I am going to cum deep in you, you little nasty young bitch..Make this old man cum..ohhhhhh yaaaaaaaaaaa as Tom shot a load of hot cum in my pussy..he held me down sitting on his penis..ohhhhh yaaaaaa damn..shoooo that was great now..young pussies the best. I ant been fucked like that for yrs and yrs..
Grandpa smacked my ass and said now get up girl, you got some pleasing to do for Jake here. He uncuffed my hands and led me to the bed..lay on your stomache and show Jake that tight ass of yours that I just got ready for him. I didnt mention it but Grandpa had slipped three fingers in my ass getting it ready for Jake, but I knew it was still going to hurt. Jake’s penis was the fatest of them all so far. Get that penis lubbed up Jake its your turn for a tight ass.
Jake lubbed his penis up postioned him self as Grandpa said ok youngin take a deep slow breath as the head of Jakes penis pop in my tight ass, I screamed it was no diffrent then the first time. He stopped a few and let me get use to it..damn your right this ass is still like a virgin as he pushed more of his penis in me..ahhhhhhhhhhhh nooooooooooo please he ignored my painful moans pulling part way out and right back in again this time going in deeper then ever stopping right before he had it all the way in..DAMN this looks good my penis in this tight ass what a site! He then slowy started fucking me in and out very slow at first until i adjusted and got use to his penis and he could tell I was starting to enjoy it a little bit he started picking up speed not seeming to care it was a newly fucked tight ass he had his penis and out faster and faster.I finally started to moan with pleasure when Grandpa said thats it bitch take Jakes old penis in your tight ass. Jake said Im gonna fuck your tight ass until i cum deep inside you..You like that you young bitch, you like an old mans penis in your tight ass..Yes Grandpa sir, it feels jake fucked me as hard as he could ewwwww im going to cum deep in your ass, ya thats it..take this old mans penis and like he moaned loudly shooting hot cum deep in my tight ass. Grandpa said now there dear another load of cum you will see for days.
I thought I was done when Grandpa said hum gee I could take your pussy or your ass..I soppose i get sloppy thirds here, but my penis at the moment really doesnt care, he flipped me over on the bed Tom grabbed one leg and Jake grabbed the other spreading my legs wide apart as Grandpa dove in the sloppy cum left behind by Tom..ewwwww sloppy nasty cum filled bitch you..Im going to fuck you long and he picked up speed and started fucking me faster and faster.he fucked me for a few min. and then pulled out saying it was to sloppy and wet. He rolled me over spred my cheeks wide apart jammed his penis in me like i had been ass fucked for yrs i moaned but it was a painful moan, thats it bitch take it all take it long and hard ewwwwwwww ya thats it..i am going to cum deep in you right along with Jake..ohh yaaaaaaaa FUCK THIS OLD COCK BITCH as he stood still making me fuck him with my ass..thats it fuck it good..make Grandpa cum deep in your ass thats it…oh yesssssss ahhhhhhhhhh ewwwwwwwww yaaaaaaaaa…as he cum deep in me..he slowly pulled his penis out, and said. Now get your ass to the bathroom, get a shower and get to bed! When I was done in the shower everyone was gone except Grandpa.I slipped into bed once again with a sore ass and pussy and fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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