Greater Love Hath No Woman… Ch. 02

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It was a Friday night in late October. The events of the summer had already dimmed into the distant past and our sex life had reverted back to the normality of the humdrum – Vanessa and I had made love perhaps two or three times since that night with Caroline.

I was at home alone whilst Vanessa was out with her work mates. I had been detailed to stay sober and pick her up when she called, sometime after midnight. It was past nine, the kids were both safely tucked up in bed and I was sat in front of the television with a cup of tea when I heard a light tap on the living room window, muffled through the thick floral curtains,. The cool autumnal air hit me as I opened a crack in the door and peered into the dim light of the porch.

There silhouetted by the streetlight stood the buxom shape of Victoria, unusually for her in her work clothes. She stood about five and half feet tall, a few inches short of my taller and slimmer wife, not that Victoria was fat.

Normally I saw her in more “mumsy” clothes – hoodies and jogger bottoms when she dropped her youngster off to play on a Saturday mornings, at the football match or after school.

She looked good, her hair had a real gloss, her skin had gained colour and she had a healthy glow. She had re-gained some of the weight she had lost and had also lost the deep black bags under her eyes. She sported a vivacious glint in her deep and dark brown eyes.

She was wearing a dark grey cotton shirt, a black pencil skirt to just above the knee, what looked like patterned tights and a pair of sensible black shoes. She bustled in and past me shivering with the cold.

“Hi John.”

“I’m afraid Vanessa isn’t in. She’s out at her work bash.”

“Oh bugger, is that tonight? Do you mind if I haul in for a few minutes?”

I have the upmost respect for Victoria and she is, simply, the bravest person I have ever met.

“No problem. Can I get you a drink?”

She lost her husband in motorcycle accident at the age of twenty three as a result she got religion which led to her current job. At the time she had been left alone with a four year old, and if that wasn’t enough, after a couple more years, she contracted cancer. That is how she met Vanessa, my wife, at the women’s support group she runs.

After about a year of treatment, that hit her hard, she had been given the all clear and was now getting her life back together. Without the support of her family I am not sure what she would have done – they were fantastic. We tried our best and did what little we could.

I had seen her in all kinds of states, scared, low, ill, bald, painfully pale and thin. Although we are more than fifteen years her senior Vanessa and I have forged a really close bond with her and we are honoured to be considered amongst her closest friends. She could ask anything of us.

This remarkable lady managed not to lose her faith and now runs a project aimed at helping similar sufferers. She doesn’t like her name shortened to Vicky, which we respect, and has many other idiosyncrasies that make her such a likeable and unique character.

That night she acted very differently – she asked for a glass of wine instead of her normal cup of tea. Not that it was a problem, we always had wine in the fridge and instead of sitting in the kitchen she sat slumped in Vanessa’s chair, in the dimly lit and atmospheric lounge.

I turned the television off and placed the remote on the arm of the sofa before sitting down. After a couple of deep and heavy sighs Victoria sipped at the glass and placed it on the coffee table in the centre of the room.

She wasn’t her normal self, a little edgy and I was a little concerned that something might be wrong.

“Hard day?” I asked.

“Not really. But I’m glad the week is over.” She sighed as she slumped back in the chintz material of the arm chair.

I stood, moved across the room and stooped down to light the fire. As I held the button of the igniter down I took a sideways glance across at her, she was showing lots of leg, her skirt was hitched up well above her knee and the tops of her stay up stockings were in full view along with plenty of the pale skin of her inner thighs.

My eyes wandered and were inevitably drawn to the expanse of bare flesh. God knows I am not that subtle and she must have noticed me staring but instead of closing her legs she shuffled, opened them wider and invited my gaze further. She tantalised me with a fleeting glimpse of the gusset of her black lacy panties.

My eyes darted back and forth to hers. Without acknowledging me she tossed her head back, closed her eyes and allowed me an extended visual feast of the outline of her clearly visible clam encased within the thin material.

Victoria is a textaholic, she texts Vanessa at all times of the day and night and that night was no exception. The sudden beep of her phone pierced the growing and awkward silence – a text had arrived.

She sprang into life, bent over and rustled in her large black handbag Büyükesat Escort for her still buzzing and beeping mobile. I took the opportunity to check out her ample chest stretching the buttons of her tightly fitting blouse. Again she caught me at it but this time swiftly moved to cover them with her forearms. Her legs, however, still lay open and invited my eyes further. I decided not to succumb to the temptation and moved back to my spot on the sofa opposite the fire as she read her message.

“It’s Vanessa. She’s bored.” She said smiling as she deftly thumbed her reply.

She took a big slug from her wine glass, replaced it on the coffee table and rose to her feet, with her phone still in her hand. She continued to text as she left the room, with the fingers of both her hands bashing out tuneful patterns on the small keypad. As she moved towards the door she swayed her hips provocatively – this was new, I thought to myself.

I grabbed my phone from the coffee table and blasted a text off to Vanessa as quickly as I could, fumbling at the small keys with my thick and cumbersome fingers.

“Victoria is here, she is acting rather strange. Have you heard anything?”

I waited impatiently for a reply.

After a considerable pause I began to wonder what had happened to Victoria, she had remained in the toilet for what seemed like ages. Her phone had beeped at least twice and I had assumed she was deep in a text conversation with Vanessa.

Victoria returned and stood in front of me with her face flushed red.

“John, I have been talking to Vanessa and she says you might be able to do me a really big favour.” She swallowed hard.

“Of course, anything, you don’t need to ask”

“I have a weakness, an obsession you might say. Vanessa came to me for help about a couple of months ago but it turned out that she awakened something in me that I thought I’d never regain. In fact I needed her help then and yours now.”

“Oh?” was all I could muster.

“Before Paul died we had an active sex life. In fact you might even say adventurous. We did all kinds of things in all kinds of ways. “

My eyebrows must have cocked.

“John Will you er um….Vanessa told me about Caroline and I was wondering if you might do the same”

“What do you mean?” It had been some time since our encounter with Caroline and I wasn’t sure how much Victoria knew.

Victoria turned away from me, smiled coyly over her shoulder, bent over and pulled up her skirt to reveal her ample and fully naked backside. I hadn’t noticed that she had been clutching a pair of skimpy black lace panties behind her back. She let them fall to the floor as she wriggled her hips and hitched her skirt high above her generously rounded butt cheeks.

I automatically averted my eyes. I glanced down at the small black pile at her feet and back up to meet her eyes. Her brow had fallen, she looked disappointed and perhaps a little rejected so I felt obliged to look back down and started to trace a path from the floor up.

Her foot was covered in sensible, yet pretty black strapped sandals, with not too high a heel. I could sense her willing me to cast my gaze higher, up her shapely legs.

Her black stay-up stockings had a diamond pattern and the thick elasticised band cut into to top of her pale thighs as I slowly ran my eyes upward.

She bent over further and arched her back allowing me the rear view of her clam, plucked clean, opening petal like and glistening wet with obvious arousal.

She cupped each cheek and spread them gently, inviting me to gaze deep into her inner most intimate and secret parts.

“Will you please do me in the ass?” She blurted out in a rather matter of fact tone. “Vanessa says that you did it with Caroline, can you do it for me? I haven’t had any kind of sex for over four years and I have been getting increasingly horny. It has been very difficult for me without Paul but I got talking to Vanessa and….”

I knew she was a forthright lady, direct, but what on Earth? We had had some friendly banter about sex in the past and I knew she wasn’t a shrinking violet but what the heck?

I rocked back and sat with my mouth agape, my phone went off breaking the roaring silence – Vanessa had sent me a reply. I tapped the keys and read the message.

“Victoria has a surprise for you. Just sit back and enjoy.”

Just at that point Victoria swung around to face me and re-lifted her skirt.

“Do you like what you see?”

Now, I am a great believer that every woman has a point of beauty, a best side or an angle or feature that really flatters her. Victoria is not a great beauty, not pretty but far from ugly. Her figure is on the broad side but she is, by no means, fat but her most attractive asset was right before my eyes and in full and open view.

Victoria, quite simply, has the best looking snatch that I have ever seen. Her cleanly shaven and bald lips were puffed Elvankent Escort up and pink. She had a half inch wide strip of stubble like hair above her crack, trimmed with great attention, laser straight, uniform and short. Her gash is just right, not too fleshy, hung open like a rose and glistened with silky juices.

I sat beguiled, I couldn’t keep my eyes off her perfect clam, I dare not even blink. It felt rude not to look her in the eye but I couldn’t tear myself away as she stepped forward, sank to her knees and tugged at my zipper. She quickly and expertly opened the fly, fished inside for my cock and took it out with a gasp of delight.

Although I was disappointed that I could no longer see her cunt I sat glued to the spot, my phone, with Vanessa’s text still on the screen, in my hand as I drank in the smell of her perfume and felt the heat of her hot breath against my loins.

“God I have missed this.” She sighed as she held my limp member tight in her fist.

I was dumbstruck, I couldn’t move. She took my hand and led it to her soft and warm breast. I cupped it through the thin grey cotton material of her work shirt and wished I could feel the warmth of the bare flesh in my palm.

She ducked her head down and encircled my tip with her hot and soft lips. She bobbed and writhed on my end and sucked me with almost joyous enthusiasm, like a child re-discovering an old toy.

I just couldn’t comprehend what was going on, my mind had been blown away but something held me back. My tool wasn’t responding to Victoria’s eager oral assault and it remained stubbornly slack and flaccid.

She worked at it hard and after a few minutes of increasingly desperate slurping and sucking at my tool she came up for air.

Glancing down at my sorry cock in disappointment and with a hint of frustration she asked, “is everything OK?”

“I’m not sure.”

“Did Vanessa not talk to you about me?”

Not really was the answer, although I did wonder what these two had talked about at the support group meetings. Vanessa and I rarely talked about sex and I wondered how much Victoria knew about Caroline.

My mind wandered to some of the conversations we had all had in the past few months – I had teased Victoria about batteries and plastic lovers. We had all laughed at talk of an Ann Summers party and made lewd reference to rabbits. All, I thought, in all innocence and in jest.

I was uneasy and wasn’t sure if something else was wrong. We had also had a more serious conversation about things to do before you die. I had tried to lighten the mood by musing over a threesome with her and Kylie.

“It just seems a bit wrong. I have never really thought about you in these terms. I am a little surprised that’s all. Perhaps I need a few minutes.”

“I knew it.” She said with an air of disappointment. “You are too good a man John. I knew you wouldn’t do this.”

“With Caroline, Vanessa was right there. This feels different – more like a fling. I think I need to double check with her that this is OK.” I said in mitigation.

“Stay right there I’ll be back.” Victoria stood up and flew for the door.

I sat in stunned silence but then re-focused on my phone.

“She showed me her ass and asked me to do her in it – did you know?” I texted Vanessa.

I sat and waited for a response but impatience got the better of me. I hit the green button and called her.

“Hello.” Vanessa’s voice responded shakily.

“Where are you? Are you OK, you voice is echoing and you seem a bit out of breath”

“In the loos”

“Why there?” I thought perhaps there had been a falling out at the dinner party.

“I was just sat here thinking about the texts Victoria had been sending me and the surprise she had been planning. I was just having a….. er, I mean I was ….”

She was being evasive – this was totally unlike my wife.

“Where, what, are you OK? You sound flustered”

“If you must know I have got my left hand down….” She held back. “Has she shown you her fanny yet? You’ll like it she shaves it bald you know. Victoria is collecting me, I’ll be back soon, must dash.”

Her behaviour was very odd. As soon as she disconnected another text came in. She must have typed it just before my call.

“Sit tight and pour yourself a drink. She is picking me up and we’ll be right back.”

I did as ordered, poured myself a large scotch and waited pensively.

After about half an hour they arrived, Victoria blustered in and dumped a large plastic bag on the floor at the end of the coffee table with a thud. She reached into her pocket and fished out an ovular purple pill.

“Here get this down your neck, it’ll put lead in your pencil.”

I swallowed nervously. I was a little embarrassed and ashamed of my own lack of performance. I glanced over at Vanessa settling into her chair and unclasping the buckle on her strappy high heeled shoes. She nodded her head in approval Beşevler Escort and kicked each shoe off in turn. She sighed as she rubbed each of her ankles as I took the plunge with the pill.

Vanessa had scrubbed up well. She had made quite an effort for her night out. She was in a neat summer dress, the last of the season, a box pleated floral canary yellow number with a fairly low square cut top. As she bent I caught sight of her small but well formed breasts dangling in her white lacy bra. She stood and went to the toilet and returned a few minutes later having poured herself and Victoria a large glass of wine. She sat opposite and Victoria joined me on the couch.

Vanessa and Victoria glugged down their glasses as if there were some kind of competition. Both women acted as if nothing had happened earlier and idly chatted about the events of the day and the week as if in some form of denial.

Victoria went back into the kitchen and rustled about opening another bottle. She returned with two full glasses, a re-fill for me and a freshly opened bottle. They continued to chat about the party and continued to completely ignore what had happened earlier.

I was burning with curiosity and anticipation as the small talk continued but went along with the farce being slowly and deliberately played out by the pair of them. They each downed two more glasses of wine before hinting that they were ready to address the matter at hand.

Vanessa sat slumped in her chair, she had both legs swung over the arm and cupped her glass in her lap as she chatted. She drained the final glass, swung one leg down and exposed an ample amount of pale thigh and stocking top, as had Victoria earlier.

Vanessa glanced at her watch, cocked her eyebrow and signalled Victoria into action. She had an impish look in her eyes and had obviously had too much to drink. I recognised the look, it was at times like these that she was sufficiently game enough to suck me off or even, dare I say, let me lick her out. I wondered how far she was gone and how far she might go this time.

Victoria stood and moved to the end of the coffee table.

“What is going on?” I asked, the curiosity had finally got the better of me.

The tease was about to be over. Vanessa took a deep breath and paused to explain.

“I had gone to Victoria just after what had happened with Caroline. I was worried that I was turning into some kind of pervert or something. To cut a long story short Victoria asked me how I managed to stay so even handed when it came to sex. It appears that I have an air of frigidity. We got talking and well one thing led to another and all of the details of our adventure with Caroline came out. “

Victoria just looked on with an air of excitement as she picked up the bulging plastic bag.

“Victoria here has been like a bitch on heat ever since and has badgered me to allow her to be had by you.” Vanessa said almost giggling like a young girl.

“If this gets out all the single girls in the parish will be lined up at your door.” Victoria added excitedly.

“What’s in the bag?” Vanessa said as she leant forward in anticipation.

“Props!” Victoria said excitedly delving inside. One by one she pulled out a selection of articles.

First out was a home made DVD with black felt tip writing across it.

“Something to get us in the mood.”

Then out came a white and smooth plastic vibrator.

“Something to keep us going.”

She pulled out a tube of lube.

“Something for you.” She said looking coyly at Vanessa.

She then pulled out a stubby object.

“What is that?” Vanessa asked in amazement.

“Don’t you know?” Victoria retorted. “You should have gone to the Ann Summers party.”

The object in question was a long and tapered plastic object, rather like an elongated brandy glass – a butt plug and quite a big one. I wasn’t sure if Vanessa wasn’t just playing dumb.

“What on earth do you do with it?” Vanessa asked.

“I’ll show you.” Victoria said as she stood and dumped her skirt to the floor again revealing her bare and ample buttocks. She swung around to face Vanessa and squirted a large blob of lube on to the end of the rounded knob. Her fingers deftly and meticulously massaged the slippery gel over and across the bulbous plastic end. Victoria made no attempt to hide her naked pussy, gloriously puffed up and on full display to my gazing eyes.

She turned and bent over clutching one globe of her butt cheek. Skilfully she offered the tapered and slippery object up to her brown bud. She gasped, as with a shove, the plastic flange forced its way into her back passage. Vanessa gasped as the full length of the butt plug disappeared into Victoria’s backside. All that remained in view was the flat base protruding from her cleft.

Victoria lent further forward and inserted the DVD into the machine. She swung about and grabbed the remote from the coffee table before sitting down on its edge. She released a gasp of delight as her position drove the full length of the butt plug home and deep into her rear end.

I glanced across at Vanessa. She looked back at me and arched an eyebrow.

Victoria was a forceful lady, a great organiser and motivator. If she got an idea into her head she just carried people along with it. Vanessa and I were clearly in her spell.

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