Green Eye Burn

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This story has been buried deep inside of me for a long time. I remember all of it very well, almost like it was last week. I’ve reminisced and re-lived it all many times over the years. Much of it is quite fun to remember. Some of it is bittersweet. Some of it is painful still.

When I was out of college and in my early twenties I got a job selling radio advertising in a suburban/rural area, and although new to the region, I became successful in a fairly short time. After a couple of years I left the radio station and started my own business by acquiring a licensing agreement from a national company to sell direct marketing products. As this was an outlying area and not heavily populated, the company looked at it as an area with limited profit potential and whatever I produced would just be a bonus to them. They had never planned to develop the area anyway until I approached them so they pretty much left me alone.

But within a year I had the area thriving. I was working hard and enjoying the fruits of my labor. Soon the regional manager was after me to expand the area. I told him I was maxed out as it was and I couldn’t cover much more ground. ‘So hire somebody’ he hollered. ‘Why, so I can give my profits away to somebody else’?” I countered. But we hammered out an adjacent area and worked out a plan where I would hire a salesperson and then get bonuses on their sales and price breaks on the production costs. I ran the numbers a hundred different ways and didn’t see how I could lose. So I advertised for a salesperson. It was summer and I hoped that I could get a sales rep up and running by the fall, our busiest time.

Most of the responses I received were not too impressive, and the interviews didn’t go that well. The people were either not qualified, didn’t understand the business, didn’t have car insurance, or didn’t have a clue. But one looked pretty good. In more ways than one.

Her name was Denise. We met at a small coffee shop in the midst of what would be the new territory. After introductions we sat down and faced each other from across a small table. She said to call her Dee. My name is Rob.

She had dark brown hair, cut neat and short, big green eyes and wore a sharp blue pantsuit with a white blouse. She was maybe 5′-7″, thin with a nice ass and her firm, abundant tits pushed at the cloth of her attire. Her face was thin with sultry lips and just a touch of gloss. We held eye contact and I felt a sizzle in her glare. She gave a demure smile and her tongue flicked out just a sliver between her lips as she handed me her resume. She seemed a little nervous. I was too.

I took a quick glance at her resume and saw that she was thirty-six years old and married. In those days that kind of information was commonly found on resumes. As I sat across from her and pretended to study her resume I tried to hide my uneasiness.

Here I was: a twenty-five year old newly-single guy, blond hair, blue eyes, tall with a thin, runner’s build; and I was interviewing this older, mature, married woman with much more experience than I. Her resume told me she had had several media sales jobs and was more than qualified.

As the interview went on we relaxed and it not only went very well, we shared some laughs and became more comfortable. And those eyes! She always looked me right in the eye and hardly blinked. I could tell she was a no-bullshit person who probably knew how to get things done.

She told me a little about herself. She had gone to France to study, met the man who was now her husband, got pregnant, had a daughter and they moved back to the U.S. Her daughter was now twelve. I asked her about her last job, almost four years at a newspaper, and why she had left. She said she’d left the job to go to work for her husband at his small construction company and to try to straighten out the business end of things. Her husband was good at building things, just not very good with the office and the paperwork and the rest of it. But now that was straightened out and she wanted to get back to what she did best, and the position I was trying to fill looked like a perfect fit. We discussed the compensation and commissions and she was agreeable. After about 75 minutes we ended. She thanked me for the interview, we shook hands and parted, and my eyes followed her ass all the way to the door.

The interview had gone well in every respect. Dee was qualified, knowledgeable, made a great impression and would represent the company and its products well. We said we’d be in touch. But I knew there was no way I could hire her.

Two days later I received a very professional thank-you letter in the mail from Dee, but I hadn’t spoken to her since the interview. When I had placed the ad for a salesperson I had scheduled it to run for several weeks and it ran again the next day. Soon I was getting follow-up calls from her and she left multiple messages with my answering service. I knew I was putting off dealing with the inevitable. When the next ad ran my phone rang first thing in the morning and I picked up.

“Hi Rob, this Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort is Dee ____, how are you?” she said.

“I’m doing well, Dee, thank you. How are you?”

“Oh, I’m fine, thank you. I’m calling about the sales position. I saw the ad is still running. Have you hired anyone yet?”

“No, I haven’t,” I replied. I explained about the ad and its scheduled flight to run for several weeks.

“I can start tomorrow!” she said enthusiastically.

I chuckled and hemmed and hawed. I said I was narrowing it down to two or three and she was definitely in the mix. She reiterated that she was perfect for the job, she was flexible, would work hard, do whatever it takes, she needed the job, etc. So we set up a second interview at the same place.

My problem was this: At just about every job I’d ever had, I’d ended up fucking somebody. And it always ended up making things awkward or unpleasant or worse. It’s hard to work closely with people of the opposite sex because if you click, the sparks are going to fly. Throughout college I worked at the campus library and ended up fucking a couple of co-workers and the relationships didn’t end well. My summer jobs, same thing, I always ended up putting my dick into some chick, making things weird at work. Even at my last job before starting my business I had fucked four different women: two cute female deejays at the FM station, a secretary at the AM, and our black receptionist’s cousin who had a thing for white guys.

Now I had a dilemma: I wanted to expand my new business but I didn’t want to screw things up. Dee might have been older, but she was attractive and sexy and confident. I was afraid that if we worked together the sparks would fly and then I might end up opening my fly and then it would ruin everything. And she was married to boot; I couldn’t risk fucking up somebody else’s marriage!

But I couldn’t get around one fact, and that was that she was an ideal candidate for the job. She had all of the qualifications and lived only about fifteen minutes away, which would make it convenient for both of us. And no doubt she looked good and would make a positive impression on customers. So, to be fair to the business and to her, we should have another interview.

So… We had another interview and it was a slam dunk. I hired her and never even told her about my fears. I knew she was right for the job and trusted it would work out.

We worked closely and spent a lot of time together the first few weeks as I trained her in the different facets of the job and the system. We went on sales calls together, we spent a lot of time side-by-side at my desk in my home office learning the paperwork and had informal meetings to plan our promotions. We worked very well together. And there was definitely a natural chemistry between us.

After about three weeks we were sitting elbow to elbow in my office working on some copy when she mentioned that she was moving that weekend. I was shocked; my mind started wandering, here I thought I’d found the ideal salesperson and she’s moving away already…? I asked her where she was moving to and she told me the location, which was the perfect location: right in the center of her territory.

“I didn’t know you were planning to move,” I said. “When did you decide that?”

She looked straight at me with her big green eyes and said, “About two days before I answered your ad. That’s when I decided I was leaving my husband. That’s why I needed this job so badly.”

I must have inadvertently peeked at her left hand, I couldn’t recall if she’d had a ring on before.

“It’s gone,” she said. “I threw it at him the night you offered me the job. He’s cheated on me for the last time!”

“I’m sorry…” I started to say.”

“Oh, don’t be,” she said, “it’s for the best, believe me. I did everything for him, even quit a good job to run his business for him, and he still managed to find a new bimbo to boink!”

We both chuckled at her use of words. She laughed and cried at the same time.

“So I found a nice little apartment for us. It is right in the middle of my territory, and my daughter won’t have to change schools.”

It all sounded like great news. She was moving right into her territory and would be more motivated than ever.

Over the next few months we became more and more comfortable with each other. Even though she was a little farther away, we found convenient places to meet when she needed to drop off her paperwork or if we needed to have a brief meeting. Things became more casual between us too. We had lunch a couple of times. She would occasionally touch my arm when she spoke. Sometimes she would come by the house in the evening to drop something off, and if I wasn’t home she’d leave it in the box. One Friday evening around 6:30 she stopped by and I had just gotten back from a long run. It was a hot, humid evening and I was shirtless and my sweaty running shorts clung to my body and I know she stole a couple looks at the bulge between my legs. I looked up and noticed a young girl sitting in the passenger seat of her car.

“Looks like you have a passenger,” I said.

“That’s Lynn, my daughter.”

I started walking toward the car and introduced myself. “Hello Lynn, I’m Rob,” I said. “I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“Hi. I’ve heard about you too.”

“How do you like your new apartment?”

“It’s okay.”

Dee came up from behind and said, “We’re heading to a big party. Her best friend turns 13!”

“Oh wow, the big one-three!” I said, looking at Lynn. That ought to be fun!” Then I turned to Dee and thanked her for dropping off the work and said drive safely and I’d talk to her on Monday. Then she gave me her green eye burn and held it and I swear I felt my dick grow a little from her stare. I watched them back out and drive off. I walked back into the house and the cool air hit me. As I peeled off my shorts I could see that the drenched synthetic fabric had adhered and molded to my cock and balls and was sucked into the crack of my ass. I realized then that she must have seen it too.

As fall approached we worked hard and spent a lot of time together. This was typically the busiest time of year in our business as we had promotions for back-to-school, Halloween and then the end-of-year holidays. Throughout those months we worked closely and were constantly in contact, in person and talking on the phone. There was definitely a strong attraction between us, we both could sense it, and you could feel it in the air around us and almost cut it with a knife. There were a number of times when I felt we were very, very close to one of us saying something that would cross that line between business and personal and would take us from being colleagues to being lovers. It was that close.

The ice was cracked in early December when we went together on a Friday afternoon to the annual Christmas party for our region of the company. It was held at the home of one of the company bigshots and it was about an hour’s drive away. She drove to my house and then we got into my car and I drove us to the party. We had a lot of time in the car together and we were relaxed and we talked easily about a number of things. She told me about her college days, going overseas and meeting her husband and how he was older and swept her off her feet. And how he was always a cheat and always wanted them to be swingers from the time they first met. At the party we mingled some and we met a lot of people that we’d spoken to on the phone many times but had never met. We had a couple of drinks and relaxed even more. On the ride back we opened up further and talked about some of crazy things we did in college, the courses we took and the drugs we took. I told her about the on-again off-again blues band I played in and told her about a gig I had coming up the next weekend and suggested she come hear us if she could. She said she might do that because Lynn was scheduled to be with her dad next weekend. We were both feeling a new level of comfort together.

When we got back to my house I didn’t know what to do. It almost felt like I was dropping her off after a first date. It was a little awkward but we both did the professional thing. We wouldn’t cross that line today, but part of me had wanted to drag her into my house and rip her clothes off. I changed clothes and went for a run. I thought about her the whole five miles and I swear I had half a chubby.

The following Thursday we met at a clients’ business where we had bartered for holiday gifts for our customers. We assorted nice gifts such as champagne, gift baskets, and sweets which we would deliver to our various customers over the following days. We loaded our cars with the gifts for the customers. Then I handed her a small wrapped gift which included a gift certificate to a nice boutique and a Christmas bonus.

“And this is for you,” I said.

She gave me the green eye burn. Her big eyes were moist and I thought she might start to cry. I could tell a million thoughts were rushing through her head. She looked like she wanted to speak but she didn’t, she just burned her liquid eyes into mine.

“Thank you,” she said in a shallow, half-broken voice.

Then she leaned up to me and kissed me, half on the cheek and half on the corner of my mouth. Then she spun around, walked to her car, got in and drove off.

She had done it. Now it was just a matter of time.

The following Saturday night we were playing our occasional gig at Slackers, a local restaurant and bar. We were midway through our first set and I was blowing a solo on my saxophone and hit a couple of clams when I saw Dee walk in. She was with another foxy chick and they did not go unnoticed by some of the customers as they strode to the back and took stools at the bar. The place wasn’t that big and we made eye contact almost immediately. She smiled and I felt the burn from across the room.

When the band took a break I walked over and stood in front of them at the bar and ordered a beer as we greeted. She introduced me to her friend Sharon, who looked fine. She was long and lean with long dark hair and black jeans that looked they were painted on. Dee looked great in blue jeans and a tight red sweater that hugged her curves. I thanked them for coming and Dee grabbed my arm firmly with both hands when she told me how good the band sounded.

“I didn’t know you were so talented!” she said. “What other talents do you have that I don’t know about?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” I blushed. “I make a mean omelet! I’ll have to have you over for brunch sometime.”

Dee and Sharon shared a sly glance and Dee said that she thought that was a great idea.

Before we knew it the break was up and it was time to return to the bandstand.

“Work, work, work,” I said to them. “Can you stay another set?” They said they would.

“Great,” I said, gripping her hand in mine. “I’ll be back in forty minutes!” Then I ordered a beer to take to the stage, which I almost never do.

The set flew by and I rejoined Dee and Sharon at the bar. Sharon was talking to some folks at a nearby table so I had Dee to myself.

“I’m glad you hung around,” I said. “I was looking forward to talking some more.”

“Me too,” she said, her big green eyes looking right through me.

“I wanted to ask you something.”

“Really? What?”

“Let’s go outside for a minute,” I said. I took her hand and led her out the side door to the parking lot. It was a mild December so we were okay without jackets. We walked toward the back of the lot where it was more private and we faced each other.

“What did you want to ask me?” she said.

I licked my lips and took a deep breath. “I wanted to know,” I began, “The other day, when we were picking up the presents for our customers…”


“You kissed me. And I wanted to know what kind of kiss that was.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean: Was it a ‘thank you’ kiss, was it a ‘you’re a really nice guy kiss’, or was it a ‘I want to fuck you’ kiss?”

She pursed her lips and then cracked a subtle smile. “What kind of kiss do you think it was?” she said, playing with me.

“Well,” I said. “First, I gave you the gift, so ‘thank you’ would have been appropriate. And second, I know that I’m a nice guy, so that would make sense. But to be honest, I was hoping it was number three.”

She shook her head and burst out laughing. “Rob, you are too much! Tell you what, Sherlock, let’s start over so that you completely understand what’s going on here. First, I’m going to give you a ‘thank you’ kiss.”

Then she leaned up and kissed me on the exact spot she had kissed before, on the corner of my lip.

She then said, “Okay. Now I’m going to give you your ‘nice guy’ kiss.”

She then grabbed my shoulder with one hand and kissed me full on the mouth.

Then she stepped back, looked in my eyes and said. “Now our next kiss will be the ‘fuck me’ kiss and it will be waiting for you whenever you are ready to come and get it!”

I was on her like a tomcat on a tuna truck. My arms went around her and our mouths met and my tongue entered her mouth and I tasted her for the first time. I inhaled her sweet scent and sucked in her tongue and her essence. Her hand was in my hair pulling my head to hers, my hands roamed her back and neck and shoulders. I backed her up against the wall of the building and we made out like a couple of tenth graders. In between the kisses and gropes, we babbled.

“Oh God, what took you so long?”

“I’ve wanted to kiss you since the day we met.”

“Why didn’t you?”

“You were married, I wanted to be professional…”

“I wanted you to be unprofessional…”

“You’re so fucking hot…”

“The way you teased me, standing in front of me in your tight, sweaty shorts with your…”

I was pressed against her and I knew she could feel my stiff cock.

We gradually slowed and I peppered her with gentle kisses, my hand made it down to her firm ass. I wanted to take her home right then but I had another set to play.

“We better get back in,” she said after we broke a long, soft kiss. She was right, the time was up.

We reentered the bar and the band was already in place onstage.

“Gotta go,” I said as I gripped her hand. “Are you hanging around?”

She said they’d probably leave in a few minutes. I said goodbye, we’ll talk tomorrow and I kissed her lips. Halfway through the second tune they got up to leave. Dee waved goodbye with a smile and mimed ‘Call me’ with her lips. I missed those lips already.

I called Dee in the morning and we talked about how relieved we were that we would no longer have to hide our feelings and tried to figure out when we would be able to see each other. With her responsibilities as a mom and her need to be discreet while going through her divorce, there would only be certain times we could get together. She said that Lynn stayed with her Sunday through Thursday morning, then after school on Thursday she would go to her Dad’s till Sunday. Plus Dee would have her on a day every other weekend. So Thursday nights would be when we knew we could meet, and weekends would be hit or miss.

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