Grocery Fun

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It was a great day for Matt. He had nailed his presentation at work, gotten out of the office early, and found a great deal on gas, to boot. The spring in his step followed him all the way from the office, to the gas station, and was clearly there when he pulled into his driveway and into the garage. The second he walked into his house, all those great feelings evaporated and he could feel anger, with a touch of fear, swell up into his neck and face. There was a leather jacket Matt had never seen before slung over the back of a chair in the dining room; another man’s leather jacket. The second he saw the foreign jacket he heard moans coming from his bedroom. Before he could take another step, he heard his wife moan a strange man’s name.


‘Milk, eggs, bread, cheese, and something for dinner. That is all I’ve got left to get, then it’s home free!’ Lucy thought as she gazed at her shopping list and headed towards the meat section. After starting at the different red packages and comparing prices, she decided to grab some hamburger for dinner that night. As her petite body stretched to grab the best looking package, she felt a body brush up next to her, snatch the meat with ease off the top shelf, and hand it to her. Surprised, she turned around to face her helper and found herself lost in eyes so dark they were almost black. “I….ah…uh…” the small dirty blond muttered, still misplaced. A deep smooth, “You’re welcome,” accompanied with a smile answered her fumbling self.

Soon a hand appeared. “Hello, I’m Ryan,” her assistant said in a voice that felt oddly comfortable, considering they had just met. Finally, her brain registered that it was a greeting and she blushed when she realized she had been staring. Lucy straightened up and offered her hand. “I’m Lucy and thanks for the help.”

“No problem,” Ryan replied. “I always love to help a beautiful woman out.” Lucy found herself blushing again as Ryan bent to kiss her hand. As Ryan straightened back up, it was Lucy’s turn to admire. Dark eyes that said more than the owner would like led to dark short hair, styled very nicely. A leather jacket and jeans that were tight in just the right spots completed the look. Lucy thought she saw a hint of a feminine figure under the loose tee shirt, but wasn’t sure.

“Are you a…” Lucy started to ask before she realized what she was saying. Ryan just grinned at the obviously embarrassed woman.

“Excited to have met such a good-looking woman?” Ryan offered. “The answer is clearly yes.” Lucy, blushing for the third time in a matter of minutes, was surprised to find herself so attracted to this person she knew nothing about. “So, have you eaten lunch yet?” Ryan asked, feeling very forward. Not one to give up the chance to spend time with a beautiful woman, Ryan gazed at Lucy and enjoyed the sight very much. Lucy was a fairly short woman, 5 foot compared to Ryan’s 5’8″, with shoulder length dirty blond hair and steel blue eyes. Slim, but not skeleton, she had easy curves and breasts that looked large on her frame, but natural. Lucy just shook her head in answer to such a forward question. “Well, would you be willing to eat with me?” Ryan asked. “I’m almost done here and could use some lunch. My favorite way to eat is with a lovely lady.”

“Uhm…” Lucy started as she thought. Wednesdays were Matt’s late night at work so they usually ate accordingly. She WAS hungry. And nothing says she couldn’t eat lunch with an acquaintance. Amused she thought ‘I’m just usually not attracted to my acquaintances.’ Lucy looked into Ryan’s dark, friendly eyes. “Sure, I’d love to. Where do you want to go?” she said when she found gaziantep bayan escort her voice.

Lucy and Ryan finished up their shopping and jumped into their cars to meet up at a family restaurant down the road. They had a nice lunch, even though neither ate a lot for they were talking too much. As they were saying goodbye, Lucy found herself lost in those black eyes again. Before she knew she was the one talking she heard, “Do you want to come over to my house for awhile?” Ryan recovered from the shock fairly fast, gave her a brilliant smile, and agreed.

“I’ve got spoilable food though,” Ryan said, sounding very disappointed.

“I’ve got room in my fridge, you can just store it in there until you leave,” Lucy answered, still astounding herself with her quick wit. Ryan smiled and they agreed that Ryan would follow Lucy then park on the street, ‘just so the drive would be clear’ was what Lucy told Ryan. Really, it was because she didn’t want the neighbors to gossip. The whole ride home, Lucy was a nervous wreck. ‘I can’t do this!’ she thought as she turned a corner. Every time she pictured Matt in her mind, a vision of Ryan fucking her in her bed or on her dining room table rushed in. Before she knew it, she was pulling into her own garage. ‘It’s just two friends spending an afternoon together’ she told herself as she got out of her car. ‘Except I don’t want to fuck my friends’ she thought as she opened her trunk.

Ryan helped her unload and put away both sets of groceries and after they took off their coats, they settled in on the big comfy couch in the living room. Lucy thought she had spotted a bulge in Ryan’s pants, but couldn’t be sure. They chatted about this and that, random topics for a few minutes until Ryan couldn’t wait any longer. Before Lucy knew what was happening, Ryan’s mouth was on her own and she instantly melted into the kiss. As Ryan kissed her, Lucy felt herself being laid down on the couch. When Ryan came up for air, Lucy grabbed the bottom of Ryan’s shirt, needing to know, but not caring what she discovered. Ryan helped and soon Lucy found herself staring at her small, but firm breasts. Grinning, Ryan asked, “Not sure what you were going to find?”

“No,” Lucy replied with a huge smile, “but I love what I’ve found!” Lucy was marveling at Ryan’s strong shoulders and taunt stomach as she ran her hands up and down the slight curve of her hips. “Good,” Ryan answered as she kissed Lucy, scooped her up in her arms, and carried her to the bedroom, with Lucy directing, of course. Ryan laid her on her bed, and continued to kiss her as she undressed her. Then she remembered the bulge. Lucy grabbed at the large bulge in Ryan’s pants and Ryan just chuckled and continued undressing her. When she felt her bra being pulled off, Lucy heard a gasp. “What’s wrong?” she asked.

“Nothing, you are just so beautiful!” Ryan exclaimed, her eyes big with excitement and passion as she bent down to kiss Lucy’s neck. Moaning, Lucy put her small hands on the back of Ryan’s head and urged her on. Ryan licked a path from Lucy’s neck down between her breasts to her belly button, then back up and around each breast, finally ending with her rock hard pink nipples. “Oh god…” Lucy muttered as she felt Ryan’s hot mouth close around her nipple, sucking it into her mouth. After attending to both of her nipples, Ryan continued her assault downward, reaching the top of Lucy’s jeans. Smiling up at her, Ryan unbuttoned them and with a little help they soon were in the pile of clothes that were unceremoniously tossed on Lucy’s floor. Ryan kissed her way from the tips of Lucy’s toes to her panties, which were soaked by this point. When she kissed her through her panties, she heard Lucy moan, “Oh dear god Ryan, please just take them off!” Chuckling, Ryan did as she was told and settled herself between her lover’s thighs. She licked her way along her outer lips, occasionally dipping her tongue in to get a salty treat. Lucy automatically put her hands on Ryan’s head and started twisting her fingers in her short, dark hair. After slowly licking all the way around her clit, Lucy was so turned on by her lover she begged her, “Please Ryan, please lick my clit. I need you to so bad baby, please…” Finally, Ryan gave Lucy’s clit one big long lick, sending Lucy spiraling and moaning for more. Ryan, always willing to please, continued her tongue lashing on her clit until she was rewarded with another gush of delicious juice. She licked her until she calmed and then slid up next to Lucy to kiss her.

After cuddling for a few moments, Lucy decided it was time for her to do the same. She gave Ryan’s nipples a long session of sucking, licking, and biting, making her moan and groan. Then, she started to take off Ryan’s jeans. Ryan helped and the jeans ended on top of Lucy’s. Her cock sprang up as soon as the jeans were off and Lucy just marveled. Ryan smiled and said, “I hope you like it, it’s cyberskin.”


‘What the hell is going on?!’ Matt thought as he followed his wife’s moans back to their bedroom. “Oh god, Ryan! Your cock feels so good in my pussy!” he heard her scream as he approached the doorway. When he peeked in, he got instantly hard. On their bed was his petite wife bouncing up and down on the cock of a very attractive, butch-looking woman. After the initial shock of finding his wife like that, Matt got mad. ‘If a good fucking is what she wants,’ he thought ‘then that is what she’ll get!’ He stepped into the doorway and waited to be seen.

She was in mid-bounce when she noticed him. “Matt! What the fuck are you doing home early?!” she screamed and she jumped off the bed. Ryan looked in the direction Lucy’s eyes were. “Oh shit!” she exclaimed, “Lucy, what the fuck is going on?”

“I was going to ask you the same thing,” Matt said. Ryan just looked at Lucy, her dark eyes confused and questioning. “Ryan…I…Well…” Lucy started. “Uhm… Ryan this is my husband Matt. Matt this is…uh…Ryan,” Lucy finally stammered.

“You’re married?” Ryan asked with her eyebrows raised in disbelieve. “Fuck! What the hell were you doing not telling me?” Lucy just looked back, her blue eyes filled with shame and guilt. “Fuck this. I’m out of here!” Ryan spat, eyes flashing with anger.

“Oh, you’re not going anywhere, my friend,” Matt started. “It seems my slut of a wife needs a good fucking and I think you are just the person to do it, considering you were just inside her a few minutes ago.”

“I apologize, but I didn’t know she was married. I would’ve never gotten involved had I known,” Ryan told Matt. Matt just smirked. He had other plans for these two and no one was going to fuck them up.

“Listen, you can make it up to me,” Matt said, staring at Ryan as her eyes said everything she didn’t. “All you need to do” Matt smirked “is fuck the shit out of my wife while I watch. It’s obviously what she needs and she seems to like you, so why not. Besides, you fuck better than most guys.”

Ryan considered the offer. She hated owing anything to anyone and she knew she owed this guy something, even if it was Lucy’s idea to come back here. “Alright,” she said after awhile of thinking. “On one condition, you don’t come need me with that thing,” She pointed to his hard dick in his pants. Matt smiled, agreed, and sat down in the chair opposite the bed.

Lucy took that as her cue and got back onto the bed. Ryan looked into Lucy’s eyes and could read her uncertainty. “Are you sure?” she asked.

“I… ” Lucy started but was cut off by Matt.

“It doesn’t matter what she wants, she’s the slut that was cheating on her husband! Now fuck that hot pussy!”

“Okay,” Ryan threw her arms up “and how would you like me to do it?”

“From behind. That is her favorite position; just make sure you give it to her hard. That is how she likes it, isn’t it, slut?” He sternly questioned. Ryan looked questioningly at Lucy who just blushed and nodded, feeling her pussy flood from the harsh words. Matt settled into his chair and took his hard cock out of his pants while Ryan climbed on the bed, kissed his wife, and pushed her over. Lucy moaned and looked at her husband as Ryan pushed her hard dick into her slippery pussy. He was enjoying himself very much. After a few minutes of slow fucking, Ryan started grabbing her hips and pulling her back onto her cock harder and faster and she met her hips with increasingly rough strokes. Lucy was getting very turned on and moaned Ryan’s name.

“Let’s quiet this whore, shall we?” Matt asked as he stood up, took his clothes off, and climbed on the bed in front of his wife. “Open up, slut,” he demanded as he pulled her head to his cock. Soon, Lucy was skewered between Ryan’s hard cock and her husband’s own throbbing dick. Ryan was thrusting into her hard, making Matt’s cock push into her deeper. She felt Ryan reach around and start rubbing her clit and she knew soon she would be cumming on her dick. Matt felt his wife tense up and knew she was close. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and started pulling on her hard nipples. “That’s it my little slut, cum on this big dick in your pussy. Cum for me whore!” He ordered her and she moaned at the new sensation in her nipples.

“Oh god Ryan, don’t stop. Please don’t! Oh, oh, oh! Right there, right there. I’m… going…to…cum! Aaaah!” She screamed as she felt her orgasm rip through her body. Ryan held herself inside her as Lucy’s orgasm slowed down. When she stopped shaking, Matt told Ryan to lie down. Cautiously, Ryan did as she was told and soon Matt had his wife positioned over her cock.

“Now, my beautiful slut, you are going to do that again, only this time,” Matt ordered, “you will make not only yourself cum, but our guest as well as myself. Get to work, my whore!” With that, he pushed her down onto Ryan’s cock. Moaning, Lucy started bouncing up and down while Matt climbed up on the bed and stood next to her. Soon, she had Ryan’s cock in her hot pussy and her husband’s hard dick in her mouth, moaning around it. Ryan reached up to play with her nipples as Lucy reached behind to rub Ryan’s clit. Moaning, Ryan urged her faster as Matt put his hands on her head, pulling her to him. When Ryan started bucking back and holding her hips to pull her back down, she let Matt’s dick slip out of her mouth and started screaming unintelligible words and moans.

Matt started stroking his dick and watching the hot scene before him. His wife had both her hands on Ryan’s chest for support and was impaling herself as fast as she could while Ryan was pushing and pulling Lucy’s hips on her cock. He watched them both tense up and simultaneously, they moaned each other’s names. His hand was a blur as he watched his wife cum on their guest’s dick while Ryan came and thrust into her for the last time. Matt couldn’t hold back and started cumming, his seed splattering on his wife’s glistening back.

Lucy rolled over as her husband settled in with the two women. She had a very satisfied smile on her face as kissed both Ryan and Matt before drifting off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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