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My jizz makes people grow.

Sorry if that’s too forthcoming, but how else am I supposed to say it?

I’ve known about it for… a long time. After jacking off, if I lied there for too long without cleaning up, I noticed it would all be gone — absorbed. And the next morning, I’d see, wherever it had landed — my dick was just a bit thicker, or my stomach was just a bit pudgier; it’s a good thing I was able to work that off at the gym.

Then, as a senior in high school, I got a girlfriend. Nothing too serious, but lowkey, we fucked all the time, which involved either condoms or very creative positions (because, y’know, babies and shit). Handjobs, titfucks, JOI, stuff like that. You have to leave it for a little while, long enough to absorb; I figured because, obviously, cum is gross and you wash it off right away. Most of the time. And then nothing happens.

But a couple of times, that’s not how it went. Once, she let me jack off onto her ass from behind, and it wasn’t lost on me when she told me, the next week, that she had to buy new pants because she “outgrew” them.

Another time, she jerked me off and didn’t stop after I came — so it dribbled all down her hand. I was a little scared to see what would happen next. But no, her hands didn’t get all freakish; her nails grew out. She cut them the next day, and I couldn’t help but notice that she only cut her nails on the one hand. And, I dunno, maybe she would’ve played piano a little easier, but I didn’t get to find out before we broke up.

You’re probably thinking it’s bullshit. I don’t blame you. All of those things could have been coincidences, right? And if it was for real, you wouldn’t wanna test it on something… permanent. But I decided to do the same thing. I cut all my nails, then had a little session to myself, and made sure to keep it on one set of nails. Hell, I spread out an even coat. Next morning, bam — one hand has normal, short nails, the other looks like it needs a manicure. I was sure then.

That’s when I started to have really wild fantasies. My J/O material was full of expansion fetish stuff. I imagined rubbing one out on a girl’s tits and making them bigger, cup-by-cup. She would start to get serious cleavage and my jizz would pool up in-between, fueling a huge growth spurt. I wondered how long a girl’s thigh gap would last if I came on her legs. One of my more depraved ideas… I dreamed about filling a bathtub with cum and letting a lady soak in it… until she becomes a giantess.

It got me so hard, knowing that I could make those fantasies real. It got me harder knowing that there are people out there that would line up to fuck me if it meant growing their assets. I thought about selling it as a service, but here’s the thing — I either sell my body “just” for sex, and cause a lot of unexpected changes, or I advertise my miracle cum and nobody takes me seriously. Why should they, right? So I didn’t pursue that idea any further.

That’s the hardest part about this condition — you can’t tell anyone. I mean, you can, but good luck. It’s harder than you think. So I stopped worrying about it too much; I just made sure to clean up after myself and see what life has in store for me.

It took a couple of years, but eventually, life gave me a cum-obsessed slut. And I’m here for it.

We met at a coffee shop. I was working on my laptop, and all of a sudden a woman walks up to me and says,

“Heya hun, mind if I sit with you? There’s no other seats open.”

I glanced around, and indeed, it was lunch rush, and every table was full; most people were turning out with their drinks. I looked back at her and saw a slender business lady, in suit, just a few years older than me. I gestured across the table, “Go right ahead.”

Despite the professional attire, she didn’t seem to have any business waiting for her — no laptop, no people coming to meet her, and her phone never went off. So, she was very talkative — asked about what I was doing, where I was from, how I felt about the coffee. I eventually gave up trying to work and indulged her back — what kind of work do you do, where did you get that nice outfit, et cetera.

She seemed really interested in me, personally. I can’t imagine why. But as time went on, I decided she wasn’t just looking for an open seat, or waiting for an appointment. She was looking for someone to connect with, meeting new people. So we hit it off. I told her about my major (architecture), she told me about how her job relocated her to my city only a couple months ago. Maybe she’s just getting to know the locals?

After a good while of talking, the lunch rush died way down, and there were few other people in the store. Now that I had a chance, I excused myself to the restroom.

Alone for a minute, I thought to myself, what a successful woman! What’s she doing bothering with university students like me? Is she a recruiter? I wouldn’t be against a job offer right now…

I washed up and turned to unlock the door. And the very next bursa escort moment, there she was, pushing her way into the bathroom with me, re-locking the door behind her.

What the hell?

She slowly, seductively started unbuttoning her shirt. I’m grateful she started speaking, because I didn’t know what to say!

“Do you know why I asked to sit with you?”

I shook my head. “Only empty seat, right?”

She nodded once, “That’s right, but more importantly… you looked kinda lonely and you look kinda hot.” Haah…

She continued, “Do you have someone in your life? Are you satisfied?” A button or two to go, I could already see her bra and navel.

“No. I actually haven’t dated since a few years now. And… I’m open to the idea.” Did I really just say that?

“Mm, good… that makes it easier, then.” She pulled off the last button and threw her hands out, exposing her front with a little show. “You see… I’m never satisfied. And being put in a big city, where everyone’s a stranger, is the best thing that’s ever happened. I get to meet studs like you.”

She approached me with one stride. Her perfume splashed against my face — it was lovely, if a bit much. It was only then that I noticed, she’s actually taller than me, just a little. I had to make a point to look up and not down. Then again, at the rate things were going, maybe looking down would be more flattering…

“So, what do you say?”

My heart was beating fast. I was no prude, but I’d just met this woman, y’know? People coming on to you this suddenly only happens in shitty movies and fanfiction. Moreover, we were in some coffee shop restroom — not the most discreet of places. But it had been a long time, and if she was down, then…

“Sure, why not?” My voice came out shakier than I meant it to.

“Wrong answer. You say ‘please’.”


“Good boy.” She rewarded me by pinning me against the wall, and reaching for my zipper.

“Whoa–! C-Careful!”

“Trust me, honey, you’re gonna need the wall’s support. I’m about to make your knees weak.”

She tugged my underwear down until my cock sprang out in her face, already hard. She seemed amused. “Already raring to go, huh? You need someone to lay you more often.”

“Why don’t I try asking you?”

“Mm… let’s see how this goes, first. Then we can talk about that.” She closed her eyes and took me in — first the head, then the shaft, her tongue caressing the underside back and forth. She started slow, letting me feel the warmth of her mouth, before she pulled off agonizingly slowly, like a suction cup. She kissed the head softly, even licked the tip a couple of times, almost like she was worshipping me — no, my penis. But I wasn’t going to complain.

She started sucking again, this time bobbing her head back and forth, gingerly resting her hands against my thighs — feeling them up, even. It did make my knees weak. It was like I was being jerked off with a warm, velvet glove. She went deeper each time, and before long I could feel the tip grazing the back of her mouth. She started moaning, and the vibration through my cock was incredible. Sometimes, she would pause while I was fully inside, and I could feel myself throbbing against her throat. Midway, she cupped my balls and started fondling them lightly like a bag of marbles. It made for a strong tingling sensation that rang throughout my body. I was sure I was going to fall down any minute.

Suddenly, she popped off. I mean, with an audible -pop-. “You’re close, aren’t you, hun?”

I could only nod, panting deeply.

She backed away slightly. “Jerk off to me. I’m being fair, I’ve done all the work so far. I want to get myself off… watching you.” She undressed some more, letting her tits free of her bra, and pulling her pants down to rub herself through her panties.

I obeyed, and started stroking. My hand simply couldn’t compare to the amazing sensations that I was just subjected to, but it’s what I was used to anyway. I could already feel the pressure building. Her breathing quickened as she reached for her left nipple, pinching it harshly. “Oh– fuck!” Her other hand reached inside her panties for more direct contact, and rubbed more vigorously. Her body trembled as she fought total collapse onto the floor. She bit her lip and stared at my cock with lust flooding her eyes.

I squeaked out, “I’m close!”

“Cum on my chest,” she ordered, pulling her shirt further aside. “I like to walk around with a fresh load under my clothes, it turns me on.” I obliged, stepping forward, positioning myself for the shot.

Then she grabbed my balls, and squeezed. “Give me your cum! Glaze me!” It hurt like hell, but… rope after rope fell out of my dick, all across her breasts. She had a vice grip and it pulled every last drop out of me. I collapsed back against the wall.

Satisfied for the moment, she gave her chest a little shake and buttoned her shirt over it. “Not bad, boy. That was a lot. It makes me feel like bursa escort bayan such a woman, milking you for that much.”

Out of breath and out of energy, the best reply I could muster was, “Any time.”

“Oh? I might have to take you up on that,” she smirked.

We cleaned up and re-dressed before heading back to our table. I couldn’t stop thinking about what just happened. Hell, we didn’t even try to hide it, walking out of the men’s restroom together. That was a lot of fun, but…

“Didn’t you have a laptop here?”

I glanced over her shoulder at our table — our completely empty table. My blood ran cold. We were gone too long; somebody stole my computer. The domme personality she showed me in the restroom was now completely apologetic.

“I’m so, so sorry… it’s my fault, surprising you like that. It wasn’t the time or place.”

“No, it’s… it’s fine. It was fun, just…”

“You said you were doing school things. Did you lose any work?”

“Probably not; it’s all in the cloud, but the laptop was mine, not the school’s.”

She hesitated for a moment, apparently weighing something on her mind, then approached me again, with hand on my shoulder. “Listen,” she told me softly. “I had a good time. And it’s totally my fault, so… let me buy you a new one.”

“What? I mean… I… appreciate the offer, but that’s a lot of money. Especially just over a short fling.”

“Well,” she traced her finger up my neck, “What if it’s not so short? You asked me if I could lay you from time to time, I said we’ll see. I liked what I saw.”

My hairs stood on edge. “Are you asking for a date?”

She chuckled, “As long as you don’t mind if I’m not exclusive. Look, here’s my number. You’re going to call it eventually, because you’re going to tell me how much the new laptop costs, and I’ll cover it, okay? I’m well-to-do, you’re still a college student, I know how it is.” She leaned closer and whispered, “Then we can focus on other things.” Her sultry voice rang in my head even after she was long gone.

It was like divine intervention. I didn’t know how to find a girl, but one found me. The bathroom fling played over and over in my head all week, sexual images flashing before my eyes. I jerked off thinking about it every day. I smelled her scent. I felt her curves. She let me watch her touching herself. I came all over her tits, spreading my seed across her chest, just like she wanted.

Then it hit me.

I came all over her tits.

They grew. They had to. But how much? I came a lot… I was so afraid that I just ruined this girl’s career. What if her shirt bursted open in a meeting that day? I couldn’t help thinking, that would be *really* hot… I wanted to fap again. But I was terrified.

In that moment, I realized that I’d never have to see her again. She gave me her number, but I didn’t give her mine. Then again… I really needed a new laptop. Five-hundred dollars was basically the cost of thinking with my dick. And I didn’t have five-hundred dollars.

It had been a week. After a lot of deep breathing and rehearsing, I decided to text her.

“Hey. It’s me, the guy from the coffee shop. Can I ask u something?”

My mind was racing. What if… what if nothing happened? Like, what if my cum isn’t even special? What if everything else was just… coincidence? But I already knew that couldn’t be right. Right? What if it just wasn’t that bad, like they didn’t grow that much?

What if… she liked it?

My phone started ringing. It was her. Fuck! I could hardly speak, I wasn’t ready for that, that’s why I texted… I thought about throwing my phone at the wall and smashing it into pieces, but then I’d be out fifteen-hundred dollars…

I answered.


“Hey, stud. What’d you wanna ask me?” Her voice was low and sexy as ever. Playful, even. It kind of put me at ease, but then again, not really. My heart was beating out of my chest. I didn’t know what to say!

“You’re a shy one,” she continued. “I can start listing my favorite date spots. Places you could take me~. Oh yeah, did you get a new laptop already? Just tell me a price and I’ll pay you back. It’s really no big deal.”

“Hey–um, before that.”


I was struggling so hard. “Did you notice anything, uh, different this week? Any… changes?”

She paused for a moment, before saying, “What do you mean, darling?”

“I mean, like, uh… your… did… Did you have to buy new bras this week?”

Silence on the other end. “What the fuck?” She shot back. “Have you been stalking me or something? Why on earth would you do that to someone who treated you so well?”

“Hey, whoa, n-no! I didn’t… It’s nothing like that!… But, you did? You did buy new bras?”

She huffed. “Just one. I need to get refitted again. But that’s kinda none of your business!”

“It… it might be a lot of my business. It might be my fault, actually.”

She said nothing.

“Um… my cum… makes people… escort bursa grow. I think.”

She still said nothing.

“That’s… that’s it. I know it sounds fucking stupid. Believe me, I feel stupid saying it.”

She let out an impatient sigh. “Your cum makes people grow? You’re just one in a million and I accidentally singled you out, huh?”

“Well, someone had to, right?”

“It sounds like bullshit. Why should I believe that?”

“Because…” I’d never really practiced talking about this before. I never expected to be believed. But right now, it kinda mattered, or else… who knows. She might press charges or something. Or put me on a corporate shit-list. I could be in big trouble. “Because I called you, right? Just out of the blue. I was thinking about it today. And I realized… and I was right, and…”

“–You were thinking about me today?”

“To tell you the truth, I’ve been thinking about you every day this week.”

Her demeanor was slowly changing back to what I was used to, if a little hesitant. “And what are you doing, when you’re thinking about me?”

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. “You just wanna hear me say it…”

“Yeah, I do.”

“I’m jerking off, I’m cumming. Thinking about you makes me hard. I… I had a good time, last weekend. It was nice.”

We were both awkwardly mute for a little bit, until she broke the silence. “So, you weren’t stalking me?”

“No! No. I don’t even know where you go to buy bras, or anything like that. I just didn’t want to say, ‘did your tits grow?’ That would’ve been really awkward.” She chuckled to herself.

“Well,” she leaned in closer to the speaker, “they *did*. And you know what? The attention at work has been *fabulous*. I think my boss is getting ready to offer me a promotion. He’s a horny old guy… and I caught him staring down my shirt all the time this week. Gave me a lot of praise at the team meeting.”

“Uh-huh…” I wasn’t sure whether to be relieved.

“So anyway. Now I have your number. This is your number, right? Not calling from a friend’s phone or anything?”


“Good. So I’m going to text you my address, and if you’re not bullshitting, you’re gonna come see me tomorrow, eight o’clock — P.M. Bring your dick.”

“O-Okay… thank you.”


“Thank you, ma’am. Oh, hey, um… How big… did they get, exactly?” I could feel myself getting hard again at the thought. Did she grow one cup size? Two, three? It was enough to be noticeable… Does she even look like the same person?

I could hear her smiling on the other end. “You’ll find out for yourself tomorrow. Don’t come until then.” Or maybe she meant, “don’t cum until then”?

“Alright, I got it.”

“You’re such a sweetheart. See you for dinner.” Beep.

I’m not gonna lie… I really wanted to throw down right then and masturbate. But that would have to wait.

It was an agonizing wait. I could only imagine what she had in store. She also mentioned dinner? Was she planning to wine and dine me? I tossed and turned all night, trying desperately not to have a wet dream. I couldn’t stop trying to picture her new chest. The next day, I tried taking my mind off things by searching for a new laptop, but that got me thinking about her again. It was hopeless. I left early and showed up at her apartment at 7:40.

I gulped, I knocked on the door really softly. Ten seconds passed, I didn’t hear anything, so I knocked again. I was about to knock a third time when the door creaked open in front of my hand. I went stone.

“Sweetie, *I’ve* got better knockers than that. You’ll have to be more assertive if you want to get my attention.” Sassy as always.

The door pulled back some more. This was it. Now I was gonna get to see it with my own eyes — what I’d done to her. The first things I saw were her legs, actually — covered in dark, tasteful pantyhose. I scanned up and saw she was wearing a lacy bustier, mostly see-through. And then…!

They were. Huge. The outline of her breasts was just wider than her torso, and they shimmied methodically from side to side as she pulled the door across.

“Come in,” she cooed. I nodded and stumbled in as she shut the door behind us. “So, tell me. Have you ever seen tits this big before?” She wobbled them right in front of me, with only light effort on her shoulders.

Trying to save a little face, I answered honestly, “I probably have? But not… in… person.” So much for that.

“Aww. You poor thing.” She suddenly embraced me and pulled me in by my head, stuffing my face down her cleavage. “You seem bewildered. I thought you knew this would happen? Isn’t that why you called me?”

After some muffling into her boobs, she released me, and I repeated: “I knew it would happen, I just didn’t know it would be… this much. I didn’t get to experiment a bunch.”

“Well, you did cum a lot, last time.”

“… How big are they, now? Like, I can see them — and they’re… incredible — but like…”

“I was a double-D before, and now I’m an F, maybe a G even.” I could only gawk at them. “I’m sure you understand why my boss was flattered. But I’m more interested in *your* cock. You did as I asked, didn’t you?”


“You didn’t cum yesterday, right?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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