Gwen The Pissmop Sinks Even Lower

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Almost two months to the day since I had filmed Gwen’s first foray into the world of humiliation videos she came back to my office. I was convinced she had found out who I was and how I had forwarded links to the footage over the internet to our old school friends. I thought she would explode in anger at me but decided to face it. After all she had consented to it and been paid for it – all legal and above board.

However, when I admitted her into my office I was hardly faced with an angry woman. Just the opposite, Gwen was neatly dressed, her hair tidily bunched on her head and she was smiling sweetly at me as if butter would not melt in her mouth. Anyway, to cut a long story short she wasn’t here to have it out with me, on the contrary she wanted to star in another of my films. Again she cited that she needed to money. I decided to play it cool.

“You see Gwen, we really don’t need to make another film of you. We did it all pretty much in the first one. What would be the point in doing it again?”

“B-But couldn’t you do other stuff?” were the glorious words she asked me (Oh yes, I could do so much more).

“Well give me a day to think about it, see if I can get any ideas. I can’t promise the same money though.”

As she left my office I sat back in my chair somewhat thrown by the meeting. You see I get a lot of girls that want to do these films; they’re all eager and willing and claim they won’t be affected by doing what we do to them on film. But the truth in nearly every case is once the cameras are running and they are getting pissed on or worse, they hate it and most only finish the film to make sure they get paid. Of course, it makes for a pretty entertaining show when they so obviously hate what they are doing. So we get very few girls that want to do it again or in fact are willing to, they’ve realised just how low they’ve gone and no amount of money can convince them to repeat what they’ve done. But the ones that do tend to be willing to do whatever you ask them to do and that means you can go that little bit lower with them. I tend to classify them in my mind as “guttersluts”. And here was Gwen, the girl I had hated for years now, offering herself as one. I could hardly contain my glee.

Next day she came back and I ran through vaguely what I wanted to shoot her doing and told her that I could only offer $750 this time as she had done most of what I wanted to do with her (a big fat lie) and basically made it seem that, actually, I was doing her a massive favour letting her do this again.

“Is-Is that all? 750 dollars?”

“Afraid so Gwen. That’s all you’re worth to us now (I was pushing my luck and if she made any move to leave believe me I would have upped it but she had that look, like a rabbit trapped in a cars headlamps, and I knew she would go for it – and she did).”

Filming started on our next blockbuster that Friday night. It was still light when Gwen turned up in a car park where I had told her to be. As the camera man began filming her I instructed her to strip off there and then for the camera. She took a quick glance around to see if anyone was able to see.

“Come on Bitch” I barked at her, “I don’t care if anyone sees you, you just do what I tell you to!”

To that outburst she just nodded pathetically and began to strip off her clothes. First off was her leather jacket, then her boots and her blouse and skirt. Leaving her standing in a cold parking lot in just black, lacy bra and panties. I ‘encouraged’ her to lose those too and soon they too lay in a little heap on the concrete next to my car. I threw them unceremoniously into the boot of my car. Lo and behold shuffling onto screen comes a pensioner, walking with a frame and none too steady on his feet (he has been told to be here by me to receive a nice surprise and has only one instruction to follow).

“Gwen, honey, I want you to crawl over to that guy there and give him blow job.OK?”

She looked at me in consternation but nonetheless did as I bid and seconds later was on her knees before him ready to accept his wrinkled member in to her mouth, and at this point the old guy performs the one act he has been told (and paid) to do.

Gwen has closed her eyes, perhaps hoping to block out the vision of what she is being asked do to so the first she knows of the pensioner’s actions is when a shoot of piss fires hard into her eye lid. The instructions I gave him were not to take a piss all day, to get as full a bladder as possible and when he is confronted by a dumb, naked brunette on her knees to wait until the perfect moment and let fly with a huge spray of his old mans piss into her face. And jeez, was Gwen dumb, as so surprised was she that she immediately opened both her eyes and mouth taking a large mouthful of the pungent liquid and was coughing and spluttering as he finished off his load into her hair.

“Thank the man Gwen”, I instructed ankara eve gelen escort and she looked up at the elderly gentleman and thanked him for urinating all over her face. All in all a pretty successful scene one.

Gwen started to wipe at her dripping face with her arm and I told her to stop that, I wanted her marked with his scent for the rest of the night. I then gave her a dog collar and leash and attached them round her neck and told her to put on a long overcoat I handed her, which neatly hid her collar, leash and nakedness. Refitting her shoes we headed off towards the main road for scene two.

The camera captures Gwen entering a pub, the light is fading as the night is starting to fall and the establishments name is hidden (I have arranged with several establishments for tonight’s activities and they are being well paid for them). It is clearly a ‘rough’ pub with lower class clientele who don’t hide their curiosity at our entry with a wet young woman and video camera in tow. We head straight through to the gents toilets where the action will unfold. Once there the camera pans around the dismal (but well lit) room, picking out the graffiti on the stained and peeling walls, damaged tiles on the floor, rickety wooden doors hanging at the cubicles and a line of five once-white urinals.

“Take off the coat Gwen”, I commanded. She did with a little reluctance, although we were alone for the moment no doubt somebody would enter at some point.

She reluctantly handed me to coat and stood there in nothing more than her shoes and collar, I dumped the coat on the floor behind me and ordered her to get down on her hands and knees like a dog. Then I led her by the collar over to the row of five urinals until her head was inches from the one furthest to the left side wall. She looked up in to the camera with those wide, puppy dog eyes as I told her to lick the urinal bowl from top to bottom. Again a slight hesitation and look towards me and her head moved forward, her tongue extended and Gwen began to lick the piss bowl.

Actually, despite what it was used for (i.e. drunken guys pissing in) this first urinal was in pretty good condition and as humiliating as it was for this pretty girl to be on her knees, naked and lapping at it, it could have been far worse. I had ensured that it would though. Five minutes saw her finish off the first bowl to my approval and I tugged her over to the next in line. Again it wasn’t in too bad condition when she started on it with her tongue. Just as she started the door banged open and in came a bar patron needing to relieve himself.

Now what I and the cameraman knew, but what Gwen and the watching audience did not know, was that everyone in the bar that night was working for me in the video. I guess their reactions would have been different if that wasn’t the case but I don’t know if my little gutterslut ever twigged it.

The man stopped and gawked at what we were doing and paused seemingly unsure what to do as he stood zip already down.

“Hey buddy, why don’t you use this one?” I indicated the urinal Gwen was now working on.

The camera caught his indecision then decision as he strode forward, stood slightly to the left of the kneeling Gwen and pulled out his dick, pointed it into the porcelain and let loose a long, yellow stream of piss. I firmly reminded Gwen to ‘keep licking’ as the spray fell about her face and zoomed in on the thick trails of urine sliding down the white surface and pooling into her mouth. The guy shook his last few drops out onto the side of Gwen’s face and left as I encouraged her to hurry up and complete that bowl before anyone else entered. She did that and moved onto the third urinal but had just started when another guy came in and we went through the same act as before.

It turned out he had not such a good aim and poor Gwen got a few blasts to the back of her head and he even missed the bowl and splashed onto the tiled floor. Once he had departed the restroom I instructed Gwen to make sure not to let that stop her and she bent down and licked the tiles of his piss.

By the time she had made it onto urinal four she was looking pretty nauseous at what she was doing and taken with her dampened hair looked quite pathetic with her head buried in the urinal. Another guy burst in but he obviously was not in need of a piss as he hurried towards a cubicle, once it was locked I shouted over the door.

“Hey buddy, when you’re finished do us a favour and don’t flush.”

His answer came in a loud breaking of wind and the not so glamorous sounds of his bowels opening. Gwen had heard the request and looked at me with a sinking look on the face as she speculated at what I would have her do later. She had little time for that though as two more guys entered and at my direction stood either side of Gwen and pissed spectacularly into gaziantep escort the same urinal, flooding Gwen’s tongue and mouth in their urine, which she downed like a perfect pissmop.

All of which, a good (but not for Gwen) ten minutes later, led to the fifth and final urinal which I had spent some time that afternoon setting up. By this time the guy in the cubicle had left the restroom sheepishly but happily with no flush. This fifth urinal was plugged up just below the metal grate that covered the small escape hole in the urinal which meant that the sight that greeted Gwen when she shuffled over to it was a thick, yellow pool of acrid smelling piss. A variety of disgusting objects floated in it, clearly visible were cigarette ends, a clump of pubic hair and what looked to be a used condom. Gwen turned to me, tears nearly forming in her big, brown eyes and begged “P-Please, I can’t…”

“Gwen, you need to drain that if you want to be paid. So get slurping slut.”

I gained a lot of satisfaction in seeing Gwen lowered her eyes, dip her head and begin to drink the stale piss from the blocked urinal. It took her some time, and she had to stop to splutter and threaten to spew but hold it in, she nearly gagged on the condom but she eventually drained the bowl, I told her to smile into the camera and say “Hi mom” and was gratified to see the clump of wiry, pubic hair stuck in her teeth.

“Now to visit the cubicle Gwen. I have to warn you it doesn’t smell too good!”

The cubicle, to be frank, stunk. Beyond that it presented a fairly depressing sight when the camera panned over it. The walls were meant to be white but hadn’t been for some time, they were covered in pretty crude graffiti and some lurid pictures of male genitalia interfacing with their female counterparts. The dark wood door was attached only to the upper hinge and covering the stained bowl was a cracked cheap, black plastic rim seat. All in all it looked and smelled (and was) pretty grim.

So it was into this that I led Gwen by the leash on her hands and knees and I could almost smell her fear (or was that the smell of something else?). I backed out to allow the camera man to get in nice and close and gave Gwen’s peachy, upturned bottom a prod with my foot.

Gwen crawled forward slowly until her head (and soaked hair) hung over the bowl. The horrified/disgusted look on her face told it’s own story as she waited on my command.

“Gwen, I want you to lift the seat up”, she followed my command almost mechanically.

Her nose wrinkled as the stained and splattered porcelain came into view as she pushed the seat up tentatively. The camera zoomed in to perfectly capture the look on her face when I instructed her to start licking the top rim of the bowl clean. I allayed her looks of protest by uncurling a wad of notes and fanning them for her and telling her to get paid she had to do exactly what I told her. So imagine my glee to see her dip her head a little lower and begin to lick at the once white bowl. She tried to avoid the little drops and spots of brown stuff splattered on the rim but I made sure she was reminded that she needed to clean the lot.

As she was busy doing that humiliating task I described as accurately as I could the repugnant smell that hung in the air in the cubicle. Any viewer of the tape after the fact may choose not to believe me but one look into the mucky water that lay in the bottom of the bowl would, I think change their doubts. Whatever the guy had done in the depths of the bowl was not in sight but the colour of the water was a rich brown, not usually associated with normal water and after ten minutes of intense licking I instructed Gwen to get her face right down until it was in the dirty water.

Amazingly she did this first time with no further prompting. Actually, I quite often find this, you push a girl so far past her limits of self humiliation and she just kind of goes and enters a zone where she’ll do as told just to get it over with. I find that’s not quite as much fun as when the girl has a bit of fight and self respect left. So with her face just in the murky water I took great delight in donning a pair of rubber gloves and shoving her head fully into the gloom, and honestly it was my intention to flush the pan after a second, but I seemed to forget and wouldn’t you know it poor Gwen felt the need to open her mouth to complain allowing a mouthful of the effluent to enter. That seemed to remind me and I finally flushed with her head in the pan.

Fifteen seconds later I told Gwen to remove her head from the pan and smile for the camera, she was a rare old sight, her hair tangled and saturated and various brown stains and suspicious splotches on her face. All in all, I felt it had been one of the best scenes I had shot in my career. But I had two more to shoot for the tape.

Scene three was pretty simple to shoot ankara gerçek resimli escort but was perhaps the most degrading to Gwen (and by now believe me I was starting to think that Gwen got off on the humiliation). It starts with the camera zooming in on a pair of denim clad legs exiting a house very early the next morning. The sun is just up and what a beautiful day is revealed as the legs stroll across a yard and stop next to a large wooden kennel in the yard. It must be a large dog that abides in there, thinks the viewer, although the lovingly carved nameplate that states “Pissmop” over the entrance perhaps gives away who it is that lurks in the shadows.

The foot kicks the wooden side of the kennel and barks out a “Come on, get up, Bitch!”

A sleepy and dazed Gwen emerges from the Kennel on all fours and stifles a yawn as hands bend over and attach a leash to the leather collar that is tight around her neck. Her hair is done up nicely for this shoot which contrasts starkly with her naked state and the situation she finds herself in.

Gwen is taken for walkies around the block on her hands and knees, thankfully for her meeting nobody at this early hour. As instructed when her ‘owner’ stops at a lamppost she cocks a leg and urinates awkwardly against it. The splashing noise is embarrassingly magnified in the silence of the morning. Their walk continues, Gwen’s hands and knees are scuffed and sore by now and she is beginning to tire but her ‘owner’ relentless pulls her along by her lead. Then at the preset spot he stops, she stops and with no encouragement (I have given her explicit instructions beforehand) she rises to her haunches and proceeds to defecate on the pavement.

Once it is all out and lying in a pile on the stone her owner turns, speaks angrily at her “You stupid Bitch do it in the road next time. Here, I’ll teach you to remember”, and grabs hold of Gwen’s hair and forces her nose into the pile and rubs it in. The scene ends on a close up of Gwen’s, smiling, shit stained face.

And so we come to the end of the film. We have moved inside and the delectable gutterslut Gwen is kneeling on a white towel in a bare room. She has been very professionally made up and looks sexier than in any of the previous scenes. Her hair has been straightened and hangs beautifully around her pale, bare shoulders and her fringe smartly frames her face. Enter me from the left, shot from the waist down. As she smiles sweetly towards the camera I run my hands through her soft hair letting the viewer see how luscious it is. Then I produce a pair of stainless steel barber’s scissors and snap them together for the camera. Gwen continues to smile as I slide the scissors along her fringe and in one movement snip the lot off, leaving her with a ugly straight line as an extremely high fringe. I let the cut hair float down past and onto Gwen’s still smiling face.

From there the scissors slice their way around Gwen’s previously gorgeous hair leaving her with an ugly square haircut that looks terrible. Gwen doesn’t need to worry about that for long though, as my hands come up holding a powerful electric shaver and without a word I run it right down the centre of Gwen’s head, creating a clear pathway that looks as bad as it sounds. The powerful shaver does not take long to shear Gwen of all her hair, leaving her with just the shortest, almost invisible to the eye, stubble atop her head.

Even back in school when I had known Gwen she had always been very proud of her hair, and she had every right to be. It is hard to explain the strong feeling of excitement and power I got shaving her of what she was most proud of. Better yet when I had told her before hand what we would be doing in this scene she had agreed easily, her desperation to finish and get her money forcing her to agree to these humiliations.

But this was no mere haircut scene. Once her hair was nice and shaved, I had the fake wall to the front of the room removed and revealed to the camera a group of men, about 50 in total that I contacted for this next part which I like to think of as “The Bald Bukkake.”

Gwen knelt there still smiling as the first of the guys stepped up and dropped his pants, he finished pumping his dick in his hands and directed a stream of cum out and onto Gwen’s face, splashing onto her nose and eyes (which I have instructed Gwen to keep open during this). He is the first of many to do so, jerking their sticky, white loads onto her features, gradually obliterating them. I am the last guy to have a shot and I release a torrent of spunk onto her, instructing her to prise her heavy eyelids open so I can shoot directly onto her green irises. The camera fades out concentrating on her glazed and cum-dripping face and bald skull.


Only two months later I got another phonecall from Gwen it went as follows from her side:

“Um Hi, it’s me Gwen, you know The Pissmop, I just wondered if you could do another film with me, I need the money again. My hair? Oh, it’s growing back just fine.OK, that’s good. What only $500! By the way my younger Sister Sarah wonders if she could do one too. She kinda needs cash too. What? Together……..? Well I suppose we could.”


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