Gym Workout: Rob, John, Ryan, , Coach

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Author’s Note: If you have not previously read my work, please keep an open mind to the unimaginable as there will be monster cocks, expanding bodies, cumflation, and much more. All characters are over the age of 18. Enjoy!


John Oberker looked himself over in his mirror at home before heading to school. His mom had already scolded him to wake up for the second time before being late to school. John had a nice square jaw covered with stubble, gray eyes, and sandy blond hair kept to a buzz cut. He considered himself in good shape, he was about 5’8″ and built with muscle. Meanwhile, on the other end of town, his best friend Rob Snoke had just gotten out of the shower, drying off his naked body. He had slick, black hair that combed over his head, and a smoother, younger looking face. Compared to his best friends, Rob was shorter. However, Rob had just as much muscle, particularly proud of his big bulging biceps. Lastly, the other best friend of these two teens was Ryan Crispin. Ryan was taller than both John and Rob standing at 6’1″, with an older looking tan face, blue eyes and blond hair. He was as muscular as his two friends, but in a leaner and more toned sense rather than bulky and bulging.

John, Rob, and Ryan had been enjoying their senior year. They all had part time jobs now and could drive, but by far the best news was the new gym teacher. The school’s football team needed a blessing, and their prayers were answered. Everyone liked to call him Coach, as he appeared to excel at every sport, and his body showed it: Coach had big bulging biceps and huge protruding pecs, a nice 8-pack, and a pair of toned built legs that led to one nice big muscle butt. The main attraction that kept the students engaged was his bulge, a big huge lump that you could almost wrap two hands around. He soon had attendance at the games to almost double within a matter of days!

Only after the first couple of weeks did John start to notice how attractive Coach was. He never meant to tell his friends, but sometimes he wondered what Coach looked like naked, with his big bulge hanging out. John began to have sexual dreams, no longer of the cheerleaders in the locker room, but instead of Coach waltzing out and revealing what’s swinging behind the towel around his waist. Sometimes John would dream of Coach stroking his hardening cock, somehow not able to see a measurable length, but clearly gargantuan. Unbeknownst to him, but his best friends Rob and Ryan began to feel the same way, but no one had ever said anything to each other; they had always been interested in girls.

Their mutual curiosity/interest to boys was confirmed on the second week of school. Jacob Harrison, a typical nerd who played tennis, had been late out to gym that day. All three guys were disappointed not to see their favorite piece of eye candy, Coach, but soon they perked up once Jacob came out of the locker room and saw HIS ASS! Jacob already had a big butt for a guy, but now his ass was huge! It was easily the size of two basketballs cut in half, bouncing and jiggling with every step Jacob took. John, Rob, and Ryan had to hide their raging erections, and stayed hard for the rest of gym class. After gym class, the guys each separately went home for lunch and jerked their cocks off in a matter of seconds.

The next week, these boys had decided to try out their school’s gym. Sure it wasn’t anything huge, but none the less it had a nice set of weights and a few bench presses and pull-up bars. Plus as an added bonus, they were hoping to see their favorite piece of chocolate-covered eye candy.

When the three jocks walked in, they felt butterflies in their stomach when they saw a shirtless Coach doing pull-ups. His back was turned to them, and the boys could admire his beautiful glutes and muscled shoulders pump in and out. After another set, Coach let go and turned to see these jocks (and their hard cocks) greeting him.

“Hey boys, glad you decided to workout at the school today.” said Coach.

They mumbled “no problem” under their breath and turned quickly away once they felt their cocks rising to attention.

“Don’t forget to stretch boys, wouldn’t want you getting hurt!” Coach smirked, he couldn’t wait to fuck these muscle studs.

The sexual tension seemed to die down in the room at first, but after a few minutes and a couple of longing glances, the teens found themselves aroused again. Coach moved closer to them at the weight lifting area. He slowly curled a 50-pound weight with one arm, getting aroused Kağıthane Escort himself looking at these sweaty jocks. He knew his hardening rod would grab their attention.

Sure enough after about a minute, Coach was rock hard and the boys took notice. Coach dropped the weight and faked embarrassment. “Oh, sorry boys. This always happens to me, pumping iron gets the blood flowing all through my body. Guess I’ve been a little more horny than usual. Haven’t really cum for a few days, now that I think about it.” The boys’ jaws dropped. They now knew their jerk-off fantasy was not only horny, but that his big black balls were full of cum.

“Come on now boys, wanna come over and touch it?”

All three looked at each other, and promptly jogged to Coach. Each one placed his hand over the large iron-hard pole perpendicular to Coach’s dark muscled body.

“C-can we see it?” asked John.

“Be my guest.”

John and Ryan pulled down Coach’s black athletic shorts and allowed his dick to swing back up. He was so hot he didn’t even wear underwear, he just let his schlong swing freely to slap his thighs. He was already leaking a copious amount of precum. Ryan was first to place his hand over the warm pole and slowly ran his palms over the huge expanse of cock before him. Rob and John joined in and wrapped their hands around Coach’s black cock, one on top of another – there was plenty of room.

“I didn’t peg you boys to be the type that would wanna stroke off a man” he said while grinning.

The teens were too entranced to think about their actions, all they wanted was to see this huge cock-rocket blast its giant load. Coach knew the question was pointless, no one could resist his black beauty.

Coach began to move in rhythm with their strokes, taking a liking to their soft hands stimulating his entire 15-inch length. Ryan moved his other hand to fondle one of coach’s enormous balls, easily the size of a grapefruit. He marveled at their sheer size and power, and couldn’t believe he could feel the jizz sloshing around waiting to be released. Coach picked up the pace, moving his cock back and forth faster now, already ready to shoot his seed.

“Alright boys, who wants to taste this manly seed?” Ryan eagerly moved his mouth to the tip of Coach’s long cock. He couldn’t explain why, but somehow he craved the taste of semen, especially from such a large, exquisite supply.

While waiting, he licked up his salty precum. The other two teens quickened their pace as well, jacking Coach off with four hands. He groaned in ecstasy as he shot his load onto Ryan’s pretty blond face. Ryan was amazed at all the cum that covered his face, but quickly recovered to wrap his lips around Coach’s cock to catch the rest of his shots. Over and over Ryan swallowed cups of salty, manly seed, filling his belly to the brim. Ryan felt himself cream his pants hands-free. After about two minutes, Coach felt his loads recede and Ryan pulled off his cock with an audible *pop*. Cum dribbled down his chin, he looked down to see not a six-pack anymore but a small gut due to all the cum he swallowed.

He got off his knees to admire his gut. He removed his sleeveless tee, and pulled off his athletic shorts. He remained in his boxer briefs, his belly drooping over his elastic waistband, and soon felt a strange warm sensation in his groin. It felt so pleasurable, like getting a boner but with a stronger sensation. He looked down to see his boxers expanding with a bigger and bigger bulge. His cock stopped growing just when it reached the edge of his briefs. Ryan felt himself grow hard at the sight of his cock growing. Rob and John rushed over as they pulled down Ryan’s underwear to get a better look at his poorly hidden cock. It was HUGE! Now, not nearly as big as Coach’s black beauty, but certainly 13 inches of thick cock meat lay in front of the boys, his prominent pink head pulsing with precum. They began to stroke it, and asked how this could happen

“It’s my seed boys, I hit the genetic lottery, my cum usually make some part of your body change and it usually makes you more attractive, but it’s effects are potent only once, no matter how many times my seed enters you, it only changes you once.”

John and Rob both had the desire to look even more attractive for Coach. Rob had an idea: he walked over to the bench press and got into position to start lifting when he called for someone to spot him. Ryan and Coach went over, their cocks slapping their inner thighs. They both Kağıthane Escort Bayan hovered over Rob, their giant packages covering his whole face. Rob was in heaven, two of the biggest cocks in the school right at his mouth. He began to lift the barbell and, while showing off his biceps, he started to lick the underside of the two monster meat poles on his face. Both started to become more rigid, and Ryan began to rub his cock against Coach’s.

Rob eventually couldn’t take it: he placed the barbell down and turned 180 degrees and stuffed his mouth with each ginormous cock head. Wildly sucking these iron hard shafts, John came to join in, focusing more on the giant jewels Ryan was sporting. He nudged Rob over so he could share in licking and sucking these dicks like they deserved.

After a matter of minutes, Ryan found out that he now possessed even more skin to stimulate, and his best friend’s tight warm throat sure did it for him. He started to thrust in and out until a he couldn’t take it. If he had known how good his best friend’s throat felt, he wouldn’t have wasted his time trying to pick up girls all these years!

After several more moments of slow yet sincere pleasure, Ryan pulled his cock out and, at the same time as Coach, pumped his copious shots of cum all over the boys’ pretty faces. Ounce after ounce soaked their hair, face and neck. They couldn’t believe the sheer volume of these combined loads, puddles of sperm soaked the gym mats on the floor. It had felt like forever before Ryan and Coach felt their orgasms begin to finish. Rob and John used their fingers to wipe off the remaining cum, getting a taste for both bro’s seed. They stood up and began to take off each other’s clothes, they were eager to see another hot transformation.

Rob himself was out of it, he was still in shock that Coach and Ryan literally drowned him in cream. He was exhausted and knew he had orgasmed during that experience, but began to feel more energized with lust. He felt his whole body radiate with heat, a hot and renowned sexual energy. He looked in the gym mirror to see the impossible: his muscles began to grow. His pecs swelled to the size of large cantaloupes, his biceps growing even bigger. He developed a clear cut 8-pack, and his legs became rippled with pounds of muscle. He turned around to see his ass had grown as well. He was a shorter white version of Coach, only lacking in the cock department.

Everyone became rock hard just looking at this amazing spread of teen power. John couldn’t believe his eyes, two of his best friends had turned into their dream body, and now it was his turn. He quickly flexed for a second to show off his bulky frame. His body was hot with lust, but his ass was even hotter. Ryan and Rob felt their jaws drop as they saw in slow motion his butt cheeks inflate to a perfect, perky set of globes the size of an over-inflated volleyball. He then waltzed over to Coach. Ever since John had seen Coach’s bulge in gym class, he started to wonder about this horny feeling around his ass, and now with a proper bubble butt, he knew Coach was interested.

“Hey Coach, this worthy of your talents?” He slapped his right asscheek, letting the sound reverberate and saw Coach’s eyes glued to its jiggling mass.

Coach took the bait and moved closer, his hands caressing the surfacing of his newly monumental rump.

“You know, they always say you should refuel after a workout.” He spread his asscheeks, exposing his tight pink pucker “But it looks like you’ve got enough cake for a post- AND a pre-workout meal.”

After seeing Jacob’s colossal caboose, John knew he wanted to satisfy his hungry ass. He turned his back to Coach and began running his hairy muscle butt with Coach’s iron hard pole in between his cheeks, drenched with clear precum. Coach was a bit taken aback at how forward John was, but Coach couldn’t resist some teen jock ass.

Coach had John bend over the barbell rack. He lunged forward, eager to prep John for the fuck of a lifetime. He tasted and probed his hole with his tongue, making sure to loosen him up as much as possible. After minutes of groaning and unknown pleasure, Coach removed his face from between John’s thick muscled cheeks, rubbing their grizzly hair, and placed his giant cock head at John’s entrance.

“C’mon Coach, I’ve been waiting ever since you walked through those gym doors for this! Gimme that big black cock already!”

Coach didn’t need to be asked twice. He stepped back and thrust in 8 inches Escort Kağıthane of his thick shaft. John screamed in pain and ecstasy. Coach quickly pulled back and shoved 11 inches in this time. Back and forth, his precum providing excellent lube.

While John fulfilled his fantasy, Ryan also wanted to live his own dream. He walked over to Rob and began to sensually rub his muscles, pinching his hard nipples and rubbing his large hands over his big new pecs. He couldn’t help but admire the handiwork of Coach’s spunk – it left Rob with bulk and definition that would make anybody jealous.

Ryan led Rob to go to lay down on the bench press, and sat on Rob’s abs. Normally this would leave Rob struggling for breath, but not anymore. Ryan ran his hardening pole between Rob’s new giant man-tits. He let a moan escape his lips, his best friend had such soft cleavage. Rob pushed his arms so that his pecs placed even more pressure on his best buddy’s cock. After Ryan got a few thrusts going, Rob leaned his neck down and began to suck Ryan’s cockhead as well. Both boys were in bliss, their new gifts giving them new raw sexual power.

John had finally made it to the base of Coach’s monstrosity, able to feel it throbbing deep within him. Coach began to pull back and forth, picking up the speed, his precum supplying plenty of lube, almost magically stretching his hole. John soon joined his pace, thrusting his thick ass backwards to be filled with more black cock. Coach couldn’t believe this horny bottom slapping his ass against his stone-hard abs, bouncing with every collision.

After 15 minutes of tit-fucking Ryan felt his giant balls churning with cum ready for release. He barely had time to warn Rob before he shot his load, flying 7 feet across the room and splattering on the wall. Rob quickly got the memo and pulled his firing cock downwards, plugging himself with his pal’s pole.

Before these boys went their separate ways, Ryan had to fuck this newly made muscle jock. He pulled his cock out from Rob’s tits and lifted him off the bench and turned him around so Rob’s ass was right in front of his throbbing cock. Ryan pushed his pole forward before Rob could change his mind, and he moaned with lust. Rob’s muscle ass felt so tight and warm, Ryan felt the rest of his loads shoot deep into his ass. Rob was surprised at such a prolonged release, and one so plentiful.

After a minute, Ryan’s rod remained rigid, enveloped in Rob’s cum-soaked hole. Ryan was surprised to still be so hard after just cumming, but didn’t question it for long; he fucked Rob’s new muscle ass harder and harder, until his balls were slapping his ass. Rob was in bliss; he never knew how much pleasure a good fucking would give him.

He let Ryan ride his new body for what seemed like hours. John was also in bliss being taken by such a powerful pork sword, providing him with unimaginable pleasure. Both John and Rob had shot their loads at least twice and, as Coach and Ryan began to get close to orgasm, felt another load ready for release. At last, Ryan and Coach couldn’t hold themselves back any longer.

Coach shouted “AHHHH, shit! Yo white muscle ass so tight imma…imma…CUMMMMM!!”

John immediately became flooded with Coach’s hot seed. Pints and pints filled his belly, he quickly felt a gut coming on. Quickly after, Ryan shouted in ecstasy and pumped his cream 13 inches deep into his best friend’s butt. Rob and John were fulfilled and felt another orgasm wash over their muscular bodies.

It was a good several minutes before Coach and Ryan stopped unloading into their asses. Rob and John were amazed to see their abs had disappeared in place of a big belly, appearing to seem 6 months pregnant. They lazily stroked it, soaked in drool, sweat, and excess cum. John’s hairy gut had been bloated bigger than Rob’s; Coach remarkably could still shoot a shocking amount of seed, even on round 3!

The teens laid on the gym mats on the floor. Their brains seemed to need rewiring, so much pleasure and learning so many sexual secrets about each other is such a short period of time, all they could do was sit back and bask in the afterglow. As Rob and John attempted to clean themselves up with their gaping holes leaking cum, Coach had put his athletic shorts and sleeveless muscle shirt back on and waltzed out the door, happily whistling knowing his sex craze had been fulfilled, if for a short while. He turned back around to the boys sprawled around the room, smiling.

“Now that you boys have been properly stretched out, I’m sure we can work out another time.”

He started to walk out and leave the night staff to discover their unusual workout session when he turned back around to say

“Oh, and John, I think you’ll be glad to hear that I’m planning on coaching the baseball team this spring.”

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