Hailey’s Journey Ch. 04

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The car ride seemed to take for ever as Hailey tried to deal with her pegged nipples, bristly ass and buzzing pussy. Finally, the car stopped. After a few minutes, Hailey felt the trunk being opened and heard a soft chuckle. Fingers rubbed gently at her clit and Hailey couldn’t prevent herself from moaning and raising her ass to welcome closer contact. Another chuckle, and the fingers removed themselves, along with the tube in her pussy. Hailey was untied and carried again, fireman style with occasional swats on her sore ass. She was then dumped unceremoniously on a hard surface, pressed up against a wall, and then….silence. In her darkness, Hailey strained to listen to any sound, but could hear only the thumping of her own heart. She seemed to have been attached to the wall behind her, as she could not move. For the first time in her life, Hailey was truly terrified. Was Nick a madman for real?

Nick had a few arrangements to make, then he walked back to Hailey. For a few minutes, he stood at the door watching his beautiful captive. He could see her tits rise and fall with her rapid breathing, and her luscious body squirming as she tried to escape her bonds. This was the first time he had actually taken someone against their will, and he was a little uncertain about the outcome. Hailey’s beautiful body and the unique combination of brashness and diffidence had intrigued him enough to embark on this game. The idea of a perceived “geek” like himself having a cheerleader slave girl had also given him moments of ironic pleasure. He thought he had seen and heard enough of Hailey to realize that she was a submissive. A year should go by quickly and enjoyably, at least for him. And once Hailey had been “broken”, görükle escort she could be trained to enjoy the pleasures of submission as well. Nick knew that he was experienced enough and skilled enough to teach her the gratification that true submission could bring. After a year, they could go their separate ways quite amicably, and Nick could move on to fresh victims, hopefully without resorting to kidnapping again. He hated the social scene and the courtship dance, even within the BDSM clubs that he occasionally visited, so this year he could have his slave with the added excitement of breaking and training her.

“Let the games begin,” said Nick to himself as he moved to kneel in front of her. He patiently removed the ropes around her legs and arms and replaced them with cuffs. Then came the earmuffs and the blindfold, and he sat back to enjoy the expression in her eyes as they took in their tiny spartan room, dominated by a cage in one corner. “Welcome to your new home for the next year, Blondie. Whether you stay here or move to more comfortable quarters, depends entirely on your behavior. Let me explain a few rules to you. You are now my slave – a very new, green, untrained slave. Untrained slaves have no rights, no privileges, no creature comforts. Everything, including comfortable sleep, food, clothes, fresh air, needs to be earned. And the only way you will earn these privileges is if you obey me unquestioningly. Never forget your position Blondie – you are a slave, and I am your Master.”

Blondie, that is, Hailey, listened to these words with growing horror. When she had made the bet, she had thought that it was bit of harmless fun. But it now it was turning into a görükle escort bayan nightmare, and Hailey began to panic. Words crowded her throat, pushing to get through her gagged mouth. Nick reached forward to remove the gag from her mouth. At that precise moment, he also removed the clothes pin from one nipple.

All the hot words in Hailey’s mouth never made it out. What did come out was a loud “What thaaaowwwwwwww!’ Before she could catch her breath, Nick removed the other pin, and Hailey screamed again, jiggling her tits in a vain attempt to reduce the pain. When she finally calmed down, it was to find Nick relishing her performance with a grin on his face. Furious, Hailey bent forward and tried to sink her teeth into his hand, and to punch him with her cuffed hands and legs.

Nick had been expected a struggle and so he picked her up, slung her over his shoulder and walked out of the room. Still kicking and struggling, Hailey did not notice where they were going, and so it was with a shock that she found herself plunged into a bathtub full of icy water. “Take a deep breath,” advised Nick, and pushed her head under the water. Hailey came up shivering, coughing and spluttering. Nick gave her a few seconds, and then pushed her head in again. He did this a few times until Hailey stopped struggling.

He left her in the water, and walked away to get his next instrument of torment. Hailey saw that the water actually had chunks of ice in it and her skin was turning blue. She was going to die of hypothermia – in a bath tub! Nick walked back, pulled Hailey out of the tub and carried her back to her cell. He attached her handcuffs to hook in the ceiling and then proceeded to bursa escort swat her ass, her thighs, stomach and tits with a wet, rolled up towel. He did not hit very hard, but her damp, cold skin made every blow sting. When Hailey’s screams had been reduced to soft, tired sobs, Nick stopped. He unstrung her from the ceiling, and unceremoniously shoved her into the cage. Her hands were uncuffed and then each hand was cuffed again to the sides of the cage. He removed the cuffs from her ankles, spread her legs wide and cuffed them again to the sides of the cage. Hailey was now wide open to her master’s gaze.

Holding her humiliated eyes with his own, Nick said softly, “For the next year, Blondie, every inch of this body – face, mouth, arms, legs, tits, cunt, ass – all belong to me, to use at will for my pleasure. Once again, whether you get any pleasure from it is all up to you. You can have a reasonably enjoyable year, or you can live your worst nightmare. I’ll leave you to think about it. We can start again in the morning.”

With that, he switched off the light and left the room, leaving Hailey to spend the first night in fear and pain. At least, she was not cold – Nick had turned up the thermostat in the room to keep his new little slave warm.

He lay in bed that night, thinking about his latest escapade. He had kidnapped Hailey for a couple of reasons, both of which seemed to be perfectly logical when he had convinced himself earlier. After all, he needed a challenge – to train an unwilling person, even though they were submissive by nature seemed to be perfectly suited to his skills. And second, it would have taken forever to convince Hailey to even try this lifestyle, because she was so into her role as beauty queen. This way, he could break her in faster, and then go on to the parts that both of them would enjoy. Verrry convincing arguments….but that night, Nick did not sleep too well. Of course, neither did Hailey. Could she escape this geeky madman tomorrow?

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