Hairy University Ch. 02

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(Special thanks to Navajazz, Oedipus Rex, Jellykat & Gwenevere_Cacey who encouraged me and edited both Chapters I & II of this series.)


I was still in a bit of a daze as I followed Diana out of Becky The Brown’s office and through the University halls to visit Gladys The Grey. “So what exactly is it that you all do here?” I asked the elusive Diana.

“You mean Ms. Becky didn’t even tell you?” Diana sighed. “Typical. She was in such a hurry to smother you in soggy snatch sauce that she didn’t even get to the job description. It’s not my place to tell you about things, but I can say that it’s important work. You should join with us, if for no other reason to help fight the ignorance engendered by the established patriarchy and prevent even one more awkward teen-aged girl with an untrimmed bush from being mocked and ridiculed by uptight waxed bleached-blonde bitches in a school locker room.”

I wondered if Diana herself had been that awkward teen once, despite her current cool exterior. It occurred to me that although she had sucked my cock, expertly if not passionately, I had not yet seen her bush and had no way of knowing her level of hirsuitness. The defiance in her eyes, however, spoke volumes regarding barely-healed adolescent wounds.

“Er, thank you for the oral sex.” I said politely.

“Sure. No problem,” she answered dismissively.

“It’s just that, you didn’t seem to particularly want to…,” I said as I indirectly tried to ask why Diana was so aloof.

“Let’s get one thing straight.” She said as she stopped walking, grabbed my moderately distended prick through my pants, and looked me in the eyes. “If I didn’t want to lick your dick, I would have left you with dry balls.”

Even through slacks and boxers, my erection saluted her efforts. “It’s just that I prefer a little privacy when first getting to know someone,” she smiled slyly. “Before I decide to share.”

She was squeezing my shaft with both hands now as she pulled my mouth to hers. At the last moment she turned her head to playfully nip my earlobe before quietly whispering, “I like things to happen at the proper time in their proper order.”

Once again I found myself almost painfully erect as she gave my cock a slight tug and opened a door with the placard ‘Student Health’ on it. “And here we are. You really should have been sent here first. That way we could have avoided that whole awkward episode with your pre-cum.”

As the door swung open I was greeted with an almost mystical sight. Three young women were seated on examination tables with their smooth legs up in stirrups and their vaginas fully on display. The first young lady sported a stubbly dark pudenda that appeared as if she had been previously shaved, but not in a week and was currently enduring the painfully slow ‘growing out’ process. My eyes were drawn and my curiosity was piqued however, by her oddly bushy anus that sat in stark contrast to the veritable pubic desert above. She had a head of long blonde hair and the largest breasts of anyone in the room that gently spilled over the side of her chest and were capped by bubble-gum pink nipples.

The second woman possessed a bush comprised of only a light dusting of carrot-orange hair comprised of playful wisps and whorls. It appeared to be in a later stage of growing out a trim and did almost nothing to conceal the succulence of her crinkly pale-skinned labia. Following the rule of curtains and drapes, she had fiery red hair that hung loose and partially hid her moderately-sized bosom.

The third girl displayed a massively hairy muff of jet-black hair that completely shielded her lips from view and seemed almost out of place on one so young. Her curly-haired bush almost identically matched her curly-haired head and her chest showed hardly a trace of any tits at all other than impressively large and puffy nipples.

Standing at a computer terminal beside these three lovely ladies was a much older woman who I could only assume to be ‘Gladys The Grey’. Her garment was identical to Becky’s in that it combined the no-nonsense approach of blouse and jacket, the material of which was strained over her melon-like breasts, with the easy access of almost non-existent slacks that left her bush and ass bare. The silky ebony skin of her legs provided vivid contrast to the pure grey of her regal pubic mane framed handsomely by her graciously curved hips. No mere salt’n’pepper bush was this, but a true iron grey that sparkled like a brand-new patch of steel wool. Curly squigglies of hair radiated outward from her gloriously furry purse in a starburst pattern that simply captivated my eyes.

As Diana led me into the infirmary, the gals on the table shrieked and covered up in a flurry of sheets and gowns as best they could given their compromising positions.

“I hope you have good reason to interrupt my data collection of our newest group of Freshman women, Diana,” Gladys said in a stern tone as she turned to face us. “Although they are all over eighteen güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri years of age, they are still entitled to a modicum of privacy and respect.

“Yes, Ma’am. I’m sorry, Ma’am,” Diana said demurely. “We were just with Ms. Becky and discovered that his mix was off. His hefty ball-sack is chock-full of some slightly odd-tasting pre-cum.”

Embarrassed I took a step back as my shoulders sagged. “Not horrible or anything,” Diana further explained seeing my discomfort. “Just not as good as it could be. She ordered me to bring him to you and make him your highest priority.”

Gladys sighed as she locked out her computer. Then, as if noticing me for the first time her face brightened into a smile. “I had forgotten your interview was today. Don’t mind me, I just hate to be interrupted. So you’re the one?”

“I’m not quite sure what you mean, Ma’am. No one’s really explained–” I began.

“The one who wrote ‘The Hairy Pussy Manifesto’, young man.” Gladys explained as she rested her hands on her ample hips, once again drawing my gaze to her exposed lush thicket of wiry curls. “You ARE he, correct?”

At the mention of the manifesto, the three girls on the exam tables gasped in unison and shyly poked their heads out from under their sheets. From the angle I was at, they created an odd tableaux, three pretty young girls poking their heads up above their increasingly hairier twats.

Had EVERYONE read my ‘Open letter to Pornographers’?

“Yes.” I said, blushing furiously. “Yes, Ma’am.”

“Well then, some things should be explained to you.” Turning to the examination tables, she sighed, “Now, now. Come girls, none of this foolishness. Remember your reading. Unfurl yourselves and show him your treasures.”

One by one, each young lady discarded her sheet and pulled up her gown so that once again their lovely young bottoms and clefts were on full display. “Here in the Health Office we’re working towards maximizing the power of both the flavor and aroma associated with genital production,” Gladys lectured. As she paced back and forth between the three table-bound cuties, she would gently stroke the hairy nest of each. “My primary area of research is in the diet required to produce the most intoxicating of flavors. As our guest, would you care for a sample of each so you might better understand my meaning?”

I felt like I had been playing ‘catch-up’ ever since I began this adventure, but I think I finally understood that Gladys was offering me a lick of each young woman perched on the tables. “Is that to be my job description, then?” I asked through nervous laughter, “To be a paid pussy taste-tester?”

“Among other things.” Gladys smiled. “Do these ladies appeal to you?”

“Yes!” I exclaimed, perhaps a bit too eagerly, which seemed to finally ease the tension in the room a bit as everyone laughed at my earnest reply.

“That kind of enthusiasm is exactly what we’ve been lacking around here lately,” Gladys said approvingly. “Now if it is acceptable to you girls, we’ll allow this young man to pleasure each of you orally. What say you?”

The three young ladies all voiced their approval.

“Are you sure this is alright with all of you?” I asked the girls in general. “I’m certainly interested and flattered by the honor of this privilege, but I would hate to act presumptuously or too forward.” Almost in unison they each smiled and nodded.

“He’ll need to cleanse his palette if he’s going to start sipping fanny fluid,” Diana broke in and pointed out. “He had his nose buried so far up inside Ms. Becky’s brown beaver that his sinuses must still be swimming with her salty snatch syrup.”

“Thank you Diana for being overly descriptive as usual, ” Gladys frowned. “I do see your point, though. Well, it’s to be expected that she’d be the one to sample him first.”

Gladys pulled up a stool and sat alongside the three Freshman girls. “Alright young man, we shall approach this like a wine-tasting. Have you ever been? No matter. At a wine-tasting it is customary to warm the glass in one’s hand and allow the rich bouquet to waft seductively up into the nasal passages. Then a small sip after which one rolls the juice around in his mouth in order to fully appreciate the hidden characteristics of the vintage that support its overall taste. After which, one does indeed need to clears one’s palette.” Gladys then exposed her delicate labial lips by grabbing two fistfuls of hair on either side of her clit and pulled them up and back. “Since you’ve already had your senses altered by Becky’s vulvular vintage, you’ll need to start by tasting my aged elixir before starting in on the girls.” Her excitement at fully exposing herself to my delighted gaze seemed to belie her professional manner. Catching her change in tone she coughed and once again spoke in a more lecturing tone. “In order to return your perception to baseline.”

Although this argument did not completely make sense to me, I was filled with hushed reverence as güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I genuflected before the gleaming brilliance of her purple-lipped, blood-engorged pudenda. “Now remember, this is a tasting only. So refrain from any intention you might feel to make it a marathon session.” She adjusted her bum to allow me even greater access and added under her breath so only I could hear, “This time, at least.”

“Diana, would you be a dear, gather the girls’ pussy combs, and brush out their lower locks for them?” Gladys the Grey commanded. “Our boy has a lot of work ahead of him and it would be most impolite if he caught a stray loose hair in his teeth.”

Using her command tone, Gladys then said, “Since you’ve spoiled your supper by nibbling on Ms. Becky’s Brown Beaver, you must clear your decks by preveiwing Granny Gladys’ Grey Goose Gash!” I smiled as I breathed in the aroma of her heavenly woman’s scent. “That’s it, dear boy, slowly savor the entire experience.” I then tenetively traced the folds of her outer labia with my tongue, ensuring that I investigated every crevace. “Feel free to use your hands to aid in your explorations,” Gladys sighed in an increasingly relaxed tone. Taking her cue, I used my thumbs to spread her purple outer labia to reveal the glistening pink hidden within. Feeling emboldened, I worked with increasing fervor to encourage her nectar to flow. Her scent and flavor was not unlike herself, rich and musky with a delightfully sharp tang. As I worked I would occasionally catch glimpses of Diana serving as gash-groomer to the other girls as she gently brushed out their pubic pelts.

“Palette sufficiently cleansed?” Gladys asked while looking down at me from on high.

“Yes, Ma’am.” I answered.

“Then proceed to the ladies.”

As I stood up and once again, Diana winked at me as she presented the three ladies to my sight in a facsimilie of a gameshow hostess revealing a showcase of fabulous prizes. I stepped over to the dark-haired girl and introduced myself. “Hello. My name is Steve.”

“Hi,” she answered. “I’m Shayna.”

“You have a beautiful pussy, Shayna,” I said. “You have such a wonderful abundance of hair I can barely see your pussylips. Would it be alright with you if I searched through your thicket for them?”

“That would be lovely,” Shayna allowed.

I knelt and gently ran my fingers through her tangled thatch. Upon discovery of her outer labia I flexed my fingers and parted them. A petite pink opening revealed itself to me as I asked, “Do I have your permision to kiss this tender cleft?”

As I asked Shayna my question, my rapidly increased breath rustled through her thicket, causing goose bumps to form on her tender flesh. “You most certainly do,” Shayna sighed and then giggled. “That tickles!”

I lingered for a moment as I reconoitered her terrain. My eyes grazed over the profusion of hair that centered along both sides of her slit and crawled up to rest atop her mound in the classic ‘T’ shape and then even further to trail up to her navel. Unable to resist, I whispered, “This will tickle more,” I traced this path with my mouth, delivering small lingering kisses along the way. I tongued deep into her belly button, and then dove back down to the main feast, all the while experiencing the wafting smell of ‘woman’ that her slit began to exude. After several swipes of my tongue across the hood of her clit I sucked her tiny pearl inside my mouth. Then delving into her vagina proper, I drank. Her secretions were sparse, yet potent, but I lifted my face to ask a question.

“Shayna? Would it be alright with you if I cupped your breasts? Perhaps squeezing your lovely puffed-out nipples? I’ve found it sometimes helps stimmulate the gushing of a woman’s goo.”

In response, Shayna reached down, grabbed my hands, and almost slapped them against her tiny breasts. I instantly went to work tweaking and twisting the gloriously fat nipples of her tiny titties as I re-doubled my cunnilingual efforts. Mere moments later Shayna exclaimed, “That’s it. That did it. Faster. Lick it, lick it, lick it. Faster. Yes!”

Feeling quite pleased with myself as I felt her vaginal contractions sucking my fingers inward, I lapped up as much of her climax as I could as she squirmed away and smeared my face. I realized that her taste and aroma had been quite different than Gladys The Grey’s. Shayna was less musk and more sweet, and nowhere near as much spice.

I arose and returned to Gladys. Before kneeling again to cleanse my palette, I boldly reached out to caress her heavy breasts in my hands and thumb her crinkly nipples. “An orgasm for Shayna at first go?” Gladys praised as she reached out to rub my newly-formed erection through my pants. “You’ve set the bar high, young Master Steve.” She then waggled a finger warningly in front of my nose as she said, “you’ll need to do just as well with the other girls or they will get jealous.”

Smiling, I absently undid the button that had been barely holding her güvenilir bahis şirketleri tits at bay. As they sprung out I caught them, hefted them together so that her nipples touched and I could suck both into my mouth for a lingering moment. Gladys The Grey arched her neck back and I released them, watching as they tumbled until her nips were pointing down to the floor. Following their lead, I knelt again before her Queenly quim and avered, “I fully intend to,” before diving once again into her musky muff. As soon as my head was clear of Shayna’s slit syrup, I stood back up. I walked past the redheaded student to stop in front of the blonde with the stubbly snatch. As I did so, Diana approached and knelt in front of me still fully dressed. Her expectant, upturned face held a quizical smile as she stroked up and down my legs through my trousers.

“You probably heard earlier, but my name is Steve.” Diana pulled down my pants in one sharp, swift motion. My freshly freed phalus smacked into her chin, traveling past her lips and across her cheek, smearing her face with juice as it did so. Diana sighed, grabbed ahold of my bare prick, and proceeded to swallow me to the root. “What’s your name?”

“Jill,” she replied as Diana licked the underside of my crown. “I would like very much for you to give me oral pleasure, now.”

“I would be honored,” I answered excitedly as Diana rolled my balls around in her hands as if they were dice. “But first I simply must know–“

“My hairy asshole?” Jill guessed as she lowered her hands to cup her cheeks and spread herself even wider. “My ex-boyfriend insisted I shave my slit, but since he never went down on me, he never got a very close look at my rosette. So I never bothered to, you know…,”

“So when you let your hair grow out, your full bush will be as lush as the hair here?” I asked as my fingers intertwined with hers around her anus, gently soothing her backdoor’s ring. “Oh, my.”

Jill and I continued our cooperative efforts of teasingly tickling the hair around her puckered orifice. “It looks almost like a pretty little pussy, surrounded by all of this hair,” I marveled.

“Does it?” Jill asked coquettishly as she spread her ass cheeks even wider to give me a better view.

“But it’s not a true pussy, is it Jill? This is your true pussy right here,” I said as I moved my fingers from back door to front. Cupping my hand I made wide circular motions over her plumped up pudenda, the bristly stubble of her shorn bush prickly against my skin. Diana’s bobbing head below me had fallen into a delightful rhythm and she had begun to moan around my meat. My ministrations to Jill’s cunt had initiated a gushing of secretions and had also encouraged the pyramid of her clitoral hood above her cunt to protrude. I flicked her clit a few times with my fingers and elicited a satisfying gasp from Jill. I stooped forward and lightly traced around her fuzzy peach with my nose, breathing in her delightful bouquet and announced, “I must sample this tasty morsel now, I must!”

As I lowered myself to take my first taste of Jill’s essence, Diana follwed me down with my cock still fully ensconced in her throat. I barely had time to spread Jill’s lips and briefly touch her clit with the tip of my tongue when she started to mildly convulse in orgasm. I did have enough time, however, to note that without the proper foliage covering her clam that both her taste and smell were barely discernable compared to that of the other ladies I had inspected.

Shayna had been watching Diana’s blowjob prowess with an avid interest and an unconcious biting of her lower lip. “How come she’s the only one who gets to suck on him, Miss Gladys?”

“Yeah,” the redhead pouted as she surrepticiously strummed her slit. “It’s not fair. Isn’t the dick licking part of prick pleasing a keystone of our education here?”

“You know,” Diana spoke up after a particularly slurpy suck off of my cock, “everyone should get a taste of this before we alter his diet. That way they’ll have something to compare it to when they suck him off later,” Diana added as she licked around my piss slit.

“In accordance with proper scientific methods of ‘before’ and ‘after’ and whatnot,” Jill added through heavy-lidded eyes as she struggled to prop herself up on one elbow in recovery of her climax. “We’ll need to get used to sucking him up to erection all of the time, if he’s to become Patriarch. As Novices that’ll be our most important–.”

Shayna cut Jill off with a stern look. With her legs akimbo, her once springy bush had become partially matted down with a mixture of my saliva and her own secretions, giving her muff a distinctive ‘punk rock’ look that I found positively charming. Speaking in a hushed whisper she scolded, “Remember your vows! We’re not to share secrets from class!” Shayna then turned to Gladys The Grey and asked, “Would it be alright if we all each just got a preview of his man cream?”

Everyone turned to Gladys who had been absently pinching her own nipples as I was being dined on by Diana and who perked right up at this suggestion. “Dear girls, how right you are! What an excellent teaching opportunity this is.” Gladys clapped her hands twice with authority. “All right girls, Felatio Drill! Round-Robin style, just like we practiced in class.”

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