Halloween At St. Etienne

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Halloween at St. Etienne

…enter Evangeline…

It felt like only yesterday, yet it seemed so long ago. The darkness engulfed me like the hot torrid flames of an uncontrollable inferno. And through the windows the scant light from the candles served as stars in this dark universe. The scent was unmistakably musty with a hint of…blood, old blood. How peculiar. The cold driving rain hit my face like piercing needles. But I didn’t mind. I love the rain.

I came to this place to find him. I received his invitation several weeks back, a sort of riddle as you may. He had made references to all things dark and to come to his Halloween soiree. To come to St. Etienne, an abandoned cathedral on the outskirts of the city.

I arrived drenched and tired, coming a long way to get here. The rain had fallen in steady streams of melancholy, pouring the sorrows of the world upon my scalp. Solitary and determined, with a dash of apprehension mixed in for good measure, I enter through the rusted metal gates and past the dying olive trees withered beyond reparation. The two massive wooden doors are already open and I enter….into another dimension. I open his letter to read it again.

“Dearest Evangeline…look around you and what do you see? Deep territories lit by the darkness of my deceit. Ask your spiritual guides for safe passage through emotional burdens too intense for others but can be overcome by your vision. Please come…alone. It will be fun, and I won’t touch a hair on your head. I will even let you leave whenever you want. Dress as an angel, you know how much I like to see you in your outfit. Oh, I have a new girl by the way, we’ll call her St. Etienne for now. See you then…kisses, Frost.”

I know he is here, I can sense him. Cautiously I walk through these hallowed halls, having no destination nor no rendezvous. But with one goal and one goal only…to find Frost.

St. Etienne had been ravaged by the war decades ago and never rebuilt. Many people died in this area and the locals would never step foot on this holy ground. Back then it was the largest cathedral in these parts. Legend had it, that it was haunted. There were reports of strangers lurking outside the grounds in the middle of the night and several miles away, the villagers could hear screams and howls coming from these very walls. As if the old stone walls have a life of their own. I think they do.

In the distance I hear the faint cries of a woman and his trademark laugh. An animalistic guttural chortle that reverberates fear more than anything else. I am getting closer and with each footstep my heartbeat increases. I descend a staircase into deep territories and find myself lost in these passageways. But with his laugh he beckons me, he calls out to me to come closer. I wonder…does he know I am coming?

The woman screams in pain or pleasure? I cannot tell. The echoes are getting louder as the light reflecting off these slick walls gets brighter. Rainwater drips on the floor and I hear whispers. They tell me not to come closer. To go back from where I came. Their words pierce my soul with thoughts of no salvation, asking me for their safety when I all alone cannot validate their request. My heart skips a beat in this darkness. This godforsaken place is alive and I sense it knows who I am and what I am capable of.

I hear the moans of two people fornicating. Knowing Frost, this was his idea of a party. He loved his women, sometimes too much. He is a dangerous being. I say being, for I am not sure “what” he is. He has Angel properties like me, and is immensely psychic and physically strong. There are not too many beings out there like us. Whereas I use my powers for good, he uses his for his own benefit. He is half human and half demon for all I know. Where he went wrong I have no idea, we came from the same school…the School of Velocity.

Yes, the sound is unmistakable. A woman moaning in pleasure and a man grunting along with her. I come upon a large wooden door. Bright yellow light filters out through the cracks with a note placed crookedly across it…”Angels allowed, all others the glory izle stay the fuck out. Have a Happy Halloween!”

I enter. The first thing I notice are two people in the middle of an enormous room on a king size bed fucking like animals. There are others as well, all seated on velvet chairs fit for a king watching and gabbing. They are all wearing various costumes to celebrate the occasion. At first they don’t notice my entrance until I step closer and the lights illuminate me. They gasp at my appearance.

“A real live Angel. Look!” One of the women sitting on a purple velvet chair exclaims. My wet clothes clung to me like saran wrap. My long hair had turn indigo blue, my eyes purple and my lips turquoise blue. Yes, when I am in “angel” mode my appearance changes to several colors depending on my mood. I am 21, stand 5’7″ and weigh 110 pounds. My unblemished porcelain skin glows an off-white hue. To some, I look like a ghost. But my blood flows with the forces of the universe. I am very much real.

I see him. Frost is the male on the bed fucking the woman like there is no tomorrow. His skin glistens in the light and his numerous tattoos dot his upper body like random specks in the sand. She’s quite beautiful. A stunning blonde with piercing sea blue eyes and the body of a goddess. His muscular form towers over her missionary positioned body, pounding into her with that enormous cock of his. He thrusts long and deep inside her quivering pussy as the room fills with the sounds of their delight.

“Nice of you to join us Evangeline. Have a seat and some wine. Ladies, please make my friend feel welcome.” Frost stops just for a second to motion me to an empty chair and then quickly resumes his powerful thrusts into the woman. She watches me intently as I walk across the room, almost as if she wasn’t in the middle of the sex act. She concentrates on me as we stare at each other and I sense jealousy if anything else. Her moans became louder, signaling the urgency of her impending orgasm.

“Frost it is nice to see you too.” I say with trepidation. After all, here is my enemy before me enjoying this woman, who probably is oblivious to the predicament that has just presented itself here. To be in the same room with my enemy, and for him to be in such a vulnerable position no less.

One of the women, a tall leggy brunette dressed in all black garb hands a chalice filled with cabernet to me. “Frost has said so much about you. I actually looked forward to meeting you. I’m St. Etienne. Nice to meet you Evangeline.” She bends down to kiss me on the cheek. “You’re a pretty one.” She whispers. She sat next to me and held my hand. For some strange reason, I felt comfortable with that

Frost brought the woman’s legs up to his shoulders to penetrate deeper as he continued his assault on her cunt. Her 36C breasts jiggled each time he hilted her as high pitched squeals escaped her mouth. I was awed at the size of Frost’s cock. It was at least nine inches long and as thick as my wrist and she took in the whole length of him. I must admit, the sight of them fucking was getting me aroused and St. Etienne noticed as she squeezed my hand in acknowledgement.

One woman with her leg hanging over the arm of the chair and French Maid skirt hiked up to her waist was moaning in unison with the blonde as she fingered her pussy. Some of the others just stared, as if they were too stunned to do anything about it. I sip from the chalice and take another. The liquid had an intoxicating taste, the way dark chocolate has an affect on me. Frost knew my passions and my tastes well. A good cabernet was one of them.

“Ahhhh! Oh God I’m cumming! Fuck me hard!! Ahhhh.” She thrashes her head from side to side as he bangs into her pelvis. “Ahhhhh!! MMMMMM!!! Yes! Yes!!!” She screams at the top of her lungs from her intense orgasm as her whole body shakes and convulses. “Please give it to me…I need it!” He pulls almost all the way out and then jams his cock all the way back in, sending shockwaves throughout her body

“UNNGGGHHHH!!! I’m cumming for you baby! the heartthrob tv changed he didnt izle Unnnggghhh!!!” Frost pumps a couple more times and stays rigid inside of her as he shoots his seed inside her silky hole milking his cock of as much semen as possible. The French Maid girl groans and sighs from her orgasm as her juices pour out from her pussy.

Frost lies down on top of the woman and French-kisses her as she keeps him inside her by wrapping her legs around his waist. His sweat drips onto her flushed body as she hums her appreciation at getting thoruoghly fucked. They stop for a second and look at me. “Want to join us?” he smiles.

“No, that’s quite alright Frost. I’m sure you invited me here for other reasons.” I take a gulp from the chalice. To tell the truth, I was already wet but restrained from giving in to my animalistic instinct. St. Etienne was stroking my hand with her long delicate fingernails. It felt good and it was rather soothing. She took quite a liking to me.

“I just want you to enjoy yourself. Nothing is up my sleeve. See?” He raises his bare arm and laughs. The blonde giggles along with him. She whispers in his ear and slyly smiles at me. “We’ll be back. Feel free to look around.” They both get up and walk towards a door on the other side of the room and disappear behind it.

“You know, Frost really likes you. I’m sure in time you will see that he is your friend and not your enemy.” St Etienne moves her chair closer to me and wraps her arm around me as she talks in my ear. I turn to look into her eyes and realize how beautiful this woman really is. “I like you. I can sense your power, can you sense mine?” She mesmerizes me with those blue eyes of hers. She gets closer to my face until we’re inches apart and kisses me on the lips. She’s seducing me and I give in.

I kiss a woman for the first time in my life. Her lips are soft as silk and she smells like gardenia, like the ones in the my mother’s garden. She breaks the kiss. “Come.” She nods her head in the direction of the bed, takes my hand and I follow behind her. She moves so gracefully and I’m behind her like a young inexperienced schoolgirl.

She lays me down on my back and sheds my clothing while I return the favor. I breathe deeply and close my eyes from being touched by this exquisite woman. She exposes my breasts and gently caresses each one in her soft hands. I follow suit and do the same to her. She moans in agreement as she nibbles my neck and makes a trail to my breasts, sucking each one slowly. I groan in pleasure as I wrap my hands around her head. She runs circles around my erect nipples and rubs my crotch at the same time. I close my eyes and am transported to a higher plateau. I forget my surroundings, the other women, even Frost and feel my body coursing with pure sexual energy.

St. Etienne kisses my stomach and runs the tip of her tongue down to my clit, licking lightly and gently. It sends an electric charge through me as I gasp at this new sensation. In my mind I see her floating in my dreaming sexuality. She touches me the way I want to be touched. Long, seductive and patient. She pushes the right buttons as my orgasm begins to rise. I love how she flicks her tongue on my button and send shockwaves throughout my body. I feel the dampness running down my slit, my sweet nectar escaping me.

She spreads my cunt lips open and scoops up my juices with her unrelentless tongue. Lapping them up like a thirsty cat. I immediately orgasm from her assault on my aching vagina. “Oooohhhh. That’s it. Eat my pussy.” I clamp my legs around her head and arch my upper body into the air from my pulsing orgasm. I breathe heavily as I squeal in pleasure. She was working my pussy over and over again, bringing me to the brink orgasm. No one has ever brought me to orgasm so easily and here was a stranger, a woman no less, who was doing it quite easily.

“Oh I love your pussy. You taste so good darling!” Her vibrating moans send me to the brink once again as I grit my teeth against another the last hour izle orgasm.

“Ahhhhhh..I’m cumming!! Don’t stop!” She kept up her pace on my cunt as I gushed into her waiting mouth. She loved it. She went in deep with her tongue and massaged my velvet tunnel leaving no fold unexposed. “OOOOHHHH! That’s it!” I could barely speak. My voice is raspy in excstasy. I raise my body off the bed and grab her head and push it deeper into me as she sends me into beautiful spasms. Our moans mingle and become louder as she starts cumming also. She finally comes up for air, her face coated with my tart, musky come.

She climbs up my body and kisses me passionately, our bodies enter-twined in a tight embrace. I taste my come as we run circles around each other’s tongues exploring each other’s mouths. She puts two fingers in my cunt and rapidly fucks me with them. “You’re so beautiful when you orgasm, do you know that?” She says in my ear as I scream at the top of my lungs.

“Ahhhh!! Oh God I’m cumming again! Give it to me!” I hold her tightly in my arms as I cum. I shake involuntarily and I spasm around her expert fingers. “Uhhhnnnnnnnnnn!!” My throat is dry from the fast intake of breath. I bit into her neck and wrapped my legs around her as the energy coursed through my spent body. She sent an electric charge through me that was too much for me as I slowly lose consciousness and pass out from our torrid lovemaking.

We were in a spoon position with me in the front when I came to. St. Etienne had wrapped her arms around me and snuggled up behind me. The other women were no longer there. I has been several hours past, but still night. I turn around to face her. She looked so peaceful in her sleep. She slept with a smile on her face. I lightly kiss her on the lips and she awakens with a huge smile.

“Look into my eyes. Let me tell you a story…”

It was the year 1976. There was a girl who was lost and the locals had gone out to find her but she was never found. They never bothered to look here because of all the horrible stories they heard about this place. But the little girl had found refuge here and met other girls who stayed here as well. The cathedral brought warmth to their hearts and they never left. It became a part of them and they became a part of it. It became alive. The walls had ears and once in awhile you heard them whisper.

Throughout the years, one by one, the girls passed away and were buried outside in the olive tree orchard until there was one left. Her name is St. Etienne. Named after the cathedral itself. She had been here all this time until Frost came along and discovered her. He taught her about the world and gave her special powers. The power to seduce and read minds. She became quite good at it. When he felt she was prepared enough to revisit the world they celebrated by making love all night. She lost her virginity to him that night. Alas, when they exited the front doors, she couldn’t leave. The cathedral would not allow it. There was some kind of invisible force field that kept her in. To her horror, she had become such a part of this place that it had become a part of her and they were one. They could not be separated. She cried, but when she cried she bled tears and screamed into the night like a banshee. She was cursed and had no choice but to be here by herself. She was scared of this place. Sometimes she would see the ghosts of some of the girls, or heard them talking to her. She just wanted to go home. It has been so long she doesn’t remember where home is, much less her real name anymore.

So now, for the past several years on Halloween, Frost hosts a party here to keep her company and lift her spirits so to speak.

“What an interesting story.” I kiss her fully on the lips.

“So are you going to leave me?” She says with her puppy dog eyes.

“No, I will still awhile. Go back to sleep.” We embrace each other as we soundly go back to sleep. Everything I have heard about Frost has been false. I’ve been lied to. I was under the impression that I was tracking a serial kidnapper who stole children from their houses and it’s not him. Who is it then? My heart becomes heavy when I realize that I am back at square one and that my work is not finished.

And thus I embrace the notion of a new tomorrow without the hindrance of guilt. As I have stepped forward and reached out my hand so that I may finally hold yours…St. Etienne.

…exit Evangeline…

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