Handy Andy

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Finally after twenty three years it’s time to change jobs to something Andy wanted to do. Starting tomorrow, he gets to wear jeans and a tee shirt and his largest clothing issue will be to ensure he doesn’t have “plumbers butt” when working. Andy completed all his planning and now finally gets to be happy working as a handyman. He was so very excited to actually have enough work lined up to fill his first two months completely. He’d been working as a handyman part-time for about a year, loving it. Finally he felt confident enough and made the jump.

All of this was running through his mind as he made his way to a new client. He had surveyed the job last week. They wanted some remodeling done in their kitchen, new tile floors, carpentry work to fix their cabinets and new paint. Mr Hughes had been his only contact, providing all the instructions. Mr Hughes was very specific in what he wanted done, the type of tile to use, paint colors etc. Andy had seen two children running around, and since they had stayed out of the kitchen assumed the mother was somewhere close keeping them distracted while we talked. Andy’s wandering mind wondered who would answer the door when he arrived, expecting it to be Mrs Hughes, figuring Mr Hughes would be at work.

He was surprised to find Mr Hughes at home, not that it really mattered. Andy took the opportunity to check that the supplies he had with him would meet Mr Hughes requirements and after a few last minute changes, was left in the kitchen to get to work. He was working for about two hours before he found out he was not alone in the house.


Jen Hughes was pondering over how to change her relationship with Matt. How was she to take charge of things like the counselor recommended? She used to be a take-charge kind of gal back in high school and college. Then she met Matt, and slowly over time found that she had given all of herself over to him and then as they came along, the children. She had deferred all but the most simple and personal decisions to him, and didn’t like the way it made her feel. So, she had found a counselor. Matt was supportive. He had fallen in love with her because she was his partner, or at least that’s what he said. Only time would tell, if and when she plucks up the courage and self confidence to begin taking back her life.

She recognized that she had to move slowly with Matt. Their current relationship had developed over the dozen years of their marriage and couldn’t be changed in mere days. So, now she was look for opportunities to interject herself and her opinions.

She found it was very uncomfortable. The years of not being responsible weighed heavy. Then, she tested the waters by suggesting a paint color for the kitchen up-grade and a simple look from Matt had frozen my tongue to the roof of her mouth. She nearly fled the room, instead with butterflies threatening to make her ill, she screwed up her courage and suggested a different tile arrangement and actually got the words out before losing her nerve. Matt looked at her with amazement, and considered her suggestion for a second before going back to his plan. It was a small step. She had gotten the words out, and had gotten Matt’s attention, at least for a minute. Fear and frustration almost overwhelmed her and for the third time that evening she pushed herself to find the courage to speak up, after all the kitchen was HER domain. So she quietly pushed her tile suggestion a second time and Matt actually agreed that it would look good and could work. YES!! She let it go at that, even though she had a many more suggestions to improve the kitchen. She kept repeating to herself, to take it slow, take it slow.

A few days later the handyman arrived to discuss their plans. She heard them talking in the kitchen, Matt’s comfortable voice and then the other voice. Something about that other voice tugged at her. She couldn’t tell why or what it was, she just felt it. She kept out of sight, playing with the children, keeping them out of the kitchen, yet staying close enough to overhear the entire conversation. She nearly burst with excitement when she heard Matt describe her tile pattern. She’d done it! Her excitement coupled in her mind with the throb of this other man’s voice. Then, suddenly the meeting was over. Over the next week, she was surprised how much she just wanted to hear that voice again. And those thoughts confused and frightened her greatly.

Finally, Monday came and with it that voice. She heard Matt answer the door and heard his voice again. She almost went directly down stairs yet physically held herself back. She didn’t want to see him, to hear him, with Matt there, and that thought was scarier than all the fantasizing. She fell boneless into the chair in the reading area of their large master suite, thinking about what was going on. She was tense with excitement; here was someone that didn’t know anything about her. He has no history giresun escort with her, no preconceived notions of how she was supposed to act. And all she wanted to do was to continue to redefine herself. She stood up and with a spring in her step, she went downstairs to meet the voice.

When she got downstairs decided she’d better check things out before jumping forward with her loosely defined plan. Jen quietly walked toward the kitchen and paused to look to see him before he saw her. He was a normal looking guy. No way to tell how tall he was since he was kneeling on the floor. His balding head was shaved close and she realized that he had a nice head shape. Oddly, with shaved heads being in fashion, she’d never realized that difference before. Yet, with him, it worked. He was a bit overweight, not ready for competition in the “Biggest loser” TV show and yet he also wasn’t a toned Adonis; just an average guy. She noted his deft movements, fixing the spots that had bothered her all these years, and wondered what his strong looking, large hands would feel like.

Jen shook herself in surprise. She couldn’t believe she just had that thought! What was going on. Yet, she couldn’t tear her eyes away from him. The next thing she knew she was standing in the room. He heard a small noise and jumped up in surprise. His surprise almost made Jen cry out in reaction. She didn’t expect him to be startled like that.

It took nearly a full minute before Andy’s racing pulse slowed down, and then it started racing again because he had a chance to really see her. She’s a bit shorter than him. Andy guessed about 5’4″ darkish hair which she had up in braids and the most beautiful green eyes he’d ever seen. Even her glasses looked good, framing her beautiful eyes, rather than hiding her face. It doesn’t stop with her face either, she’s slim, though still wonderfully curved so there was no question about her being a woman. She exuded beauty from the top of her head, to the tips of her pedicured toes.

“Wow, you startled me. I didn’t realize anyone was in the house. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you. I’m Andy, and I presume you are Mrs. Hughes.” Andy said, sounding stupid and babbling to himself.

He held out his hand in greeting, and she responded in kind.

For Andy, when their hands came together, a jolt of emotion passed from his hand right through his body and out both the top of his head and the souls of his feet, electrifying his entire body in one instant. Andy couldn’t have let go of her hand if it had been on fire. And the way his body was heating up, it might as well have been.

Jen almost closed her eyes in reaction, though instead was riveted in place by his golden brown orbs. She couldn’t look away. She was completely captivated by him and instead of her normal obsequiousness, she replied confidently. Jen wanted to impress him, she felt like she did when she was younger, strong, confident, and even sensual.

Jen was shaking inside with emotion as she said, “Sorry about that, I didn’t mean to scare you. If I had, you’d know it.” Her laugh seemed strained to herself as all these emotions fluttered through. “It’s very nice to meet you Andy. Please don’t let me interrupt your work.”

Her voice practically melted him, when she spoke. He had this innate desire to just please her so he could hear her voice again.

Jen realized at that moment that she had not let go of his hand. She suddenly felt like she needed to distance herself a bit, to maintain her budding confidence. So, she let go and had him get back to work.

He stood stunned for a second more then moved back to his hands and knees to repair the worn spot in the floor with leveler. He noticed she didn’t leave, and glanced over toward her. He didn’t look up much, not wanting to be staring at his employer, so all he could see was her toes. The thought of how beautiful her feet were flashed through him and he almost messed up the work as his mind wandered to much more intimate thoughts.

Jen’s mind wandered thinking about how nice it was to touch him, to hear his voice and very nice to watch him as he worked. She found that she didn’t want to leave, so she just stayed out of the way and watched him. She also noticed him continuously looking over and noticed that every once in a while a bit of flush would show on his neck. At first Jen thought it was from his work, then after a while she realized that the redness would follow a glance then would diminish. She was sure he was unaware he was blushing. She didn’t understand why her mere presence would make this strong, grown man blush like a teen from a small glance.

Though Andy certainly didn’t want her to leave, it was odd having her standing there watching. He kept stealing glances over to her alternately being self conscious at her scrutiny and delighted with her attention. Finally, he completed the floor repairs. Andy stood up, stretched and looked around, it gölbaşı escort all looked good.

Suddenly, he stood up and stretched. Jen realized at that moment, he was fairly attractive, about 5’7″ since he was just a bit taller than herself and shorter than Matt. As his hands stretched toward the ceiling and slowly released back to his sides all she could think about was having those long arms encasing her, those large hands caressing her. Damn…what is going on. And she knew that she was suddenly blushing.

With the feeling of heat creeping over her face, Jen realized that he was having similar thoughts of her, that’s why he had been blushing. OH MY, he finds me attractive Jen thought to herself in an epiphany. Jen haven’t felt this sexual power in so long, she almost fell from the sudden weakness in her legs. She started wondering what would happen…no, she quickly moved away from those thoughts as she felt a tightening in her belly and a bit of extra slickness between her legs. She wanted him so bad right then. Yet, she couldn’t just give in. Her mind locked onto a single train of thought. How should she act, if she wants to maintain control, to maintain her strength? How would she have handled this situation 15 years ago, before Matt?

Then Jen knew how she wanted to proceed. She was frightened by the feeling of glee within herself, and more frightened by a possible “bad” reaction by Andy. She had to risk it though. She absolutely had to find a pathway to change her behaviors. And he was about to become her unsuspecting testing ground!

With a glance at the clock, Andy realized that the morning was gone and he was well into the afternoon. He suddenly felt a bit dizzy and knew he needed to get something to eat soon. On the drive in, he had spotted a local pond and decided to go enjoy the sun while he ate his salad and re-hydrated.

“I’m going to go get some food, suddenly I’m quite hungry.” Andy said to Mrs. Hughes.

“I’ll see you in 30 minutes then, enjoy.” Jen responded.

Andy was surprised to hear her dictating his lunch break. He decided to let it go, after all she was the boss and 30 minutes would be long enough. He wanted to get going on the cabinets. He would have eaten right there, however, he found he definitely wanted some time away from this beautiful woman. Some time to cool down, perhaps some time to fantasize.

“Yes, Ma’am, thirty minutes it will be.” Andy said with a smile as he left the kitchen, and then the house.

Jen was startled that she had dictated his lunch hour. She had no idea how that came out of her mouth. She’d been thinking that she didn’t want him to leave and almost offered to make him something to eat, just to keep him from going. Instead, she directed him to take a short lunch. The oddest part for her, was that it all felt so right. That for her to tell him he only had so long, her commanding him in this small way, empowered her. She felt great, and then was nearly jumping with excitement when he agreed so heartily. No argument, he happily accepted her lording over him. Now if he is late…no don’t think of that she schooled herself. He will obey her in this. Then her mind started spinning in circles as she was thinking of other ways she’d like to have him obey her. A small orgasm swept through her and she cried out startled. WHAT was going on? Where did these thoughts come from and why were they so potent within her. She decided she didn’t care, she just enjoyed the feeling. AHHH…she jumped as the doorbell rang. 30 minutes was over already?? She didn’t even get anything to eat.

Andy left the house and felt heavy footed. He didn’t want to leave. It was so bizarre. He got into his truck and instead of driving the two minutes to the pond, checking out the locals sunning themselves and swimming, he stayed right there and ate in the truck. He absolutely didn’t want to be late. As he bolted his salad down, barely tasting it, he couldn’t stop thinking about wanting to be back inside, working, stealing glances at her, having her watch him. He was done with fifteen minutes to go. Then he almost got up and went back in, and decided not to. She had said thirty minutes, so he’d take the entire thirty minutes. Instead, he put on the radio and tried to sit back and relax. He then realized that the song on the radio lasted exactly 3 minutes as he kept looking at the clock with time standing still. Finally, an eternity later, Andy bolted from the truck. Exactly 30 minutes after leaving he rang the doorbell, his pulse racing in excitement.

Jen checked the clock as she floated to the front door to let him in, exactly 30 minutes. She smiled to herself, good, it’s starting out well. Her face still held a ghost of the smile as she opened the door.

“Please come in Andy. The floor seems complete, what is next?” Jen asked.

Andy was thrilled by the small smile he saw on her face when she opened the door. That coupled with her lovely göztepe escort voice nearly addled his mind. Luckily, he answered automatically because the question was work related.

“Now comes the repairs to the cabinets, followed by the painting, and I will finish with the new floor. I suspect it will take the rest of the week, Mrs Hughes. I hope that isn’t too inconvenient. You will be able to continue to use the kitchen, with the exception of when the tile is setting. Just let me know if I’m in the way, I’ll move to another part of the job if possible.” He explained.

Jen heard only the timber of his voice, as this was the most he’d ever said to her, and that he’d be here for the entire week. The specifics of the work he was doing was unimportant to her. She just wanted to continue with her plan. She wanted to just jump in and start directing him, and there was a part of her that very much wanted those directions to be very personal in nature.

Andy was back down on his knees again working on the lower cabinets. He was becoming very enamored with this position, looking at Jen’s beautiful feet and shapely legs. He’d check out each cabinet slowly, while checking her out.

Jen was hungry and made herself a light lunch. While she moved around she watched Andy’s eyes following her as he continued his inspection of the cabinets. She decided it was time to exert her primacy again.

“Excuse me Andy, are you working or checking me out? You don’t have my permission to be staring at me like that. Keep your eyes on your work.” Jen chastised him.

OH MY, he thought, not only was he caught, he’d made her angry with him. All sorts of terrible thoughts crashing through his mind nearly un-did him. He stayed on his knees and looked up at her pleadingly, until she’d told him he didn’t have permission to look at her, when he immediately averted his eyes. He felt his whole body flush in shame, and begged her forgiveness.

“Mrs Hughes, please, please forgive me. I know I should be more professional. I don’t know what is coming over me. I will not look at you again. I’m so very sorry.” He said with total sincerity.

Jen was on the verge of another orgasm and worried that she’d become so wet he’d be able to see her excitement as he knelt in front of him. His flush and his tone, not whining, that would have turned her off, but begging of her forgiveness. She knew then and there, that this was exactly what she desired. She was so turned on by watching him on his knees, averting his eyes, she could no longer contain herself.

“I’ll forgive you this once. A second offense will be dealt with most harshly. Am I clear?” Jen said sternly

“Yes, Ma’am.” Andy replied softly.

Jen was shaking with desire and had to take care of it right away. She decided to make this most difficult for Andy so instead of going up to the privacy of her room, she used the bathroom just off the kitchen. She closed the door and took a couple of very deep breaths, trying to compose herself. Leaning against the door, her hands started caressing her now dripping pussy through her sweats. She shifted her hands inside of the elastic waistband to stop herself from completely soaking the fabric. As her hands caressed herself through the thin fabric of her panties her legs gave out. She slid to the floor, legs splayed wide as her fingers played their well practiced game of pleasure, quickly bringing her to another minor orgasm. She didn’t care about anything except completing the huge orgasm that has been taunting her for so long today. One hand opened her wide as the other hand dipped into her soaked pussy. The fullness of her own fingers almost finishing the job, and then she started caressing her clit, every once in a while delving deeply into herself to wet her fingers and to feel the wonderful feeling of fullness. It never crossed her mind to worry about the noise she was making, as a matter of fact, when one particularly loud moan escaped her lips, she decided to be particularly vocal. The thought of being able to discipline him was what drove her to the most explosive orgasm she’d had in years. Her cum sprayed from her, instantly soaking her sweats and the rug beneath her. She cried out loudly in total abandon as the orgasm consumed her entire world.

Andy felt sick to his stomach as Mrs Hughes left the room. All he could think about was being told to stop work and then having his name crushed just as he was starting out. He heard the bathroom door close, and then with shaking nerves he restarted checking the lower cabinets for split wood or other issues. Then he heard something, was she crying? Had he upset her so much that she was crying in the bathroom? That though bowed Andy completely to the floor. Unable to work, hardly able to think, he knelt on the kitchen floor, trying to figure out what words he would use to recover from this disaster. Then he heard her again. Only this time her cry sounded more clearly. She wasn’t sobbing, she was cumming. Andy sat up straight, all thought cleared away. Silent to ensure he could hear her again if she made any other noise. This time she was even louder and if there was any doubt the building moans punctuated by a particularly poignant cry was unmistakable.

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