Handyman and Gigolo Pt. 02

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Handyman part 2

Working as a handyman, I got paid in pussy. A lot. But pussy don’t pay the bills. When Miss Jeanie called for a repair, I hurried over, thinking she was a paying customer.

Jeanie was smoking hot, former stripper. She came across as naïve and helpless, but I knew better. After I did the repair, she couldn’t pay. So I pointed to the bedroom.

“Gunner, aren’t you kind of young for this?”

“Twenty-one ain’t young.”

“It is for me. I don’t screw youngsters.”

“Lady, do your own repairs or spread your legs. Cash or Ass.” She laughed and tossed me a fifty.

A week later, a storm blew in. Miss Jeanie called me in a panic. Her backdoor was broken, and she asked if I could fix it before the rain hit. Then she said something that shocked me.

Jeanie said her daughter would pay me— if I hurried.

“Pay me how?”

I knew her daughter from high school. Lizzie was a petite girl with a tight little ass and pointy tits… Very snobby but very doable. Perfect for a romp.

So I worked on the backdoor, a door next to Lizzie’s bedroom. Cool.

As I worked, Lizzie walked in wearing a string bikini. I could see her hard nipples thrusting through the thin bikini top. “Are you going swimming?” She stared at me and shook her head slowly.

After replacing the doorknob, I had trouble lining up the screw-holes. “DAMMIT, I wish they’d put some hair around the hole so I could find it.”

Lizzie blushed. “Gosh Gunner, hope you don’t have trouble finding MY hole.”

“No way.” I finished the job, and it was time for payment.

Lizzie didn’t stop me when I removed her bikini and checked out her naked body. Dirty blonde hair, dusty blue eyes, pointy tits, and a furry pussy. I rubbed her fuzzy blonde twat.

“Lizzie, you’re so moist.”

Lizzie giggled and led me to her bed, spreading her hairy pussy. I found the hole and pushed in. Wow, her pussy was tight.

“Wait for me.” Her mom ran up and peeked through the door. “I wanna watch.” Miss Jeanie fingered herself while watching me screw her daughter.

And Lizzie kept chanting, “Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh baby!” Like she was starring in a porno. I was glad when my prick finally spewed into the crazy chick’s cunt.

When her mom left, I banged Lizzie again, telling her to keep her fucking mouth shut this time. She thought the whole thing was funny. When my prick spewed, I pulled out and filled her fucking mouth with cum.

Miss Jeanie was bahis siteleri on the sofa when I walked out. Apparently, she went to the local dive bar but bought home a gin bottle instead of a guy. She offered me a drink.

After three shots of gin Miss Jeanie looked sexy as sin. I kissed her on the cheek and groped her huge boobs. Then gave the former stripper a nice, long titty massage… had her purring in seconds.

“I wish I was the one you fucked.”

“For fifty bucks, you just might.”

After another shot, Miss Jeanie looked fucking gorgeous. She handed me the fifty, and I fucked her like a machine, hammering her shaved pussy as her body roiled with climaxes.

The gin numbed my prick, so I pumped her for like an hour. Jeanie began to moan. “Please cum… please… oh god… just cum…hurry!”

My cock throbbed, and I pulled my slimy prick up to her face. Jeanie grabbed it in her mouth. I shoved it in and spewed. The woman gagged like a blowjob virgin, swallowing and gasping for air.

I grabbed her panties. And on my way out the door, I bumped into a drunken guy from the bar. “Is dis Jeanie’s place?”

“Yep, buddy. And I got her all warmed up for you.”


On my way home, I noticed a girl hitchhiking. Usually, I don’t pick up hitchhikers, but the young twat was cute. Dynamite legs tucked into tight shorts, and a nice bubble butt.

I pulled over. “Where ya’ goin’ honey?”

“Into town, but I’m just dying of thirst.” She pointed at a “Cold Beer” sign down the highway. “Let’s stop there first.” She wiggled her butt into the car, and I drove off. “My name’s Brandi.”

“I’m Gunner.”

At the bar I ordered a Bud, and Brandi ordered whiskey. The waitress looked at Brandi’s driver’s license and gave her a Coke. After the waitress left, Brandi pulled some vodka from her purse and poured it into her Coke.

We both got buzzed, and Brandi rubbed my thigh. “Gunner, could I borrow forty bucks for some make-up and stuff?”

“Forty bucks! No way.”

“Please Gunner, don’t you want me to look pretty?”

“I just met you. I don’t care if you look pretty.”

“Sure you do.” Brandi winked. “I saw you checking out my pretty ass.”

“Okay, Pretty Ass, what do I get for my money? A ride in your pussy?”

“She blushed. “No,…maybe a BJ? I’ve given two blowjobs, and the guys liked it. You can call and ask them.”

“I’ll fucking see for myself.” I led her out to my car, zipped down my canlı bahis siteleri fly, and hauled out my stiffy. Brandi stared at my prick like it was a snake.

“Is this your first BJ?”

“No, I told you I’ve sucked off a couple of dates. If a guy spends a lot of money, a girl feels obligated to do things…”

“Cool.” I stuck out my boner. “Now, you can do a thing for me.” Blushing bright red, Brandi got down on her knees and opened her red lips. Soon I enjoyed her soft lips and sucking mouth.

I love having a girl on her knees, with her head bobbing up and down on my prick.

Brandi wasn’t good at giving head. So I asked her to suck my balls. She glared at me. “Dammit Gunner, I can’t believe you’re making me do this. I should get a thousand bucks for sucking your nasty balls.”

She punched my knee but took each hairy ball in her mouth, one at a time. “Ooh, that’s it, honey, gobble them. Gobble-gobble.” She flipped me off and went back cock sucking.

Gripping her head, I pumped my prick in and out, face-fucking the bitch. Soon my cock exploded. Shooting wads of cum into her mouth. Brandi gagged and spit out the first spurt.

I pulled my prick out, spurting cum across her face. Brandi looked up at me through her cummy eyelashes and cum dripping nose.

“Thanks Brandi, you’re a dick-sucking-delight. “She flipped me off again and grabbed the cash. “Hey Sweetie, maybe tomorrow we could meet up and, you know… slip between the sheets?”

“Maybe.” Brandi pulled up my pants and buckled my belt for me. Which was odd.

I drove her to Walmart. Brandi jumped out of the car, laughing like crazy. A few blocks later, I stopped to get gas and noticed my wallet was missing— along with a hundred bucks.

“Dammit Brandi—you thieving, cock-sucking bitch!”


On Friday, Fannie called and wanted me to do some carpentry. So I brought my hammer but spent most of the time hammering her pussy with my prick.

When I left, Fannie’s next-door neighbor stopped me in the road.

“Hey white boy, I got a broken light switch. Can you fix it?” I followed the black woman into her bedroom, watching her big booty bounce around. Fannie called her Krazy Butt Kanesha.

“Ma’am, this switch ain’t broken.”

“I know that silly.” She lifted her skirt, revealing her dark furry bush. “I just thought you’d like a nice piece of chocolate pie,” she winked. “There’s fifty in it if you find my g-spot.”

Kanesha pulled canlı bahis out her tits. Chubby dark tits, with huge nipples surrounded by wrinkled areolas, areolas the size of my hand. “You don’t think my nipples are too big do you, white boy?”

“No ma’am. Ain’t no such thing as too big nipples.”

“Exactly.” Kanesha laughed and shook her mammaries in my face. ” I used to be a stripper at the same club as Fannie. They called me Moo-Moo… I don’t know why.”

Kanesha sucked her own nipples and dropped off her panties.

The black lady giggled as she mounted me, with felt her chocolate heaven enveloping my prick. Kanesha winced as she lowered herself on my pole.

“Oh Gawd Gunner! You’re so fucking big.”

She was almost all the way down on my shaft and stopped. “Oh my, I need to go slow. It’s been a while since I got pussy-impaled. Oh fuck…your dick feels so good …fucking good.”

Holding Kanesha’s hips, I watched her moan as she bounced up and down, skewering her black cunt on my white pole. She slapped my face with her milk jugs. I sucked them and nibbled her milk chocolate nipples.

“Kanesha, now I wanna be on top!”

I rolled her over. Kanesha gripped me with her thighs and got a crazy sparkle in her eyes. ‘Fuck me! Fuck me hard, you prick-beast!” I did, pounding her pussy until she was crying in orgasm. After two more orgasms, I pulled out and kissed her.

“Did I find your g-spot?”

“Gunner, you done found it and beat it to death… just like it needed.” She threw me a hundred. “White boy, cum back next Friday if you want another slice of my sweet chocolate pie.”

“How about If I come back on Monday?”

“No boy. My husband will be here. He’s out of town on Fridays.” She winked. “That’s why I call it Free Pie Fridays.”


That evening I walked into my aunt’s trailer… and saw BRANDI, sitting on the sofa with a cigarette dangling from her lips. Brandi saw me and jumped when the lit cigarette fell into her cleavage.

“Oh shit! Cousin Greg, you’re Gunner?”

Aunt Ruby laughed. “Hey Gunner, do you remember my daughter Brandi.”

“Oh… I remember her all right.” Gritting my teeth, I stared at the thieving bitch. “Nice to see you again, Cousin Brandi.”

My aunt walked out of the door. “Goin’ shopping, see you two later.”

I stared at Brandi. She freaked out. “Gunner, I don’t have your frickin’ money, it’s gone. So I can’t pay you back.”

“Cousin Brandi, you know that ain’t true. You can pay me back on your knees, just like before.” I unzipped and watched her mouth drop as my prick stuck up. “Don’t forget to suck my balls.”

“Dammit… you win Gunner, but I ain’t gonna swallow your gunk.

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