Happy Birthday, Baby

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Author’s Note** I want to thank the birthday girl in question for both inspiration, and editing services.

I’ve always been told that I have bedroom eyes. I guess it means different things to different people, but my favorite explanation is one a young woman told me not long ago. She said that when I looked at her, it made her breath catch in her throat, and she could feel my hands on her body, even when they weren’t. I am well past the age that most women think of as sexy, but I am happy to say that I still have that effect on women.

That same young woman had a birthday not long ago, and I was bound and determined that we were going to celebrate it in style. I knew for a fact that she was home alone, thinking that no one remembered. I had a dozen long stemmed roses delivered to her house, and an elaborately wrapped box, with a card on top. The note inside said “Happy Birthday Baby! Take a long bubble bath, get your hair done at the salon, where I’ve already made your appointment. Then come home and get dressed in what’s in the box. Nothing more, nothing less. I’ll pick you up at 7. Sharp.” I knew she’d look in the box immediately, but all that was there was a short slinky black silk dress, a garter belt, sheer hose, and 4″ heels. When she got to the salon, they would tell her that she’d also been booked for a manicure and pedicure. My treat, of course. This would put her dangerously close to being late, so she would be a little nervous when she got home. Waiting for her there would be a second box, this one containing five delicate gold rings. Two were earrings, another two were clip-on nipple rings, and the last, a clip-on clitoris ring. A second note said that if she knew what was good for her, she would be wearing them, and ready promptly at 7.

Now she was really nervous, but followed instructions, as she knew that I was not a man to trifle with. When I rang the doorbell, she was breathless, but ready. I was in my tuxedo, but now it was my turn to be breathless. She was a thing of beauty, especially with her cheeks flushed from rushing around trying to get ready on time. I kissed her gently, careful not to smudge her makeup, and led her to the waiting limousine. görükle escort “Happy Birthday, Beautiful. You are my princess tonight.” She blushed an even deeper shade of pink at my compliment, and I settled her comfortably into the limo.

When she sat, the tiny dress rode even further up her thigh, and I was treated to the sight of the nipple rings poking through the thin fabric of the dress. She asked me where we were going, but I told her that she would have to be patient, and she accepted it with a smile. I was unable to resist the urge to stroke that long expanse of nylon covered thigh, and felt her shiver with anticipation. She parted her legs slightly, and leaned over to whisper in my ear. “The clit ring feels funny…” I told her to leave it alone, and be a good girl, or she’d be getting more than a birthday spanking.

We arrived at the hotel, which had a very nice restaurant, where I had reservations. I also had a suite booked, but she didn’t need to know all my plans. Not yet, anyway. As I led her to the table, I noticed that every man in the restaurant was watching her, and even a few of the women. She was radiant, and I was proud to be with her. I pulled out her chair for her, and helped her into it, enjoying the eagle eye view of the nipple rings as I pushed her closer to the table. I could hardly wait to have those rings between my teeth.

We had a couple of drinks, and then I ordered a bottle of champagne, and prime rib for both of us. We danced while we waited for our dinner, and I held her close, letting my hand roam a little too far down past the small of her back. Dinner was perfection, and I ordered a single piece of chocolate cake, which I fed her, deliberately getting a little frosting on her lips, just so that I could lick it off. Finally, we were finished, and I stood and held out my hand. She rose and took it, and I looked deep into her eyes, and asked if she wanted to stay the night.

“I thought you’d never ask” she said, and reached up to kiss me, leaning into me on tiptoe.

The suite was beautiful, but I did not give her any time to appreciate it. “Take off your dress, birthday girl. I need to see görükle escort bayan how well you followed my instructions.” She blushed again, but obediently pulled the dress off over her head. Immediately I noticed that although the nipple clamps were firmly in place, the clit ring was not. Summoning my sternest look, I asked her if she had been given permission to take it off. She hung her head, and began to mumble something about being afraid she would lose it, but I cut her off in mid sentence.

“You disobeyed me, and now I will have to punish you. You know it, too, don’t you?” Once again, a small nod was my only answer.

I took her by the chin, and forced her to meet my gaze. One look into those bottomless brown eyes, and I knew that she was ready for what was coming next. I had checked into the suite earlier, and had my supplies all ready. I told her to lie on her back on the big king-sized bed, and spread her legs wide. Then I retrieved my flogger from the dresser, and told her that she would receive ten lashes directly on her wet pussy, for disobeying my orders. I went on to explain that if she did not remain quiet during her punishment, her breasts would be flogged next.

“Do you understand?” Once again, she only nodded, but even knowing it was going to hurt, she couldn’t help but smile.

She quickly arranged herself as I had asked, and the sight of her opened wide and at my mercy was almost too much for me. I knew, though, that I had to maintain control, so I summoned a solemn face, gripped the flogger firmly, and laid the first lash on her beautiful cunt. She cried out, and closed her legs for a moment, and I asked her sternly if she needed to be gagged and restrained.

Her voice was breathless, but she replied “No, Sir. I’m sorry. I’ll be still.” She spread her legs again, this time even wider, and took hold of her knees to keep them open.

The remaining nine lashes she took quietly, although she flinched every time, and I could see that the juices were really flowing now. “All right, my beauty, that’s ten, but now your breasts will feel the flogger, because you weren’t completely silent, now were you?” She bursa escort closed her eyes, and whispered her agreement, and lowered her legs, waiting patiently for her breasts to be flogged. I only gave her three lashes on each breast this time, as she was being such a good girl, and I had more uses for her.

I instructed her to move to the very end of the bed, and open her legs wide again. Her breasts were bright pink underneath from the flogger, and her labia were red and swollen. I undressed as quickly as I could, and knelt between those beautiful thighs. Gently, I spread her lips, and licked every inch of her, as I pulled the chain connecting her nipple clamps. I teased, nibbled, and sucked, from clitoris to asshole, until she was pushing against me, and in danger of falling off the bed. I slid first one, then two fingers inside her, and she begged me to allow her to cum.

I am always a gentleman, and it was her birthday, so I gave her permission, and sucked her clitoris hard, as she bucked against my fingers. By this time, my cock was painfully hard, so I only gave her a few minutes to rest, then instructed her to stand up. “It’s been a lovely evening, but I completely forgot your birthday spanking! Go get me the paddle from the drawer.” She hesitated for a moment, but seeing the look on my face, scooted quickly over to the dresser, and retrieved the wicked looking paddle I had brought.

“Over my knee, missy!”

Once again, seeing that beautiful bottom across my lap was nearly my undoing, but tonight was about her pleasure, so I spent the next ten minutes spanking her soundly, making cheeks and thighs a beautiful rose color. My fingers slid between those gorgeous cheeks ever so often, probing, and when I decided that she was wet enough, I pulled her up roughly and instructed her to get back on the bed on her hands and knees, spanked bottom high in the air. I knelt behind her, and gently slid my length into that soaked pussy. Deep, slow strokes at first, but soon she was pushing back against me, and I began to fuck her in earnest, loving the feel of her hot bottom against my belly.

Way too soon, I felt that hot velvet pussy clenching against my rod, and the knowledge that she was cumming again so quickly was the final straw for me. I came with her, filling her with my seed, and then collapsed on top of her. As soon as I was able to move, I gathered her in my arms, held her close, and whispered “Happy Birthday, Baby.”

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