Happy Endings Pt. 01

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My back ached, my shoulders hurt. Hell…my whole body felt like it had been hit by a car. Three solid weeks of work had left my body a little worse for wear. It was always the longest twenty one straight days of my life but then having the following two weeks to recuperate was a necessity.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved my job but the first few days back were always rough. I had taken up a religious post-work self care routine. First on my list was a trip to the spa. A few years ago, I would have snubbed my nose at guys who go for massages and steam rooms, jacuzzi jets and all that. Now, times had changed and I was a bit older and god did I feel like a new person afterwards.

My sex life also has taken a bit of a slump lately. Sure with the new dating apps it was easy to find a hookup but it was all starting to feel a bit bland. My work schedule made sure I didn’t have time for relationships. Once on the oil rig, cell service was spotty and the internet connection was almost a joke.

Needless to say, chock up to a case of blue balls and I was sore from head to toe. I scheduled my massage appointment for the next day with plans for the club that night. I was going to feel like a whole new man.

Dawn broke and I begrudgingly rolled out of bed to the sound of my alarm, still half asleep. I unconsciously moaned and groaned with each weight shift walking to the shower. In my sleepwalking state, I pulled back the shower curtain which caught on my raging erection. I was I wasn’t huge but I was slightly girthier than average. I was rock hard and pulsing; god I needed relief.

I finished up, made coffee, and got into my car. I drove to a new place as I was just given my annual raise and wanted to splurge a bit. I had heard raving reviews of this place and couldn’t wait to sooth my tired and sore muscles.

I pulled up front, which happened to be valet only parking. I handed the young man my keys and stepped inside.

It was a beautiful place. The spa was an offshoot from the main resort; palm trees and other greenery as far as the eye could see. Tall marble columns led the way into the lobby. It had a bit of a Roman luxury feel to it. Leafy ferns and soft music greeted me as I entered.

“Hello, John is it?” I turned my head in search of the erotic feminine voice.

“Uh yeah, that’s me,” I said, greeting the receptionist. She was beautiful. She was a tall, thin, brunette with striking blue eyes. She wore a tight silk dress that hugged every curve. Her breasts were almost mesmerizing. I’d swear they were a very perky B-cup and there was definitely no bra in sight. A twinge in my shorts snapped me out of my gaze and reminded me not to stare.

“I figured,” she giggled, “you’re our only appointment for the next few hours. Sign in here please.” I signed in and she led me down the stone hallway to the men’s locker room.

“The entire facility is at your disposal. Feel free to take your time and relax. Katheryn will be waiting for you in Cabana

when you’re ready.” As she turned to leave, I caught myself glancing kartal escort down and watching her firm ass sway back and forth. My erection was starting to swell and the anticipation of the upcoming massage made it difficult to calm down.

I picked a random locker at chest height and began getting undressed. I grabbed a robe, set my clothes inside, and stepped back into the hallway, making my way to the cabana.

When I opened the door, there was no one inside, but then I heard a voice from a back room say, “I’ll be out in a minute, please go ahead and lie down face first.” Thank god for that! I wasn’t able to fully calm my erection and at least it would be out of sight for now.

I had always heard stories about happy endings but knew it was a fantasy, especially in today’s world. The taboo nature coupled with the erotic luxury of the place was probably why my cock wasn’t cooperating, especially since it had been so long since I had been with a woman.

I tried to put it all out of my mind and laid down. I placed my face into the rest and closed my eyes. Soft music was playing and I began to smell lavender and jasmine. I took a deep breath which reminded me again of my sore muscles.

A few minutes later I heard the soft footsteps of my masseuse. She was barefoot and stood above my head. She had pretty, petite feet with a light pink nail polish, not that I was ever a foot guy but this was all I had to look at.

“Good morning John, my name is Katheryn and I will be taking care of you today. Is there anything in particular you’d like me to focus on?”

My cock? Wait, what was wrong with me? I cleared my throat, “A little bit of everything. I’ve just gotten off work and my whole body is sore.”

“We’ll having you feeling good as new. Could you remove your robe? I will drape a towel over you for privacy. I wiggled a bit on the table as she gently pulled on the robe. I felt the robe fall away to be quickly replaced by a small towel, covering my hind quarters.

She then responded with the opening of a cap. I heard her hands rubbing together; I surmised her warming the oil in her hands. Her soft flesh met my shoulder blades and I was in heaven. My muscles screamed in both pain and pleasure. It hurt so good.

I lost myself in the blissful pain as she moved down my arms and back. She worked my palms and fingers. Slowly I felt every part of my body relaxing, except one. Face down, I had finagled my erection so that it was pointing down when I first laid on the table. Now, I was again rock hard and beginning to worry.

Her hands moved to my lower back and I felt the towel move a bit but still covering most of my butt. Her hands met my ass and I was again in blissful agony. He fingers worked into the flesh of my bottom and I felt a dribble of pre-cum roll out the tip of my cock. Without warning, I moaned softly. Catching myself, I refocused my effort on trying to calm my erection.

What was the matter with me? I’ve had many massages but none had ever been like this. They had all felt like a business cumhuriyet mahallesi escort deal, a transaction. This time felt different. I couldn’t figure it out, and I hadn’t eve seen what Katheryn looked like yet.

She moved down to my feet, massaging every joint, tendon, and muscle. Her soft hands moved to my calves and then my thighs. I was so relaxed and into the motion of her warmth that I had almost forgotten about my raging hard-on, almost. Her hands moved up my inner thighs and grazed my cock. As if almost on cue, I felt my cock again ooze more pre-cum. God I was just so turned on I just wanted to fuck something!

Katheryn retracted her hands as if nothing had happened. She didn’t say anything as she worked back down my legs. A little relief set in. That is until she asked me to turn over.

“Please turn over, I’ll be back in a minute. It seems I’ve run out of massage oil.”

I lifted my head and looked around. She was gone. I rolled over and looked down. There was a puddle of pre-cum and my rock hard penis was still at full mast. I heard her coming and resorted to a move I used back in puberty; I pushed my cock down and pinned it between my thighs hoping it would stay down long enough not to pitch a tent with the towel.

I laid back down, covered myself up, and tried to calm my mind once again. Katheryn returned and for the first time, I witnessed her in all her beauty. She had bright green eyes and blonde hair wrapped tightly in a pony tail, draped over her collar bone.

“I’ve prepared a face mask for you. Cucumber?” She giggled, my cock now pulsing between my legs. I didn’t know what to say. Had I known better she was trying to flirt with me! She held up two slices of the vegetable and moved towards my face. I again laid back and she placed them over my eyes.

Katheryn began softly massaging my face, my temples, working downwards to my neck and chest. I quickly fell into the ecstasy of her touch. She worked my front side with the same firm pressure. Down, down, down she went on my front. Her hands now working the top of my pubic bone.

She paused for a moment and reached across to the tray beside me. Her elbow bumped into my thigh with just enough force to free my erection which promptly sprung upwards and slapped Katheryn in the chin.

I was mortified, frozen in time, not knowing if I would now be thrown out. I wouldn’t be allowed back. Still unable to see due to the cucumber slices on my face, I laid quiet barely breathing. Finally she spoke.

“You know, you did tell me your ‘entire’ body was sore when you came in here. And I can tell I’ve missed one very important area. If it’s okay with you, I wouldn’t feel right if I let you leave here without fully satisfying your need for relaxation. It is my job to ensure the customer is completely relaxed when they leave.”

I lifted my head to look at her, the slices falling away from my face. Surely she was joking. My eyes met hers and the little smirk on her face told me everything I’d yunus escort hoped.

“I did order the full service massage package and I’ve been very tense in that area.”

“Say no more.” Katheryn picked up her bottle of oil once again, filled the palm of her left hand, and pulled my towel away.

Standing at full attention, my cock was pulsating with anticipation, droplets of precum dribbling down my head. She smiled and rubbed her hands together once more. Her right hand met my cock.

My back arched off the table and I let out an uncontrollable moan. Her hand glided up and down, up and down. Her finger tips working the front of my shaft. Just before each downstroke she twisted her palm over the tip. Then squeeze and down; up, twist, squeeze, and down. The motion was enthralling.

The warm fragrant oil filled the room and imprinted itself in my nose. This was a day that couldn’t get any better. That was until she reached between my legs with her other hand. She gently cupped my testicles and massaged my balls in her hand.

I was being service by a beautiful blonde that knew how to handle a man’s package. I was truly in heaven and could die a happy man. Up and down, her hands continued to work me as I felt a warmth begin to well up inside me. Almost as if she could sense my ascend to climax, she slowed her motion and squeezed a bit harder, as if she knew that’s how I’d like it.

Her right hand still pumping away; her left hand now pulling and tugging on my balls. She worked her nails softly into the flesh of my sack, gliding them down, releasing, and then pulling back down again. Closer and closer I came to the end, it was almost more than I could take.

Her right hand continued working miracles on my shaft. Up and down, up and down. Squeeze and twist, up and down. Her left hand moved to the back of my sack, gently slipping her middle finger into my ass to the first knuckle. My eyes went wide. My cock quivered.

She broke the silence. “Cum for me John. Shoot your load as high as you can.” She stroked and stroked, shorter but faster. The pressure welled up inside of me. I tried to hold onto the feeling but lost the battle.

Katheryn stopped stroking and held my cock straight up. Her left hand still working my balls, her middle finger softly fucking my ass. I felt my cock and balls contract violently. Cum shot out of my shaft, high into the air, landing on my chest and stomach. Rope after rope of cum rocketed upwards.

Slowly my cum slowed to a calm dribble. Katheryn gave me a few last strokes as if to say a job well done. She removed her hands and reached for a warm towel. She proceeded to clean the mess, smiling at me.

“You know, you have been my best client all week. I would look forward to massaging you again.” There was a soft wink, “Please feel free to take your time, you’ll have the rest of the place to yourself for a while.”

She turned and was gone. My heart was still racing and I had almost regained normal breathing. “What the fuck?” I mumbled to myself.

Surely that didn’t just happen, did it? I knew I would make this my new regular place. I slid off the table, my legs still a bit wobbly. I wrapped myself in my robe and set off to the hot tub, legs trembling. I always liked the feel of the hot bubbles tickling my balls. God I couldn’t wait to cum back.

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