Happy Go Lucky Jackie meets Darren

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If you want to know how my holiday brought me to this point, read ‘Happy Go Lucky Jackie’.

I’m a forty-two-year-old married woman on holiday with my husband and daughter and I’ve just been kissed and groped by the good-looking boy my daughter brought home and took to bed. I’m confused and furious with myself because it shouldn’t have happened. But how could Dom, my husband, be so relaxed about my shameful behaviour? And as for my daughter — she seemed to think it’s a huge joke.

I slammed the bedroom door behind me and hid my face in my pillow. What had I done? Well, I couldn’t hide from the truth: what I’d done was to behave like a teenager, a silly girl touching a boy’s cock for a crafty thrill. And Dom might pretend but I couldn’t believe he really liked seeing me fool about with a boy Maxine had picked up in a bar. He’d been playing a twisted game and let it get out of hand. I was angry with him for not stopping me and it was he who should be feeling guilty.

After a bit, I was laughing incredulously, unsure whether to be excited or ashamed. I tried to calm my breathing because the memory of Justin’s hand on my breast was haunting me, his greedy fingers reaching for my sex. Had that happened or was I imagining it? And I’d walked naked round the room as shameless as a stripper paid to entertain. There was no hiding from the truth — that I’d done it all and loved it — the excitement, the thrill, the novelty and the sexiness. I must be a slut.

I waited until I was sure that Justin and Maxine had left before emerging from my hiding place in the bedroom. Determined to show a bold front, I was dressed to go out in a flimsy muslin shirt and a skirt I’d bought for the holiday which was shorter than anything I’d normally wear. If I was a slut, I should dress the part. But when I put on my new sexiest thong, I realised I was dressing for Dom. I wanted him to make love to me, I wanted his cock in me and to feel his excitement as we made up for my bad behaviour. That would wipe away the sweaty memory of Justin and put everything right.

For a moment I thought Dom must have left too. Then I saw him sitting on the balcony. We stared at one another and nothing was said.

“Have you eaten all the breakfast?” I demanded eventually and went to sit with him. “Give me some coffee.”

“I’ll make more. This is cold,” said Dom, cheerful as always. “Or we could have coffee at the place on the beach. It’s only five minutes away and some fresh air would do us good.”

I nodded briskly and he followed me out of the apartment. I walked proud and said nothing, determined not to take all the responsibility for what had happened. Let him sort it out.

After a bit, he said, “You look good. I like that skirt and top.”

“Do you Dom?” I was pleased despite being cross with him and couldn’t resist goading him a little. “Are you sure I’m showing enough flesh for your taste?”

He laughed. “I love you to show off your legs but it’s not just the skirt. You’re in a mood and that sets off your features beautifully. And your skin glows with health in this sun and sea air.”

I snorted, reassured. “I’m not in a mood and you’re mocking me. Stop trying to be smart and let’s have this coffee.”

We sat down at the café on the beach and were served by a polite young man. I couldn’t help myself and checked him over, noting his good looks. Dom caught me doing it and I couldn’t stop my guiltily flush. Everything now seemed to be about sex.

“You won’t succeed in making me feel bad,” I told him after the waiter had left with our order for coffee and pastries.

“No need to leap down my throat,” he replied. “So he’s good looking. The waitress over there is not bad either.”

He pointed to a woman about my age with thick dark hair and a large bosom. She was clearing a table and her tight shorts were presented to our view as she bent to wipe the tabletop. She wasn’t Dom’s type and I knew he pointed her out only to provoke me.

“Be my guest. Chat her up and see how far that gets you.”

He laughed. “Only looking. You’re quite enough for me.”

Was that a dig at me for what I’d done with Justin? That Dom wasn’t enough for me? “You poor thing. Are you suffering from neglect? I’m thinking of taking it easy this morning, so if you are, I suggest we go back to the apartment.”

It was clear what I had in mind, that I was suggesting we went back to make love, but Dom refused to take the point.

“Yeah, why not. Although if you want to take it easy you can sit on the beach and show yourself off in your new bikini. Why waste this glorious weather?”

“Yes Dom, I could do that. And what will you do?”

“Of course I’ll sit on the beach for a bit but you know I can’t take the sun for long.”

When our waiter returned I smiled at him and asked if it was a busy morning. We chatted for a few moments and then he hurried off.

“What’s the matter with you?” I demanded in response to Dom’s knowing grin. “I was just being polite.”

“Don’t be so defensive. He likes etimesgut duşta veren escortlar you and you like him. What could be more natural?”

If Dom wanted to play games then I could too. When we were done and the waiter returned with the bill, I took up our chat.

“You have to work very hard. Do you work your whole time in the holiday season or do you get a break in the evening?”

He laughed and picked up my money for the bill, pleased to forget work for a moment. “Who needs sleep in the summer? I finish at ten and spend the night with my friends. We meet so many interesting people.”

“You mean girls.”

“Girls as well. We like to dance and…”


“…Stay up to the dawn. It’s a great life but late nights do no good for my arithmetic.”

He struggled to count out some coins as change and hurried off. I separated out a handsome tip and Dom guffawed.

“Why didn’t you give him your number? You could hardly have made it more obvious that you fancied him?”

“Shut up Dom. You’ve got sex on the brain.”

I tried again to suggest that we went back to the apartment but Dom stubbornly avoided my hint. He wanted to find a copy of his regular newspaper for the sports news. As there seemed nothing better to do, I went into town with him. He didn’t find the paper but there was a bookshop with some local maps and archaeological guides and I left him there while I wandered down the little shopping street until I came to a clothes shop.

I had no intention of buying anything except, perhaps, a pair of flip-flops for the beach but went inside. Instead of flip-flops, I saw a pair of scarlet red stilettos with the most impractical heels. In fact there was no point to them at all. Laughing at myself, I moved on to other things. But I couldn’t leave the shop without going back to stare at the red shoes. They looked gorgeous but who wore such things? Well that was easy to answer — a woman intent on showing off. Not me then. But I couldn’t leave the shop and the shoes drew me back again. They were surprisingly cheap so what was stopping me? I wouldn’t be the first woman to buy shoes I never wore. I checked with the shop assistant to see whether they had my size and before I could get a grip they were mine.

It was only after I left the shop with a large box in my arms that I realised I needed to explain the shoes to Dom. It wasn’t that he minded me wasting my money but he’d be curious to know why I had to buy these particular shoes. Deep down I knew I’d bought them to make myself feel good but he wouldn’t understand that. He’d insist that they were to attract boys.

I found him wandering along the street peering into shop windows. “Any luck?” I asked.

“No newspaper,” he said. “But I see you’ve been busy. What have you found?”

“Just a pair of shoes.”

“Show me.”

“Not here in the street.”

I put him off but only until we came to a bench and sat down. He opened the box and took out a shoe. Instead of laughing as I expected, he stroked the shiny finish in awe of the thing.

“Jackie, you’re a genius. What a colour!”

Before he could say any more, I said, “I bought them to look good for you.”

“You can wear them tonight. We’ll find somewhere special to eat and everyone will want to stare at you in your fuck me shoes.”

“That’s not what they are. Don’t coarsen everything. They’re just a pretty pair of shoes.”

“I love them. Having to compete with Maxine is good for you.”

“It’s nothing to do with her and I’m not competing. They’re for me. Now I’m going back to the apartment to change for the beach. A few hours sunbathing then lunch. Then what do we do this afternoon?”

I thought Dom would suggest we take a siesta in the cool of the apartment. Instead, he showed me the brochure he’d picked up for a heritage train which took a scenic route through the hills to a far bay. It was as if he was determined to leave me frustrated and I told him the trip didn’t appeal. He shrugged and said nothing.

We went to the beach. Rather than have Dom make comments about how I looked in my bikini, I spent an hour in the sea furiously swimming off my frustrations and all memory of those fevered minutes at the breakfast table with Justin. When I finally came out of the water and dried off in the sun, I was restless and unable to lie still. I wanted to go back to the apartment and make love. Instead I insisted that I was hungry after my swim and that we should get lunch. Dom agreed and we wandered along the beach until we found a quiet restaurant selling pizza.

Waiting for the order to be delivered, it occurred to me to ask Dom, “Where’s Maxine gone this morning?”

“She didn’t say. Looking for boys, I guess.”

“She has Justin.”

Dom laughed. “You’re jealous? I’m not sure one boy is enough for Maxine and in any case I think she passed him on to you.”

“Shut up Dom. Don’t stir things.”

“Come on Jackie, admit you loved fooling about with a fit and handsome ankara fetiş yapan escortlar young man. Why wouldn’t you?”

“Aren’t you upset at all by what happened? You should be ashamed letting that boy do what he did — almost ravishing me in front of everyone.”

“Oh I am. But it was good, admit it. You liked him so much. Why didn’t you?”

“Why didn’t I what?”

“Make love to him.”

“You know why. Because I’m married to you. That’s why.”

“But I wanted you to.”

“You wanted to watch me fuck him?”

“Why not? You’d have been a star.”

“That’s stupid. You’d be jealous and mad. If I hadn’t run off, I’d have ended up on my back in the bedroom with him on top of me. I’d not be able to stop him. There’s no way to pretend you’d have enjoyed that.”

“You wanted it.”

“That’s not the point. You’d hate me.”

“I’d love it. Don’t ask me why. We all have our secrets. I enjoyed watching you fall for that boy and was curious to see what you’d do.”

“I disappointed you. You think I’m a whore but I’m not.”

“Relax darling, you may be a whore but you’re my whore.”

“Well nothing like that is going to happen. So you’ll have to make do with your fantasies. And stop fixating on sex and enjoy the holiday. It’s enough to have a daughter with nothing but sex on her mind. What chance do I have?”

He laughed. “None at all. And what’s a holiday without sex?”

Moment later, I had a message on my phone. It was from Maxine and there was a picture of a bronzed young man on the beach in swimming shorts. The message said: “I’m recruiting toyboys. What do you think of Darren? You like? Show dad. He might have an opinion.”

I examined the picture. Darren was fit and although his shorts were baggy they showed a pronounced bulge. I suppose I had to be grateful he was covered. I showed the picture to Dom.

“See what I mean? Your daughter’s a bad influence.”

He studied the picture carefully. “Clever Maxie. Admit you think Darren’s cute. Tell her you’re keen to meet him.”

I’d do no such thing. I messaged Maxine telling her to mind her own business and stop sending pictures. But Dom undermined me by sending his own reply demanding more.

Her response to Dom: “For you dad or for mum?”

Grinning, he replied, “Definitely for mum. She really likes Darren.”

More pictures arrived showing Darren rising from the sea with his hair plastered down and water running from his chest, Darren smiling with a beer in his hand, Darren grinning and giving a thumbs up. I managed a dignified silence and ignored Dom’s excited provocations.

“Tell her you want to meet him.”

“I don’t.”

“I know you do. I think you should meet.”

“Well I won’t.”

He sent a message to Maxine: “Mum loves the pictures and thinks Darren’s cute. She’d like to meet him.”

I sent my own message. “I don’t. Tell Darren I’m sure he’s a nice boy but I have no intention of meeting him.”

To Dom I said, “Maxine might think this is an amusing game but the poor boy must have thought he was making friends with Maxine. He’ll run a mile when he realises she’s trying to set him up with her mother.”

A reply from Maxine: “Darren’s super keen to meet you and can’t wait. You’re his dream girl and he says you have perfect breasts.”

“Tell him I’m married and to save his flattery for a girl his own age,” I replied. Then I had an uncomfortable thought and said to Dom, “How does he know what I look like?”

“Maxie took a picture when you were fooling with Justin. I expect she showed him that.”

I trembled in my guts. What had she done? “What did it show?”

“You want to see?”

Dom flipped through some messages on his phone and held it up. It was a photo of me at breakfast with my dressing gown pulled down and my breasts on display. It was shocking to find the picture but, after a critical examination, I decided I looked good.

“That’s embarrassing. There’s no way I’m meeting Darren.”

“Don’t be hasty. We’ll go out for a meal and afterwards it would be good to meet up with Maxie for a drink. She’d like that and you can wear your new shoes.”

“I’m not going to one of those sleazy clubs.”

“No dear. We’ll insist on going to an unsleazy one. I’m sure she knows somewhere suitable.”

“And I’m not meeting Darren. I’d be so embarrassed.”

“I bet he’d like a picture of you in your red shoes.”

“He’s not having one.”

After lunch we wandered back towards the beach and I told Dom I wanted to take it easy for the afternoon, resting at the apartment when the sun was highest and going later to the beach. Still he refused the chance to make love and insisted he’d use the time to go on some futile walk to a derelict monastery.

I’d had an eventful morning and back in the apartment I lay on the bed and tried to empty my mind. Was I dreaming of Darren? I was restless and struggled to relax, replaying the events of the morning, of parading myself naked for Justin and of Darren admiring sincan iranlı escort pictures of my breasts. I’d not behaved responsibly but surprised myself by not feeling guilty. Dom’s way of letting things happen was getting to me. All the same, I wasn’t going to meet Darren. Maxine setting up a ‘date’ was another of her games to get a laugh at my expense. We’d meet Maxine for a drink after dinner, but without Darren or any other boy. I wanted to see what went on in these clubs where she spent so much time.

Later, when I got back from the beach after another swim, I showered and picked out what I would wear for the evening. It was a simple task because there was only one outfit I had which would go with my new shoes — a cream silk top and a black skirt. Choosing my underwear was more difficult. I needed a bra with transparent straps to go with the top but had only one. When I tried this I was dissatisfied and chose instead a simple red one with straps which would be visible at times. And to pair it a plain back thong — my raciest.

Don’t draw the wrong conclusions. This was just for me to make me feel good. In the mirror I saw a bold, proud and commanding woman, as fitted my mood. As for boys, let them look but keep their distance. There would be no nonsense of any kind.

Dom, when he got back, stared at me in silent awe until I began to feel uneasy.

“Is there something the matter? You can look but you can’t touch. I don’t want to be messed up.” No doubt I was paying him back for his earlier lack of amorousness. “And before you make any juvenile comments, I’m not dressed up for Darren or any other boy. This is for me.”

“You look like a goddess. I shall be so proud to walk beside you as you totter on your heals down the street to the restaurant.”

“Well you can’t. No one can walk in these shoes. I’ll put them on when we get there. And I want you to wear a shirt with a collar and some decent trousers or I’ll walk alone.”

“Good idea. You’ll get so much attention.”

“Shut up. And I haven’t agreed to go on for a drink afterwards. In any case, Darren won’t come. He’ll vanish when he sees what Maxine’s up to.”

“Then there’s no reason why we can’t meet Maxie for a drink.”

In the end we took a taxi and I wore my shoes. Before I could stop him, Dom took a picture of me walking into the restaurant.

“Don’t you dare send that to Maxine,” I protested.

Of course I knew he would take no notice and shortly afterwards he told me, “Darren loves the shoes and can’t wait to see you wearing them.”

“Tell him he’ll be disappointed.”

A message came from Maxine. “I love the shoes. Did you buy them especially for your date?”

I replied in a fury. “They’re for me. I like them. And I’m not going on a date with anyone other than your father.”

Her reply: “See you later.”

What can I say about dinner? Dom had made an effort to find somewhere special and it was a smart restaurant with exquisite tiny courses that flattered the eye as well as the mouth. We were a long time making our way through a succession of tasty dishes. I drank little — a small glass of sparkling wine and a few sips of Dom’s local red. He was in a good mood, recounting his adventures of the afternoon climbing a steep hill in the sun and resting in the shade of the monastery’s cloisters. I laughed and said he should have stayed with me and made love.

“It’s been a long day and now I’m exhausted. Let’s get the bill.”

“I’ll check with Maxie where she is.”

“I’m tired and need to go back to the apartment.” I couldn’t make it clearer that I wanted him to take me to bed.

“She’s expecting to meet us with Darren.”

“I’ve told you both many times I’m not meeting him.”

“Nonsense. You can’t let our daughter down and I’m looking forward to it. So are you. In any case if we don’t go she’ll bring Darren back to the apartment.” I’d not thought of that and had nothing to say. Dom added, “We’ll have a drink and experience the nightlife. Then we’ll come home.”

I ran out of energy to resist and for the first time wondered what it would really be like to meet Darren. I was old enough to look after myself with a boy. If he was tedious I’d send him packing. The most likely outcome was embarrassment all round. “Okay, as long as Justin’s not there. And this isn’t a date. We’ll both say hello to Maxine’s friends, have a drink and leave. Half an hour max.”

“Yes dear.”

The club wasn’t far. I put my shoes in my bag and wore sandals. We arrived and I wished I’d made us go home. The place was noisy and hot beery air spilled from the entrance. I made a point of taking Dom’s arm and we entered the crowded place together. Inside it was dark and I stopped to put on my heels. Dom went off to get drinks leaving me alone.

“Like the heels,” said a passing girl with pink hair.

“Do you want me to show you round?” said a boy with a glass of beer and a lopsided leer. “I can tell you’re new here.”

I searched frantically and spotted Maxine in a group of young people, male and female. Before I could reach them through the crowd, a tall young man appeared in front of me, blue-eyed and square-jawed in a tee shirt that showed off the result of hard workouts.

“No I don’t need any help,” I snapped anxiously, looking round for Dom. Then I recognised Darren from his pictures.

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