Happy New Year!

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His eyes were glued to me as I lay back on the bed. He sat at the end in a chair, his tie long gone and his shirt casually unbuttoned, a cigarette burning between his fingers. I smiled as I tugged my dress over my head and tossed it to him, revealing my mostly naked body underneath.

I unpinned my long hair, letting the chestnut locks unfurl over my shoulders and tipped my head back and shook it, I looked back up at him as I ran my fingers through its soft thickness letting it spill over my back.

I moved one hand to my lips, brushing over them lightly as I got up to my knees, my eyes locked with his as I slowly sucked one digit between my painted red lips and ran it down my throat.

He shifted in his seat, his eyes following my finger as I brushed it lightly over one already hard nipple. I moaned low as I circled, wetting the tip and then pinched lightly.

The pleasure shot down to my center and my hips moved of their own volition.

I repeated the process, rubbing my wet finger against the other nipple until it too stood hard and puckered. I cupped my breasts in both my hands, squeezing them and tugging my nips between my fingers as his eyes moved over me.

I lifted one breast to my lips, moaning at the feeling of my hot wet tongue swiping over the tip, my hips moving, rocking slightly as I laved one…then the other. Teasing myself and making them both painfully hard.

He took a drag of his smoke and butted it in the ashtray next to him, then brought the bottle of champagne that we had liberated from the New Years party still raging outside the locked door to his lips. I smiled as I paused and scooted forward, taking it from his hand and bringing it to my lips, the bubbly liquid tickled my tongue as I drank deeply.

An idea came to me as I pulled the bottle from my lips, I backed up into my previous position and looked at him as I tilted the bottle and let the golden liquid pour over one nipple, then across my chest and over the other.

I sucked in my breath; it was very cool and made my skin tingle everywhere it touched. He kartal escort bayan smiled as he watched the fizz trail down my body in rivets, then I licked my nips, flicking my tongue out over the tips and cleaning them.

I leaned back on the bed and brought my knees up, using one arm for support I half lay and half sat as I bent my knees and opened my legs wide, showing him how turned on I was. My pussy was wet and open, my clit throbbing.

I tilted the bottle, letting the stream of champagne flow over my heated sex. I gasped loudly as the cold liquid moved over my flesh, bubbling and fizzing against my clit, over the lips of my sex. My hips lifted as I poured again, letting it flow over me, tease and tickly my most sensitive places. God it felt amazing!

I felt his presence on the bed as his fingers took the bottle from me. He brought it again to his lips and drank, then lowered his head. One hand gripped my ass as he licked me, letting the champagne from his mouth dribble out over my pussy. I moaned as he spread me open and let a few drops hit my un-hooded clit.

He repeated the action, my hips shifting against his mouth as he let more and more of the fizzy liquid slosh against my sex. He licked it from my folds, flicking over my clit lightly as I moaned and bucked my hips up against his tongue. He kept pouring, and licking then did something that made my whole body shudder, he pushed the lip of the bottle against my pussy, rubbing the cold, unyielding glass up and down the length of my slit before pushing it slowly into my opening.

I moaned, my hips rocked against it as I took more of the bottle, He leaned over and flicked his tongue over my clit as he started to slide the hard bottle neck in and out of my now very wet pussy. I moved with him, groaning and bucking as his twin assault put me closer and closer to release.

Suddenly he tilted the bottle and I felt the cold fizz filling me. I moaned as my body stiffened, the sensation is indescribable, so hot and so wet then cool and fizzy. I gasped again as he slid the cool bottle escort maltepe from me and replaced it with the warmth of his tongue, drinking the champagne from my body. I cried out and came hard, bucking up with his tongue moving inside me, his thumb brushing over my clit as he drank his fill and let the champagne and my juices seep out over his chin.

He smiled and kissed the inside of my thigh and got to his feet, the bottle dangling from his fingers as I sat up in front of him and got up to my knees. I kissed him long and slow, loving the flavor of me mixed with the champagne on his tongue and lips.

I tugged his shirt off and leaned in, licking and biting his nips as my hands trailed down over his hard abs to the zipper of his slacks. His cock as rock hard as I rubbed my hand against him, my teeth scraping the edge of his nip then lower, taking little bites of his stomach, my fingernails of my other hand following my mouth and scratching him lightly, while the other pushed his pants down his strong legs.

His cock sprang into view and I wrapped my hand around his shaft, stroking up and down, my thumb rubbing over the wet head as I reached for the bottle and then tipped the champagne over his cock. He sucked in his breath as I watched the liquid coat his cock, fizz a trail down over his length. I leaned in and wrapped my lips around the tip, the taste of him and the dry fruity champagne a heady combination as I slid his as far into my mouth as I could. I repeated my actions, cool champagne then my hot wet mouth until he fisted his hand in my hair, holding me to him moving in and out of my mouth, not letting my lips leave him.

I groaned as he fucked my mouth, dropping the bottle and gripping him tight, letting my nails dig into his hips as he slid deeper, letting the head of his cock enter my throat. He released my head and pulled out, flipping me over onto my hands and knees on the bed with one smooth movement.

I arched my back as he ran the head of his cock up and down the length of my slit, nudging against my hard clit before drawing pendik escort back and pushing slowly into my pussy.

I moaned, rocking back against him as he filled me, burying himself deep inside until his balls slapped against my sex. He moved fast, pumping in and out, my whole body moved with him as I lifted my hips, slamming back against him as he surged forward. I cried out and came, my pussy locking tight on his length as his name slipped from my lips. My body spasmed as he slammed even harder into me, then I felt the cool fizzy liquid being poured over us as he fucked me harder and deeper.

I cried out, my hands fisted into the sheets as he dropped the now empty bottle and slammed against me, one hand on my hip for leverage and the other sliding over the round cheek of my ass. I groaned low, arching my back as his thumb pressed against the pucker of my ass. He slid the digit inside my tight hole as his cock pumped the other.

It was too much for me, I came again, bucking my hips up against him. My muscles gripping him tight as his flesh slapped against mine, filling the space around us with the sound.


I heard the countdown start and with each number he punctuated it with a hard stroke into my body.


I reached my hand down and rubbed my clit, putting my shoulders on the bed below me and raising my ass high in the air.


I cried out again, my whole body shaking as I came and came, my eyes squeezed tight as my pussy rippled and spasmed up and down his shaft. My asshole clamped down tight on his thumb as the pleasure moved up and down my entire body.

“ONE!”…Happy New Year!”

His moans were lost in the jumble of voices singing and rejoicing. He came hard, his cock pulsed and jumped inside me, filling me as he buried himself deep.

I rode it out, squeezing and gripping him until he finished, then pulled out of me.

He turned me and his lips met mine, kissing me softly as his hands framed my face.

“Happy New Year baby.”

His voice was low and sweet as his tongue stroked against mine, I pulled back and grinned at him, leaning forward and whispering in his ear as I felt his juices mixed with mine slowly seep from my body and slip down the inside of my thighs.

“Great timing.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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