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Big Tits

Christy and Tina were on the way to the lake. It was senior’s week and they were skipping class, not that anyone cared. It was the last week of high school and the two eighteen year olds were out to have some fun. Their boyfriends were gone on a trip with the football couch so they decided to take a trip of their own.

Christy borrowed her boyfriend Carl’s truck and they were on their way. Once they were out of town and on the back roads to the lake, Christy laughed and pulled her tube top down around her waist. The wind through the window and the sun shining on her naked breasts felt great.

“What the hell are you doing?” Tina asked grinning.

“What does it look like, I’m setting the puppies free,” Christy replied with a grin of her own.

“Puppies? Those are full grown dogs you’ve got there girl friend.”

“Come on, join me, lets have some fun,” Christy said, shaking her head wildly. “I want to get naked and go wild.”

“Then I’d better break out BOB since the guys aren’t around.”

“Bob? Who the heck is Bob?” Christy asked.

“My Battery Operated Boyfriend,” Tina said reaching in her beach bag on the floor.

When she pulled out an eight-inch bright purple vibrator, Christy yelled and grabbed for it. “Where the hell did you get that?”

“Hey now, watch the road. I got it a couple of weeks ago when mom went to town to get her hair done. I went along to get my nails repaired and got tired and bored waiting on her to finish up. I wandered around the corner to the lingerie shop.”

“You didn’t. You really went into that place? I’ve always been scared someone would see me.”

“Hey, we’re of age now, we can go almost anywhere. It’s no ones business but our own.” Tina replied.

Christy glanced over at the vibrator in Tina’s hand. “Did you have to buy the biggest one they had?”

Tina laughed. “Girl friend, this ain’t even close to the biggest one they had. The biggest one would scare that new mare your dad just bought.”

“You’re kidding me right?” Christy whispered. When Tina shook her head, Christy asked, “Have you used it?”

With a big grin, Tina replied, “I’ve worn down two sets of batteries in two weeks, does that sound like I’ve used it?”

“More like you’ve abused it, not to mention your poor little pussy.”

“My pussy has been a lot of things in the last two weeks but abused ain’t one of them. I’m surprised I haven’t woke the whole damned neighborhood up at one time or another. I had mom knocking on my door one night.”

“Oh shit, what did you do?”

Tina laughed. “I told her I was having a nightmare.”

“She really bought that B.S.”

“From the silly grin she gave me ever time she saw me for the next few days, probably not, but she was cool about it.”

Christy reached over and ran a finger up and down the length of the toy. It’s rubbery surface felt slick and spongy. “Can I feel it?” She asked as her eyes flicked back and forth from the road to toy.

“With your hand or jammed in your twat?” Tina asked with a big grin. “Never mind,” she quickly added, “I already know the answer to that question.”

Christy giggled and with a lopsided smile, whispered, “That things bigger than Carl by a whole bunch.”

“It’s bigger than Eddie too but I ain’t planning on telling him about it until I have to.”

Christy wrapped her fingers around the shaft and squeezed. It was firm but soft and pliable. Tina used a fingernail to turn the toy on low speed. Christy yelled, jerked her hand away, and then giggled.

“Damn, you scared me,” she said and then took a quick look at the toy. She could hear it humming and the tip end shook. “That thing could be wicked in the right spots.”

“It’s wicked in every spot,” Tina whispered and shifted in her seat. “I waited for everyone to leave the house before I tried it the first time. Oh, my, God, I thought the top of my head was going to blow off from just rubbing my clit with the vibrating end.”

Tina turned in the seat and pulled her left leg up so she could lean back against the door. “When I came back to Earth from that mind blowing orgasm, I tried to fuck myself with it. Holy shit! Ed makes me come but this thing sends me into orbit. My little pussy feels so full and tight.”

She gave a big shaking shiver and sighed. “When I finally got around to turning the vibrator back on, I liked to have died. It was suddenly hitting something up inside that took my breath away. I couldn’t catch a breath and then when I did, I left orbit and headed for outer space. I like woke up two hours later.”

“You passed out?” Christy asked in disbelief.

“I sure didn’t fall asleep. One minute I was coming my brains out and the next I jumped because the vibrator buzzing between my thighs scared me. It was dark, the sun had gone down.”

“Girl friend, I’ve got to try that damned thing,” Christy whispered.

“Anytime and anyplace, you know that. What’s mines is yours. We’ve been friends to long for it to be otherwise.”

A roadside park sign flashed by and Christy grinned. “How about now büyükesat escort and I just saw a sign for the place.”

Tina laughed and shook her head. “You are one crazy bitch.”

“And the problem is?” Christy asked as she slowed the truck and turned into the park.

The short road through the little park made and S curve and then went back to the main road. Christy parked at the furthers point from the highway and shut the truck off. Turning in her seat, she looked at her friend.

“We’ve done damned near everything else together.”

Tina grinned, lifted the leg on the seat up, and placed her foot near the seat back. Her short sundress rode up to expose her bare pussy. “I’m game if you are,” she whispered as she slipped the straps on the dress off her shoulders and pushed it down below her small cone shaped breasts.

Christy giggled as she lifted her hips and wiggled out of her tight short shorts. “You were there when I masturbated for the first time.”

Tina giggled, “You were in the front seat when I got laid for the first time.”

Christy frowned and then laughed. “Yeah, my ears rang for a week after that and I never did see that guy again.”

“You were only dating him because of that big red car he drove.”

“True, but he was cute and kissed damned well. Not to mention that he had a big….” She paused for effect and then added, “Wallet.”

Tina giggled and whispered, “Nothing else was big, believe me.” Christy looked at her friend sharply. “According to Vicky Horne, anyway,” she added with a grin.

Christy laughed and shook her head. “Show me how this thing works.”

Tina looked at Christy for a second and then asked, “You want me to show you as in use it first?”

“It is your toy after all,” Christy replied with a grin.

“True,” Tina whispered as she flipped the switch to the low setting and brushed the vibrating end against her clit. She took a hissing breath and wiggled her hips. “Oh shit, that first touch always tingles so good.”

She brushed her clit a few more times and moaned softly. Then she moved the end up an inch or so and rubbed it back and forth just above her clit. Her body jerked ever so often and she had a glassy eyed look after a minute or so.

When her stomach muscles jerked and her hips flexed hard, she took the toy away and sighed. “Oh shit, that one snuck up on me. Having you watch makes it that much more intense.”

“Why did you move it off your clit?” Christy asked.

“It gets to be to much directly on my clit. I’ve found if I move it up to the little bundle of nerves above, it works better for me.”

“Let me try it.”

Tina passed the toy over to her friend and watched as she touched the buzzing tip to her clit lightly. Christy’s hips jerked and she groaned softly as she rubbed it back and forth over her swelling clit.

She spread her legs as wide as the seat would allow and ran the toy up and down her slit, pausing at her clit each time she reached the top and made circles. It wasn’t but a minute or so later that she tensed up and slowly closed her legs as she pressed the toy tightly to her clit.

“Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit,” she whispered like a chant as her upper body jerked and twitched.

A moment later, she jerked the toy away from her clit and held it out toward Tina. “Take it, take it,” she whispered breathily. “That damned thing is evil, pure evil, and I could get addicted really easily.”

“Tell me about it,” Tina said and then giggled. “Wait until you stuff it in that little pussy of yours and flip the switch to high.”

Christy groaned and squeezed her thighs together. “Just thinking about it makes my pussy tighten up.”

A whimpering moan from Tina made Christy open her eyes. Tina’s eyes were closed and she had her lower lip between her teeth. She was slowly working at getting the purple toy in her pussy. She had only a couple of inches inside and worked it in and out slowly.

Christy could see the folds of her thin inner lips press inward as the toy went in. They would reappear when she pulled the toy out. Slowly, a little at a time the toy went deeper and deeper. At one point Tina shivered and lifted her hips to slid down in the seat more. Her legs spreading even wider as she did.

With about two thirds of the toy inside Tina stopped moving her hands. Her hips flexed and twitched as she held the toy still. Her eyes flicked open and then closed. She sighed and whispered, “This feels so good. I feel so full and….” She paused searching for words.

“Stuffed,” Christy prompted with a grin. She could not believe how much of that big toy fit in her petite little friend’s pussy. She could see the slick shiny skin of her opening clinging to the toy as her hips moved.

Tina giggled and nodded. “That about sums it up.” She eased the toy out a few inches and pushed it back in. She made a soft groaning sound as the toy moved and her hips fluttered and shook.

“I can get off just doing that, but there’s something I like cebeci escort better,” Tina whispered and then flicked the little switch on the end of the toy. Christy could hear the muted humming buzz. Tina’s hips jerked and she moved the end of the toy in a slow circle.

“Oh yeah, that feels even better,” Tina said in a groaning whisper. Her fingernail flicked the little switch again and the buzzing got louder and faster. Tina’s body jerked and her knees came up and spread wider. “Oh hell, yes,” she said loudly and emphatically.

Christy watched wide-eyed as the toy moved slowly forward until just the end with its cap was showing. Tina’s hips were bucking and jerking as she rotated the end of the toy. She suddenly pulled it most of the way out and jammed it back in.

About the third time she did, her thighs slammed together and she tried to sit up with her feet and knees still in the air. She was trying to curl up around the toy but her stomach muscles were jerking and twitching like mad.

Christy’s mouth dropped open at the intensity of her friend’s orgasm. “Holy shit, get you some girlfriend,” she whispered a few seconds later.

Tina was starting to relax a little when Christy suddenly realized that she had two fingers stuffed in her own pussy. She did not remember doing it but since they were there, why not use them. She rubbed her g-spot and whimpered softly. Her eyes on the toy still planted in Tina’s pussy added fuel to her fire.

A tapping on the window behind her head caused Christy to jump and jerk her fingers out of her pussy. She twisted in the seat and then groaned loudly. A cop was standing outside, a female cop at that. She heard Tina gasp loudly and then they were both scrambling to get dressed.

The cop tapped on the window again and said, “It to late for all that, ladies.”

Christy rolled down her window and turned in the seat to face forward. She had her shorts covering her lap and her tube top pulled part ways up. “Can we help you officer?” She asked as she got the tube top in place.

“License, registration, and insurance if you please.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Christy replied as she grabbed her purse. Tina had her dress pulled down and was pulling the top up.

Christy passed her license over to the officer. “This is a learners permit.” The cop said leaning down and looking over at Tina. “Do you have a full drivers license?”

Tina shook her head. “No ma’am, mine is a permit also.”

“It’s my boyfriends truck, we were going to the lake to go swimming,” Christy said hurriedly.

“Uh huh, and the insurance card is where?” The cop asked.

“Uh, I don’t know.” Christy replied.

Ignoring Christy, the officer looked across at Tina, “I’ll need your ID also.”

Tina passed her license over.

“You two wait right here, I’ll be right back,” the officer said as she turned and walked back to her cruiser.

As she got out of earshot, Christy asked Tina, “What did you do with the toy?”

“Uh, it’s still where it was a minute ago,” she whispered in reply and then squirmed. “It’s still on high.” Tina squirmed again and asked, “Do you think she saw me?”

“Well, duh, how could she miss you with your feet sticking up and a purple vibrator stuffed in your pussy.”

“I need to turn the damned thing off. Keep a watch so I can,” Tina said spreading her knees.

Christy glanced in the rearview mirror and said, “To late, here she comes back.”

Tina moaned and closed her legs. “This is not good.”

The officer approached the window and leaned over to look at Christy. “Now, what are you two young ladies doing parked here?”

“We, uh, we….” Christy stammered. Her brain could not think of anything to say that would help.

Looking over at Tina she asked, “What’ve you got to say?”

Tina shook her head and bit her bottom lip.

“You don’t have any weapons on you, do you?” The officer asked.

Tina and Christy both shook their heads.

“Maybe I should check to make sure,” the officer said and then walked around to Tina’s side of the truck. She tapped on Tina’s window. “Would you mind getting out over here, both of you?”

Tina opened her door and slowly turned in the seat. She didn’t know what would happen to the vibrator if she stood up. With it just vibrating in her pussy, her stomach muscles kept twitching. With a soft whimpering moan, Tina slipped off the seat and stepped out of the truck.

The officer looked at her sharply. “Move over there and put your hands on the side of the truck. Stay there while I get your partner out.”

Looking at Christy she nodded, “Your turn.”

Christy held her shorts over her lap as she moved over to the passenger seat. As she started to get out the officer said, “You can leave those right there on the seat.”

“Do I have to?” Christy asked.

“Yes. Now, get out here and assume the position next to your friend.”

Christy dropped the shorts and did as she was told. She placed her hands on the truck and leaned kolej escort on them.

“Take a half step back and spread your legs,” the officer said as she patted Christy’s hip.

When she did, the officer’s hands came around her body and squeezed her breasts once. Then a hand was between her legs and a finger slipped into her vagina. Before Christy could complain, the hand was gone.

“Now you,” the officer said tapping Tina on the shoulder. When Tina did not move, she added, “Take a half step back and spread your feet apart.”

Tina whimpered as she moved one foot back and then the other. “I don’t want to spread my feet.”

Don’t give me a hard time,” the officer said. “Right now I’ve just got you for no legal drivers license and no proof of insurance. Don’t make it any more of a problem.”

“I can’t spread my feet,” Tina whispered nearly in tears.

“Why not? Is there a medical problem?”

“No. No sir, uh, officer, I don’t want to drop something,” Tina said in a rush and with a deep blush.

The lady cop quickly grabbed Tina’s left arm and pulled it around behind her. She pressed Tina forward with her body weight as she slapped a cuff on her left wrist. A moment later, she snapped the cuff on Tina’s right wrist. She used her left hand to pull Tina’s wrists up between her shoulder blades as she stepped back.

Using her left hand to bend Tina forward and against the truck, the cop said, “Spread you legs and spread them now.” Her right hand lifted the back of Tina’s dress up over her ass.

Tina shifted her feet a little wider.

“Wider,” the cop said and used her right foot to press on Tina’s ankle.

As Tina’s foot moved over, the toy suddenly started to slide out of her pussy. Tina moaned and the cop grabbed the toy, stopping its movement.

“Well, what do we have here, a concealed weapon,” the officer said. “Is it loaded?” She asked Tina as she pushed the toy back in and then pulled it out.

Tina gasped and then moaned.

“It doesn’t seem to be but you sure sound like you are,” the officer said with a chuckle.

Looking at Christy she added, “You said you had a boyfriend but you two look like a couple of little lesbian want-a-be’s out for a little crunch and munch.” She accented the last three words hard and slammed the toy in and out of Tina hard and fast. Tina moaned loudly and flexed her hips.

“It looks like your girlfriend likes it a little rough,” the cop said and fucked Tina roughly with the full length of the toy. When Tina went up on her toes and yelled the officer stopped.

“Yeah, she’d be perfect for a nice big strap-on. To bad I don’t have mine with me.”

“We’re not lesbians or anything like that. Tina was just showing me her toy. I’ve never used one. Heck, I never even touched one until today,” Christy said in a rush.

“Have you got something against lesbians?” The cop asked sharply.

“No, nothing like that. One of our best friends is a lesbian. We do everything together.”

“Everything huh. Do you eat her pussy?”

“No. I’m not gay, I’ve never done anything like that before.” Christy replied hotly.

The cop fucked Tina slowly but forcibly with the toy. “How about you Tina, have you ever licked a pussy? Have you ever eaten your lesbian friends pussy?”

Tina’s hips jerked and flexed at the toy driving in and then slowly pulling out of her sex. “No. No. Never.” Tina replied as her voice grew louder and went higher the longer the cop fucked her pussy.

“I’ll bet you anything that if I keep fucking you with this toy, you’ll end up doing anything and everything I want you to do.” When Tina shook her head the officer fucked her faster and harder. “Want to bet?” The officer asked with a chuckle.

“You can’t do this!” Christy said suddenly.

The lady cop looked at her hard. “You want to make a bet on that? I can call for backup and we can have a real party. How would you like that? Maybe another female officer and a couple of the guys? Have you ever pulled a train?”

“A train?” Christy asked in confusion.

“Yeah, a train. You know, like the sister officer eats you until you’re ready to pass out and then the two cops fuck you until you pass out. Then one of them fucks you again, while the other fucks you up the ass.”

“You can’t do that, I’d scream rape and sue all of you. Or rather my dad would.”

The cop laughed. “So who would they call to investigate? We’d be the ones to write it up as a rape investigation and then we’d bury the paperwork.”

Tina started to yell, her hips jerking and bucking back against the toy that was still fucking her hard. The cop laughed and pressed the toy home one last time and held it there. “This one would be so much fun to fuck for real.”

With a sigh, she pulled the toy out of Tina’s pussy slowly. Tina’s ass and hips shook the whole time. She shivered and sighed as the toy came free. The officer held the toy up to her nose and then licked at it like a lollypop.

“Yummy,” she whispered and then held it out to Christy. “Want a lick?”

Christy shook her head and the officer laughed.

Leaning over close to Tina’s ear, the cop whispered, “You have a very sweet tasting pussy.” When Tina whimpered softly, the officer added, “I wonder how hard you would come with me licking your clit while I fucked you with this thing.” Tina whimpered even louder but shook her head.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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