Hard Road of Love Ch. 02

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It was a sunny day and I thought I would pick up a few things at the market for lunch and go sit at the park. I wondered through the store not having any idea of what to eat for lunch. That’s when I saw her, leaning up to try and get a coffee pot from the top shelves. Her tiny ass still looked the same as that day in her office, but today she was wearing a pair of those great looking bike shorts.

I quietly moved behind her and pushed my hips into her tiny ass, sliding my hands around her bare waist I asked. “Could you use some help?” I whispered in her ear and gently kissed her neck.

She jumped with fear until my hands caressed her smooth, bare tummy. “Ummm, I Ummm, who are you?” she asked trying to turn and look at me but I hid my face in her long, wavy hair. “Please tell me who you are.” She begged in a little girl kind of voice.

I didn’t want to scare my sexy doctor that had helped me so much. “I told you that I’d get even for what you did to me in your office.” I said as my hands moved to gently caress and fondle her breasts.

“Oh my! Mr. Harris, how have you been?” she said turning to face me. She was so short my cock was pushing into her trim tummy. “I trust everything must be working good?” she said with a wink.

I leaned into her a little more to make sure she could feel how hard I was. Hell, it had been months since I’d even talked to a woman. “I’ve been good. I had a few problems but I’m better. So, do I have to call you Doctor or do you have a name?” I teased her running my hands through her great, long hair.

“I’m sorry, my name is, Ellie.” She replied with a big smile and she looked into my shopping cart. “Looks like you’re going out.”

“It’s such a nice day I thought I’d go sit in the park.” I said moving hands to her trim hips. “Are you busy, it’d be nice having a beautiful lady come with me.” I gave her a little smile and stuck out my lower lip.

She looked up to the coffeepot and said. “Help me get this down and I’d be more than happy to come with you.” She pointed up to the top shelf.

“Sure thing!” I replied pulling down the pot. “How’s the doctor business these days?” I asked her as I set it into her cart.

She had a frown on her pretty face. “Well, I’ve not been feeling to good and my boss thought I should take some time off until I’m better” she grabbed her cart and tried to pull away from me.

“What’s wrong with you?” I asked with a concerned look. “Are you OK now?”

She just shrugged her shoulders. “I’m better, that’s all that matters.” She patted me on the back. “Let’s go, it’s to nice to be inside.”

We paid for our things and went the park. “Almost every day I looked forward to having you come and see me.” She gave me a sad look. “I couldn’t wait for you to get ‘even’ with me.” She said as she rested her tiny body against me.

“I thought of it a lot, but I didn’t know if you’d get in trouble or not.” I gave Ellie a hug. “And, I had two really good friends just disappear.”

Ellie turned to look at me. “Really? What happened?” she asked with concern.

“Well, one was a very special lady. She is married to a person I’ve known since high school and the other was a girl I had fallen for in the blink of an eye. They both just disappeared.” I just gave her a hurt smile. “I’m over it now.”

Ellie just laughed a little. “No you’re not, I can see the hurt in your eyes. You can’t hide anything from me.” She said with a giggle and moved back into my arms.

“You’re just to darn good.” I returned the laugh and we sat together watching little kids play in the sandbox. “Do you want to walk around the pond?” I asked as I slipped my right hand on one of her thighs and gently caressed her as I waited for her reply.

She gave me a distant look and it was as if she didn’t know me. I could see that she was thinking very hard about something. “Ummm, I ummm, I guess.” Ellie said as her mind was still trying to think of something.

“Are you all right?” I asked as I stood up and picked up our trash. Looking from the corner of my eye, I saw that Ellie had fallen down. “Hey girl! Don’t be getting hurt.” I teased her and helped Ellie stand up.

A kind of crooked smile came over her face like one side of her mouth wasn’t working right. “I won’t, but if I do, I’m sure you’ll take good care of me.” She said moving against my side and we walked around the pond, watching the ducks and swans swimming around.

“What line of work are you into, Clint?” Ellie asked as we sat under a nice shade tree. She had turned so we could sit face to face and very close.

I pulled her tiny body as close to me as we could get. “That’s much better.” I said smiling at her. “I’m the proud owner of, Sunshine Moving Company.”

“Oh, I see your trucks all the time. You must do very well?” she asked looking at my face and waiting for my reply.

I caressed her thighs again and said. “If it hadn’t been for my very good employees, I’d be in the bread line by now. I really fell apart kartal escort when my friends disappeared.” My hand moved a little closer between her legs. “They did such a great job.”

A small moan came from her body when my hand moved between her legs. “Are you trying to play ‘Doctor’ with me?” she said with a big grin. “Most guys I meet want me to be the doctor, none of them ever want to be my doctor.” She had a little, teasing frown.

“You’re kidding? I’d love to be your doctor!” I replied moving my hand to cup her warm pussy. “I’d have to do a ‘full’ examination on you.” I said winking at her and thinking how nice it would be to play with her.

She looked into my eyes. “What would your examination consist of, Doctor?” she asked spreading her legs a little more.

“A good breasts exam and a very professional pelvic.” I said looking to Ellies’ pretty face and saw that I had embarrassed her.

She got a serious look on her face and said. “I had somebody I loved hurt me very bad, when I needed him the most, he just walked away from me.” Her hand caressed the side of my face. “I can’t just do a one night stand, I really need a man that will love me and not run out on me when I need him.”

I held her hand in mine. “I think you are one of the most beautiful and sexy things I’ve ever met in my life.” I gave her a kiss. “I’d never leave you when you needed me.” I hugged her to me.

I felt Ellie sobbing in my arms. “Even if I got really sick?” she pulled away from me to look at my face. “Would you love me or just feel sorry for me and stay with me?” she lay back in my arms.

I gentle rocked her and replied. “I’ve been crazy about you since the first time I saw you.” I kissed the top of her head. “I’d love you no matter what!”

A big smile filled her face and her arms wrapped around my waist. “Thank you so much!”


Ellie and I saw each other every waking moment we could over the following months. Her pleasant ways filled my heart full of more love than I had ever known in my life.

I had awoke early one morning and had to call her. I dialed her number and waited for her to pick up. After about 20 rings, she answered. “What?” she said in a slurred voice.

“Hello beautiful. How’s my girl today?” I asked and waited for her reply.

I waited and waited for her to say something. “Who is this?” she asked in the slurred voice.

“It’s me, Clint. Are you all right?” I asked Ellie and started to get worried about her.

I heard a sigh come from her. “Oh, I’m sorry. I’m fine. I took a ummm, a migraine pill last night.” Her voice sounded better. “How’s my man today?” she asked with a little girl giggle.

“I’m fine now that I’m talking to you.” I said and looked down to see that my cock was also glad to hear from her. “I was wondering if you knew a pretty lady that would be interested in having dinner tonight and some very wild sex?” Ellie and I hadn’t been to bed with each other as of yet. We both wanted to make sure we loved each other for true love not just a roll in bed. And, I must say, I was going crazy I wanted her so bad.

I heard a giggle and she said. “I might, but if she does, it needs to be with a big, tall handsome doctor. She needs a good examination.” I heard her cover the telephone and giggle again.

“She’s in luck, I passed doctor school just yesterday and I’m looking for my first patient.” I said just as if I really meant it.

Another giggle came from her. “Wow, it takes most doctors 8 years in school and you did it in one day!” I loved hearing her little giggles; she sounded just like a young girl in love. “She says to pick her up around 6 tonight then.” Another small giggle. “And, she wants a nice hotel overlooking the beach.”

“Sounds good to me, tell her I’ll pick her up at 6.” I laughed and said. “I love you!”

“I love you, too!” and I heard her hang up the telephone.

I looked down to my hurting cock and said. “Tonight’s the night! I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to love on that beautiful lady.”

I made a reservation at best hotel on the beach. Our room would be on the 20th. Floor with a great view and we would have our dinner as we watched the sunset. Some dancing, great kissing and I would have the girl I loved all to myself.

Later that day I stood at Ellies’ door knocking and knocking. “Ellie, you in there?” I called out through the door. “Ellie, it’s me. Open up!”

After ten minutes of beating on her door, I finally heard the locks turning and the door opened. Ellie was still in her sexy nightgown and it looked like she had just gotten up. “Are you all right? I’ve been out here for ten minutes knocking.” I said looking at her face. I could see she had that funny, lost look in her eyes and the right side of her pretty face looked droopy.

Her mind was racing for some kind of a reply. “What date?” she said looking at me with a lost look in her eyes. “I don’t remember being asked out on a date.” She said with a puzzled look and she rubbed kartal otele gelen escort the side of her face.

I started to reach and hug her and she jumped backwards to move away from me. “What was your name? I know you but I just can’t place your name.” She said looking at me as if she did not even know who I was.

“Ellie! I’m Clint, the man that is madly in love with you!” I replied and really started to worry about her. The last few times we had been, out she had gotten that droopiness on her face but never this bad.

In addition, a big smile came across her face, but the right side still was not looking very good. “Oh, I’m sorry!” she said falling into my arms and her left arm hugged me. “I took another migraine pill and fell back asleep.”

I held her so that I could look at her pretty face. “Ellie, you looked like you had never seen me before in your life. And, the right side of your face looks droopy.” I gently caressed her face and gave her a little kiss.

“Oh, ummm, sometimes the pill will do that. It’s very common.” She stuttered out, pulled from me, and walked into her house. As I watched her wonderful ass covered in a sexy pair of pink panties, I also noticed she was limping on her right side and Ellies’ right arm looked like it was just hanging from her body.

My eyes watched as she walked to her kitchen. “Want some coffee?” she asked turning to give me a smile.

I followed closely behind her. “Sure, then I’d like a good evening hug and good kiss from my girl.” I said pulling her into my arms. “Oh hell, I want the kiss now”, I slid my tongue deep into her mouth, and my hands moved to hold her sexy ass. Her thin panties felt so good on my hands as I caressed every inch of her. I pulled my mouth from hers and said. “I want you so bad!”

“I can tell from that wonderful, hard thing in your pants.” And she started to rub it with her tiny hand. “I want you in me, but not until tonight!” she said pulling from me and moved to her coffeepot. “Where are we going tonight? To your place or back here?” she asked as she poured water into the coffeepot.

I watched her tiny ass as she moved around the kitchen and felt my poor cock straining to get free from my pants. “Well, you’ll have to wait and see. It’s a big surprise!” she turned so I could see her wonderful pussy. “You better get dressed before I loose control and take advantage of you!” I laughed giving her one last look over.

A big smile came across her face. “It wouldn’t be right a doctor of your upright status taking advantage of a young girl like me.” She giggled as she batted her big, brown eyes at me. “You have some coffee, I’ll be out as soon as I can.” She said blowing me a kiss and she walked to her bedroom making sure she wiggled her tiny ass for me to see. By this time, her limp was just about gone and her face was back to normal.


“Holly shit! You are beautiful!” Ellie had fixed her wavy brown hair on top of her head and she wore a black, very tight, fitting one-piece skirt outfit that looked like as if it were painted on her sexy body. It just did come to her stocking covered thighs and a pair of black high heels lifted her two inches higher in the air. I pulled her into my arms and couldn’t help getting hard as I felt the warmth from her body.

“Please tell me where you’re taking me!” Ellie said as she moved as close and said. “This is killing me!” she added with excitement in her voice.

“No way! You have to just wait and see.” I said sliding my hands under her short skirt and began to caress her. And we locked our mouths in a French kiss that lasted a good 15 minutes before we stopped. “We better go before we end up in your bed.” I said as I gave her tiny ass a love smack.

Ellie grabbed her behind and yelled. “Ouch! You big mean bully!” she pinched my cock and ran to the front door.

“I’m going to get you now girl!” I said taking off after her, laughing the whole time.

I drove to the beach and once there I told Ellie. “Close your eyes until I tell you to open them.” I looked to her excited face. “And, no peeking!” I said teasing her.

“I won’t look.” Ellie laughed and she covered her pretty eyes. I drove up to the hotel; it was the nicest one in town. “You can look now.”

I looked at Ellies’ face as she opened her eyes. “Oh Clint! This is going to be so wonderful!” Ellie said with gleam in her eyes and she gave me a big hug and a soft kiss.

“I’m glad you like it.” I returned her hug. “Wait till you see the room.” I said and gave Ellie a wink and moved my hand up her short skirt to her soft thigh.

A young bellhop opened my car door and said. “Welcome to the Ocean View!” he gave Ellie and I a fast look and when he saw my hand up her skirt, his face turned red. “Sorry, Sir, I didn’t mean to interrupt you and your beautiful wife.”

I got out of my car and walked around to open the door for Ellie. “It’s all right.” I patted him on the back. “Our bags are in the kartal eve gelen escort back seat and.” I held out my hand for Ellie. “She’s not my wife, but I hope to change that after tonight!”

Ellie gave me a hug and said. “I love you so very much!” we walked arm in arm to the front desk. After checking in, we followed the bellhop up to our room. “This is the best room we have.“ he said as he pushed open the double doors to our room.

“Oh Clint, this is so beautiful!” she said as tears ran down her pretty face and she grabbed me as hard as she could.

I hugged her back and looked at the bellhop, he gave me a ‘thumbs up’ and he smiled from ear to ear. “Sir, I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but you have one of the most beautiful ladies I’ve seen in my life!”

“I know that’s true and tonight she’s all mine!” I said caressing the side of Ellies’ face. “Be sure no one bothers us.” I said handing him a nice, crisp 50-dollar bill.

“And, I’ll give you another one if you can find some candles and a stereo for some romantic music.” Ellie said looking to the young bellhop.

He smiled very big and said. “Ma’am this room has a great stereo. It’s in here and there’s a bunch of candles.” He opened a cabinet to show us a big TV and stereo. “I’ll tune a good station for you.” He said as he went to working on the music.

I pulled Ellie back in my arms and we kissed like teens in heat. I opened my eyes to see our new friend watching us with eager eyes. I slipped my hands back under Ellies’ skirt and began to caress her, as I did, I made sure to pull her skirt to give him a good view of Ellies’ wonderful ass.

She figured what I was doing, puled from me, and slapped my arm. “You’ll have to forgive him, we’ve been going out for 6 months and this will be our first night together!” Ellie said looking to him and gave him another 50-dollars.

“Ummm, yes Ma’am.” The young boy said and he gave Ellies’ butt a fast look and gave me another ‘thumbs up’. “Thank you very much! If you need anything, I’m James.” And he left our room.

“How could you show him my butt?” she giggled and gave me a hug. “The poor kid!”

I laughed. “Hell, I’m sure that made his summer complete.” I put my hands back on her wonderful ass. “I know it’s going to make my life complete when I get it tonight.” “You’re so silly, but I love you so much!” Ellie said as she kissed me.


That night we had our romantic dinner on the balcony, watching the red sun slowly sinking into the ocean. We feed each other every chance we had and if a morsel of food happened to drop on one or the other, we made sure to lick it all off.

“Oh. I’m so sorry.” I teased Ellie when I just happened to drop a bite of my cheesecake on her slender left leg. We both looked down and watched the cool cake slide down Ellies’ leg and between her thighs. “Here, let me get that for you.” I winked and slid on the floor between her legs.

She began to giggle and said. “Ha-Ha, it made sure to go right to the heart of things, didn’t it?” her hands reached down to my face and Ellie guided my tongue to the cake. I licked up the front of her panties and she let out a soft moaned. “Oh my! Did that cake go that far down?” Ellie giggled again and spread her legs wider.

I licked and kissed every inch of her soft thighs and moved towards a wonderful smell. “Did you forget that you had a doctors appointment?” I teased her hoping that she still wanted me to play doctors with her.

A big smile filled her face and she jumped up. “Oh shoot! He’ll be here any second, I better go lie on the examining table.” She giggled as she ran to the bed. “What should I take off?” She teasingly asked me.

“I’d say just your skirt, he might want to make sure your clothes are fitting you good and not hurting that beautiful body of yours.” I said as I watched her unzip her tiny skirt.

She giggled at me and said. “I need to undress for my doctor.” And she pointed to the restroom.

“That will make your doctor happy.” I laughed, grabbing my gym bag I rushed to the restroom. I pulled out a lab coat that I had taken from her closet and put it on.

I was ready to take beautiful Ellie. We had waited for this night so long we both hurt inside. I lightly tapped on the bathroom door.

“Come in doctor!” Ellie laughed when she saw me wearing her lab coat.

I walked towards her, as she lie on the bed looking so sexy and tempting. “Hello Miss Rogers, what brings you in today?” I teasingly asked her as my eyes took in every inch of her beautiful body.

“I’ve been getting very strange feelings between my legs and I get so very warm and wet down there when I have feelings for a man.” She said as she fluttered her eyes at me. “I just smiled at her and replied. “Oh no, what kind of feelings?” I sat down beside her and waited for her to answer me.

A little smile came across her lips. “Just like now, I find you so very handsome. I start to get very warm and there is a strange tingling between my legs.” Ellie said giving me the sexiest look.

“Well, let me look you over and then we’ll see what’s wrong down here.” I said as I gently cupped her warm mound. “Sit up so I can look in your mouth. Open wide!” I said and my tongue went deep in her mouth as my hands moved to cover her breasts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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