Hardonis Academy P-2

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New Student’s First Day Part 2
By Victor Lavay

It sounded reasonable when Principle Lazlow said it, he had that kind of a voice. But a few moments later, when he was actually unbuttoning her blouse, Sandra started to have second thoughts. She struggled against the leather straps that held her arms behind the chair. This time she was trying to more calmly work her hands free, instead of wildly tugging at the bonds.

Lazlow noticed what the girl was doing, but was confident she would not escape. His assistant Violet had lots of experience tying boys and girls up. So he continued to open the front of the new student=s blouse, smiling as he saw that she was wearing a little lacy blue bra, to hold her small breasts in place. He ran his hands over her skin, admiring how fresh and firm she was. Sandra watched the Principle’s hands, afraid now to look into his eyes.

After a few moments of caressing his new student’s body, Principle Lazlow moves his fingers lower. With a pop and ziip, he opened her pants, exposing a blue pair of panties. “Be a good girl and lift your hips.” He instructed as he took hold of her pants. His intention was clear, he was going to pull them down. Sandra wondered desperately what she should do. How could she lift her hips, and allow this man, this stranger to strip her naked? But what if she resisted, would she be punished? What might they do to her?

To the young girl it seemed like an eternity as thoughts raced in her mind, what she might do to escape, what they might do to stop her, what she could say to the police, what she might tell her parents. But the principle’s words kept ringing in her ears A Your parents know exactly what goes on here. They gave permission for us to do all the things that we will be doing to you. Could it be true? Some how Sandra just knew that it was. At last she closed her eyes and did as she had been told. Her pants were quickly pulled down, to bunch up around her ankles.

Sandra sat, tied to the chair, her bra and panties exposed to the Principal of her new school. She felt so ashamed, but this was only the beginning. Principle Lazlow places his thumb on her cotton covered crotch, and gave her pussy a small rub. She gasped and opened her eyes. Looking down between her legs as the older man opened his hand, and began to stroke his fingers up and down. He pushed Sandra=s panties firmly against her little slit, up and down, over and over he rubbed her tender young pussy. When he took his fingers away a small wet spot was clearly visible on her Hello-Kitty panties.

Turning to his desk Principle Lazlow selected his favourite letter opener, one that was kept razor sharp. When he turned with the blade in his hand, Sandra=s eyes went wide. “What, what are you going to do with that?” she begged the question a plea for him not to do anything painful. Lazlow smiled “Do not worry, just hold very still” He cut the front of her bra in a skilful stroke of his right hand, as his left hand pulled it away from the startled little student. Sandra’s tiny tits were now fully exposed. She had been so proud when her breasts had finally started to develop, but now catching a reflection of herself in the office window, she realized that she still looked so much like a c***d.

Next, Principle Lazlow took hold of her panties, and pulled the waist band away from her left hip. He inserted the blade and in a flash, they were cut. He did the same on the other side, so that the crotch of her panties simply fell forward, opening, exposing the most privet part of her body to this man. Instinctively she squeezed her legs closed, trying to hide her little pussy. The Principle allowed her this modesty for a moment as he returned the letter opener to its place. When he turned around he said in a commanding voice “Spread your legs now.

Sandra hesitated, unwilling to do that. Calmly the Principle walked over to a draw beside his desk. From it he took two ropes, each with a loop already tied in them. He passed one to his assistant. Then almost in perfect unison, they put the ropes around Sandra=s thighs, threaded the loops, then ran the ropes over to rings inconspicuously set into the walls. “Ready sir.” Miss Violet said sweetly as she got set to pull. “Now please.” he answered her a second later. The adults had little trouble pulling the young girl=s legs apart, opening her against her will. She felt to helpless and humiliated having her pussy exposed like that. She kept repeating uselessly “You can=t do this. You can=t do this to me.” as they tied off the ropes securing her legs in the wide open position.

Principle Lazlow walked back in front of the panic stricken young student, as Miss Violet returned to her place near the door. “Now my dear, you are stripped and exposed, how do you feel?” he asked her, as he looked at her small body. “Please, please sir. Don=t do anything else to me. I don=t want to be… to be…” she could not finish the thought. “You don=t want to be violated, to be ****d, to be used like a fuck toy?” the Principle asked as he stepped between her legs. “You feel fear.” he stated as his hand slowly reached out towards her. “Fear of the unknown. Even though I told you exactly what I was going to do with you, you have no idea what it will be like, what it will feel like.” He put one hand on her shoulder, and the other on her chest, right over the girl=s heart, felling it racing fast. “Everyone is scared of the things they have never experienced.” He said soothingly, as his hand slipped down to caress Sandra=s breast. “We will let you free from all sorts of fears.” The voice that had been ominous just a few moments ago was now gentle and kind. The touch that she was so afraid of, was now warm and comforting, stroking her, making her feel good.

Lazlow slowly worked his fingers over the little student=s body, telling her to be calm and to enjoy. His skilful touch got her to relax to breath more regularly, and by the time his fingers moved down from her tummy to her nearly hairless pussy, Sandra was not resisting at all. Her legs twitched momentarily, but then she moved her hips slightly to offer herself to his fingers. It was a small movement, one that the girl was not even consciously aware of. But it was an important step.

Sandra had been watching the Principle=s face most of the time his hands were caressing her nearly naked body. But when his fingers began rubbing the soft sensitive folds of her puffy pussy lips, she could not resist looking down. Then leaning forward a little for a better view. It did not feel bad at all, and it looked so damn sexy. His strong slender fingers rubbing her, slipping and sliding as she grew more moist. Then he did it, he opened her lower lips, and pushed a finger up inside her. Sandra gasped loudly, making no attempt to control her self, she lifted a little off the chair, straining against the straps and ropes.

Principle Lazlow finger fucked his new student for several minutes, enjoying the gasps and moans she made, enjoying how her little pussy gripped his finger. Then he began rubbing his thumb against her tiny clit, intent on pushing her to the edge. Sandra climaxed hard and wet. Nearly screaming with the force that gripped her young body. It was the first orgasm she had that some one else had given her. Masturbating had been fun, and like most k**s her age she did it a lot. Her parents had never told her not to, never said it was dirty or sinful, simply that it should be done in privet. Now here she was cumming, with a man=s finger up her tight little cunny. Cumming in front of the Principle and his Assistant.

…more to be posted soon…
Let me know what you think.

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