He Hooks a Good One! Ch. 04

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Reading the previous chapters will make for better understanding. Strong sexual content.


Rob and J had spent a busy day. Rob had practiced with both of his arms in the morning and after lunch they ran a few errands. They got home, took a quick swim, showered and started to get ready for dinner with Sara that evening. J helped Rob put his stump socks on and then both of his prosthetic arms. He lifted her legs as she transferred out of her wheelchair to the bed. He put her braces along side of her and then helped with putting her legs into the braces. She let him put the Velcro bands around her legs together. He was learning how to use his arms very fast.

J raised herself to a sitting position and locked the hip joints of her HKAFO’s. She watched Rob put on his slacks, shirt and helped him with his bolo tie. He would put his jacket on later he said. J put on a satin sleeveless blouse and as she pulled herself up with the trapeze bar, Rob pulled the very short skirt up to her waist. He fastened the Velcro band at her waist. As he was sitting alongside J he leaned into her and gave her a long kiss. They looked each other in the eye for several long seconds and Rob said too bad he was already dressed. J said later…..

He helped J turn 90 degrees and let her lower legs bend down to the floor. The foot plates were up on her wheelchair so she un-did the drop locks at her hips and lifted herself with the bar and Rob pulled her over to her chair. Using her arms she lowered herself to the seat cushion. She put the foot plates down and lifted each leg up and placed it on the foot rest. She relocked her hips after she got situated in the chair. She was wearing low heels with nothing built up on the shoe so the right leg footrest was higher. She put the wide strap around the calves of her legs so they would not bounce off. She checked her hair in the mirror and added just a touch of lipstick and they were ready to go. Rob’s kiss had the desired effect and J’s large, puffy nipples on her D cup breasts were obvious in her blouse.

They arrived at Sara’s home on time and a beep of the horn brought her out to the van. She was dressed the way Rob had requested and was using fore arm crutches. She was using a swing through gate and as her feet hit the ground, her C cup breasts giggled. J remarked on how sexy she looked with her C-type prosthetic legs showing from beneath her short skirt. Just the end of her short stump sockets showed. The metal rod and knee joint led to her low heels. She said to him that she was glad Rob had not said to wear slacks and cover her legs.

Rob had gotten in the back of the van so it would be easier for Sara to sit on the front passenger seat and get her prosthetic legs into the vehicle. She turned and said hello to Rob and he told her she looked very sexy. He also thanked her for letting him pick what she wore tonight. Sara said she was glad she was with a handsome man and beautiful woman that could properly enjoy it. Sara looked at J and said that for a para with all that metal on her, she was not a bad looking gal. They all laughed as Rob and J knew she was attracted to amputees more than anything else.

When they got to the Country Club, the same things happened as last time. J’s van was directed to the curb and all three were greeted by name. Both J and Sara put light sweaters on so as to not flaunt their being without bras. There were lots of looks at them as they went through the entrance and hall to the dining room. The men were looking at J and Sara and several women looked closely at Rob. Several even nodded their head and smiled at him. He returned the gestures with a huge smile and mouthed thank you. The three severely crippled people did not seem to draw any displeasure from anyone.

When they got to the dining room they were again all greeted my name and shown to the same private room as the last time Rob and J were there. Again Ruth was their server. Rob was seated between the two ladies and they were at a small round table this time. Both of the women removed their sweaters and Ruth came in and greeted them like long lost relatives and asked if they wanted anything to drink. J spoke up and said they were celebrating tonight and some Champaign would be in order. She gave the year and brand and Ruth left to get them started.

Sara seemed shy tonight but finally said how much she wanted to thank her friend, partner and lover for all of the things J had done for her. She withdrew an envelope from her purse and handed it over to J. J opened it and was surprised at the amount of the check, that it was more than agreed upon by both of them when ataşehir escort the venture started. Sara said the extra amount was J’s share of the profits made lately. Sara said enjoy it as her share stopped tonight and they both laughed. Sara had given J a check to pay off what she owed her and now her prosthetic business was free and clear and Sara owned it lock, stock and barrel all by herself. J moved her wheelchair close to Sara and they both hugged and kissed. Ruth came in and poured their drinks and they toasted Sara’s continued success.

Ruth commented on Robs new arms and asked how he was doing. He said great and that she could judge for herself as he ate. They ordered and each one seemed to have a different idea of what they were going to eat tonight. While they were waiting, Sara filled them in on some new contracts she had gotten with different agencies and she might have to hire some help soon. Sara asked Rob if he might be interested in seeing what he might be able to do and work for her part time. Rob said that sounded great and they would get together and talk about it more. Rob told J and Sara how sexy they both looked tonight and had they seen all the looks they got. They both said they did, one of the things they lived for.

Sara asked Rob to take off his jacket so she could see him use his arms to eat. She was sitting next to his longer left arm and asked how it was working. She had added a lift assist to the forearm as most of the muscle was gone in what was left of the stump. He had trouble lifting anything with some weight to it. There was an upper arm cuff to help hold the arm on. He moved it around for her and she was pleased with her work. Rob moved his right arm around also. Its movement was more restricted because there was a shoulder joint involved. His right stump was so short it needed the additional support so the arm could not rotate.

Rob saw both women look at each other because he knew they became aroused seeing his arms working. Ruth served their meals and after J cut his meat for him they ate. He noticed Sara moving around in her seat and poor J could not being paralyzed from above the waist down. It was one of the few times he wished he had at least one finger to check for wetness on both of them. He smiled and winked at each of them several times during the meal as he brought food up to his mouth. Both of them had hard protruding nipples showing through their blouses. He used his left hook to adjust his erection in his pants.

Sara and Rob had one more glass of champagne with their meal but J declined because she was driving. On the way out J spoke with several people she knew and one lady withdrew a very short fore arm stump from her shawl so Rob could see it and mouthed thanks. They got back in the van and returned to J’s place. J said to Sara you’re going to spend the night with us right? Sara looked at J and Rob and said sure why not. They went out to the patio and talked for a while about what Rob might do for the business.

Sara said she needed to use the john and was one of J’s extra wheelchairs around as she wanted to get comfortable. J told her where it was and said they could all use a potty break and get comfortable. J and Rob went to their bedroom and he helped her get out of her clothes and braces. He asked just what “comfortable” meant and J said just like she was, naked. She asked Rob to sit by her for a minute. After he did she said can I assume you remember Sara and I are lovers. Rob laughed and said yes he had figured that out earlier and had no problem with it. Rob asked if he could join in and J said sure, I am quite secure in knowing how you feel about me. Rob asked if he should wear his arms and J said to just wear his right one. She and Sara wanted his left stump tonight.

They all arrived back at the pool at the same time. Since everyone knew what was going to happen that evening, J suggested they all get down on the workout mat under the canopy. Rob was thrilled with the idea as he wanted to watch the two women struggle a little to get out of their chairs and down to the mat. He asked them to go one at a time and they did. Sara did not have a lot of trouble, with only half a body she was light and nothing to get in the way. She scooted forward on the seat, lifted the footrest up, grabbed hold of the metal part that went down to the front casters and let herself down to the mat.

J had to move her legs forward, then her rear to the edge, spread her legs with her hands and then let herself down. Her legs flopped around but she was not the least bit embarrassed as she knew Rob liked to see this. Sara kadıköy escort bayan watched and enjoyed also. Sara moved on her hands over to J and they started kissing and rubbing each other’s breasts. J fell over backwards first because her hands were busy with Sara’s breasts and not holding her paralyzed lower body up. Sara started kissing J’s breasts and worked her way down to her smooth pussy. J was very wet and Sara loved the taste of her.

Sara worked her almost legless torso up on to J’s body and they went at each other at the same time in a 69. After they both got off Sara asked Rob to come join them. She told him he needed to use his Chinese dildo on her again. She said that right after he used it on her the other night, by the time she got home she needed it again. They all laughed and rolled around. Sara moved over to Rob and took his stump and put it between her leg stumps. He moved it around to get it lubed up and started pushing it in. She was so wet he had no problem getting it in all the way. She looked at him wide-eyed and said go for it and don’t stop. He did and at the same time J pulled herself over and started sucking on Sara’s large breasts.

Rob changed the angle of his stump in Sara several times trying to find the most stimulating position. He was sitting up at her bottom with her stumps up on his legs and as Sara started to orgasm for the second time he moved his hook over to her clit and not so gently bumped it several times. Sara arched her back so her butt came up off the matt and came for over a minute as Rob pumped her pussy with his stump. She finally put her hand down to his arm and stopped him from any further action. J moved her head up to kiss Sara but it was like she was in a trance.

J beckoned Rob over to her and said she was ready for her treat. They kissed and tongued each other and he worked his way down to her large breasts. He kissed and sucked her large very puffy areolas and nipples. He worked them over good and moved down to her clit. Using his arm and leg he pushed her thighs apart and jackknifed her legs beside her hips. With paralyzed muscles J could get her legs into strange positions without hurting her. This left her pussy wide open to Rob. He started licking and sucking her lips and clit. Her paralyzed pelvis stayed still but her upper body was reacting to the pleasure she was giving her.

After he got her juices running good he sat up and moved his stump to her vagina. He rubbed it around in the liquid and very gently started pushing it in. He did it slowly and pulled it back out some several times to get more liquid on it. He was finally able to get it all the way in and J had not complained at all. She was up on her elbows watching him do her. After a couple of minutes of him pumping his stump in and out of her, J let her head fall back and came. Rob could feel her vag muscles clinching his stump. She fell on to her back and he slowed the stroke down for a while. Her hands went up to her nipples and started pulling on them and Rob picked up the pace again.

When he felt she was almost there he did the same to J as he had done to Sara; he hit her clit with his hooks and she exploded. She finally put her hand down to stop the pumping and Rob pulled out of her. She just laid there like Sara had done, with a great big grin on her face. Rob lay between the two girls and wondered who would be next and what they would want. Sara had started moving around and saw that Rob was not doing anything. She moved over next to him and gave him a big kiss and said thanks. He said my pleasure and any time. She moved closer and put her breast in his face.

She moved her breasts back and forth so he could work both nipples over. Sometimes she had to hold them in place for him as he had no arms or hands to do the job. Sara said that when J got her senses back she wanted to be on top of Rob sitting on his cock. That was one thing she missed being able to do not having any legs. J finally moved around and watched Rob working Sara’s nipples over. She pulled herself over to them and asked what was up. Sara lifted Rob’s cock and said she wanted to sit on it and would she help her. J said she had the desire to do the same thing so they would both help each other attempt it.

Sara reached back to her purse and pulled out a ring. She lifted Rob’s cock again and slid the ring down to right on top of his balls. She said she hoped the cock ring would help keep him hard long enough for both of them to ride him for a while. Sara said she had heard about Rob’s vasectomy and did it still hurt. Rob said no, he was alright with the plan. J escort maltepe suggested they move over to the area of the exercise table and the girls could use the trapeze bar to hold on to and be able to lift themselves up and down on his cock. J used the remote to move the bar out over the mat and showed Sara how to work it in case any adjustment was needed while she was ridding Rob.

J helped Sara get up on to Rob and as she moved back J guided his now very hard, purple cock into her. She settled down on it and pulled herself up and down on it. Rob was able to move his hips some to thrust into her and J helped her stay on him. J was on her side since she was unable to sit up but could still reach up and massage Sara’s breasts as she was getting screwed. She finally came and almost let go of the bar but managed to get off without falling. She said that was great and was looking forward to doing it again sometime.

The cock ring was keeping Rob big and hard and J was anxious to have it in her. It took a little more doing to get her paralyzed bottom half up on Rob and her legs alongside his hips. She lifted up and Sara guided Rob into J’s pussy. J was able to lift herself enough to cause Rob to slide in and out of her and with Rob being able to do some thrusting she was able to get her clit in contact with him. Sara did the same thing and rubbed J’s breasts and nipples. J was really turned on by watching what Sara had done and with the clit and breast stimulation she came hard. Sara was able to hold on to her and J said that was something she thought she would never be able to do and had never done. Like Sara she wanted to do it again.

Rob asked J to do it some more as he was close to Cumming. J said you don’t have to ask twice and she started ridding Rob again. It only took a couple of minutes and Rob was able to shoot a big load into J which promptly set her off again. Sara was able to help J off and saw that Rob was still mostly hard. Sara got him in her mouth and deep throated him to get all of the juices that everyone had contributed. She then spread J’s legs and cleaned her up. She moved her pussy around where J could get to it and the girls finished like they had started.

After a few minutes of rest and quiet Rob said he needed a swim. Sara helped him take his arm off and said she would join him. J said she would be right behind them. They had a good time splashing and ducking each other. After about 30 minutes they decided it was time to get out. Rob asked J to let them see her go up the steps to her wheelchair instead of using the lift. She knew they liked to watch her struggle and see her legs flopping around as she made her way up. Rob got hard watching her and since Sara was sitting on his bended leg, she noticed and started pumping him with her hand. Rob played with her breasts as she did so.

J made it up the stairs and scooted a short distance to her chair. In one motion she lifted herself up into the seat. Rob and Sara applauded her great upper body strength. They went into the kitchen and something cold to drink and seeing the time decided a shower and bed might be the best idea. They all got into the shower together and took turns washing each other. After they dried off J asked Sara to sleep in bed with she and Rob. It did not take any arm twisting for her to agree.

Sara ended up between J and Rob in bed and soon J was kissing her and rubbing one of her breasts. Rob sucked on the other for a while and then moved down between her stumps. He started to lick and kiss her pussy and soon went for her clit. Between the two of them stimulating her, Sara soon started to orgasm. When it was over, since it was easier for him to move on the bed, he worked his way to between J’s legs. Sara returned the favor of J having kissed and sucked on her breasts. J’s large nipples seemed to have a direct wire to her clit and with Rob down there working it over she came twice in no time, one right after the other.

After J came back to earth she asked Sara which end of Rob she wanted. Sara said his cock as J had his cum the last time. Rob moved around so he could kiss J and Sara took him into her mouth. She loved to have a cock in her mouth and to make one shoot in her mouth. She worked his shaft and balls over, seeing where the incisions were, she took it easy on them. She loved to deep throat and sucked Rob all the way down. J was kissing Rob and whispering things in his ear like what she was going to do to him in the future. Things she had never done before and wanted to try with him. One of them surprised Rob about the same time as Sara took him deep in her throat. She felt him jerk and get even bigger and pulled back so he came in her mouth. She wanted to taste his cum. He gave her a couple of pretty good squirts and immediately went limp. She cleaned him off and moved up to his head with J.

Everyone was pretty well spent and they fell asleep.

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