He Suprises His Honey Ch. 01

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Dave laid in bed after sodomizing his hot, submissive girlfriend, Sue’s bravery and creativity had opened the door to them discovering together that they were perfectly suited to each other – in bed and out. She opened herself up to try things he had always fantasized about to discover that she was truly as submissive as he was dominant.

He had been remembering the night he shared her with his friend Tom a few weeks ago. It had been one of the most incredible sexual experiences of his life. He had been talking about it since that night, fantasizing about another such experience. Sue had enjoyed it, too, but seemed hesitant to try it again. Of course, he thought she was against the idea in the first place – until she had surprised himself and Tom tied to a chair in a sexy little corset!

“Of course, I probably wouldn’t have picked Tom. He really surprised me, though. He got way more into that I would have expected.”

“Tell me about it! Even you have only spanked me that hard a few times – and not on your first time doing it! Some of the crop marks just faded completely!” Dave laughed delightedly.

“Yeah, he was pretty into it. I can’t believe how hot it was to watch him use you like that!”

“Mmmm. I was comfortable enough to put myself in that position because I thought he wouldn’t get too rough – that he would be game enough to join in, but not get too out of control. Man did I underestimate him!” Dave laughed even harder.

“I am glad you did! It was so god damned hot watching the things he did to you. I want more! I want to do it again!”

“I know, but if Tom was that rough – I’m nervous. It was great, and I am really glad we did it – but I am scared. Who would you choose to share me with?”

“Mmmm. I have thought a lot about that. Maybe Wade. He would go mad for a shot at you – and to be allowed to do the things I do to you…”

“Wade? Are you kidding me? I can’t imagine the condition I would be in after a session with him! Easy going Tom pushed me to my limit – Wade? Your crazy!”

“How about Andy?”

“If he weren’t freakishly huge, maybe – he is a nice guy, but he is strong as an ox and nearly as big. Just imagine the size of the dick that goes with the rest of that giant! Again, if easy going, average size Tom could lose control that completely – imagine what that giant could do if he lost it!”

Sue could see the wheels spinning behind Dave’s intense eyes. He wasn’t giving up on either of those two guys joining them some time.

“Paul – not too wild, not too huge…”

“Not too friendly. He barely acknowledges me when he is in our home – like a woman isn’t worth conversing with. I’m not sure why, but I think he scares me more than the other two together!”

“I think it would be fantastic to share you with any of them. They are all guys who could really add to our …. enjoyment of our special relationship. You look so sexy with a red swollen ass – tied down and helpless. And the sexy sounds that come out you! You know what we need to do? Let’s go up to the cabin again, where we don’t have to worry about the neighbors – I can do all the things I love to do to you, and you can make all the noise you want. A symphony of moans and cries! It could be so good.”

Sue was relieved he was on to something new – off the idea of sharing her with men who scared her, and on to just the two of them doing something they would both really love!

“Sounds great. When do you want to go?”

“How about next weekend? You can go up ahead on Friday, I can come up after work.”

“Mmm. I can get the groceries in, and start dinner. I am really looking forward to this.”

“And maybe another sexy little outfit. Go shopping. I love when you come up with one of those inventive little corsets. That pink one with all the rings was fun! Can you find something that even outdoes that?”

“Oh, I can give it a try.

A week and a half later, Sue drove up to the cabin. The only clothes she packed were three little lingere outfits that she was sure would drive Dave insane. She was wet with anticipation. Dave had been really busy at work lately – they hadn’t “played” in kuşadası escort more than a week.

Sue put the groceries away. Dave had done the shopping yesterday, and put the bags in her car before he left for work. She laughed at him as she put the massive amount of food away. Did he think they would be stranded here until spring? He had enough beer for weeks. Sue opened up the rooms and brought in some firewood. She tried to get a fire started, but the wood was too large and she had nothing to start it with. Oh well, it was chilly – but not freezing, and Dave always had a few newspapers floating around his car. He could start it when he got here. When she thought it was close to the time Dave would be arriving, she took off the jeans and sweater. The cabin was chillier than she realized as she slipped into the silver-grey satin corset. It left her ass bare and pushed her tits up and out while it didn’t quite cover her nipples. Dave would love this one. It had nasty little nipple-clamps attached to what looked like a decorative silver chain draped across the front. She put those fun cuffs on her arms just above her elbows that her wrists could be snapped into. She added cuffs to her ankles that had rings on them that could be attached to just about anything in the room that caught Dave’s active imagination. Her heels were five inches tall and she could hardly walk in them. Somehow, in the chilly cabin she felt even more exposed that usual. She placed Dave’s favorite paddles, crop, dildos and butt plugs around the room. When she heard the car on the gravel road in front of the house, she knelt just inside the door. It was cold enough now that she shivered just a little, her nipples hard in the chilly cabin and sticking out towards the door.

Dave arrived at the cabin in a state of arousal. This time, he would surprise Sue. She was afraid of letting any one of the three guys in the car share her, but all three would really push her limits! He was confident that she would ultimately enjoy the next few days. He hushed the rowdy guys as they parked the car – not wanting her to realize they were here until she saw them. The guys were primed and ready – unlike Tom, knowing in advance what was being offered. All three of them had expressed, usually crudely, what a lucky bastard Dave was to have a hottie like that to fuck. When he revealed just how lucky he was, that that hottie was submissive, liked to be spanked roughly, and fucked in the ass and shared – they were awestruck. They agreed to his rules and not to harm her, thrilled to be invited to enjoy her for an entire weekend.

Opening the door quickly, and allowing all four men to step in before Sue could react, Dave grinned at the shocked woman on her knees at her feet.

“Damn, Dave. You weren’t shitting us! She really is waiting on her knees dressed for fucking!” exclaimed Wade.

“Dave, what did you do? I’m not ready for this.” Sue whispered to Dave.

“Sure you are, baby. You’re just nervous. You would be crazy not to be. Trust me, we’re all going to have an amazing weekend. Just go with it.”

“Not like I have much choice, do I?”

“That’s my girl. Turn around, let me snap your cuffs on.” Sue, trembling, turned her back to Dave and let him secure her arms tightly behind her. He felt her trembling, and it thrilled him. He placed his hands around her, reached up and fondled her tits. She met the eyes of the three men staring at her, and was torn between terror, and the excitement building deep inside. Dave squeezed her tits, then ran his hands down between her legs, “Remember, this warm, sopping wet hole is off limits. Mouth and ass only.”

“Dave, there are so many of you – and a whole weekend. I don’t think my ass can take all that. Don’t you think it will be too much?”

“I’m counting on it!” He placed his hands on her shoulders, and firmly pressed down, pushing her to her knees. He stepped around her, and pressed his familiar dick into her mouth. She tried to forget what was to come, and just sucked on that familiar cock. Wade was the first to approach. He stepped behind her and reached down to kneed her soft breasts. He wasn’t terribly kuşadası escort bayan rough, and she relaxed just a little. Dave pulled out of her mouth, and pulled her up to her feet. He lead her over to an ottoman, and laid her over it. Her head and tits dangled over one side, her legs over the other. Dave handed out some of the toys he used for spanking her. A paddle, a long flexible flat flogger and the crop. Paul grinned and pulled his wide leather belt out of the loops.

“I’m and old fashioned sort of guy. There is nothing like a well worn leather belt for whipping a sweet little ass.” It occurred to Sue that this was why they hadn’t played this week – he wasn’t tired out from work, he was making sure she was fresh for his little party weekend.

Paul started things off with a wicked swipe of his belt. She howled. Sue never cried out this early in a spanking – but the fear and sting of that evil belt pulled it out of her. Hell – the whole point of doing this here was so that she could make noise.

All four guys let out a hearty laugh at her reaction to the belt. “Nice start,” said Dave. Andy swung the flogger. It had a deeper burn, not as sharp ad the belt, but wicked all the same. Wade didn’t want to be outdone, and really walloped her with the paddle. Again, she cried out in pain. The paddle was usually the implement that Dave used the most, enjoying the all-over color it gave her ass. Dave gave a firm hit of the crop, right at the bottom of one cheek – he knew where she was most sensitive. The guys fell into a steady rhythm. Sue’s cries and the sound of the various items striking her flesh filled the silence of the night in the woods.

They stopped, seeming to all know at once that this part of the program was finished – for now. She had no doubt that with an entire weekend to play, she would find herself in this position again.

Dave helped her to her feet. Her ass felt swollen and it throbbed. She could just imagine the array of angry colors in her flesh. They had spanked not only her ass, but down the back of her thighs. Dave had never done that, but given how colorful they probably were, and how sore, she was sure he would land a few blows there on future spankings.

All three of Dave’s “guests” sat down. She was sent to get beers for the guys, they had apparently built up quite a thirst spanking her. While they relaxed, Dave pulled her to the floor at his feet, and pulled out his cock. Sue knew just what he wanted. She took his rigid pole into her mouth and started to suck as she worked her way down. He would want to show off how deep he could make her take it, and she wouldn’t disappoint. After a few minutes of sitting back and enjoying her efforts, he gripped her hair and took control of the blowjob. He fucked her mouth deep, pausing with his cock all the down her throat so the guys could hear her gag. As he eased her up they heard her gasp for air. Eventually, this was too tame for him, so he stood up and turned her body so she sat her bruised ass on the floor with her head lying back on the chair Dave had just left. He rammed his cock into her from this angle – forcing it deep, making her struggle for air as she concentrated on not gagging. The other three guys leaned forward, fascinated by the scene. Dave figured her ass was going to take a lot, so he let the orgasm build in his balls and released into her mouth, pulling back to deposit most of his cum in her mouth. She captured it there. He let her sit up, then fell back into his chair, Sue still at his feet. “Turn around and show everyone,” he commanded. She opened her mouth and showed her audience the huge mouthful of cum. “The thing that makes this so hot, is I know how much she really hates the taste and texture of cum,” he told the other guys. “Swirl it around, really make sure you coat your whole mouth with it.” Grimacing, Sue obeyed. He waited even longer that usual, before finally granting her permission to swallow it. Some dare-devil demon inside her decided to play with them a little. She swallowed small amounts of it, making disgusted faces as she did. She could see that all four of them savored how unpleasant escort kuşadası she found it. “Time to suck some new dicks. Why don’t you start with Wade?” Dave suggested. Again, as long as they were going to do whatever they could think of to her, she decided to play in to it. She stumbled to Wade on her knees. Without her hands, she had to wait for him to open his fly and pull his erection out for her. She brushed her sensitive nipples against his jeans while he fumbled with his belt. Paul and Andy nearly drooled.

Wade pulled out a respectable cock, slid to the edge of his seat and grasped Sue’s hair on either side of her head and pulled her face to his hard-on. She sucked on the head for a bit, then started to slide down his cock. After a few minutes of this, he started to take control, pulling her head down deeper and deeper, feeling her soft throat convulse around the head. He was a little easier to take than Dave, but he was rough and fucked her face until he felt his load boiling in his balls. He followed Dave’s cue and deposited it her mouth. She wanted to spit sooo bad. His cum tasted really bitter, much worse than Dave’s, but she did what she knew they wanted – what for some reason seemed to thrill the shit out of them. She held it in her mouth and repeated the little show Dave had made her perform.

Next she crawled as best she could on her knees to Paul. She looked into his cold eyes, and shivered – suddenly remembering that she hadn’t been able to start a fire, and the guys all wore jeans and heavy sweaters or flannel while she was nearly naked. Paul pulled out a cock that was as thick as Dave’s and just a bit longer. Her jaw already ached a bit. Paul stood up, and Sue shivered, knowing this would be more intense than either Dave or Wade’s blowjob. He didn’t wait for her to start off slow. He grabbed a handful of hair on top of her head rested her head against the rough stone wall behind her. She wouldn’t be able to back up even the slightest bit, and he wouldn’t need to pull her head back and forth – just keep it steady. He shoved his dick into her mouth – steadily pushing until he felt her throat struggling to deny him entry. He paused, enjoying the sensation, then pushed even more into her and held himself there. She started to see spots behind her eyes – so desperate to breath. He pulled back a bit – he had apparently made some sort of point, then commenced the face-fucking. He was brutal and he lasted longer than Wade, or even Dave. When it came time for him to come – he didn’t play any games with making her hold it for him. He shot most of it down her throat, making her realize that as bad as it tasted, it was easier that way than to have it flow straight down. She gagged and some came out her nose, so the taste was even more prevalent. It wasn’t bitter like Wade’s, but it was strong and unpleasant. She slid to the floor – the back of her head feeling as bruised as her lips from pressing firmly against the stone.

Andy got up and came to her. He pulled her to the middle of the floor and leaned back against one of the over stuffed chairs. Pulling Sue’s face to his huge cock, she whimpered just looking at it. He stroked her hair like a pet, and pressed his cock to her lips. Sue opened her mouth and took the head, licking and sucking. When Andy resisted the impulse to take control, Sue got braver – opening her mouth as wide as she could and sucking more of his massive dick into her mouth. He eventually gave into the urge to grab her hair, but he didn’t attempt to shove her face all the way down. Sue sucked and licked enthusiastically – trying to get him off without having that monster shoved into her throat. It took longer to get him to come that way, and when he did she couldn’t contain all of the cum in her mouth. He didn’t make her show everyone the massive load, but he made her hold and swish it around – telling her he wanted to make her taste him. His was more like Dave’s; just thick and slimey and bitter enough to be unpleasant. He made her hold for it quite awhile and told her to swallow like she did Dave’s – savoring the objectionable taste. Once she had swallowed it all, he instructed her to lick the cum that she had dripped out from his legs and the floor. She looked at him, then bent to obey. So far this weekend was fantastic. Then Andy whispered to her “by the time we leave here, you will deep throat this cock, baby.” She looked at him, fear written across her features – and hoped he was right.

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