He took me_(2)

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This is a sequel of my previous story “Groped in the bus, humiliated in the forest”. I hope you like it.

I never told anybody about what happened. Especially not to my girlfriend. Speaking of her, let me describe her. Her name is Susan, she is 10 cm smaller than me, green eyes, has black hair, cup B and a quite slender body. She’s 19 years old and we’re dating for 8 months now.

On a lazy Sunday morning we had just finished sex in my room and were cuddling, when my phone suddenly rang. I looked at the screen and saw an unknown number. I answered.


“Hello”, a very familiar said. “Do you remember me?”

“Y-yes, hang on.”

“Sorry babe, it’s my boss.”, i said to Susan and walked out of the room to the bathroom, which I locked.

“Hi”, I said nervous. “Eeehm.”

“So, are you ready to be fucked like the bitch you are?”

“Y-y-yes”, I stuttered.

“Y-yes what?”, the voice of the man said.

“Ehm, yes, I’m ready to be fucked like the bitch I am.” A long pause followed, after which I said When?”

“This evening, 7 PM. You know the place. Be there”, the voice said and hung up.

My heart raced, I would see him tonight! For four days I was fantasising about meeting the mysterious man which cock I sucked in the forest. I never told my girlfriend, who knew what she might think of it.
I walked back into my room and said to Susan: “Sorry babe, have to go to work at 7 P.M., apparently someone is sick and I’m the only one in town at the moment.”

“The only one?”, she asked. “That’s odd.”

So after breakfast and one last fuck we parted. I took the bus to the village where I “met” the man, and when I walked to the gates I saw him waiting for me in front of the gates. When he saw me, he pointed to a grey car parked a few meters from the gates.

“Get in the front passenger seat”, he ordered.
I took my seat, and a few seconds later he took the drivers seat. We started driving through the countryside. Neither of us said anything, but after five minutes he broke the silence:

“So, this evening you are my obedient little girl, like last time. Here are the rules. First: do not break the rules, or you will be punished. Second: from now on you will call me ‘sir’. Third: you can tell nobody of this, except when I tell izmir escort bayan you so.”

I nodded.

“Why isn’t your girlfriend here? I was hoping I could fuck her too.”

“I, I forgot.”

He parked the car next to the road and slapped me on my cheek.

“Remember the second rule bitch!”, he said.

“I am sorry sir. I forgot to invite my girlfriend sir.”

“That’s better”, the man said and drove on. “To make up for your mistake you can start sucking my cock again.”

I eagerly bent to his crotch, zipped open his pants and took out his cock. It was just as I remembered it, solid, strong, beautiful. I jerked it off at first, for maybe 15 seconds, but when it was hard he immediately put his hand on my head. I led his hand guide my head down and I started licking him. The same smell was there, the same pleasure of pleasing a man with my lips and tongue. With my right hand I held on the chair for balance and with my left I held his hard cock. At first I licked his head, than his shaft but I couldn’t control myself and soon started taking him into my mouth. It felt great, and to show that I quietly started moaning.

“Sounds like you like it just like last time.”, he laughed. He left the road and drove up to a house where he parked to car. “You may stop bitch” With disappointment I stopped and got up to see a two-floor house. It was surrounded by trees and looked quite new and cosy. From the driveway I could see a little garden.

We got out of the car and walked to the back door. He opened it and we walked through the door to his kitchen. Everything was clean and modern, like it was installed only yesterday. He led me through to the living room, where I saw a large television, 2 leather sofas, a cupboard full of books and a lazy chair. He sat down on the lazy chair and gave me an order:

“Okay bitch, first of all, you are going to take everything off again, except – just like last time – your underpants and socks, understood?”

“Yes sir”, I replied.

“There’s a good girl.”

I took everything off and lay it on the ground. Although this was not the first time I undressed myself before this man who’s name I didn’t even knew, my face reddened.

When I was finished he said:
“Good. Now get my a beer from the fridge.”

I obliged buca escort and handed him a beer.

“Okay, now you can continue with sucking my cock bitch.”

While the man was grinning and drinking his beer I got on my knees before him, took of his belt, unzipped his pants again and took out his cock, which was still hard. I started sucking, slurping, moaning. I loved it, I loved how this man was dominating me, humiliating me, I loved to pleasure him and to oblige al his orders. His hand was pushing me, forcing my eager mouth to take his cock. After a minute or two he said:

“You like to use your mouth for my pleasure, don’t you little girl?”

I pulled his cock out of my mouth and said: “yes sir”.

“Yes sir what?”, he mockingly said.

“Yes sir, I like to suck you with my slutty mouth.”

“So I see. Stand up.”

I stood up.

“Walk to the kitchen slut.”

When we reached the kitchen he grabbed me by the shoulders and pushed me to the table. There I lay, almost naked on a strange kitchen table, my cock standing right up, still catching my breath from sucking his lovely cock. I heard how he took of his pants and walked to a cupboard. He took something out of the cupboard. It was a videocamera and some sort of white tube. He placed the videocamera on the counter right in front of me, pressed record and only a few seconds later I felt his fingers pulling down my underpants to my knees. After that I waited for 10 seconds and again felt his fingers against my ass cheeks. I felt that they were moisture and suddenly he placed one finger inside my asshole. I frightened.

“Don’t worry slut, in a few moments you’ll like it.” He started pulling his finger in and out, and indeed, after a minute I began to move my ass with the rhythm of his fingers. When he pulled in a second finger I moaned, and he continued putting his fingers in and out. I was frightened, yet excited and knew what was coming. He took them out and placed his hand with his filthy fingers on my shoulder. I felt his cock against my asshole, pushing slowly and slowly. Suddenly he rammed it in. The pain was horrible and I started screaming.

“Yeah slut, take it, take it hard.”, he said and started fucking me. I was crying, suffering while this man was fucking my virgin boy cunt, he was moaning and izmir escort fucking me faster and faster. I felt how he rammed against me, filled me, how his sweat dropped to my ass. It hurt so bad, and when I thought I was fainting out of the pain, he came inside me. I felt how he shot his cum right into my ass. The man put his dick out and walked out of the kitchen, but when I was catching my breath, still bent over the table, he came back.

“So, how did you like that slut?”, the man asked.

I silenced. Everything was still hurting while his cum dripped out of my boy cunt to the floor. Suddenly I felt his hands hitting my butt cheeks, again, again and again.

“Answer me slut! Did you like it?”

“Y-yes”, I stuttered.

The man walked to and took one of my nipples in his hands, and twisted. I screamed, and he asked:

“Yes what?!”

“Yes sir, I liked it.”

“Good. Now sit on the table.” I immediately did.

“Masturbate bitch.”

He took the video camera from the counter and pointed it at me.“Don’t worry, I won’t show your face and I’ll mix up the sound a bit” Then he pointed his camera to my hand, which was jerking off my own cock. “So bitch, I just deflowered your boy cunt, how did it feel?”

“It hurt sir”, I said. This was humiliating. Cum was dripping out of my ass, I was masturbating before this man which I still didn’t know and he was filming me.

“And how did it feel when I filled you with my cum?”

“I liked that sir”, I answered.

“Should I fill you up more often?”

“Yes sir. Please sir.”

He continued filming in silence, and after a minute or two I finally came, spitting the cum on the floor.

“There’s a good boy. Now, get dressed.”

I got dressed, and after that he let me out of the house back to the car. And of course on the road back I sucked him again, with as much passion as the first time in the car. When we reached the gates of the forest he stopped the car, and I continued pleasuring him. After five minutes he came, for the first time shooting his cum into my mouth. I collected it all, but looked at him and didn’t swallow.

“Show me” I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue.

“Good boy. Swallow it.” It tasted salty, but I liked it.

“So, you can go now. I’ll call you again, and make sure that you tell your girlfriend this time. I can’t wait to fuck her pussy right in front of you.”

“Yes sir”, I replied and got out of the car.

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