Heat Wave

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This summer has been pretty cool around here until the last couple of weeks before the Labor Day weekend. Unfortunately, the schools opened about the same time and the swimming pools and beaches closed because all the kids were in class. This isn’t a big deal for my family since my kids aren’t old enough for the swimming pools or beaches anyway. I did buy a small child’s wading pool when my oldest one was about a year and a half old for such weather.

Since it was the weekend, I hauled the pool out of the garage, filled it up and let the kids play in it all day Saturday. Normally, I drain the pool at the end of the day so that I don’t have any accidents happen with one of the children, the neighbor’s or mine. With this being the last weekend of the summer, I did the traditional grill out and stuff. I got a little busy and forgot to drain the pool that night.

I finally remembered about water still in the pool late in the evening when I heard a splash outside the back window. In a panic, I ran out the door and around back. I was afraid that one of the neighbor kids had fallen in or something. Imagine my surprise when I got in the back yard and found a young woman floating on her back dressed in a pair of shorts and a tee shirt. It was dark, so I didn’t recognize who it was at first. I was about to say something when she noticed I was there. With a startled scream, she sat up.

It was then that I realized that it was my other neighbor’s daughter. She was only twelve years old when I moved in, just about to start maturing into the woman that I saw before me. I have watched her grow over the years, practicing cheerleading calls in her front yard, playing basketball in the driveway, dating the same boy for years, and finally graduating from high school this spring. She got herself an evening job waiting tables this summer and for the first time I got to see her coming and going dressed up in something other than gym shorts, sweats or a cheerleading outfit. She really did blossom into a pretty lady, and all the sports showed in a very slim and shapely figure.

My block sits on a hill. The yards are terraced so that for the most part, they are flat. Because of the landscaping, bushes, trees, and garages you can’t see much from one yard to the other. It’s great for a natural built in privacy fence without the restrictions of fences. The only problem though is that there is a street light smack dab in the center of the block, in the corner of my backyard, lighting up all the backyards on my block. One of my neighbors told me that many years ago, the neighborhood had a problem with someone breaking into houses and there was a city council member that lived on our block. Up came the light and the break-ins stopped. I always hated that light until that moment; it allowed me to see what would have otherwise been hidden by the dark.

Being twenty years older than her, I never found myself attracted to her, or even thought of her sexually until that moment when she sat up. Her clothes stuck to her like a second skin. The light was dim, so I could just barely see the outlines of her areolas, and I definitely could tell that her nipples had been affected by the cold water and were poking out. She then stood up, and I could see the outline of her panties as both pieces of material clung to her.

I didn’t know where to look. This was the neighbor girl after all and that it is pretty much what I thought of her: a girl, and as such I shouldn’t be looking at what I was seeing. I did my best to look her in the eyes as I apologized for scaring her. I explained to her that I heard someone in the water and thought the worst, and I ran back here before one of the little neighbor kids drowned.

She in turn apologized for scaring me like that, and that she should have asked for permission first, but didn’t think anyone would know.

I told her it was OK, and that she could continue if she wanted as long as she drained the water when she was done.

I went back inside and I thought that was it. The next morning, the weather forecast was for another warm day, so I went to clean the wading pool and fill it back up. I found her bra lying there were she had left it the night before. I figured that somebody other than her would answer the door if I tried to take it back to her, and I definitely did not want to take it inside and have my wife get the wrong ideas, so I hid it in the shed. I could imagine trying to explain it to her father, “Excuse me sir, your daughter Sakarya Escort left her bra at my place last night,” or my wife for that matter.

It was another long eventful day. I played with the kids outside, grilled lunch and supper and all the other fun things that you are supposed to do on Labor Day weekend. At the end of the day, I picked up the yard and was about to drain the pool when I thought about the night before.

I had tried not to think about what I saw, but I do have to admit she has a hot body. Then, late in the afternoon, I saw her take off for work all dressed up, and I remembered how perfectly round her breasts were and how hard her nipples were. The swimming pool just brought back more memories, and I decided to leave the water in the pool. I figured that I would just keep an ear open for anybody getting in the pool. If she did get in the water, then maybe I could get another show; it was just looking after all, nobody could get hurt from that right?

It was getting fairly late in the evening when I saw a car park across the street. Looking out the window, I saw her get out of the car and walk towards the house. I kept an eye out the window on her and I saw her look around, and then walk down the driveway towards the backyard. After several minutes, I didn’t hear any sounds of water, nor did I hear the sound of a house door closing. I got up some nerve, and quietly went outside, sneaking around back. To my delight, she was there.

I quietly walked up to the pool and let myself be known. She didn’t jump this time, but sat up with a big smile and said hi. To my disappointment, I couldn’t see as much through her shirt as the night before. It was a button down and made of a thicker material only hinting at her hard nipples poking at the material.

She stood up revealing that she had removed her pants. Like the night before, her panties clung to her like a second skin, and her pubic mound bulged a little bit, indicating that she wasn’t shaved. Standing, she apologized again, saying that it was just so relaxing and that she hoped I didn’t mind.

I told her no and that I had something for her. She looked at me sort of puzzled and I told her I would be right back. I walked over to the shed and got her bra. When I got back, she was lying on her back again with her feet hanging over one side. I found her pants and this evening’s bra, and added the previous bra to her pile. She thanked me, telling me that she didn’t even realize that she had left it behind.

I was going to go back inside at this point, but when I got back, I noticed that the way she was floating was allowing the material of her panties to float as well, giving hints of what lay underneath. The street light didn’t provide enough light that I could see much, but I sat down on the side of the pool by her feet and started up a conversation with her. It was just looking after all.

I sat out there with her like that for about a half an hour before I decided it was getting late and needed to get back inside. She said she needed to go as well and started to stand up. In doing so, she brought one leg back in the pool and the other one remained on the ledge. I stopped what I was doing as I watched her legs spread, and her panties pulled tight. I know the lighting wasn’t the best, but I got a quick view of the hair on either side of her panties. Then as she stood up, water got in underneath her panties and pulled them a little ways down. It was just enough for me to see the top of her pubic hairs. She quickly pulled them up and looked up at me to see if I had seen. I couldn’t tell in the poor light, but judging by the expression on her face, she was probably turning two shades of red when she figured out that I had.

I don’t know if what she did next was intentional, but after she had her panties pulled back up, she turned around, bent over and grabbed her clothes off of the ground. This time it wasn’t dark enough to hide the outline of her inner lips pressing against her panties.

I just stared. I knew I should be moving; that I should be going inside. I knew that I could get in trouble if anyone caught me looking at her like this, but I couldn’t help myself and just stared. My spell was broken when she stood up, said goodbye and walked away.

The next day was Labor Day and I spent the day at the park with my family. We got back in the early afternoon and with a little encouragement from the kids, I filled the pool Sakarya Escort Bayan up again; after all it would probably be their last chance until next summer. The end of the day came, and we went inside, without a second thought, I left the water in the pool, and the toys out. If she came by again, I wanted an excuse to go outside.

We put the kids in bed and kicked back for a relaxing evening watching some show on TV. I was to busy thinking of the night before, and listening for some sound of the neighbor girl outside to pay any attention to what we were watching. Finally, it was getting late and I had not seen nor heard any sign of her outside.

My wife went to bed and I told her that I was going to put the toys away outside and I would catch up with her later. I walked around back hoping that the neighbor girl would be there, but I saw no sign of her. I picked up the toys and put them in the shed. I shut the door and was walking back towards the house when I saw her walking towards the kids pool.

She was wearing a long tee shirt that went half way down to her knees. Because of its length, I was unable to tell what she was wearing underneath. It was made of a thin material, and by the way her nipples were poking through, I could tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

She asked if it was OK if she went for a dip again. I told her it was alright, as long as she didn’t mind me keeping her company. With a smile, she told me that would be all right with her.

She sat down in the pool and leaned back. Up came one leg, and then the other as she hung her feet over the side. I was just getting to the pool when she did this and I watched as her shirt started floating up her body. I was expecting to see shorts, or hopefully a pair of panties again. But to my surprise, when her shirt got to the point where the shorts should have been, I only saw skin. Then when it got to where I should have seen her panties, I only saw pubic hair.

I looked up to see if she was looking only to see her eyes closed, and her head under the water. I looked back again, and just stared, trying to pay enough attention to tell when she came up so that I could look away. It was just looking right? It was only a few seconds before she came up for air, coming all the way up to a sitting position. I would say to my disappointment that I lost sight of her treasures because her shirt went back down, but instead I found out just how thin that shirt was. Her shirt clung to her like a second skin. Even under the street light, her shirt hid nothing. Unlike the two nights earlier, I could clearly see her areola as well as the nipples.

My dick started to get hard, and I tried to reposition myself so that it wasn’t obvious. This is not an easy thing to do without going unnoticed when the person that you’re trying to hide it from is only three feet away and sitting at eye level with your lap. Judging by the grin that she gave me, I’m pretty sure that my discomfort did not go unnoticed.

She lifted one leg back into the pool, bending it and laying to the side. As you can imagine, this opened up the view to her lower lips and I just stared at her as she got comfortable, trying to decide were not to look. She started up a conversation about the weather and how she wished the pools were still open and that she was probably getting to old for them any way. Then we talked about college and what she wanted to major in, and what her plans for the future were.

I did my best to look her in the eyes while we talked. I decided early in the conversation that this wasn’t right and that I should be getting inside. I told myself that I would be polite and I stay until I found an opportunity to close the conversation. I don’t know if I just wanted to look a little more, or if I just couldn’t find the right moment. In reality, it was probably the hard-on in my shorts keeping me there.

Then she leaned back into the water again, reaching up to pull her hair back. As she did this, she arched her back a little, lifting her ass off the bottom of the pool. Between the two motions, her shirt floated up to her belly leaving her naked from the waist down. This was the moment I was looking for and I should have left right then and there but some other part of me had taken control and left me sitting there staring at one of the most erotic sites I had ever seen.

Next she sat back up, noticing where I was looking, a smile spread across her face. She started Escort Sakarya to stand up, but she slipped. I am pretty sure that it was intentional because she landed across my lap. She laid there for a couple of seconds and then looked back up at me. I knew she could feel my erection, and I knew what she was talking about when she looked back at me and commented that I must have liked what I was looking at.

I was so stupefied by the moment, that I can’t remember what my reply was to her. All that I remember was that the next thing I knew she had maneuvered herself so that she was sitting on my lap.

The last part of me that knew this was wrong put up it’s last little bit of a fight:

“What about your boyfriend?”

“We broke up when he went away to college.”

“I’m married.”

“She’ll never know.”

“You’re to young.”

“I turn 19 next month.”

“I might get you pregnant.”

“I’m on the pill.”

“This is just wrong.”

“No it isn’t, you want me and you know it.”

During the last of this, the other part of me that was winning had assisted her in removing my shorts. She had turned around and was now facing me. She had pulled my hands up and put them on her waist. She sat down, straddling my lap, slowly guiding my shaft into herself.

Oh what a feeling, she was tight and warm. I love my wife and she is without a doubt the best lover I have ever had, but this girl felt better. Maybe it was her youth, maybe it was all the high school sports she was in. Maybe it was just the first sex other than my wife’s I had had in eight years.

She sat there for what seemed like several minutes. She sat on my lap grinding herself into me. We kissed, a hot passionate kiss, as our hands explored each other’s body. We stopped momentarily to remove each other’s shirts throwing them on the ground.

Next thing I did I would normally think was impossible, but I managed to stand up with her still wrapped around me. I walked us over to the grass and tried to lay down, momentarily breaking contact. Then I fucked her on the grass like it was the last fuck of my life. All thoughts of her youth were gone from my head; she had become a sex object laying underneath of me as I pounded away at her.

It was only minutes before her legs wrapped around me again, pulling me into her, holding me still as she bucked from her first orgasm. When her body relaxed, we rolled over so that she was on top. For the first time I finally got to observe and enjoy the beauty of her naked body as she bounced on top of me. She definitely had the body of an athlete, well toned with a slight muscle definition. Her breasts were also small, but round and full, well matched for her frame. Her nipples were small and hard from her excitement.

She bounced away on top of me for several minutes before she came again collapsing on my chest. I took opportunity of the moment and let my hands roam her body, enjoying the smoothness of her skin, her hard ass, and finally her firm and perky breasts.

We rolled back over and went about it slow and gentle until I felt the sperm beginning to rise in balls. I pounded the last few thrusts as hard as I could before I came and then I went rigid as I shot my load into her. I went limp and laid on top of her waiting to catch my breath before I got up.

This is when the part of me that was resisting her, the part of me that knew this was wrong took control again. I climbed off of her and told her, “This was a mistake.”

“No it wasn’t,” she replied.

“This can never happen again.” I said as I grabbed my shorts.

“Yes, you’re right. You should climb in the pool and rinse off before you go inside.”

I had my shorts in hand and was walking away when she said this. I had to admit it was a good idea. I wouldn’t want to climb into bed with my wife smelling of another woman’s sex. She was still lying in the grass when I climbed back out.

“Even though this was wrong and it can never happen again, I just wanted to let you know it was good and give you my thanks.”

“Your welcome,” she giggled getting up and walking over to the pool.

That was a month ago and my guilt still hasn’t let up. I find myself running into the house whenever any car pulls up next door in fear that it might be her. My guilt isn’t so much that I cheated on my wife but more that I had fucked the little girl next door. I’m afraid that if she saw me again, she might try to start something up again and that people would figure out what happened that night. Or maybe I’m afraid that I might give in to her again if she did try. I know she is a young sexy lady now, but I still can’t get the image out of my head of her shooting baskets the day we pulled up with the moving van.

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