Heat Wave

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A heat wave had swept through town, the first of many to come in the arid heat of the Sonoran Desert. It left Ellie short of breath, beads of sweat forming along olive skin. A Massachusetts native, she was unaccustomed to such unrelenting warmth, the kind of heat that saps the body of energy and leaves it clinging to any relief. She lay sprawled out on her lover’s bed, limbs stretched out with only a thin floral dress covering her form. The heat was inescapable, and she was baffled by her butch’s apparent lack of discomfort as the sun beat in through the windows.

“Next time, you’re coming to my place,” she insisted. “I don’t know how you can live here.”

Syd chuckled, watching Ellie frantically wave her hand in front of her face. They looked perfectly at home in their small, one-bedroom apartment, wearing nothing but basketball shorts. Syd seemed to glow in Ellie’s eyes, their tan form broad and strong, shimmering with their own sweat. Ellie looked at their near-naked body and committed to following suit, stripping out of her sundress to just her bra and panties. Syd had pulled out every fan they owned, and the artificial wind brushing against Ellie’s soft belly was a welcome relief.

“Maybe I could come in the winter,” they offered, “and I can complain about the snow.”

“That sounds perfect,” Ellie agreed with a laugh, sweeping sweat-soaked bangs away from her forehead. “I can take you snowmobiling, and ice skating! It would be fun.”

Syd moved to stand at the side of their bed, their gaze dancing over the curves of Ellie’s body. Ellie watched them quietly, a shy smile lighting up her face. They reached out, their fingers moving to play with the loose strands of Ellie’s dark curls. Syd seemed lost in thought, their blue eyes dark with a burgeoning desire. When Syd leaned down for a kiss, Ellie met their lips feverishly, a sigh of contentment shared between them.

It had been far too long. Their Internet flirtation had started months ago when Syd commented on a photo of Ellie, sun-soaked on the bank of a New England lake. Ellie had responded with an anxious fullness in her chest, a profound mixture of terror and elation. It grew from there rather quickly, a deep adoration linking them from opposite sides of the country. And now, after six months of dating through phone calls and video chats, Ellie could exhale. Finally, she could fall into her lover’s waiting arms, wrapped up in the blissful embrace of her butch. Despite the oppressive heat, she felt happier than she’d ever been before, and knew Syd felt the same.

And now, with Syd making their way on top of Ellie, she was more grateful than ever to have closed the physical gap between them, if only for these few weeks.

They moved fluidly, with an intentional slowness that made Ellie’s heart beat hard and fast, a mirror to the heat rising between her legs. Syd kissed along Ellie’s jawline and down her neck, their hands planted firmly on either side of Ellie’s body. Ellie couldn’t help but arch her back toward them. Despite the triple-digit heat, Ellie only wanted them closer. She craved Syd’s touch like nothing she’d ever felt before, an undeniable, carnal need that could never be sated for long.

But still, Syd slowed to a stop. They pulled away, leaning up to sit lightly on Ellie’s hips. She groaned in response, pulling playfully at the hem of Syd’s shorts.

“Where are you going?” she whined.

“It’s just really hot,” Syd admitted with an exasperated laugh. “It’s hard to move.”

Ellie laughed, licking her lips. She reached for Syd, the glitter on her manicure a stark contrast to Syd’s deep farmer’s tan. She moved her hands over Syd’s torso, relishing in how they seemed to melt under her gaze, her touch. They sat there, allowing their eyes to flutter closed as Ellie sat up, pulling herself closer to her butch.

Her mouth followed her fingers, tracing delicately over the scars below Syd’s chest. They had met only a few weeks after Syd’s surgery, an event that Syd had been saving up for tirelessly. Now that Ellie was finally able to be with Syd in the flesh, she was certain that photos would never again be enough. They were stunning, a vision of perfection that set butterflies fluttering in Ellie’s stomach. She tried to match Syd’s slow pace, her fingers and lips just barely grazing the sunken scar tissue. Syd shuttered at her contact, their breath fast and ragged.

“Ellie,” they whispered, their thick fingers making their way to the back of Ellie’s hair.

Ellie hummed against their chest, flicking her tongue along their salty skin flirtatiously. “You’re the most handsome butch I’ve ever seen,” she said, her almond eyes blinking up at Syd innocently.

Syd was disarmed by Ellie, pushed to explore a vulnerability that they had always defended themself against. Ellie whispered against their flesh words of praise and adoration (“Your scars are so sexy,” she was cooing now, the soft point of her manicure tickling the outer edge of their scar. “God, Kolej Escort I love you so much.”) and it filled Syd’s chest with a deep and abiding love. They were certain they’d never felt this way with anyone else, and maybe never would again.

Eventually, Syd balled their fist in Ellie’s hair, pulling her back to meet their gaze. Syd couldn’t resist anymore, desire building in their chest. Ellie looked at them, her eyes huge and wild with the depth of her own hunger. Syd lunged for her, their lips meeting again as Ellie giggled against their kiss. Her laughter died out quickly as Syd’s tongue lapped at her lower lip, drawing out a gasp so that Syd could enter. They moved together, slamming back against the mattress as their hands roamed over each other’s bodies hungrily. Their skin was slick with sweat, the sheets growing damp beneath them.

Syd’s mouth found its way to Ellie’s neck again, their teeth digging into tender flesh as Ellie moaned, her hips rocking against Syd’s. Syd ran their hands up Ellie’s arms, their fingers entwined as Syd lifted her arms over her head. They moved to grip her wrists in one of their large hands, their free hand tracing the edge of Ellie’s bra. Their fingers moved slowly over the pale blue lace, pressing into the fabric until her nipple rose, pert and hard against it.

“Fuck,” Ellie moaned, pushing her chest into Syd’s hand.

“Ellie,” Syd said softly, pressing a gentle kiss into her collarbone, “I have an idea.”


Syd hovered over Ellie, making sure to meet her gaze. The look in their eyes was intense, burning with a startling intensity.

“Do you trust me?” Syd asked, smiling.

Ellie laughed, reaching up to cup Syd’s cheek in her hand. She could lose herself in the depths of their eyes, the blue as deep and glittering as the ocean Ellie had left behind to be here.

“Of course,” she said.

Syd grinned and moved off of Ellie in a hurry, running over to their closet and pulling forth an old tie. A thrift store find, no doubt, it’s red paisley pattern beloved only by elderly men and youthful butches. Syd held it in both hands, walking over to Ellie and meeting her gaze with a look approaching bashfulness. Ellie cocked her eyebrow, hazel eyes darting between Syd’s face and the tie as they came closer.

“What’s this idea of yours?” Ellie asked, propping herself up on her elbows and licking her lips.

Syd smiled, a slight blush coloring their face. They sat at the edge of the bed, their thumb running over the soft fabric. Their nerves bubbled up in their throat, unsure of how to move forward. How to ask for what they wanted, and how to get it. Ellie watched them impatiently, a throbbing pressure between her legs making her antsy.

“Would you like to tie me?” she asked boldly. “Or blindfold me, maybe?”

Syd laughed, relief blossoming in their chest as they turned to smile at Ellie.

“I was thinking of the second one, if you’d be interested,” they said. “I’m sorry, I got nervous. Sometimes this is easier over the phone, you know?”

Ellie smiled. She reached out and pulled at the hem of Syd’s shorts playfully as they turned to face her fully. She watched them earnestly, soaking in the way their skin glowed, slick with sweat. Glorious, the way Syd looked in the sunlight. It was as though their body was a second sun in Ellie’s eyes, every inch of them shining until Ellie felt overcome with warmth.

“Do you remember that one time you called me,” she said, trailing her fingers up Syd’s back as they shivered, “and you told me to call you Daddy? And we were on the phone for hours, it was like you were there with me. Like I could feel you inside of me.”

Syd had closed their eyes, the rise and fall of their chest faster as they listened. Ellie tugged at their shorts again, urging them to come closer. Syd obliged, turning and crashing into them hungrily. Ellie giggled as Syd pressed their body against her’s, Syd’s lips wrapping around Ellie’s earlobe and sucking tenderly.

“And if I want you to call me that again?” Syd asked, their voice a low, needy growl.

Ellie hummed, arching her back in a desperate attempt to get closer.

“What?” she asked playfully. “Daddy?”

Syd moved along Ellie’s neck, leaving sharp, shallow bite marks along her flesh until her laughter turned to gasping. Ellie’s hands reached for Syd, a surprised shriek leaving her lips as Syd gripped her wrists and pushed them against the mattress.

“Yes,” they said. “Say it, Ellie. Please.”

Ellie smiled softly. She stilled, focusing on how Syd’s thumb ran gentle, mindless circles into her wrist. Their breath mingled with hers, shallow panting in the already oppressive heat leaving the both of them damp with sweat.

“Will you please blindfold me, Daddy?” she asked, watching gleefully as Syd’s body shivered with excitement. “Please, Daddy?”

They growled against her flesh, pressing their chest down to feel the scratch Rus Escort of Ellie’s bra against their nipples. It was undeniable, the chain reaction caused by Ellie’s voice, those sweet words that she gave only to Syd. Their chest felt full to bursting, their butch cock hard and throbbing with intense, animalistic craving. They looked down at Ellie, smiling at the sight of her beneath them: impossibly soft, innocent, and ready for the taking.

Ellie was submerged in darkness, only barely able to make out the paisley pattern on the neck tie Syd had wrapped over her eyes. It was everything Syd had proposed to her: jute holding down her wrists, attached to Syd’s headpost, and tied tight around her knees to keep her legs locked together. Syd had tucked a vibrator between her legs, the machine set low to tease her into oblivion.

She was trying to keep her breath steady, focusing on the friction of the rope around her wrists. It was a far cry from Syd’s calloused hand, but it made Ellie’s cunt thrum with need regardless. She listened for Syd’s return, but they had closed the bedroom door and left Ellie surrounded by silence, save for the constant buzzing of the vibrator between her thighs. With her legs closed so firmly, the vibrator could only press against the slick hairs on her vulva, but it sent shockwaves rocking against Ellie’s clit all the same. Again, she tried to stay calm, waiting for her Daddy to return.

When they finally did, Ellie couldn’t help but whine. She wanted Syd’s hands on her again, needed to feel the strength in their body overtaking her, filling her senses. But Syd had something else in mind.

“I really am sorry about the heat wave,” they said coyly, sitting on the edge of the bed and trailing their hand down Ellie’s side, “I know it’s really hot in here.”

“It’s okay, Daddy” Ellie blurted out, a whimper in her voice as she tugged at her restraints. “I don’t mind, I just… I just want you, Daddy, please.”

Syd laughed, pulling their hand away.

“Oh?” they asked. “Well, I had brought something to help.”

Ellie was silent, suddenly unsure. She had never been a patient person, and Syd making her wait in silence had put her on edge. The heat was as oppressive and frustrating as ever, an inescapable torment that made it difficult to think. She whined, shifting her hips to try and find some relief. Syd let out a soft tsk, shaking their head at Ellie.

“You have to stay still, baby girl,” they chided. “Do you want me to give you what I brought?”

Ellie frowned and nodded, her fists balled up in anticipation.

“Yes, Daddy, I do,” she said. “And I promise I’ll stay still, I promise. Please, Daddy.”

Syd smiled. Ellie could hear the faint sound of something being set down on Syd’s nightstand, but she couldn’t make it out. She could only listen and wait in her desperation as Syd climbed on top of her, their shorts gone, replaced with the cool leather of their strap-on. Ellie sighed, shifting again as she felt Syd’s butch cock against her lower belly.

“You promise, huh, baby girl?” Syd teased, the smile in their voice ringing like music in Ellie’s ear.

She nodded emphatically, willing her body to still despite the relentless need to strain and pull at her restraints.

“Yes, Daddy,” she whined, “I promise.”

Without another word, Syd leaned forward and plucked a mysterious something from their nightstand. An ice cube was pressed against her right nipple as Ellie spoke, the sudden, sharp cold making her shriek in surprise. Her body moved of its own accord, every muscle tensing as she tried and failed to close in on herself. Syd chuckled as Ellie groaned, keeping the ice pressed against her tender flesh until it melted into nothingness. The ice cube gone, Syd wrapped their chilled fingers around Ellie’s nipple and rubbed it firmly as Ellie gasped.

“I thought you promised, pretty girl,” they teased. “Do you know what happens when you break a promise?”

Ellie felt distinctly unlike herself, smaller and simpler. Her need to please Syd, to please her Daddy, overwhelmed her. She knew Syd was only teasing, that this was meant to be play, but somewhere in the back of Ellie’s mind was a powerful, relentless need to do this exactly right. To serve Syd as only she could.

“I’m sorry, Daddy,” she said. “I was surprised. I’m really sorry.”

“I’m sure you are,” they said with a soft smile, climbing off of Ellie and to the side of the bed. “Turn onto your side.”

“Yes, Daddy,” Ellie said, straining against the rope to rotate her lower half.

She had barely turned enough before Syd’s hand, calloused and strong, made hard contact with the soft flesh of Ellie’s ass. She cried out, the sound of the spanking ringing in her ears. They held their hand in place, rubbing soft circles into her skin. Ellie’s skin had come alive, as though microscopic fireworks were dancing across her skin.

“Thank you, Daddy,” Ellie moaned, Yenimahalle Escort trying desperately to get her muscles to stop contracting in agonizing pain and pleasure.

Another loud, hard spank rang out, followed quickly by another and another after Ellie gave her thanks. It went on for what felt like an eternity in the space of just a couple minutes, a dozen vicious slaps lighting her skin on fire. It felt impossibly good, the abrupt slapping sending shockwaves to her aching pussy. The vibrator was still pressed against her, despite the jostling, and its low, steady motion brought her to the edge of climax. With the final hit, Syd’s hand lingered. Ellie’s thanks came in a tiny whimper, breathless. The tie covering her eyes was damp with tears and sweat.

“Good girl,” Syd cooed, rubbing Ellie’s ass cheek tenderly. They moved their other arm to brush her hair away from her face, laying kisses along her ear while their hand caressed her lower back. “My good, obedient girl.”

The words soothed Ellie, and she focused on catching her breath as they held her, pressing kisses onto her neck and shoulder. Ellie longed to see their face, their skin aged in the sun, beaming down at her. She pulled against her restraints, wanting desperately to run her fingers through their soft buzzed hair, her manicured nails dragging softly against their scalp.

Several minutes in this tiny paradise passed before Syd adjusted. Ellie returned to her back with a happy sigh as they moved. Their hands, firm and wanting, pressed against the soft fat of Ellie’s stomach, warming the skin beneath.

“Let’s try again, princess,” they said teasingly.

Ellie could hear the gentle clinking as they picked up a new ice cube, now slightly smaller. Their free hand reached for her breast, their thumb massaging Ellie’s nipple. She breathed deeply, slowly, focused entirely on pleasing Syd. The ice cube came slowly now as they held it, hovering just above her wanton flesh. When it was finally pressed against her, Ellie exhaled hard, focusing on their thumb still circling her areola. The cold hardened her nipple, making it tingle deliciously. She tried to stay still, desperately wanting to spread her thighs.

She heard Syd sigh with pleasure, their hips grinding slowly against her stomach. They leaned in to kiss her chest, their free hand moving as the ice cube moved in circles both large and small until it disappeared. As it melted away, their freezing fingers replaced it, a little faster, a little harder, warming both of their skin.

Ellie gave herself permission to defy them and thrust her hips up towards them when they groaned, “Good girl.”

They moved faster, kissing Ellie’s chest and neck hard. Ellie couldn’t help but giggle, hearing and feeling how Syd was growing more excited by the minute. They moved to bring themself lower, frantically untying the cords from around Ellie’s knees. Ellie sighed in relief as the vibrator fell away and Syd nestled themself in between her legs. Their kisses trailed down her chest and stomach before their hand was suddenly on her, their fingers dipping into Ellie’s wetness before moving up, swirling dexterously around her clit.

Ellie moaned in ecstasy, her toes curling, her fists clenching. She was trying desperately to keep still, and Syd’s response was to sigh with pleasure as they pulled their hand away and pressed their soaking fingers to Ellie’s lips. She opened them enthusiastically, sucking on their fingers. She felt out of control, wild and needy with her own taste on her tongue.

But Syd was trying to maintain their composure, knowing they weren’t done with this exercise they’d concocted. When their fingers left Ellie’s mouth, they were replaced with a soft kiss. She could feel the smile on Syd’s lips and sighed. Ellie couldn’t tell if she was disappointed or elated, she only knew that she wanted to hear those two perfect words again and again.

“Are you my good girl, Ellie?”

“Yes, Daddy. I’m a good girl,” she responded breathlessly.

A moment passed as Syd adjusted. They stood up, standing at their bedside, breathing deep and slow. Ellie tried to do the same, tried to relax from the euphoria of being brought so close to orgasm.

A slight clink, a moment, and then a new ice cube was placed on Ellie’s stomach. She flinched and whined, but tried her best to stay still. She hoped, behind her blindfold, that Syd was smiling that beautiful, proud smile. She wanted more than anything to see it.

They maneuvered the ice cube, slowly, down the length of her soft stomach, grabbing a second to join in as the first was slowly dissipating. The freezing cold moved to her hips, a shock to Ellie’s system in the midst of so much relentless heat. Syd pressed the ice deep into her pelvis, holding it in place with a devious chuckle as Ellie groaned. New ice came quickly, an endless line of freezing making its way further down.

“Spread your legs,” Syd commanded.

“Yes, Daddy,” Ellie responded.

The ice spread to her inner thighs as soon as she opened them and Ellie gasped in endless pleasure. Syd teased her, bringing it higher and higher. As soon as a new one was needed, it went directly to the lips of Ellie’s pussy. She cried out, unable to keep from twitching.

“Please, Daddy,” she begged, “it’s too much.”

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