Heightened Pleasure

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Tina sighed as she lazily washed the dish in her hand. The warm soapy water splashed in the sink and spattered onto the front of her apron. Alex was gone on a business trip that had stretched 2 weeks longer than usual. She was used to his unusual and hectic schedule but her hormones were less forgiving, and she was long overdue for a good fuck.

Alex had called that morning and said he expected to be home the following afternoon. She had begun cleaning the house up for his return but by midday she was bored and was moving with the speed of the sun etching its way across the blue sky.

She was too lost in her thoughts to hear the front door open softly, or to hear the light footsteps across the living room carpet and then into the den. She set down the dish she was washing and began to dry it when strong, gentle arms encircled her, and a familiar face pressed against hers, moving aside her long, curly brown locks.

She dropped the dish and reached a hand back to her lovers face as he began to kiss her neck softly.

“How..?” Tina began before being hushed.

“Don’t ask questions, just sit back and enjoy the ride,” her husband whispered.

Suddenly the arms wrapped around her relaxed, and then ever so gently pulled her hands behind her back while the kisses continued to cover her neck. She wondered what he was thinking and then she felt silk bands clamp lightly onto her wrists. She began to protest, but he merely hushed her and continued his caresses.

Then his arms totally left her body and before she could blink a black silk scarf was placed over her eyes and tied lovingly behind her head. Alex had never been much for mystery, but instead of questioning she decided to relax and play along. Just knowing her man was in the room was already bringing dampness to her sex, and she ached for him to satisfy her.

He resumed the light kisses on the back of her neck, and began to lead her through the house, up the stairs, and into the bedroom. He paused to pick her up and place her on the bed. She lay submissively as she felt the handcuffs removed, and her arms being re-secured to the headboard.

Alex began to trace his hands across her body, beginning with her neck, and then tracing down. The sensual touch traced its way in circles on her heaving breasts, then traced lightly down her naval. She arched her hips as his hands traced close to her aching pussy but he flitted away and began to massage her firm thighs. She groaned softly in frustration but he ignored the sound and continued to work his way down her legs.

When he reached her feet, he gently removed her shoes and socks and began to message from her feet back up to her naval. As his hands traced back up her jean clad legs, he brushed up her apron until he came to the moonstone belt securing her jeans, the one he had given her for her 23rd birthday. He fingered the pale blue jewels before undoing the belt and slowly removing it, and then followed the action by unbuttoning the waist of the skin tight material.

She shifted as his hands neared her now dripping pussy, but he avoided the object of his desire as he slowly slipped her pants down and dropped them onto the ataşehir escort plush carpeted floor. The satin thong barely covering her swollen cunt was soaked, and this he viewed with undisguised lust.

She felt the hands replaced by his tongue, as he began to slowly lick her calves, then worked his way up to the inside of her knees, lifting her legs up so he could have total access to her silky smooth skin. She involuntarily spread her legs wider as he kissed and licked closer and closer to her steaming sex, and she gasped as she felt teeth grip the panties and slowly began to drag them away, exposing her bright pink private part, and the hint of a juicy clit.

She felt the panties dragged away as well and the tongue went back to work moving up her legs, and she began to arch her hips again as it neared her pussy, but he licked away from it and began to unbutton her shirt as he licked up her belly, tracing around her bellybutton and then continued to unbutton and lick and kiss his way up till he reached the underside of her luscious breasts.

He finished unbuttoning the shirt and parted it, allowing him access to view the firm globes, barely held in check by the sexy bra she had beneath the shirt. She felt him reach for the clasps, and slowly remove the bra, freeing her tits, the thick pink nipples already standing erect. He loved her tits, the silver dollar sized areolas leading to the nipples he loved so much. She felt his hot breath around her chest and she arched her back to bring her body closer to his mouth. She longed for his touch, and he insisted on driving her mad. She began to strain at the bonds holding her and he heard him chuckle.

“Did my sex kitten miss me?” Alex smiled as he continued to tease her, tracing his hands all around her pussy but refusing to touch.

“Oh god yes” she moaned, twisting her hips to try and get his touch where she wanted it but since she couldn’t see she was unsuccessful.

Suddenly she felt a firm hand on her pressing down. “Shhh” he said and then her world melted as she felt a warm lapping at the entrance of her love canal.

Alex loved many things about his wife, but he knew she loved this the most. She was putty once he finished servicing her with his tongue so no love making session ever lacked this. He began with slow strokes up and down the outside of her puffy pink lips, and then light circles on her emerging clit, before speeding up and increasing the pressure. She was now moaning continuously, and pressing her crotch into his face. He grinned through the licking. She was ready already he knew but he wasn’t done. He began to tongue fuck her, and reached up to tweak her stiff nipples and massaged her breasts as he tongued her pussy and clit.

She felt the tingling sensation begin in her pussy and begin to spread and she tensed for the rush. He felt the change in her and switched one hand down and began to finger fuck her pussy as he applied heavy tongue to her clit. The change caused bolts to shoot up her spine, and explode in her brain, and waves of pleasure washed over her. She pulled at the bonds holding her captive to crush him into her pussy, but to no avail.

She kadıköy escort bayan moaned and thrashed as the orgasm hit her hard, radiating all over her body, he just grabbed her ass cheeks and held on, continuing the unrelenting assault on her clit. She shuddered as the intense feeling faded, and Alex finally looked up at his still blindfolded beauty, his faced soaked with her juices. He moved up to her moth and began to kiss her. She responded enthusiastically, tasting her cum on his face and eagerly licking it off. After a while he moved down and began to greedily suck one breast and then the other, keeping her nipples rock hard. She moaned and shifted to get more succulent nipple into his mouth.

He began to frig her clit again with one hand as he sucked and she felt the juices begin to flow again. She pleaded with him to remove the cuffs, promising she would make it worth his while. He finally agreed as long as she left the blindfold in place. She promised and he released her from the bedpost. She gently pushed him down on the bed and went through the same process he had put her through. She slowly undid his belt, doing everything by touch, as she was unable to watch. He shifted so she could easily remove his slacks, and then again as she hooked her fingers in his boxer waistband and pulled them down as well, brushing her hand against his raging hardon as she did so, bringing a moan from his lips this time.

She traced up his leg till she came to the object of her desire. He had a beautiful cock in her eyes (when she could see it anyway). It was the perfect fit for her hand; she could barely reach all the way around it. It had taken time but she had mastered taking him all the way down her throat but she wasn’t going to give him the prize right away. She began with slow licks on his bulging head, and stroked his shaft up and down with one hand as she played with his balls with the other.

He loved her blowjobs and his sighs reassured her as she began to take him deeper into her warm mouth and stroke him up and down with her luscious lips.

She continued stroking and playing with his balls until she was ready to take him all the way. She grabbed his ass and took him completely into her mouth, his length pressing against the back of her throat and she began to work the underside with her tongue as her throat pulsed around the head. This drove him insane and he let out a load groan, trying not to cum right away. She backed off and then deep throated him again. He still held out but the tongue and throat action was almost impossible to bear. Finally on her 5th time taking him all the way, with her nose buried in his lightly trimmed pubic hair, she stuck a lubed finger up his ass and began to massage his prostate. This was too much and he roared, grabbing her head and holding her in place as ropes of thick salty cum gushed from his raging cock into the back of her mouth. She swallowed as quickly as she could but some still managed to dribble out of her mouth as she continued to suck him dry after the orgasm passed. She pulled back and licked the escaped cum form her lips and then slid up him and began to French kiss him, as the escort maltepe two lovers caressed.

They lay like this for a while until Alex finally broke it off and turned her over on her stomach and pulled her legs up under her, exposing her juicy cunt and beautiful round ass. She loved getting it from behind as much as he enjoyed giving it. He gave her pussy more oral attention while she reached back and stroked his dick, bringing it back to full attention. When he was hard again he finally positioned himself in front of her pink lips and with one thrust drove it home, she cooed as he began to slowly stroke in and out, variably speeding up and slowing down.

She reached under and began to alternate stroke his balls as he pushed in and out and playing with her clit. She began to feel a new orgasm coming up when he withdrew. She turned around as if to look at him questioningly but the blindfold made the gesture pointless. She felt his hands caress her smooth ass before gently parting her golden cheeks and she felt his hot breath on her tight star shaped hole. She felt him slip a finger to her mouth which she greedily sucked on until he removed it.

She then felt the same finger placed at the entrance to her holiest of holies and then slowly inserted. She gasped as he began to slowly stroke in and out, and then again when he added a 2nd, and then a 3rd finger. Alex gently worked the tight hole, preparing it for the ultimate finish. She began to buck back against his fingers, pleading that he stop teasing her. “Fuck my ass Alex now, before I go insane” Tina moaned. He grinned and finished the finger fuck with a quick lick over her crinkled entrance, before crouching behind her.

Tina felt the head of his cock at her asshole and prepared for the initial thrust. Alex gave a sudden few quick thrusts into her pussy, getting himself well lubed on her juices before repositioning himself.

She moaned as he slowly pressed passed her tight entry into the silky depths of her bowels. He inched his way in, until finally he was completely buried in her ass. She took deep breaths as she adjusted to his well proportioned member.

She finally grinned, and turned her face back “I’ve missed you for a month. I need it bad. Give it to me hard as you want.”

Alex grinned and began to slowly work his way in and out, drawing almost nearly out before thrusting it back home. She moaned and began to really work her clit as he pumped her ass. She could feel the orgasm building again as her pussy juices began running down her thighs. When he didn’t increase the pace she turned her moans into a growl and looked back again.

“When I said fuck my ass I meant FUCK MY ASS”.

With that he began to pound her hard and fast, grasping her hips to assist himself as she drove her ass back into him. The sounds and smell of sex hung heavy in the air, her moans and his groans blended together, harmonized by the slapping sound of skin on skin.

Finally with a yell he slammed into her and held her tight as his orgasm came rushing in, her tight ass milking his cock as a river of cum sprayed into her bowels. Feeling the pulsing cock erupting in her ass along with the pressure on her clit, Tina went over the edge, her juices gushing from her swollen pussy and waves of electric pleasure wracking her body.

Finally when the sensations subsided, the two lovers collapsed into each others arms, and fell asleep in a contented embrace.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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