Help the Aged Ch. 02

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I had one foot up on the sofa as I painted my toenails a bright shade of red. Bert, sitting opposite me, had a fantastic view up my dressing gown and to the bulge of my swollen pussy in the gusset of my underwear. My 21-year-old hole was soaked with my juices thanks to my blatant display, and my 82-year-old housemate no doubt had a rigid hard-on straining his pants.

It had been 3 days since I had listened to old Bert masturbate through his bedroom door, and since then I had taken many opportunities to flash the filthy bugger to try and get him horny again. I was pretty certain he was taking in the sights I was providing him, and then knocking one out each evening in his room. I couldn’t explain it but the thought of him doing this over me made me extremely hot, and I was encouraging it all as much as I could.

“What do you think?” I said with a smile, showing Bert my freshly painted toenails.

“Very nice” he replied, as he tried to divert his eyes from my white panties.

I excused myself from the room and made my way up the stairs. As soon as I rounded the top and was out of his view I whipped open my gown and plunged 2 fingers inside me. I was horny enough as it was, but the thought of playing with myself only just out of view of Bert got me even more turned on. Soon my juices were gushing down my legs and my actions were making a sloppy noise. I wondered if he could hear me and whether he would try and climb the stairs for a peak. It didn’t take long for me to cum.

This kind of thing carried on for the next couple of weeks. I would bend down allowing Bert to see my big tits hanging bra-less inside my top. I would come downstairs out of the shower in just a towel and tease revealing my pussy to Gaziantep Gecelik Escort him. I would wear short skirts whilst eating dinner on the sofa so that he could ogle my smooth thighs and undies.

I took things to the next level when I “accidentally” dropped a pair of my dirty panties on the floor whilst doing my washing. I ignored them and pretended I hadn’t noticed. When I returned home from work that day the panties had gone. My cunt dripped at the thought of old Bert wanking with them. The next time he popped to the shops I had a look in his bedroom. After a quick search I found them stuffed in the back of his sock drawer. They were rolled up into a ball. I unrolled them and was shocked to find them soaked in masses of sticky spunk, clearly freshly added. They were absolutely coated. I panicked and put them back before he returned home, but I already made a mental note to find them again at a later date and taste the old codger’s cum.

I was getting turned on by the situation and the noises coming from Bert’s room told me he was too. As with most things I craved more, and I became more and more intrigued. For starters I was now trying to imagine what his ancient cock looked like. Was it tiny as I imagined old man cock to be? Was it covered in tangled grey hair? Was he uncut? I really wanted to find out!

The bathroom downstairs was fitted with an old key lock. With the key missing you would have a view all the way into the bathroom, directly level with the shower. I took the key and hid it in a kitchen drawer. Bert soon questioned where it had gone so I made the excuse that I had broken it whilst cleaning and that I would get a replacement. I joked that I would try not to walk in on him and, although he laughed, he gave me a look that sent a shiver all the way to my pussy.

The next day I phoned in sick for work, telling Bert I had paperwork to catch up on. I eagerly awaited my chance and it came around 11am when Bert made his way into the bathroom in his dressing gown and with a towel. I waited for what seemed like an eternity until the water came on, and then tip toed over to the door. Taking a deep breath I got down on all fours and moved my eye towards the keyhole.

My heart was beating fast and heavy, as I slowly made out the image of a wrinkly Bert completely naked under the water of the shower. Sadly, he was facing away from me, but I could see his saggy arse and feeble looking legs as the water cascaded down on top of him. One hand was rubbing soap into his shoulders, and the other…Oh my. His other hand was busy doing something in front of him. I had an idea what this was and my prayers were answered when he turned round side on to me. There in Bert’s right hand was a cock beyond all my expectations. It was semi hard and it was above average length. It was fat. Those words stuck in my head. I loved cock with a bit of girth, and this was really chunky looking. Grey pubes and a bulging ball sack complimented his impressive piece that was covered in ridges and thick veins. He flopped it around under the water as it gradually hardened.

My hand was frigging away at my pussy as I watched him jack off, hopefully to images of me. Soon he sprayed load after load of sticky white muck all over the shower wall and I came on my fingers. I made my way upstairs and took a moment to calm down. I knew now that I wanted to play with that big old cock of his.

The very next weekend I began working towards my goal of fondling my 82-year-old housemates flabby dick. I told Bert that the shower upstairs had broken, and I would have to use the downstairs shower for the short term. He was fine with this of course.

“Now don’t go walking in on me!” I joked. He didn’t laugh. It was like I’d planted an idea in his head.

I had seen him, and now I wanted him to see me. That very morning I went into the bathroom and stripped off. I had left my towel in the kitchen on purpose and I opened the door and called for Bert.

“Bert? Are you there? I’ve forgotten my towel, could you pass it to me?”

He wandered over with towel in hand as I peered out of a small gap in the door. He went to pass it and I opened the door a bit more, revealing my full breasts to his amazement. His jaw nearly his the floor.

“Oops!” I pretended as I covered my boobs with one arm and took the towel with the other. “Thankyou”

I took my sweet time in that shower. Fingering my tight hole over and over. I swear I saw the light disappear at the keyhole and I imagined the dirty old fucker was spying on me as I played with my filthy twat.

“mmmmmmm I bet you wanna stick that nasty old cock of yours right in my tight young cunt” I thought to myself as I rubbed the shower head over my slit.

“You’d love me to suck on that meat wouldn’t you? You’d love to suck my big tits”.

The image of Bert with walking stick in one hand, fat cock in the other, and firing globs of spunk over my tits, finished me off. I collapsed in a quivering heap in the tub and, I was certain, the light appeared once more at the keyhole.

I knew he was enjoying this, and I wanted it to go further, but I wanted him to make the move. I made plans to take the next week off work. He was going to have the time of his life.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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