Helped a Twin on the Bus 02

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Everyone mentioned or written sexually about in the story is 18 years old or older.

Continuation from “Helped a twin on the bus 01” with the 19-year old


This story contains oral sex and threesome.

DO NOT READ further if those things offend you, or you find the categories disliking!


After I finished licking their mother a few days ago, named Veronica by the way, one of the twins had seen us from the stairs and wanted to join. Her mother did not let her do that. Not then, at least. Everyone was tired, especially her after the thunderous orgasm, she laughed, no, but…everyone’s tired and we’re going to meet this weekend. There’s only a few days left. We can keep it in the pants until then.

After a quick goodbye and a hard wait for it to be weekend, I was now, finally, on their doorstep again. Was pretty nervous when I rang the doorbell. Fortunately I had flowers and wine with me, so I had somewhere to do with my nervy hands.

The door flew open and one of the twins screamed, “Mats is heere nooow. He has nice flowers and organic wine with him.”

A head looked out of the kitchen, it was Veronica. She lit up like a sun when she saw me. Came out right away and gave me a tight hug. “Oh, how cozy that you’re here Mats, don’t know which one of us has longed the most, you or us?” I filled in inside my head…I’m sure I’ve been longing the most. Guaranteed!

Still summer and hot, so when all four of us sat and ate on their patio, we all had pretty much the same outfit. Shirt or t-shirt and shorts. And it wasn’t entirely wrong, because wow what a view I had. Really attractive, sexy happy mom in her 40s, and so cute sexy twins, very similar to their mom…and on top of that, wine, grilled food, and summer. Could have paused everything for a long time there.

A lot of laughs and talk about all sorts of things, as well as some small flirtations and comments about how beautiful everyone was around the table…and soon we all were full, and a little dizzy. Even the twins who also had some wine. Made me extra happy that they also got to get a little tipsy, relaxed and outspoken. And outspoken had the sex dreams been, with comments about big hard baguette and what mom had done to the cucumber before it went in the salad, now that she’d been without a man for so long. But the carrots were just right size for both of them, so the glazing and flavor enhancer there, was them.

Sometimes Veronica silenced them; sometimes she filled herself in something just as cheeky. All I could do was enjoy it all, and I did. I surely did.

Yeah, the twins were Charlotte and Rebecca. Beautiful names on beautiful young ladies.

I had wondered what would happen during the evening, if any of what was suggested the last time I was here was true and something any of the twins wanted, and if Veronica wanted something more than almanbahis yeni giriş just to have a very nice and cozy dinner together. And a little bit I thought about how good everything felt and if there was room for a man in the house, or special relationship maybe….with plus benefits.

One of my thoughts was solved during dessert, which was ice cream with berries…because just when we all started eating, Rebecca said she accidentally spilled ice cream in her lap, on her legs. To which Veronica immediately replied, “Well, wipe it up then. Take your hand or use your napkin.”

“No, I want help…can’t Mats wipe it up…with his mouth!”

I almost fell out of my chair, which would have helped the situation, in itself. What did the little dream sit there and say, just like that. I looked at Veronica, who laughed a little…then she looked at me more seriously, saying, “I think that sounds like a good idea. We save paper and Mats gets more yummy dessert. You jump under the table and remove the ice cream that the little sloppiness spilled.”

I looked more at Veronica as I slowly slid under the table and looked away at the twins’ chairs. Saw that there was ice cream on one leg, not so much, but we’ll figure that out, I thought. She jumped when I put my hands on her very nice legs. I kissed on the knee, and then on the thigh where the ice cream was. Licked a couple of licks, and then it was gone. Very quickly, Rebecca hurried down her shorts, got out of them, and took another spoonful of ice cream, which she resolutely placed directly on the front of her panty. In the middle of her crotch and she screamed a little when she did, because it was so cold.

“No, not again…I’m really messy now. Mats, are you super cute and see what you and your tongue can do about it.”

Without the slightest hesitation, I pressed my mouth against her cute white-striped panty and sucked the ice cream into my mouth. It was the best dessert yet! A little for it to be organic, and much because it was served in the crotch of a young wet dream. I licked and sucked every other one of her panties, and the ice cream quickly disappeared. Way too fast.

“But, no…now I’ve spilled too,” Charlotte said. “Although I wasn’t as clumsy to spill on my panties.”

Oh, I thought…more cleaning patrol on the legs. I guess I can fix that. But wow how wrong I was, Charlotte had taken off her panties and put the spoon on her stomach, and with the spoon end directly against her pussy. Felt a little protective and respectful in this company, so it had to be dick and pussy instead of cock and cunt. And what a pussy she had, naturally hairy and…so…beautiful and inviting. I took the spoon, turned it over so the ice cream ran in between her labia, and smeared the rest on her clitoris. She was tense and chilly while I was doing it.

She removed the empty almanbahis giriş spoon and I eagerly began to lick up the ice cream…licked from the clitoris and down between the labia and into her tasty vagina. Her secreted scent of excitement along with the ice cream was completely indescribable. With my enthusiastic licking, and as the ice cream disappeared, it started to get really wet and yummy down there. Just when I put both hands on her legs, I was going to correct myself and put the final licking in place…then….

“No, Mats, now you have to come up from under the table. You still have ice cream and two other cun…I mean, two others to taste and make it nice for too. And you may also want service in some form. But first the ice cream and some clearing…”

Despite protests from Charlotte, we ate the rest, and cleared most things. Pretty fast, you might say. Everyone wanted to use their mouths for other stuff than talking right now…

After a couple of checks how we were in the blood sugar level, we stood in the kitchen and filled the dishwasher. Then Rebecca, now also without panties, handed a strawberry and told me to taste it, what I thought. I immediately felt that the strawberry had been in the same place as the ice cream moments earlier, and it really tightened my shorts when I got it pushed in my mouth.

Then Charlotte said she also had strawberries that needed to be eaten by someone, and now. I looked at Veronica, who nodded and said, “…you run into the bedroom and start a little soft, taste each other…I’ll be right there.”

Oh, my gorgeous, you’ll be right there I said as all three of us walked off to the bedroom and bed.

The girls had only worn the shirts for the last half hour and they no longer had them, I saw as soon as I entered the room. So I undressed at a record speed, and lay on the bed. Thought it would be best to take an underlying role here.

Rebecca stood and looked at something rock hard that ached with longing and she wondered if she could hold it? I thought that sounded very good. So I said, yes, sure. There was a lot of caution and hesitation, so I took her soft hand and put it mildly on my aching pride. She sat next to me, so I felt the smooth skin from her thighs against mine. Took her fingers in mine and put them around the dick, showed her how to pull up and down.

She was very good at that, and a little spurred on I asked if she wanted to take it in her mouth…see how it tasted.

Charlotte, who had stood by and watched, started to feel impatient and wanted to join in. So she said, “Let’s go, pitch it in your mouth and suck like a lollipop. I can’t hold the strawberry anymore. Mats, lie down completely so I can straddle your face…I want you to munch on what I’ve stuffed in me. And then I want to come, I’m so horny now. Please help me so I can come when I’m grinding almanbahis güvenilirmi and rubbing myself on you. It would be so fucking hot.”

I was too slow, as I enjoyed the “lollipop-sucking”, so then I got knocked down and lay straight in bed. Seconds later, Charlotte straddled me and immediately lowered her incredibly beautiful, inviting wet pussy on my mouth. Oh, she tasted so good! And smelled so arousing! “Oh, put your tongue in me and dig out the vitamins. I’m going to give you some moist topping for the berries. Enjoy.”

Just as I had the strawberries in, she started fingering herself on the clit, and rubbing quite eagerly against my mouth. I was her own private vibrator and dildo…all-in-one. Advanced young girl I thought as I licked her fully, all while Rebecca sucked really well down there. So good that this combination would get me there in record time. And come, I did, reeeally did!

It was built up for so long during the evening, I shot a huge load straight out. I had time to mumble in Charlotte’s pussy that I was coming, pulled myself out of Rebecca’s mouth…just when I pumped out. And that was lucky; the spray was so powerful that it came up on Charlotte’s back. Better there than in an untrained mouth. When she felt the creamy cum on her back, she moaned and came hard in my mouth. She pushed herself hard down, gasped and shook.

That was one of my strongest orgasms ever. And I can probably say, without knowing for sure, that it was the same for Charlotte.

Just as we both started breathing again, and she got off my face…Veronica came into the room, happy and with blazing cheeks. “Oh, you came already, I see.”

“Not me”, Rebecca filled in.

“That is not acceptable; you must also have it equally nice of course.”

While she said the last thing, she wiped my ejaculation off her daughter’s back with the kitchen towel she was holding in her hand.

“I’m already a little warmed up, so if becka settles in on Mats’ face, and makes herself comfortable… I’m going to take a massaging hot ride on the proud knight down here.”

I’d only gotten a little soft, still semi-erect…and when I got a new wonderfully fragrant pussy to smell and taste, while Veronica pulled some rubbing moves outside her sexy crack, to excite a little extra…then there was full life down there and hard as f-ck again.

So favorite in replay basically. But with the difference that now I got extremely nicely ridden, while munching 19-year old pussy. It was so nice, unbelievable…and what a feeling to experience this. After a few minutes of ride, both down there and up here, the emotions in all three of us began to escalate to such an extent that there were only seconds left…and with mixed mooooans, half-cry, and gasps…all three came, pretty much in sync. Cool and sooooooo good.

After we unwind and got normal breathing back, Veronica said, “Would you like to come here again, do you think? Maybe we could have dinner and the same nice cozy dessert again…if you don’t mind repetitions, of course?”

I was happy before, but I lit up and smiled with my whole face and thought, life can have worse days.

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