Helping out a Neighbour Ch. 02

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Please read Chapter 1 of Helping Out a Neighbour before this as there is a number of links that make Chapter 2 make better sense. Hope you enjoy both stories.

— o O o —

Graham was so funny to watch over the next couple of days. He’d jump at the mere sound of either Alan or Jenny next door being in the yard, let alone talking to them. Jenny and I could only laugh knowing how well we had set him up to screw her with the fake injured ankle and he accepted that he’d been had, but his guilt was all about Alan not knowing. Jenny and I decided we needed to act quickly to let him off the hook. She had been in serious need of Graham’s thick cock and after they had done the deed, she told me how it was the best fuck she’d had in years. But Graham was feeling guilty about betraying his golf partner. We had to act, and fast.

It is funny how the world seems to have a way of balancing things for you just when needed. The boys went off for their usual Saturday golf game and Jenny and I got together to work out a plan. We decided that we’d have a party and I would start the ball rolling with some overt flirting with Alan. He is always staring at my tits so it would not take much to get him interested. After that it was just a case of finding the right time and place for him to help me solve a problem while Graham was unavailable. We planned a nice simple barbecue at our place for that night and then a few drinks and some dancing would give me the chance to impress Alan.

As I said, the world just seems to know what you need at just the right time. Much earlier than expected I heard the front door open and Graham call out for help. Alan half carried him into the lounge as Graham limped badly. A quick version of events was that they were playing and Graham had some difficult shot and he had slipped on a sprinkler head and twisted his ankle which had blown up like a balloon. They’d had to walk off the course and seek assistance. Now he was home and could barely walk.

“Typical Graham! Jenny and I have just finished organising a nice barbecue and drinks for tonight and you come home a cripple!”

“I didn’t do it on purpose you know, June!”

“Well we aren’t spoiling the plans now, so I will get you some ice and you can rest a while,” I said as I slipped him a knowing wink and nodded toward Alan before heading to the kitchen.

Alan tried to be helpful saying, “I’m sure Jenny won’t mind June. We can do it another time.”

“Nonsense,” I called from the other room, “we have the meat defrosted and everything ready.”

Graham picked up on my clue, “Mate, it will be fine. The girls have gone to the trouble to organise it. I’ll be fine after a bit of rest and some ice. What time are they due back here June?”

“Jenny said she had the babysitter coming at 6:30 so just after then,” I said as I returned from the kitchen where I’d collected the ice pack and some pain killers. I came back in and Alan stood there awkwardly while Graham slouched on the lounge. I gave the bits and pieces to Graham and went to show Alan out. I’d undone the top two buttons on my blouse so that my 34C’s poked out for attention.

Graham said, “Thanks for your help Alan. I’ll be fine and we’ll see you later,” as I took Alan’s arm in mine and held it to my boobs and showed him to the door. I steered his 6′ 2″ frame out, granting him the delightful elevated view down my blouse. He struggled to take his eyes away while I made small talk about seeing him and Jenny later. His fascination is understandable as Jenny has no boobs at all. We’d laughed about the way things work out – she was desperate for a thicker cock in her pussy, which Graham had assisted her with after our plotting, while I was in need of a nice long but thinner cock to help me with my desire for some anal loving. Graham is just too thick for me to take. We each had the solution to the other’s problem and Graham’s and my open relationship meant we don’t mind sharing. There was certainly some irony in the reason this time being an actual twisted ankle rather than Jenny’s fake one.

I got Alan to the door and gave him a hug, squashing my tits into his chest, and then pulled him down to my level so that I could give him a kiss on the cheek and, with deep sincerity, said, “I really appreciate all you did to help Graham. You are such a good friend; I hope I can pay you back sometime. See you later Alan.”

He pulled away and was out the door, not knowing where to look the poor lamb. Tonight was going to be fun! I went back inside and immediately saw the huge grin on Graham’s face, “He has no idea what he is in for does he? It’s almost not fair after the trouble he went to today.”

“He will be duly compensated dear. I promise,” I smiled. “Now get that ice pack on your ankle and rest. I have a wardrobe to visit to decide what to wear.”

— o O o —

The lovely warm evening air was ideal for the atmosphere. The patio lights were soft and I had found some good music to have playing in the background ready for some dancing too hot to handle latino izle a little later. Graham was playing the cripple very well and I had managed to get a wheelchair for him from a friend who had been laid up after a hip operation. He was mobile but not too useful. This was perfect as we tender females would rely on Alan for everything and then be so grateful!

They arrived just before seven and we had a few snacks and a drink to start us off. Jenny just smiled when they arrived and she saw how I was dressed in the batik skirt I’d dug out of the wardrobe to match the light blue tie front blouse that showed my trim midriff and boobs off beautifully. I’d decided it was a warm night and underwear wouldn’t really be necessary so my dark nipples showed nicely in the lights and there was no panty line to distract an on-looker. Graham was parked on the patio and Jenny cooed over him, hearing his version of the war story while I said I’d sort the meat for the barbecue. Alan kindly offered to help. He stood on the other side of the kitchen counter while I put things on a tray and dug into drawers and cupboards to find the barbecue tools. All the while I dipped and bent over as often as possible to show off my derriere or my cleavage as I moved about the room. The best Alan could do was to move along the bench to keep a close eye on me, making mindless chit chat. I wondered if there was anything he was hiding behind the counter to indicate his assessment of my outfit?

“Here I’ll take that,” he blurted nervously as I finished piling things on the tray. He quickly picked it up and held it quite low in front of him as we went back out. I was pleased! While he held the tray I took off the various plates, cutlery and salads, lingering in front of him, and placed them on the table. Then I looked straight into Alan’s eyes as I said, “Graham, you don’t mind if Alan fills in for you tonight … as cook, do you? We need someone to handle the meat!”

“No of course not. I’d struggle to see the hot plate from this chair.”

“Wonderful, thanks darling. Here we go Alan – it should be hot already; I put the burners on earlier.”

He gulped and then turned to the barbecue. “No problem, we should have this all cooked in a jiffy,” and off he went to the hotplate in the corner.

Jenny smiled at me knowingly and continued to keep Graham company and so, after a minute or so, I sidled up to Alan, again giving him the one-arm tit crush. “How is it going? Is there anything I can do for you? How about something nice and wet … for your whistle?” I oozed the double entendre.

“Uhm … yes June … a drink would be great!”

He didn’t know where to look. I swayed away certain that he was watching my every move. Shortly I delivered the drink and left him alone for a while – I didn’t want burnt dinner. Jenny whispered, “He’s about to explode June! You really don’t play fair but I will appreciate your efforts later I promise!”

Graham just hmphed! “At least one of us will. I’m a cripple remember.”

“I am sure we can find something to ease your pain sweetheart!” I said enigmatically. He raised an eyebrow and smiled.

Soon our chef arrived in triumph with a platter of beautifully cooked barbecue meats and dinner was soon on the table and we were chatting. Jenny commented, “You did a great job on the cooking Alan. I love these long thin Aussie sausages.” She had a distinct glint in her eye as she said this.

Soon the meal was over and the dishes stacked in the washer and we relaxed around the table chatting although Alan was rather quiet, perhaps distracted by the tight blouse I was wearing that accentuated my bust just as I’d hoped. After a few drinks the atmosphere became very relaxed. So now it was time to turn up the music and have a little dancing. Out under the moonlight it was a balmy evening. Alan sat chatting to Graham while Jenny and I started to dance together. Just like those days at the school social when there were more girls than boys, we danced to the songs as they played. We did a little bump and grind, giggling a little drunkenly, to put on a show for the boys before I gave Jenny the hint and she called Alan to join us.

“Uh .. no, it’s not fair on Graham to have to sit on his own. I’ll just sit here and chat with him.”

Jenny pouted, “Really dear? I don’t wish to be harsh but Graham did this to himself. Why should two hot-to-trot women who want to dance have to miss out?”

Graham dutifully played his role, “Go on mate. She’s right. I’ll be fine with my drink and sorting the music – go and have some fun.”

Alan tentatively joined us on the dance floor and soon the three of us were having a ball. He was a good mover with natural rhythm – very promising! Graham again was good at following instructions and soon we had some good old disco playing. Lots of hands on each other’s hips and bumps and grinds. I somehow always managed to have Alan behind me, his treason izle firm warm hands holding my hips. A couple of accidental missteps and I fell back into him … and I felt it! Firm and long and hot and neatly nestled in his pants. A lingering grind and then on with the dance. It was wonderful and flirty and fun.

After a while Graham obliged with the remote for the sound system and something softer and slower came on. Jenny was brilliant! “Oh you know I don’t like this slow stuff. Dance with June, Alan.”

As she went to sit down, he looked like the scared boy at the social as I moved into his embrace. Very formal to begin with, arms stretched and a foot apart but I was having none of that. As we glided around the patio I moved in closer. Our steps became smaller as we swayed to the rhythm and my breasts pushed into his chest; I am sure he could feel my heartbeat and then I gave him the crotch hug. His stiff cock stretched down his pants leg and I ploughed into it with my pussy. I looked up into his eyes as he frantically looked about and saw Jenny, with her back to us, engaged in a chat with Graham. And then he pushed back. Success! It was a hard fought cunt grinding battle as I rotated my hips. He had finally got the message and responded. Getting him to take the next step would be fairly easy.

We played out the rest of the song and then a couple more before I gave Jenny the signal; I didn’t want to be raped on the patio. Well, actually??? He was very aroused now as she wandered over to us on the dance floor. “Come on you two break it up,” she joked, “we have a babysitter waiting to go home Alan.”

Her initial words had him jumping like the thief in the night caught red-handed. “Oh … yes, of course. It is getting late.”

The ‘thank yous’ and ‘must do this agains’ lasted a couple of minutes before they headed back through the side gate. The slightly lingering kiss he gave me on the cheek was telling. I hoped that the babysitter could drive because Jenny was about to get ravaged. Graham was very amused. “You two are real pieces of work. You turned me inside out and, now I have watched you both in action, I almost feel sorry for poor Alan – right up until I remembered what his reward will be. When is that going to happen?”

“Oh darling, didn’t I tell you? Your foot is going to be worse tomorrow and you will need to go to the hospital to get it checked out. You might be in the waiting room for hours but you will insist on your mother taking you seeing as she is popping in.”

“I am not going to the hospital for the day!” he complained sulkily.

“Of course not you goose but I can’t have you here when I get him to pump me in the bum, can I? Your mum will be here in the morning, I called her earlier, and you can spend the day with her. Tell her I have a work visit to make and don’t want you to be by yourself. Just don’t come home too early.”

“You really have got it all sorted haven’t you?”

“Yes, and when I throw myself at Alan tomorrow I intend to take my time. Now let’s see how bad that foot really is because I am soaking wet and need someone to take care of a certain itch. You coming to bed?”

— o O o —

I waited until Graham and his mum were gone and spent some time on myself in the bathroom and then got changed into my bikini. It was a daring one that Graham bought me for a holiday overseas a while back with lots of strings and two small triangles for my nipples to be covered and a slightly bigger patch to cover my pussy and butt. Fortunately I keep the muff trimmed or there would be a beard showing. The white thin material didn’t leave much to the imagination especially when wet.

I set to work in the bedroom walk-in closet loosening the lower shelves and dropping things all over the floor to make it look like a collapse. I carefully placed my sunscreen and sunglasses and a book on one shelf to the side. In amongst the debris were some CFM pumps that I loved to wear and on the second top shelf a box of our toys that I slid the lid half off so that a couple of dildos and DVDs could be seen. Finally a bottle of lube sat ready on the bedside table, together with a small hand towel, and I could now make the call.

It was nearly noon on another sunny day when I picked up the mobile and dialled Jenny’s number. She answered quickly, obviously expecting the call. “So how was he?” I asked.

“Oh my God June! The door barely closed after the babysitter left and he attacked me in the lounge! He was so turned on; I’ve never seen him like that. He nailed me then and there with our clothes still on and then carried me to bed while still in me and we did it again. I can’t remember the last time he did the double!”

The giggle in her voice told me more than her words. “So the plan has worked so far; now for stage two! Are you sure you want to go through with this Jen?”

“Oh God yes! After what you did for me with Graham and then the effect last night had on Alan, I can’t wait to see true detective izle what will happen after today. Are you ready for me to send him over?”

“Yep, everything is ready,” I replied.

“Okay then, here goes.”

Pulling away from the phone I heard her call out, “Honey, can you come here a minute? June is in some kind of trouble and Graham isn’t home.”

I heard his voice as he got closer, “What’s the problem?”

“Here let June explain it – that will be easier,” Jenny replied. She handed him the phone.

“Hi June? What’s the problem? How can I help?” So male wanting to solve everyone’s problems – it is what makes them such easy prey!

I put on the soft useless girly voice, sounding all distressed, “Ohh Alan, thanks! I was just getting some things out of the closet and the shelves are just falling apart. Graham has gone with his mum to the hospital to get his ankle checked and it’s all just falling down.”

Being quite the handyman, I knew this would get his attention. “Look don’t worry. I am sure it is okay. Just leave it and I’ll pop over later to have …”

“Oh no Alan! I need you to come now! I’m in the closet. There’s some really special expensive crockery in a box at the top that I can’t reach and if it falls it will be smashed. I’m holding it up now!”

“Okay. Okay. Just stay calm and I’ll be right over … all right?”

“Thanks so much Alan. Now you are a lifesaver for me too. Just come straight in and up stairs. The back door is open.” At least mine soon would be I thought rather lecherously.

“Okay, I’ll see you in a minute.” He rang off and I went into the closet and assumed the position, dropping the phone next to my sunbaking kit. Standing in the walk in robe with feet well apart amongst the debris and waiting for him to arrive. I heard the sounds of movement downstairs and called, “That you Alan? I’m in the bedroom up stairs.”

“Hi June. Okay.” I heard the clatter of his tool box as he mounted the stairs and I could hear his footsteps getting closer. As he neared the bedroom door I moved to the next stage of my act. Stretching up as high as I could, I pulled the last lug in the top shelf out, dropping it at my feet, and held the shelf high above my head with both hands. It was perfect as the action caused the bikini top to stretch tight on my tits and the rear patch to slip between my cheeks leaving almost nothing to the imagination. Now the lame duck act was ready to begin.

“Ohh! Quick Alan … it’s falling!” I squealed. I heard him running at the sound. He got to the door of the robe and stopped. Deliberately I didn’t turn but I knew he was taking a good look at the near naked woman in front of him and the predicament she was in. I allowed him a few moments entertainment, pretending to not notice he was there and then, “Alan quick! That box on top right above my head – it’s the crockery. Get it before it falls pleeease?” I begged.

He moved into the confined and crowded space and as I had intended, he could only reach the box from behind me. I held onto the shelf that was falling. He hesitated about getting too close. I had to spur him on, “Quick Alan! I can’t hold it up much longer!” Not true but convincing.

He moved close behind me between my spread legs and reached up over me to the box. Having my legs wide, he had to make full body contact with me and as he did I pushed gently back into him. My butt met his crotch and then his chest was on my back as his long arms stretched above us to take the box from the shelf. With so much clutter he could only turn and place it on another shelf to one side and then reach back for the shelf I was holding. Again we were bonded together in contact. He pushed into my back and I felt his body warmth against my flesh. He was breathing fast.

“I was just getting something to lie on so I could go out and sunbathe when this all started falling apart.”

“It’s okay June. I have the shelf. It looks like the plug has come out that supports it. If you can find it we can put it back right now.”

Still standing between him and the shelf I dropped my arms as he now took the weight of the shelf. He was mine, like he was spread-eagled as the cops do it on TV, and he was helpless to move until I found the plug. Play time! I made a show of looking around all the time rubbing against him until I pretended to spot one. “Oh there is the plug – hang on.”

I bent at the waist and ground my bum into his crotch as I stooped and took time to gather the plug from the floor where I had left it. Standing up I half turned to show him my prize, again grinding into him only now feeling some resistance from his pants. I held the plug up in front of me knowing he was staring straight down my very ample cleavage. It was perfect as I smiled up into his eyes and he tore himself away to look back at me. “Here let me put it back in and that will stop the rest falling.”

I turned back into him again and reached up. “You’ll need to push it higher for me to get it in Alan,” I said, referring to the shelf but his hardening cock against my butt was getting ideas of its own. He lifted the shelf higher, pushing into me harder and I pretended to lose my balance and grabbed at the shelf in front of me upsetting the box I had put there and out spilled my dildos and a couple of DVDs showing images of deep devotion to anal sex.

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