Helping the Neighbor Ch. 01

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(All persons engaged in sexual activity in this story are over 18 years old. Any similarities between this story and real people are purely coincidental)


Ryan lived across the street from an attractive young couple, Fred and Stacy. Fred was on the road a lot, but Stacy was home most evenings after work. She’d usually get back about 6 and go for a run, Fred arriving later. He would sometimes pass her on his own nightly run. They’d either wave or stop for a brief chat. She was about 5’6”, with short brown hair that lay on her shoulders. Her breasts were full, pressing against her running top, her ass encased in tight running shorts. He would always get a good look at her ass when she passed him on their runs, or when she and Fred washed their cars every other Saturday. He’d be sure to be home to watch that. She’d usually be wearing a tank top, her tits spilling out of it, and cut off jeans that barely contained her cheeks. He tried not to be creepy and stare at her, but since his wife left him two months ago he’d become especially horny. And Stacy was really hot. Tall, very fit, a lithe body and cute face. She had an especially nice ass that he stared at every chance he got. And she was sort of flirty with him, or at least he thought so on several occasions when they’d be running at the same time, even though he was at least 6 years older than her. Fred was a nice guy, though he rarely saw him and thus interacted with him less than with Stacy, who was often home alone for stretches.

One day late in the summer Fred knocked on his door and asked to talk with him for a few minutes. Ryan let him in and offered him a beer, which he took. They chatted about sports for a few minutes before he told him that he was going out of town for nearly a month, a long business trip out west. He wasn’t happy about it, but it was a good job and he couldn’t say no, of course.

“So, Ryan, I was wondering if you could do me a favor and keep an eye on Stacy for me. Make sure she’s ok and all. In case she needs anything, maybe you could help out.”

“Sure, of course,” he said. “I’m pretty handy if there’s anything she needs fixing at the house. She should feel free to ask me.”

“Well, that’s great. Thanks. The thing about Stacy is that she…. Well, she has a very active sex drive. I worry about her straying. So, here’s the thing. You’re older and not someone who threatens me, ok. So, if she comes on to you, then it’s ok with me. In fact, I told her that your wife left you and that if she needs some company, then I’m ok with her being with you. I know it’s weird, but it’s a better solution for me, and for her. I want her happy, but not too happy, if you know what I mean. The only limitation is this — no intercourse. That’s our only condition.” He paused after that long explanation and looked at Ryan, waiting for a response.

“Wow, that’s interesting. But really cool of you,” Ryan said, after hesitating. “Listen, I like you two, you’re the only cool people on this street. So I’ll just say I’ll keep an eye on her, and if she asks, then great. But I won’t make the first move, ok?”

“Yeah, that’s good. But I know she will. She feels bad about your wife leaving and all. So it’s cool. I’m cool with it. Except for that one thing.”

“I understand. Great, well, have a good trip, Fred, and don’t worry about anything.”

They shook hands, Fred thanked Ryan for the beer, and then he went across the street. Ryan closed the door, thinking about what he and Stacy could do for a month, everything except him putting his cock in her cunt. But that didn’t preclude him from putting his cock in her ass. Or in her mouth, or between those big tits. Or getting a handjob, or sliding his cock between her asscheeks. Lot’s of possibilities, if she was game. And he had a feeling she would be, judging from some of her looks. Ryan was very fit, always lifting or running. He looked more buff than Fred, in fact, who had no time to work out. He suspected that Fred had trouble keeping Stacy satisfied, which made it important that she not stray while he was away. Well, he’d find out soon enough, as Fred was leaving the next day. It could be an interesting 4 weeks, Ryan thought, his cock swelling in his shorts at the thought of stripping off Stacy’s halter top and panties and diving between her thighs to taste her juicy cunt. He’d want to slide his cock into her wet hole but couldn’t, so he’d lick her asshole and get it ready to take his cock inside it. He’d fuck her tight ass while she rubbed her cunt to orgasm, his cum shooting inside her ass as she came. Ryan resisted the urge to jerk off, needing to turn to other matters. But he looked forward to seeing Fred leave, and to seeing what Stacy wanted.

The next night Ryan went for his evening run, hoping to run in to Stacy along the way. They both tended to run at dusk, about 8, perhaps for the quiet of the post-rush hour streets. He went through his regular route, some flat sections and a few good hills, before turning back to home. When he got there, he found Stacy standing in her driveway, wearing güvenilir bahis one of her sexy running outfits, this one a pink top and light blue stretchy running shorts. Jesus, she was hot, Ryan mused as he approached her.

“Hey, Stacy, how are you?” Ryan said.

“Great, just finished my run. I thought I might see you on the route,” she said.

“Yeah, me too. Must have gone in opposite directions.”

“I think I may have pulled a calf muscle along the way,” she said. “Would you mind coming over to look at it, perhaps after your shower?” she asked, noticing the sweat dripping off of him. “Fred said you worked in physical therapy.”

“Of course, I’d be happy to. I’ll be over in a half hour or so,” he said, eager to rub her calf and maybe more of her hot body.

“Great, see you then,” she said with a smile, her nipples straining against her pink top.

Ryan took a long shower and then headed over to Stacy’s, with a bottle of wine in hand.

She let him in and poured a glass of wine for each them and they sat on the couch and talked while sipping their wine. She didn’t bring up Fred or mention what Fred had said about it being ok to be with him. They both knew they had the green light. She was wearing a short beige skirt that hung just above her knees, and a white blouse, against which her breasts pressed, clearly not constrained by a bra. He wondered if she was wearing any panties.

“How’s the calf feeling?” he asked, after finishing his wine.

“Not bad,” she said. “Still a little sore.”

“Want me to take a look at it?” he asked.

“Yes, thanks,” she said, after taking her last sip of wine.

He got on his knees in front of Stacy and began to gently rub her calf, from the ankle up to the knee.

“Tell me when I get to a sore spot,” he said.

She said ok and lay back against the couch, staring at him. He continued his probing of her calf, eventually finding a spot that made her wince a little.

“This seems to be tight, am I right?”

“Mmmm, yes, that is a little tight. Maybe you can make it go away,” she sighed.

He resumed his rubbing, this time with more pressure.

“Do you mind if I put your leg on my shoulder? I get more leverage that way,” he said.

“Of course, that’s fine,” she said, spreading her legs a bit more.

He put her right leg on his shoulder and began rubbing harder.

“That feels good, Ryan,” she mewed.

He looked up at her as he rubbed her calf. With her legs spread wider, he caught a glimpse of her bare pussy, a tuft of pubic hair above her mound. No panties, he thought, his cock starting to swell in his pants at the thought of licking her hairless cunt.

“My thigh is also a little tight, Ryan. Would you mind rubbing it, too?”

“Of course,” he said, moving his hand up her calf to her thigh, his hand roaming across her soft skin, getting closer and closer to her inner thigh.

“Mmm, that feels good. I think my cunt needs some attention, as well, Ryan. Would you mind rubbing my cunt,” she said, spreading her legs even wider for him.

Ryan looked up at Stacy, who was pressed against the couch, her hands now unbuttoning her blouse to free her breasts. And then he stared at her cunt, glistening with moisture, her labia spread open to reveal her inner lips and her hooded clit. His right hand moved up her inner thigh to her juicy hole, his thumb sliding between her inner lips and then up to her clit. Stacy began to rub her tits as he began to rub her cunt. She moaned as his thumb pressed against her clit.

“Jesus that feels good Ryan. That’s it, rub my clit.”

“I think I need to lick your cunt, Stacy. It’s so wet. May I lick your wet juicy cunt?”

“God yes, please lick my cunt. Eat me, Ryan,” she said, moaning, her hips moving slightly to press against his thumb. “Eat my cunt while I rub my tits.”

Ryan started at her knee, licking his way up her soft inner thigh until his tongue was poised at the entrance of her wet hole, her thighs spread open, the lips of her cunt spread open. He nuzzled her clit with his tongue before plunging inside her cunt, tongue fucking her hole for a minute before lapping at her lips. He then began to tongue her inner lips from top to bottom, grazing her asshole for a moment before moving up the other lip to the top, and then back down the other lip to her asshole. He played with her asshole, making Stacy squirm and moan.

“Oh my God, Ryan, what are you doing to me. That feels amazing. That’s it, lick my asshole. That feels so good.”

He tongued her asshole while his right thumb began rubbing her clit, which appeared from under its hood and throbbed against his finger. The combination of his tongue on her asshole and finger on her clit made her thrust against him. He could tell she was close to coming. Her breathing got deeper, her hips began pressing against him, and her moaning got louder.

“You’re going to make me cum, don’t stop, don’t stop” she said.

He gave her asshole one final lick before thrusting his tongue into her cunt, tasting her juices, and then güvenilir bahis siteleri up to her clit. He ravished her clit with this tongue, pressing against it, taking it between his lips, gently sucking on it as he rubbed the top of her mound with his thumb. Stacy started to buck, to thrust against his tongue, one hand now on his head, pulling him closer to her. She bucked twice, moaning loudly, before falling back against the couch, her eyes closed, her beautiful tits heaving as she caught her breath. He gently nuzzled her cunt as she recovered from her orgasm, with long light licks of her lips.

“Incredible, just incredible,” she finally said, opening her eyes to stare at him. He was still on his knees between her thighs, her juices smeared all over his face.

“I’ll eat your delicious cunt anytime you want, Stacy,” he said, smiling.

She leaned down to kiss him, her tongue licking her juices off his face and lips, probing

inside his mouth to taste her orgasm. They kissed for awhile, a long hard kiss, their tongues meeting each other’s, their lips pressed together.

“And now it’s my turn to taste you,” she said with a smile.

Ryan stood up, his raging hardon pressing against his shorts. She pulled down his shorts, letting it free.

“Oh my, what a big hard cock you have,” she said, her right hand stroking his shaft. Her tongue flicked against his head as she slid her hand up and down his thick pole.

She patted her hand on the couch, motioning him to sit where she had sat. He leaned against the couch and spread his legs. Stacy got on her knees in front of him, her tits lying on his cock as she kissed his chest, licking his nipples. She slid his cock between her breasts for a minute before lowering her tongue to it. She started at the tip, her tongue slathering his bulbous head while she stroked his shaft. Then she began licking his thick shaft, down to his balls, which she gently sucked. She kept going lower, her tongue eventually sliding across his asshole, as he had done.

“Wow, that does feel good. It all feels good, Stacy,” he said, his cock pulsating now as she stroked it and licked his asshole at the same time.

“Mmmm, I can’t wait to feel your cum shoot in my mouth,” she said, looking up at him with a smile. “Will you do that for me, cum in my mouth?”

He moaned in response, her tongue pressed against his asshole, her hand still rubbing his shaft, harder now. Then she began licking her way up again, from his balls to his shaft and then to his head, which she engulfed, swallowing it and several inches of his meat until about half of his cock was buried in her mouth and throat. She gagged once before resuming her cock sucking, taking another full inch inside while her hand stroked the bottom half.

“You’re going to make me cum, Stacy,” he said, right before his big load splashed into her mouth.

She swallowed most of it, several gobs flowing out of her mouth to land on her tits and then his second spurt coating her face. She kept sucking him as she rubbed his cum into her tits. She finished him off, continuing to gently lick and suck the head of his cock, drained of its fluid.

“Oh my god, that was so exciting,” Stacy said, looking up at him with cum on her face and on her tits. “I love sucking your big cock Ryan.”

“And I love watching you suck my cock, Stacy. You got me so big and hard.”

“Mmmm. I look forward to putting your big hard cock in new places, Ryan. All except one, of course,” she said.

“I’m sure we’ll think of other things,” he replied, with a smile, looking down at her cum-covered face and tits.

Unfortunately another condition of Fred’s was that they couldn’t sleep together, so Ryan headed home, after a long wet kiss with Stacy. She told him she was going out with girlfriends Friday night, but asked him to come over the following night, on Saturday. He said he would look forward to that.

Stacy woke up the morning after her night out with her girlfriends, which was fun. They had stayed out late at a bar, so she got home late, slightly drunk, and very horny. She had thought about knocking on Ryan’s door, but it was after 1:00 am and she didn’t want to piss him off. She didn’t know him that well. So she went home and crawled into bed. She lay

there for awhile, thinking back to the previous evening when they’d eaten each other to orgasm. He made her cum with his tongue, something Fred had never done since he didn’t like to go down on her. But Ryan never hesitated. In fact, he had said, “May I lick your wet juicy cunt.” And he had licked her asshole, an incredible sensation, in part because it was unexpected. But it felt amazing, as did the combination of his tongue on her asshole and his thumb rubbing her clit. She had had an explosive orgasm and then sucked his big cock until his cum spurted on her face and tits. She felt her pussy throb as she thought about taking his hard meat in her hand, stroking it while she licked his asshole and then his head. She wondered if she could fit his cock into her ass. She’d never tried iddaa siteleri anal sex before, but had seen it in porn videos when Fred was on one of his business trips, masturbating to the sight of big cocks reaming tight asses, watching as the guys pulled out and spurted cum on the women’s assholes and then slid their cocks back inside. She was tempted to masturbate, her cunt starting to ache at the thought of Ryan’s cock filling her ass, but decided to wait until that night, when he would come over again. Since they couldn’t have regular intercourse, they’d have to think of new ways to make each other cum. She could give him another blowjob, which he would surely like given his reaction last time. She could give him a handjob, or let him fuck her tits and shoot his cum all over them. But she wanted to be fucked, wanted to feel his hard cock inside her. It would have to be in her ass. She’d have to find some lube to make it work. Her hand strayed down to her panties, her fingers rubbing her clit through the sheer material. Jesus I’m so wet, she thought, just thinking about getting fucked in the ass by a big cock.

Ryan woke up to an erection, no doubt the product of an erotic dream involving his hot neighbor. He had hung out alone last night, with Stacy out with friends. He woke to a car door slamming, probably after midnight, and went back to sleep thinking about their first sexual encounter, eating each other on her couch. He had licked her cunt and her asshole before making her cum with his tongue pressed against her clit, moaning while she rubbed her tits. She had then given him a rimjob and a blowjob, licking his asshole in return before swallowing his meat and his cum, some of which had dribbled down to her tits, his second load covering her mouth and face. She had licked it off her lips while rubbing it into her breasts, all while smiling at him. And then she had said, “I love sucking your big cock Ryan.” Indeed, he loved watching her suck his hard cock and looked forward to watching her do it again. Though now that he had discovered her sensitive anus he wondered if she would be inclined to let him fuck her in the ass. She had squirmed and moaned when he ate her ass, and she had returned the favor by rimming him while stroking his throbbing shaft. It would be a tight fit, he thought, his hand now running up and down his thick pole. He could easily jerk off then and there, but wanted to keep it fresh for tonight, when she had asked him to come over for dinner. So he stopped stroking his meat. She’d be doing that soon enough, he thought.

Ryan headed across the street at 6, bottle of wine in hand and a joint in his pocket. He thought he would ask Stacy if she liked to smoke, at some point in the evening. He thought she might, but if not, he didn’t think she’d mind.

Stacy let him in and then kissed him on the lips, just briefly. He kissed her back, his hand encircling her waist, for a moment. He followed her into the kitchen, his eyes on her ass, covered by a pale blue shirtdress that rested below her upper thighs. Very hot, he thought, thinking about what he wanted to do to that ass — lick it, slide his cock inside it, cum all over it.

She prepared the spaghetti dinner while they chatted about their days. He asked her about her girls’ night out. They sipped their wine and enjoyed the dinner. Finally Stacy told Ryan that Fred had called and asked how it’s going. She had told him that everything was fine, nothing exciting to report. She hadn’t wanted to tell him about their oral sexathon the other night. She thought it would upset him, even though it was his idea for her to get together with Ryan. But she thought he might be hurt if she did that the first day he was gone. So she would eventually say that they had hooked up, maybe at the end of the week. But surprisingly Fred said to go for it, to get Ryan over to the house. He even sounded excited, Stacy said, like he wanted to hear the details. So she had said she would, to make him happy. He said great, that he’d call tomorrow.

“Wow, that’s pretty interesting, Stacy. So it’s good that he’s all for it, right? That must make you feel good about it, right?”

“Yeah, I think it does. It’s just weird to have to talk about it. It’s like he’ll get turned on by it. Like some kind of voyeur.”

“Well, maybe you do that once, and then just say we haven’t seen each other in awhile. That way you don’t have to describe everything every time.”

After they cleaned up, Ryan took out the joint and asked Stacy if she liked to smoke. She said yes, she loves to smoke, once in awhile, but that Fred wasn’t into it. Too paranoid about his company finding out. They went outside, just beyond the door, and shared the joint, each taking two hits. Ryan put out the joint, leaving it in the grass. He took Stacy’s hand and they walked into the backyard together. It was quiet, few cars going up and down their street. The moon shone brightly on the grass and trees. He took her over to one of the trees and pressed her against it, his right hand on her left hip. He leaned in to kiss her. Her right hand pulled him toward her, her mouth pressing against his, her tongue searching for his, while her left hand pulled his body into hers until his crotch met hers. She began to grind her mound against his crotch as she kissed him.

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