Helping the Neighbor Kid

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“Tom, what do we have going on this weekend?” Maggie called out her husband who sitting in his recliner in the other room.

“I’m playing golf with the guys Saturday morning, but other than that I don’t think we have any plans. Why?” Tom replied.

“Just a moment Dear,” Maggie yelled. “I’m on the phone with Joyce.”

Maggie and Tom are a married couple in their late 50s living in the suburbs. Nearing retirement, but continuing to put it off in an effort to pay their son and daughter’s ever increasing college expenses. Joyce and Paul lived next door. They were similar in many ways to Maggie and Tom with two college aged children of their own. In fact, their son, Jake, was the same age as Maggie’s son, Mark. Jake and Mark were great friends growing up and the families became close through attending Mark and Jake’s football games or school events together. Maggie hung up the phone in the kitchen and rushed to where Tom was sitting.

“Joyce said Jake broke his right arm and fractured his left wrist in an accident.” Maggie explained.

“That’s awful!” Tom replied.

“Joyce and Paul have to go out of town this weekend, and she was hoping I could check in on Jake and maybe help him out a little while they’re gone. I told her I’d be happy to. I guess it will give me something to do while you play golf.” Maggie continued.

“Sure, that should be no problem. Let me know if I can help.” Tom said.

Later that evening, Maggie made a pasta dish for Jake, Joyce and Paul and took it next door. Joyce greeted her warmly and thanked her for making them a meal. Maggie explained they just needed to bake it in the oven for 30 or 35 minutes and said she hoped they would find it helpful. Joyce explained Jake’s injuries to Maggie. Jake’s right arm was in a cast to immobilize the broken bone. While he also fractured his left wrist, he was only in a left wrist splint, so he had some limited functionality with that arm. Joyce told Maggie that Jake could feed himself, dress himself, and bathe himself, but he had some trouble opening bottles, turning on the water in the shower, and other things most people find very routine. Maggie said she and Tom would love to help and offered to come over Saturday morning. Joyce said Jake usually gets up by 9:00, and asked if Maggie could stop by around 9:30. Maggie agreed and headed home to have dinner with Tom.

That Saturday, Maggie called next door at 9:30. Jake answered and thanked her for volunteering to help him. He explained that he couldn’t unlock the front door, so his dad left Maggie a key under the welcome mat and she could just let herself in whenever. Maggie said she’d be right over. She walked next door, found the key, and let herself in. Jake was sitting on the couch in his pajamas.

“Well, what can I do for you?” Maggie asked after exchanging pleasantries.

“I guess I’d like a shower. Maybe you could help me get the water on and open the soap and shampoo bottles for me.” Jake responded.

“Sure. No problem Dear! Just show me where.” Maggie stated.

“Just down the hall here.” Jake inched off the couch and led Maggie to the bathroom. “I’ll go grab some clothes if you can adjust the water temp for me.”

Maggie slide the clear glass door aside and turned on the shower. She found a nice, warm setting. She wandered back down the hall Ankara travesti to the living room to let Joyce’s dog out into their fenced backyard. “You probably need to do your morning business too, right?” Joyce said to the mutt.

Meanwhile Jake returned to the bathroom. Seeing Maggie gone and the shower running, he figured it was ok to undress. He pulled his loose fitting shirt off, then slid his shorts and boxer briefs down his legs and carefully stepped out. Just then Maggie returned. They both shrieked upon seeing each other.

“Oh my God! Holy Shit!” Maggie exclaim.

“Sorry, I thought you were done in here.” Jake stammered as he tried in vain to cover himself with his left hand.

“No, no I’m sorry Jake. Holy shit.” Maggie whined.

“What’s wrong? Why do you keep saying that?” Jake asked nervously as he pulled a towel in front of his nude body.

“It’s your penis.” Maggie whimpered.

“WHAT?!” Jake exclaimed as he looked to his crotch hoping everything was okay down there.

“I’ve just, uh, never seen anything like that.” Maggie blushed.

“Is it okay?!” Jake begged.

“I guess so, I mean I think so, it’s just, uh, really, uh, really huge.” Maggie stammered.

“Oh, oh, you think?” Jake blushed.

“Yeah, I’ve never seen anything like that” Maggie stated. Jake’s flaccid penis hung heavily and nearly half way to his knees curving softly over his large egg shaped balls. His finely trimmed public hair did nothing to hide his sheer size.

“Is it okay?” Jake begged.

“Oh yes, yes. It’s, um, um, very nice.” Maggie stated. “I’ll leave you to your shower.”

“Hey, first could you open the soap and shampoo bottles for me?” Jake asked as Maggie turned to leave. Maggie opened the bottles and slowly crept out of the bathroom. She closed the door behind her and went to let the dog in. Upon returning, she found the door just slightly ajar.

Although, she felt a little guilty, Maggie peered through the cracked door and watched Jake through the glass shower door. He struggled in the shower to soap his back and left arm, but Maggie ignored the struggles and focused on his enormous penis. It was unlike anything she’d seen and she couldn’t stop her curious feelings. She wondered if it got even bigger when he was aroused. Tom was maybe two inches soft but more than doubled that when he became erect. Surely Jake wouldn’t double in size she laughed to herself. She then chuckled to herself that poor Jake was probably unable to masturbate since he couldn’t turn a door knob or a shower dial – that led to a wicked idea. Maggie could offer to lend a hand! But no, what would Mark think? Or worse Tom? As she drifted into a daydream, she heard Jake shut the water off.

“Jake, do you need anything?” Maggie called through the door.

“No. I’m doing okay.” Jake replied. Within a few minutes, he emerged from the bathroom in a white robe that he clutched closed with his left hand.

“Do you need help dressing?” Maggie asked.

“Nope. I think I’ve figured out how to do that after a two weeks of being gimpy like this.” Jake answered.

“Two weeks? I guess you probably have had time to figure some things out then.” Maggie encouraged. “Well, Tom is out golfing anything else I can do to help her?”

“I don’t know. I think I’ll be Konya travesti okay once I get dressed. I’ll probably just watch some football.” Jake explained.

“Are you sure? Do you want company?” Maggie asked.

“No. It’s cool.” Jake responded.

“Cook something for you?” Maggie asked.


“Help with laundry?”


“Clean the kitchen?”

“No. It’s fine”

“Take out the trash?”

“Dad did that last night”

“Not even a handjob?” Maggie asked. Immediately realizing what she said and only maybe meaning it as a joke, she started blushing.

“Uh, oh my God.” Jake kind of laughed.

“Yes. Just joking Dear, but it must be rough to, um, take care of yourself in your condition.” Maggie laughed.

“Ha! Yeah actually, the worst part of it all.” Jake joked.

Maggie’s daughter was always using that stupid “yolo” hashtag on Facebook, and Maggie hated it, but here Maggie’s own “you only live once” chance.

“Well, your mom asked me to lend a hand, so ‘yolo’ right, isn’t that what you kids say?” Maggie laughed.

“Huh? What do you mean?” Jake asked.

“I mean, I could help you out if you know what I mean.” Maggie smiled wickedly.

“Oh my God! Really? Are you serious?” Jake exclaimed.

“Only if you want to.” Maggie said as she started to have second thoughts.

“Oh my God Maggie, I haven’t cum in three weeks. It would be amazing if you could help me like that!” Jake shouted.

“Okay, what, what, do, do, we do?” Maggie stuttered, suddenly unsure of herself.

“I don’t know. I could just lay on the bed maybe.” Jake said as Maggie followed him into the bedroom. Jake pointed at his nightstand and said, “I’ve got some lube in the bottom drawer there.”

Maggie bent down and took the small bottle out of the drawer. She turned around and looked at Jake who was still standing and clasping his robe closed.

“Well, if we are going to do this it’s going to be difficult if you keep standing there like that.” Maggie winked.

Jake let the robe drop to the floor revealing a huge semi-hard penis. He sat down on the edge of the bed and worked his way backward to his pillow. Maggie sat down next to him. She put a bit of the lube on her right hand then reached out. She took his stiffening penis in her hand. Jake let out a soft whimper.

“Oh shit I can’t believe this!” Maggie laughed. “Your penis is so big.”

“Yeah, most people are surprised by its size.” Jake laughed.

“How do you like it?” Maggie asked.

“You can just keep doing what you are doing.” Jake moaned as Maggie slid her right hand up and down his now hard shaft.

“Damn. How big is this thing?” Maggie asked. “I can barely get my fingers around it.”

“It’s a bit over nine inches long.” Jake replied.

“That’s all? I was guessing a foot!” Maggie laughed.

Maggie laid down beside Jake, but continued stroking him. “You are so much bigger than Tom” she cooed as she looked into Jake’s eyes.

“Really?” Jake asked.

Maggie laughed like a school girl. “Yeah, he’s like half this size. What feels best on it?

“Maybe you could play with my balls a little while you jerk me off?” Jake suggested.

“Sure Dear.” Maggie said as she sat up and positioned herself between Jake’s big muscular İzmir travesti legs. She took his balls in her left hand and gently massaged them. She was amazing my their size. Jake reacted with a moan and several quick breathes.

“You like that?” Maggie laughed.

“Fuck yes!” Jake gasped. Maggie dropped his penis and focused her attention on his big balls with one in each hand. She marveled at the size of them. “No wonder you were always the bravest kid on the football team. You’ve got such huge balls.” Maggie laughed.

She moved both her hands back up to his throbbing cock and stroked it. Jake moaned in ecstasy as Maggie two handed him.

“My cock looks so big in your little hands.” Jake moaned. “You’re so fucking sexy.”

“Oh yeah? You think so?” Maggie laughed.

“Fuck yes Maggie!” Jake moaned. “I shouldn’t admit this but I used to jack off to the thought of you in that white swimsuit you wore to our team pool party.”

“Oh so naughty Jake. You talk so dirty too.” Maggie winked.

“I’m sorry Maggie, but you have me so horny.” Jake explained.

“No it’s ok. I like your dirty talk.” Maggie laughed. “Are you gettin close?”

“Yes Maggie.” Jake answered. “Is it ok if I cum?”

Maggie laughed. “You better cum! I’m not doing this to waste my time! What would help you cum?”

“Talk dirty to me while you jack me off.” Jake said.

Maggie wasn’t sure what to say as she wasn’t much of a talker. “Your penis is so big Jake.”

“‘Penis’ sounds too medical Maggie. Can you call it something else?” Jake begged.

“Your cock is so fucking big Jake!” Maggie exclaimed. “The biggest I’ve ever seen!”

With that she saw Jake’s huge balls retract and his penis got even stiffer in her hands. Jake grunted in pleasure. Seconds later, he erupted like a long dormant volcano shooting thick ropes of semen into the air. The first two blasts landed on her jeans and she noted they were more than Tom’s average load, but Jake kept cumming. He eventually ran out of steam as the last of his massive load dribbled across her fingers. She’d never seen anything like it. She sat in silence staring at Jake’s spent penis and the puddles of warm jizz all over her jeans, his bedsheets, and her hands.

“Are you okay?” Jake asked.

“Yeah, I’ve just never seen so much cum.” Maggie explained as they both laughed. “I better wash your sheets and go change my pants!”

Jake and Maggie climbed out of bed. She washed her hands then helped him into his boxer briefs, pants and a t-shirt. She threw his sheets into Joyce’s washing machine, got Jake settled on the couch and helped him turn on a football game.

“Well, I guess I’ll head home before Tom gets back. If you need anything call me!” Maggie said as she walked to the door.

“Thank you so much Maggie!” Jake exclaimed. “That was amazing!”

“No problem Dear, but I’d appreciate it if we could keep this quiet.” Maggie demanded.

“Oh my lips are sealed!” Jake assured her.

With that, Maggie headed back next door. She stripped nude in her laundry room and threw her semen soaked jeans into the washer then went upstairs. She couldn’t believe the size of Jake’s cock or the load he blew from his giant balls. She climbed into her own shower and took the showerhead off its holder. Using the gentle massage setting she guided the warm water across her body to her vagina. Massaging her breasts while the shower head massaged her pussy, she soon delighted in her own warm orgasm as fantasized about Jake and his huge penis. She couldn’t wait to lend him a hand later that weekend.

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