Her Awakening Ch. 04

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It had been a few days since Jake had taken Victoria’s anal virginity. Victoria’s husband was still out of town, and she had been busy with household chores, shopping and spending some time down at the country club. The Muellers belonged to a swanky high society country club, and Victoria spent many hours there helping the women’s auxiliary, doing charitable work and the like. However, even being busy failed to keep Victoria’s mind off her young stud, and she often found herself in a daydream, thinking of him and all he had shown her.

Victoria was at the club one day, and while in the middle of one of these day dreams, she was startled back to the present by the sound of someone’s voice, “Victoria, hello, hey, where are you?”

“Huh?” Victoria replied, still trying to collect her thoughts.

“Where were you?” the voice came back.

Victoria collected herself and looked to see who was talking. It was Penny Charles.

“I need those figures you were working on from the collections we received from the dinner last week. What were you thinking about?” Penny asked.

“Nothing!” Victoria replied in a bit of a panic. She blushed a bit as she recalled her last thought. She had been thinking about sucking and fucking Shane and Chase.

“By your reaction, I don’t think it was nothing.” Penny said as if probing for more info.

Penny was the head of the auxiliary. Her husband had past a few years ago, leaving Penny very well off. Since then, she had developed a reputation as a bit of a hussy. She was very attractive. She was about the same age as Victoria, but had the body of someone 15 years younger. She was about 5′ 8″, slim but not skinny, dark brown curly hair that dropped down to just above her shoulders, tight round ass, long firm legs and a set of tits that most women would kill to have. She used her body to get whatever she wanted. She liked men and since her husband had died, she had been enjoying herself. So when Victoria said “Nothing.” So quickly, Penny knew better.

“I was just missing my husband and thinking of him.” Victoria quickly thought to say.

“OK” Penny responded with doubt in her voice. “So do you have those figures?”

“No, not yet, give me a few minutes.” Victoria assured her.

Victoria hurriedly tallied the numbers and got them to Penny. Then she excused herself from the activities and went to the lady’s room. She dug her cell phone from her pocket and dialed Jake’s number. When he didn’t answer, she left a message telling him she wanted to see him.

He was at the beach with a group of his friends when his cell phone rang. Of course Jake didn’t answer the phone when he saw the number, asserting his control of the situation as always. Brittany, one of Jake’s friends and occasional sex partner heard the phone ring, and when he didn’t answer, she asked him who it was.

“Oh some chick I am banging. She probably wants me to go fuck her.” He said matter-of-factly.

Brittany giggled a bit and said, “Yes, there are so many.”

“And you are one of them.” He retorted.

“Yea, Yea, Yea.” She replied.

Over the course of the afternoon, Victoria called three more times. The final time she decided she would be nasty, hoping to entice a return call soon.

“It’s your slut you big stud. Call me soon, I want your big fat cock up my ass again.” She said seductively. Then she hung up, confident he would soon call her back now.

Brittany had heard Jake’s phone ring all four times. The last time Jake was in the water and had left his phone on the towel. Brittany didn’t answer it, but thought to herself, “Damn, this girl really wants it bad. That’s the forth call this afternoon.” Being too curious, she picked up the phone after it stopped ringing. She wanted to see if the display had a name. Just then, Jake walked up and Brittany played it off perfectly. “Hey your phone just rang again.” Then she handed it to Jake.

He checked the number and smiled.

“That same girl from before?” She asked Jake.

“Yea.” He answered.

“Wow, she really wants you. Who is she?”

They were alone, and Jake was feeling very confident. So he just came out and said it. “It’s Mrs. Mueller.”

“Aaron’s mom?” She said surprised.

“Yep.” He quipped back.

“No Way!” she said with disbelief.

“Yea, I’m serious, look at the number.” With that, he turned the display and there, plain as day, was Aaron’s number across the screen.

“I don’t believe you. She was probably calling for something else. Maybe she is having a party for Aaron or something.”

Eager to prove his newest conquest, Jake dialed his voicemail and handed the phone to Brittany. He just expected the usual, “Hey It’s me I need to see you.” message. However, as Brittany listened to the voicemail, her mouth dropped wide open. She just handed the phone back to Jake. Puzzled, Jake hit the repeat key. Then he just got a smile across his face as the sounds of Victoria’s seductive voice rang in his ears.

“See, I told Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort you.”

After the initial shock wore off, Brittany, who was quite the hot little sex kitten herself, got a naughty look on her face, and said, “I want to watch!”

“You what?” Jake asked.

“I want to watch you fuck that nasty old broad. She sounds like she is a hot bitch.” She explained.

Jake saw a golden opportunity present itself and he devilishly said, “I have a better idea. You can participate.”

Brittany got all excited and said, “Ooooh, that sounds even better. Let’s go now.”

“OK.” He replied.

They commenced with their goodbyes to the rest of the group and headed for Jake’s car. On the way home, Jake was teasing Brittany and told her he was going to have Mrs. Mueller eat her pussy. She told him she didn’t think Mrs. Mueller would do that.

“Want to bet?” He asked her. “Listen to me call her.”

He told her to dial the number. She handed the phone to him.

“Hello my little cock sucker. You left me quite a nasty message. You are just a naughty slut aren’t you?…… Well, I have a surprise for you……. Yep, I am bringing a friend…….. I knew that would excite you…… Yep…… OK, we will be there in about 25 minutes. Leave the door open. I want you on the couch naked when we get there…… Ok, Goodbye slut.” Then he hung up.

“Wow, she lets you talk to her that way?” Brittany asked.

“Are you kidding? It makes her hot.” He answered.

“She is a nasty old broad isn’t she?” Brittany quipped.

When the two of them arrived at Victoria’s house, they walked to the front door, opened it and walked in. As they entered the living room, Victoria was on the couch naked as instructed. However, she was not just laying there waiting. She had taken it upon herself to get ready for the impending activities. She had her legs wide open and three of her fingers buried in her pussy, and she was moving them in and out.

When Victoria saw two bodies appear around the corner she spoke, “You boys ready for a first class fucking?” Then she saw Brittany. She immediately stopped what she was doing. She obviously was not expecting a girl. Then she recognized Brittany from the party at her house. She was mortified.

Jake saw the horrified look on her face and tried to comfort her. “Don’t worry Mrs. Mueller, Brittany won’t tell anyone. She just wants to play.”

Play? Victoria didn’t know what to think. She had not been with a woman. She knew some women who had done it, but wasn’t sure she could. She just laid there with her legs wide open dumbfounded.

Brittany was a bit awe struck too. She had been with a few of her girlfriends before, but, this was a woman. She stood and stared at Victoria and it turned her on. Before Victoria could say anything, Brittany moved toward her and knelt on the floor in front of her. She stared at Victoria’s well trimmed pussy. It was glistening from her juices. The lips were swollen from her arousal and her clit stuck out from its hood like a tiny swollen cock. The only thing she could say was, “Your pussy is beautiful.” Before Victoria could answer her, Brittany lowered her face to Victoria’s pussy and started licking it enthusiastically.

Victoria didn’t know what to think. She wanted to stop her, but then the pleasure hit. Brittany knew what she was doing. Her tongue touched Victoria in all the right places. She licked her lips, her clit, and drove her tongue into her steamy hole. Each time Victoria thought it couldn’t get any better, Brittany found a new way to stimulate her drenched cunt. Victoria just laid back and moaned her approval as Brittany continued to coax Victoria’s first orgasm of the day from her body. Victoria grabbed the cushions of the couch. She wanted to grab Brittany’s head, but was afraid she might ruin the young girls rhythm. Victoria started to pant and moan louder and louder as Brittany sucked and tongue fucked her pussy.

“Oh my! You are good. You are going to make me cum! I can’t take that much longer.”

Suddenly, Brittany sucked in her clit hard and drove three fingers into Victoria. Then she firmly bit down on her clit as she continued to slam her fingers into her. The pain was a bit of a surprise, and she let out a scream. Much to her shock, she almost immediately began to cum. The pleasure swept through her. Brittany was biting her clit in a rhythm. Each time, Victoria felt the pain and pleasure at the same time and it heightened her orgasm. She continued to scream and shake as Brittany continued on with her assault.

All this was making Jake hot. He removed his shorts and placed his cock in front of Victoria’s face. She willingly grabbed it and began sucking its length in and out of her mouth as Brittany sucked and finger fucked her sloppy cunt as she came down from her high. Victoria sucked and stroked Jake’s rod like a street whore. Licking and sucking and stroking him like it was the last thing she would ever do.

Jake grabbed a handful of hair and started pushing her onto his rock hard cock. “Yes, that’s it my little cock sucker. You like it when I fuck your mouth don’t you? Show Brittany how a good married woman sucks her young stud’s cock like a slut.”

Victoria just ate it up. She moaned and sucked and stroked his member. Then she noticed Brittany had stopped eating her pussy and had began to watch her. This turned her on. She loved all the attention. She looked at Brittany as Jake drove his cock down her throat. She noticed Brittany start to finger her own pussy as she watched. This also made her even hotter.

“She sucks a good cock doesn’t she Brittany?” Jake asked.

“Yea, she seems to really enjoy it.” She answered

“What she really likes is when you tell her what a slut she is. Tell her how nasty she is.” He told her.

“She is quite the nasty old broad. She sucks a cock like her life depends on it.” She returned.

Then directing her attention to Victoria, she spoke again, “

“You like sucking cock you nasty whore?” Brittany asked.

“Mmmmhhhmmm” Victoria emphatically answered, not even removing the cock from her mouth.

“You like the feel of his rock hard meat sliding down your slutty throat?” She asked again.

Victoria answered the same way as before, getting hotter with every vulgar sentence out of Brittany mouth.

“Tell me!” Brittany demanded. “Tell me what a slutty old whore you are, and how much you like that cock in your mouth.”

“I love it! I love sucking his big fat cock. I love being his slut. I love it when you talk to me that way. Make me your whore. Tell me again what a slut I am. It makes me hot.” Victoria begged.

Some of the words coming out of her own mouth even surprised Victoria, and she was now stroking her own pussy as she resumed her enthusiastic cock sucking.

“Oh I am going to make you my whore alright, you nasty slut.” Brittany snapped back at her. “Come over here. I want to see if you eat pussy as eagerly as you suck cock.” She grabbed Victoria’s head and pulled it off Jake’s cock. As she guided Victoria’s movements, she sat on the floor and leaned against the couch. She looked Victoria in the face and said, “Eat me.” Then she pushed her face down to her pussy.

Victoria didn’t really know what to do. She was new to this too. So, she decided to do what she knew felt good to her. The smell of Brittany’s young wet pussy was intoxicating, further spurring Victoria’s arousal. She breathed in her sweet smell as she began to lick her slick, tight, youthful pussy. She licked the lips, savoring the taste. Then she lightly flicked her clit. This sparked an appreciative moan. Victoria noticed this and guided her tongue across her nub again.

“Oh yes.” Brittany moaned. “Eat my pussy you nasty old whore.”

Victoria was eating up the attention. Her pussy was virtually on fire. She was really enjoying the fact that she could make this young girl hot. She licked harder and sucked in Brittany’s clit. She licked all the way down to her steamy hole and plunged her tongue inside. The feel of the velvety walls of Brittany’s pussy against her tongue was very stimulating. Victoria withdrew her tongue and drove it back in, fucking her with her soft tongue.

Brittany moaned with every swipe of her tongue across her clit and every insertion into her dripping cunt. Brittany saw Jake standing there enjoying the show and got an idea. She again spoke to Victoria.

“Get you fat ass in the air whore. You want Jake in your ass? I think we can oblige.”

Victoria pulled her knees under her. She was now on her elbows and knees with her face buried in Brittany’s pussy.

Jake was rock hard. He took his cock and slid it into Victoria’s cunt to lubricate it a bit. He fucked her pussy hard and fast for a few minutes until his cock was nice and slick. Then he pulled it out and placed it at her dark ring and drove it in until it was deep inside her.

With her mouth still busy with Brittany’s pussy Victoria let out a muffled scream. She was already on the verge of orgasm, and the anal stimulation was thrilling. She started eating Brittany’s pussy harder and faster, licking and sucking and nibbling, while Jake fucked her ass hard and deep.

A few moments later, Victoria felt her orgasm hit. She again screamed repeatedly into Brittany’s love nest. She bucked against Jake’s cock and ate pussy while her body shook from the power of the climax. Again all this stimulation was wonderful and she soaked up all the pleasure as it soon turned to contentment.

Jake was really turned on by the scene, and of course Victoria’s tight ass was helping too. He let out a yell a few minutes later as he continued to drive his cock into Victoria’s dark hole, spilling his cum into her bowels. After his climax, he pulled his cock out and watched as his seed dribbled out of her used rosebud.

Brittany was also enjoying the pussy licking she was getting and she wanted to cum too. She found the nasty talk a bit intoxicating too and she started again on Victoria.

“Look at you slut. Your ass is dripping cum, and your face is in my cunt. You are a whore. Eat my pussy you old nasty broad. Make me cum you dirty slut………That’s it fuck my pussy with your face……Oh Yea, that’s going to do it………Don’t stop you slutty bitch……….Yeesssssssss, Aahhhhhhhhhhh, Oh my gawd!!!!! Eat me! Eat Me!” She screamed as wave after wave swept over her.

Victoria just continued to devour the sweet taste of this young girl as her juices flooded her face. She could learn to like this too she thought. Soon they all just collapsed on the floor as there exhaustion took over. Victoria laid her head on Brittany’s lap like a child seeking comfort.

“You did that very well. You are a good learner. We might have to do that again real soon.” Brittany complimented Victoria.

“Thank you.” Victoria said.

Wanting to keep Victoria in her place, Jake soon stood and grabbed Brittany and announced there exit. They got dressed and went to leave. As they were leaving, Brittany walked up to Victoria and whispered in her ear, “See you soon you nasty old whore. I have some friends who I think would like to meet you.” Then she winked at her and the two of them walked out the door.

A few days later, Victoria was still alone. Her husband had called the night before and told her he was going to be gone for a few more days. He had to fly to another city and “put out another fire”. Victoria was getting a bit lonely. She sat at the kitchen table and daydreamed about her most recent escapades. She was bursting at the seams. She needed to share her new found passion with someone, but she would risk her secret getting out. So, she just brushed the thought aside. After finishing her coffee, she got dressed and headed to the study to finish doing some figures for Penny from the club.

A short time later, there was a knock on the door. Victoria opened the door and there stood Penny.

“I thought I would save you a trip to the club. I was on my way by and thought I would pick up those figures from you.” Penny told her.

“Great, come in.” Victoria said. “Have a seat in the living room. I’ll go get them.” Then she hurried to the study.

When she returned, she offered Penny some coffee. She accepted and they began to talk about the upcoming fundraisers at the club and of course all the gossip.

Penny was carrying on about someone at the club, but Victoria became a bit distracted. Penny was wearing a short skirt and showing off a lot of leg. Victoria’s eyes began to run up the length of Penny’s long toned legs. She had not been able to get the thoughts of being with another woman out of her head since she had eaten Brittany’s pussy. She began to imagine what Penny’s pussy looked like at the top of those beautiful legs. She was getting herself all worked up when Penny’s voice snapped her out of it.

“Hello, Earth to Vicky.”

Victoria’s thoughts returned to what was being said. “Oh, I’m sorry, what were you saying?”

“What is with you lately?” Penny inquired. “You always seem to be somewhere else.”

Victoria tried to come up with an excuse. What she really wanted, was to tell her all about it, get it off her chest, release the stress of keeping it all inside. But, she couldn’t……could she? If anyone would understand, it would be Penny. She was the one with the reputation. She would get it. Then with out thinking again, she lowered her voice like someone might hear and said, “Can you keep a secret?”

“Of course.” Penny assured her. She was expecting another little tidbit of gossip about someone else. She was never expecting what she was about to hear.

“I am having an affair.” Victoria said. She was relieved. She let out a large breath. Her body relaxed and it felt like a load of bricks had just been removed from her shoulders. After the initial confession, Victoria didn’t stop talking for five minutes straight. She told Penny how she started things with Jake, how he made her feel, what a great lover he was, and how she never had experienced any of this with her husband.

Penny was blown away. “Good little Victoria was having an affair?” She thought. The images got her mind wondering. She wanted to know more. She wanted to know everything. “Tell me more. What, when, where, tell me all about it.” She begged.

Victoria started from the beginning and filled Penny in on all the juicy details. Then she told her how he liked to talk nasty to her.

“You like that?” Penny asked

“Yes, it is very erotic.” She answered.

“What does he say?”

He likes to call me his little cock sucker and he says I am a little married slut. It really turns me on.”

Penny was sitting back on the couch and was so into what Victoria was saying that she wasn’t paying attention to the fact that her legs had parted a bit. Then Victoria told her about Brittany.

“She was even naughtier than Jake. She kept telling me what an old slutty whore I was. I couldn’t believe how turned on it made me. She made me eat her pussy and I really liked it.” Victoria told Penny.

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