Her Best Friend For Christmas

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Allie Haze

Author’s Note: Welcome to my entry into the Winter contest. Took me awhile to decide what to write and then it dawned on me…what says Merry Christmas better than a first time lesbian story? As always I want to note that this story is on the longer side and I enjoy building up to the big moment so if you are a fan of shorter stories, this may not be to your liking. Having said that, what are we waiting for? Enjoy. Lovecraft68


“Hey, Julie, what about this one?” I held up a pink blouse, “It’s cute,” I turned it around to show the top half of the back was lace, “But sexy, too.”

“It would be sexy if the front was lace,” Julie laughed, then added, “On me, anyway, for you…well less is more.”

“Hey!” I exclaimed indignantly, “My boobs aren’t that small.”

“Not too big either.” Julie smirked, but held her hands out, “I’ll try it on, might be kind of tight in the chest though.”

“Keep talking, Chesty Mc Boob, and you can go buy something to wear for the party.” I threw the shirt at her. “We can’t all be top heavy.”

“Aww,” Julie laughed, “Don’t be mad, Heather, I’m only teasing.”

“It gets kind of old after awhile.” I sat on the edge of the bed and self consciously crossed my arms over my chest.

“Seriously?” Julie held the blouse up to her chest, while looking in the mirror, “Heather, the only thing you don’t have is big tits, the rest of you is perfect.”

“Right.” I sighed, “Don’t worry, you can borrow my clothes, you don’t have to kiss my ass.”

“That’s what I mean,” she lowered the shirt, “I can’t think of a guy in any of our classes who wouldn’t kiss your ass. You walk down the hallway they all turn around and watch.”

“Whatever.” I shrugged.

“Whatever, I wish I got those looks,” she laughed and slapped her ass, “I’ve got as much in the back as the front, not every guy likes junk in the trunk. You got that cute little butt that looks good in anything.”

“You think so?” I asked, a shy smile spreading across my face.

“Know so, like I said they all look. Next time you’re in school just walk by some guys and turnaround quick, you’ll see them looking.”

I refrained from saying whatever again. Last year boys looking at me mi meant something, but things had changed and it was no longer men I wanted attention from.

“And never mind those long ass legs.” Julie continued, “I’d kill for those, I would never wear skirts as short as you do. But I suppose you’ll say you don’t know that either, miss cheerleader.”

“You think I have nice legs?” I wanted to smack myself as soon as I asked, but Julie didn’t seem to think anything of it.

“I just said you did and I’m not trying to score a shirt, Heather, you’re a pretty girl.” She finally looked up from the blouse. “Which brings me to something.”

“What’s that?”

“Why the hell don’t you have a boyfriend?”

“Oh.” I looked around evasively, “I don’t know, I guess I’m in college to study not fool around and party.”

“You don’t have to be a party girl to have a boyfriend.” She cocked her head and pursed her lips in thought. Julie had nice full lips, they looked soft and inviting and I sucked on my upper lip, wetting it at the image of kissing her. “I can’t even remember you going on a date since…the party at the end of last semester?”

“Um, yeah I guess it’s been awhile.” I admitted, “I have that shirt in purple if you…”

“And I fixed you up for that one, Chad was cute and a really nice guy. He said you said no to another date and wouldn’t even call him back.”

“Not my type.” I said honestly, at least not anymore.

Julie looked as if she were going to continue, so I said, “Hey you need to get to work, don’t you? You going to pick something out or talk about my sex life?”

“That would be a short conversation.” She replied, “Unless you’re seeing someone no one knows about.”

“Maybe.” I gave my long brown hair a toss, “I am cute you know and I was just told I had a nice butt.”

“Liar.” She said, “I was just wondering if maybe you…” she trailed off.

“What?” I asked nervously.

It was Julie’s turn to look away and my heart missed a beat. I’d heard a rumor she had been hanging around with Krissy who was into woman and open about it. I had avoided asking if it were true because the conversation could turn quickly on me. Instead, I used the image of Julie and Krissy as inspiration when I was in bed and too lazy to pull the lap top over and watch some porn.

“Nothing.” She waved her hand at me. “And you’re right, I need to get moving, mind if I try it on?”

“Not at all.” I leaned over and picked up the black skirt at the edge of the bed, “I wear it with this if you…”

I stopped when Julie stripped her t-shirt off. Her long honey blond hair flowed back down over her shoulders and back, but what my eyes fixed on was her impressive chest. Top heavy was a good description for her.

Julie’s breasts seemed as if they were ready to spill out of her red lace bra she was wearing and I had to refrain from licking my lips. The top and inner poker oyna halves of her creamy globes were visible and my palms itched at the thought of what they would feel like, how warm and firm, andheavy they would be.

I was glad my arms were crossed because my nipples were now hard and aching as they always were these days when I stared at a woman. Julie was a friend, but not a best friend, not like Holly whom I had grown up with yet still had some naughty thoughts about, Julie was someone I met at college last year so technically it wasn’t too improper to think of her I that way.

There was nothing in me that could stop fantasizing about her and now it was not just my nipples reacting to seeing even just part of her breasts. The lace was thin and as Julie put her t-shirt down I could make out the shadow of her nipples through the material. I shifted on the bed and felt my panties pulling away from my moist pussy. Damn, I as getting wet fast these days.

Julie added to the situation by dropping the shirt and slipping her shoes off, unzipping her jeans and pushing them over her hips. “May as well try the skirt on while I’m here.”

“Jeez, I don’t want to see your ass.” I lied with a nervous laugh.

“Then why are you looking at me?” she came back with, “Look the other way, but since when did you get all weird about this?”

“I…I’m not I…”

“Not like I’m in less than a bikini would be.” She pointed out while kicking off her jeans

Julie leaned over to get the skirt and I looked past her to the mirror on my closet door. She was wearing a pair of red boy shorts. I loved how those looked, especially on a girl like Julie who, as she had stated, had a little curve to her. The well rounded cheeks of her ass protruded from the red material and my clit was throbbing while I stared at the darker patch of material between her lush thighs.

Lush? I’d been reading too much erotica, but the word fit her soft body. Julie stepped into the skirt, giving me a nice view of her inner thigh and pulled it up over her hips,

“Good thing it stretches,” she sighed, “Can’t all be a slender angel like you.”

“What did you call me?” That was the name of a series of videos I’d seen on Lesbia featuring petite girls.

“Uh…slender angel.” She picked up the blouse and quickly pulled it over her head.

“Where’d you get that from?” I prodded, was she watching the same movies I was? Was she curious or had she already been with Krissy?

“I…heard it somewhere.” She looked down at the top which fit comfortably on me, but was tight on her. “Hmm, this could work.”

“Really tight.”

“Like I said,” she hefted her breasts, “Could work, and the skirts long enough I can wear my new boots.” She turned to look at herself in the mirror and pulled her blonde hair from the back of the shirt. “How do I look?”

“You look great.” I said cautiously.

“So I can borrow the outfit?”

“Sure, bring it back whenever, have fun at the party.”

“I hope so.” she laughed, “Told my folks I’m sleeping over Jen’s in case, you know I find a better place to…not sleep.”

“I heard Krissy is going to be there.” I tossed out.

The look on her face sent a thrill through me. “Krissy, yeah, I think she is.”

“Who’s she dating now?” I gave a mischievous smile, “She goes through more girls than any guy I know.”

“How would I know?” she asked defensively “Not like I keep track and like you said, she’s not into guys.”

“Doesn’t mean you wouldn’t know if she’s with someone.” I kept it up, hoping I could get a clear sign from her.

Of course even if Julie flat out admitted she was into girls some or all of the time, what would I do? What I’d done for most of the past year, nothing.

“I don’t pay attention to what she does.”

“Been awhile since you had a date too.”

“Hence going to the party.” She smiled, “Want to come?”

“I can’t, my mom says I have to stay home tonight.” I sighed.

“Why? I thought you said they were going out tonight.”

“They are, but she said it has to do with a surprise so…” I shrugged, “Hopefully it’s worth staying home for.”

“You’ll have to let me know.” Julie said, stripping the shirt off.

I stared at her soft stomach and the move lifted her breasts to an even better angle. She stood there in her bra folding the blouse, then pushed the skirt off. This time when she bent down she was facing me and I was staring straight down into her vast cleavage. Damn they looked good and so close I could smell her vanilla body spray.

Julie put one hand on the bed next to my leg to steady herself as she pulled her jeans on and I watched her tits jiggle. My face was heating up, but nowhere near the level of heat between my legs. Julie looked up and for a moment her face was less than a foot from mine. I stared into her baby blue eyes and she returned the stare.

My breathing became heavier and my heart was pounding as I saw her moisten her lips and everything in me screamed to lean over and kiss her. She wasn’t moving and had a nervous canlı poker oyna expression on her face that most likely mirrored my own at the moment. Julie seemed to be waiting for something. Was it for me to make a move, take the plunge and show her I was interested, or was she debating doing the same?

Julie leaned in closer and I held my breath, my eyes locked on her lips. Those lips parted and as I titled my head to meet them, she blurted, “Shit!” and stood up, pointing at the clock on my nightstand, she grabbed her t-shirt, “I’m so fucking late!”

“Oh.” I said simply, hoping to hell she hadn’t noticed I’d started to close my eyes and pucker up.

Julie hurriedly pulled up her jeans and zipped them. She was keeping her head down, her long hair covering her face, but when she had to pull on her t-shirt I saw her cheeks were as red as mine felt. She so knew what had almost happened! But was she frustrated like me, or embarrassed for me because I was misreading something.

“I’ll call you tomorrow morning and tell you about the party and you can tell me what your big surprise was, okay?” Julie put her coat on and picking up the clothes, said, “Thank you, I’ll get them back day after Christmas, I won’t have time tomorrow cause I’ll be busy, that okay?”

She was speaking in a nervous rush and I gave her a forced smile, “Sure, take your time, like you said I have no one to dress up for, right?”

“I was just playing around, but I…I gotta go.” She gave me an awkward hug and a quick kiss on the cheek, “I’ll call tomorrow, but won’t see you, Merry Christmas, Heather.”

I returned the quick peck on the cheek wishing I had the nerve to just plant one on her lips and said, “Merry Christmas.”

Julie hurried out of my room and watching her ass sway in her tight jeans I sighed, if I’d had the nerve I could have just made it a very merry Christmas.

***** I looked up at the sound of a knock, “Heather, can I come in?” Julie called out.

“One sec!” As soon as she’d left I taken my jeans and panties off and slipped under the covers to give myself some relief and reply a much better version of what had happened between us just now.

I sat up and had kicked the covers off when the door opened and Julie came in.

“Hey, I said wait!” I exclaimed, pulling the covers up to my lap.

“Sorry,” she closed the door behind her and I heard a click as she thumbed my lock.

Julie took her jacket off and sat next to me on the bed, “Heather I need to ask you something.”

“What?” I asked, looking down where she had put her hand over mine.

“Just now, did you..um, well….” she took a deep breath, “Heather, did you want to kiss me?”

Oh my God! What the hell was I supposed to say? Of course I wanted to, but if she didn’t want that, then I’d look like a fool and my secret would be out. But if she did then this was my chance and…

“Because I really wanted to kiss you.” Julie said, stopping my racing mind.

“You…you did?”

“I did. I…I do.” Squeezing my hand she whispered, “Please say you wanted to kiss me.”

My response wasn’t to tell her I wanted to, but to do it. Her words had been what I’d been longing to hear from a girl for months and taking her face in my hands I kissed her hard. I moaned at the feeling of those luscious lips pressed to mine and Julie whimpered softly as she returned my kiss with equal passion.

I gasped when her tongue pushed against my lips, but parted them and eagerly accepted her soft wet tongue. While we continued to kiss, Julie grabbed the bottom of my t-shirt and pulled it up. I broke the kiss and raised my arms so she could pull the shirt off me and cried out in pleasure when Julie lowered her head and sucked my swollen pink nipple into her mouth.

“Oh, yes!” I moaned, wrapping my hands into her long hair and shoving her face into my chest.

Julie opened wide and took not just my nipple, but a good part of my small breast into her mouth, she sucked hard, swirling her tongue across my aching tit, before removing her mouth and attacking my other nipple with a passion that sent a wave of heat through me. It was my turn to grab her shirt as I moaned, “I want yours! Please let me see them!”

Julie lifted her head and with a sexy giggle that made me squirm into the sheets, she raised her arms over her head. I yanked her shirt up over her head and tossed it away, before it hit the floor, Julie’s hands were behind her back, unhooking her bra, but unwilling to wait even those few seconds, I grabbed the cups and yanked them down, causing her breasts to spring free.

“Oh my God.” I whispered at the sight of her huge round tits.

Julie’s nipples were a deep rose red and as hard as mine. I cupped them and giving them a squeeze rubbed my thumbs across her nipples. Julie whimpered and as I fondled her breasts, put her hands on mine, teasing my nipples between her fingers. She leaned over and our lips met as we fondled each other’s breasts.

Our tongues met once more, but as good as it felt, I needed something else in my mouth and sliding internet casino my lips down the smooth skin of her neck. I teased my tongue along her chest, before lifting her breast to my mouth. Julie emitted a sexy purr as I tongued her swollen nub and arched her back, pushing her flesh further into my mouth. Her arms went around me and I sighed as she ran her long nails up and down my back and through my hair.

I switched to her other nipple while playing with the other and marveling at how goddamn big her tits were. Julie moaned, then putting her hands on my shoulders, pushed me back onto the bed. With a wicked smile she grabbed the sheets and pulled them down, exposing the fact I was naked from the waist down.

“Oh, look at you.” Julie whispered staring down at my pussy with a look of pure lust in her eyes.

“You…you like?” I asked, slowly opening my legs to give her a full view of my smooth pussy.

“I love it.” With no hesitation she put her hand between my legs and ran her fingers through my soft wet lips.

“Oh that feels so good!” I groaned, my hips writhing and pushing my pussy into her hand.

“So wet.” Julie licked her lips then slid one of her slender fingers inside me.

I whimpered in pleasure, then moaned louder when her thumb found my clit. Julie leaned over and fastening her lips to my nipple gently sucked on it while her fingers worked my pussy.

“Oh, you…you’ve done this before.” I laughed as I ran my hands down her smooth back.

“Hmm-mm” she said around my nipple, “With Krissy, but all she wanted was to be my first, I’ve been looking for someone ever since and you’re so hot, Heather!”

“Oh, keep rubbing.” I groaned, thrusting my hips.

“Nope.” She gave me a wicked smile. “There’s a better way.”

She pulled her hand away and I whimpered in frustration. That was until she stood up, stripped out of her jeans, taking her shorts with them and stood there naked. My eyes found the cleft of her pussy and which featured a small patch of blonde fuzz over it that I wanted to burry my face in.

Julie’s pink pussy was framed by those thick thighs and when she knelt on the bed and swung her leg over mine I moaned at the feeling of hr hot wet pussy against my leg. Julie ground her hips, working her pussy into my leg while sliding backwards until she was resting on my knee. Lowering her head, she sucked on my nipple while moving her pussy in circles around my knee.

I lifted it into her and she moaned softly. She kissed each of my nipples then as I watched with my heart pounding and my pussy watering, she trailed her tongue down my stomach. She paused to playfully tongue the small silver stud in my naval, before kissing the top of my pussy. A shudder went through me as Julie slid her arm under my leg to put it on her shoulder and stared at my pussy with naked lust in her eyes.

Julie’s eyes met mine and with sexy smile she touched my clit with just the tip of her tongue.

“Oh please don’t tease me!” I whined.

“Teasing me too.” She licked her lips, then shoving her finger hard into my pussy buried her face between my thighs.

I threw my head back and squealed as she sucked my clit into her hot mouth and I grabbed her head and held her face to my yearning pussy. Julie was sucking and licking and her sweet round ass was moving as she worked her pussy into my knee. She was moaning into my flesh and her hips were moving faster. I moved my leg back and forth along her slick pussy hoping she would cum for me, but it was hard to concentrate on anything but her soft tongue and lips working my throbbing clit.

“Oh fuck.” I moaned as my back arched and my thighs trembled, I was so worked up I was already close to coming.

I looked down between my thighs and the sight of Julie’s blond hair fanned across my thighs and her blue eyes looking up at me while her mouth was buried in my pussy, sent me over the edge. I wrapped my leg around her head, pinning her there, threw my head back and…

I awoke to the sound of my phone ringing next to me.

“Holy shit.” I gasped, sitting up and fumbling for the phone.

It stopped ringing just as I grabbed it and I saw it was Holly. As much as I loved talking to her I didn’t call back. Instead I put the phone down and lay back on the pillows waiting for my heart to stop pounding. I’d been having dreams like that for months; but that one had been the most vivid I’d had by far.

I slid my hand beneath the sheets and touched myself. I was as wet as I had been when I’d fingered myself to two orgasms right after Julie had left. My inspiration for those orgasms had been eerily similar to the dream; Julie turning back around, approaching me and confessing her desire for me. We’d played a lot more in my fantasy session including picturing a sixty nine with my face happily planted between the cheeks of her plump ass.

I was naked under the sheets and the material moving across my nipples caused them to stiffen and I pulled my hand from between my legs. I’d been playing with myself like it was a sporting event since vacation had started and I had more time to lay around the house and think of…girls. I’d been so horny yesterday I’d thought about calling Bill who had asked me out a dozen times in the last two months.

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