Her Boss’s Game

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This story contains light BDSM.


She was sitting at her desk looking over her week’s schedule when her boss walked in. 6 foot 2, broad, dark hair with shocks of white near the temples and intense blue eyes accessed her. She slid back from her desk in her office chair slowly. As he stepped into her office he closed and locked the door behind him. So, it was that kind of day. She had been hoping for that when she dressed that morning. Her calf length beige, tweed skirt looked demure with her black stockings and white, silk, button down shirt buttoned all the way up to her collar. However, the garter belt that sat around her hips holding up her stockings made her feel powerful.

“What can I do for you,” she asked quietly never breaking eye contact.

“Stand up,” he commanded. “I want to play a game.”

She obeyed instantly, his games were always strenuous but she never lost. He walked slowly toward her, and she turned as he rounded her desk so that they were facing each other. Only when he was standing right in front of her did he break eye contact to slowly run his gaze from her Mary Jane heels slowly up her body until his eyes settled on her mouth.

“I want the first sound I hear from you to be you begging me to allow you to come. Do you understand?”

She licked her lips and nodded.

In what felt like one solid motion he moved into her grabbing her hips and lifting her so that she was perched on the edge of her desk with gaziantep escortları him standing sandwiched between her legs. Her gasp made him smirk,

“A noise already, we’ll have to be sure to punish you for that.”

He bent down and kissed her neck gently, parting his lips he ran his tongue across her skin before biting down. Hard. The pain hit first but she was careful not to make a sound other than the soft whoosh of an intake of breath as the familiar ache between her legs followed.

“Good girl,” he purred into her ear before nibbling gently at her earlobe.

He straightened to standing, looking into her eyes as his hands reached down to wrap around her legs just above the knee. He ran his hands up her legs never breaking contact until they reached the top of her stockings.

“What do we have here?” he asked as he stepped back to admire her.

He raised her skirt until it bunched around her waist and exposed the fact that she had neglected to wear any of her pretty, lacy panties under her garter belt.

“God you’re perfect, ” he said his voice cracking just a little as he looked down the pressure of his gaze almost more intense than his fingers digging into the top of her thighs.

He moved again so that he was pressed against her as he picked her up slightly to fan out her skirt behind her. As he did the hard length of him ground against her through his pants.

“This is what you do to me,” he said as pushed her tight against him for a second letting her enjoy the pressure of his hard cock between her legs before sitting her back down with her bare ass on the desk.

He knelt down then so that he was sitting up on his knees in front of her. He ran his hand down one leg until he got to her heel taking it off and squeezing the arch of her foot firmly before setting it on his shoulder. He did the same with the other leg so that both of her feet rested on his shoulders opening herself to him. He leaned in and pressed kisses on her upper thighs, the slight shadow of a beard from a long day’s work scratching against the sensitive skin of her inner legs as he went. He kissed his way over her mound, looked up, took a deep breath and smiled before leaning down and pushing his tongue between her lips to lick firmly from her opening up and over her clit to the top of her mound, the shock of the sudden contact making her yelp. That smile again.

“I thought you were going to be quiet,” he chastised with a hint a of laugh on his words.

He brought his hand down across the top of her inner thigh in a series of quick, stinging slaps that lit her on fire. When she made no noise he settled back between her legs and began moving back in, slower this time his tongue pushing gently down to drag slowly over her most sensitive area. He wrapped his arms around her legs so that his hands could spread her apart granting him better access as his assault began in earnest. As his mouth went to work licking and sucking she bit down on her lip to keep from moaning. One of his hands came around to tease at her opening as his mouth continued it’s work higher up. One finger slid inside followed by another gently curved up so that he could pull her even more tightly against his mouth with every upstroke. The pressure inside of her was building rapidly now and though her breath was hitched and ragged she made no other sounds. Finally, she realized she was nearing the edge and every muscle of her body was tense.

“Please, may I come?” she asked desperately. “Not yet,” he replied into her the vibration of his voice adding a new sensation to the onslaught battering her senses.

He continued lifting her higher until she felt like she was going to crack. His mouth suctioned around her clit sucking her as his fingers continued their curl inside of her.

“Please, please, please” she breathed out as the edges started to slowly come unrattled. “NO,” he said firmly. “You hold on, not just yet. I’ll make it worth it, I promise. ”

His other hand came around and gripped her ass as his thumb found her tight back entrance and pressed gently. Her hips flew off the desk as the new sensation threatened to push her conpletely over the edge. He continued on sucking at her clit with his fingers inside her and his thumb pressed against her asshole until she knew she couldn’t take it much longer.

“I need it,” she cried. “Please! Please, I need i need to come!”

“Now!” he growled finally and she shattered crying out his name as she fell apart.

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