Her Fantasy

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My ass is in the air, completely exposed from my protruding clit, to my ass, offering myself to you. My arms are bound together from wrists to elbow, supporting my weight, my head resting there gently as I try to remember to take deep, even breaths. I jump as I feel the heat from your hand spanking my ass. Juices are bubbling, running down my thighs and slowly working its way to my stomach.

Squirming, trying not to break position, your hand quickly glides from my clit, dipping, but only a little bit, into my hot cunt before stopping at my anus, massaging, rubbing and finally pressing in just a bit to tease before your hand retreats completely. I am gasping and whimpering, back arched, quivering thighs, throbbing clit when you wind my hair around your fist and simultaneously tug while you shove a finger in my ass. Whimpering in need, I thrust back, meeting your finger, basking in the pain and pleasure of the sensation. I want more. I need more. I beg.

“Sir, please. Please give me more, please Sir.” I’m fucking myself on your finger, using my body and my words. Suddenly you remove your finger and I experience the feeling of loss, of emptiness. Whimpering, I instantly stop moving, realizing my mistake. You wait, wondering if I will do it again. I do not and for the first time you speak.

“Do you understand what you did wrong, little girl?” you ask as you absent-mindedly stroke my spine as one would a pet.

I nod, “Yes Sir.”

“What did you do?”

Swallowing hard, I shakily reply, “I spoke out of turn Sir. I begged you when I should have enjoyed what you offered me.”

A light smack on the ass is my reward, “Very good girl.” I yet again fight to hold position as I squirm.

Whimpering kuşadası escort I wait. I am breathing deeply, slowly, focusing. Focusing on my breathing, on my body and what you’ve done to it. I am not a thinking individual anymore. My thoughts are all on you, on what you do to me. And all I am doing is waiting, expectantly. I’ve been waiting for so long; the first touch on my calf makes me jump and clench up. Relaxing, the arch in my back deepens as I renew my offering. Silently begging you to take me. You glide your fingers through the wetness bubbling from deep within my cunt before you swiftly shove your finger in to the hilt, stretching and filling me, painfully pleasuring me. Whimpering and whining at the feelings, the intense feelings, that I am experiencing, my body tense, not moving, covered in a light coating of sweat. You chuckle before you start to finger-fuck my ass. Short, gasping breaths before I inform you of my impending orgasm.

“Sir,” gasp, “I think,” gasp, “that I,” gasp, “am,” gasp, “close to coming,” pant, “Sir!”

“You will cum when I count down to one from five. Not before. Do you understand, little girl?” Your administrations get rougher and faster, the hot burning in my ass sending me so close to the edge. I am unable to form words. I think it, “Yes Sir” but despite what it might seem like, you really aren’t psychic.

“Do you understand?” you commandingly question once again, pulling back hard on my thick hair.

I struggle to focus, to choke out hoarsely, “Yes Sir, I understand, Sir.”

“Good girl!” you softly reply before you reward me.

You slowly pull your finger out, “Five.” You slam it back home, “Four.” kuşadası escort bayan I whimper and moan and wish for more. “Three,” you slowly, languorously pull out again as I feel the wave of my orgasm beginning to rise towards its peak. “Two”, you slam back in, with a second finger now, drawing a scream from deep within me. I need to cum. I’m ready to cum. I’m shaking; my whole body is shaking, waiting for you. Waiting for your commanding voice to utter that one, small word. One. Small. Word. I’m poised, listening so hard I am afraid I won’t hear it over the sound of my own breathing, my heartbeat. I focus once more, short, shallow breaths. The sweet burn in my ass distracting me, helping to arouse my flooded cunt even more until I no longer where the juices stop and the sweat be-


I am thrown into ecstasy. I know nothing. I am a slave to the pleasure. My body is its playground and I know no rational thought. I am floating on a cloud in the middle of the storm. I feel euphoric. Electrified. It is only now that I feel I am truly worthy of you.

Coming back to myself, I open my eyes, not remembering closing them, still gasping for breath, dripping in sweat. My throat is sore from screaming and I can’t help but cough a little, trying to dislodge the feeling. You unwind yourself from my hair and gently pull out from my ass, eliciting a moan from me and the involuntary thrust of my hips back onto your fingers. Laughing, you leave the room. My breathing as calmed considerably and I apparently drift to sleep as I am awakened a few moments later by a gentle shake to the shoulder before you place a glass of water to my lips and help me drink it down.

Not long escort kuşadası after, I discover that the water wasn’t the only thing you brought in with you. The toy is purple and seems to be made of….I’m not sure what. It looks like rubber. Eight inches long and about an inch and half thick, is had five ribs and a small flare at the end. A butt plug. You know how I like anal play, obviously, and you want to use the plug in me before you fuck my ass, claiming my anal cherry.

My breathing has already picked up, ass high in the air again, pussy pulsing, still flowing like a river. I gasp as I feel the cool sensation of the foreign object on my skin, tensing as you push, hard, past that tight ring of muscles. The pain and pleasure is blinding as you shove it in past all five ribs. I scream. The ache in my shoulders, the numbness in my fingers, have both been washed away in an intense wave of pain and pleasure. The burning, the stretching. I’m close, I’m so close. I’m quivering, waiting, shivering on the precipice and then I feel it retreat and slam back into me. Slow at first and then faster and faster. The lines between the pain and pleasure have been blurred.

I hear, “Five”, and I realize that I have been muttering the state of arousal and that I am four words away from coming. You pull the toy all the way out. “Four” and you slam it back in. “Three” and you repeat once more. This time you pull it out and ram into me with your cock. Thrust. “Two” Crying out, my hips thrusting back to meet yours. Increasing your thrusts, your fist wraps around my hair again, pulling me into as close to doggy-style as my bound arms will allow. Thrust after thrust, my body is tense, on the edge, barely able to hold myself back, waiting, hardly breathing. “One.” My prayers are answered. My orgasm is so fierce, pulsing and squeezing. I am floating in screaming, euphoric bliss before I pass out….

I awake wrapped in a blanket, my arms are now released from their ropes, nestled in your arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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