Her First Toy

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In October of 1996 my ex, Pam and I visited her sister, Katy and her husband, Dan at their new second home in the mountains north of Atlanta. The house was a new small 4 room bungalow in a small college town that they had purchased as their retirement home and was in contrast to our large home in the suburbs. We had enjoyed the hot fall days walking in the quaint town and hiking in the mountains. Late on the last night of our visit to their home, my ex and I were lying naked on the air mattress in their den facing each other kissing and caressing. She rolled onto her back and while maintaining a deep kiss, I slowly moved my hand over her flat mid-section, over her neatly trimmed pubic mound and between her slightly open thighs. I slid my palm over her entire pussy and gently stroked her pussy. I could feel her arousal and she moaned very softly. (I mentioned it was a very small house.) In an effort to introduce some variety to our usual foreplay ritual where I would continue this gentle pussy palming until she came, I moved my hand back up to her navel and returned to her by then very wet pussy and used my middle finger to directly touch her clit. She angrily pushed my hand away since she had an extreme aversion while sober to direct stimulation of her love button. At that point it did not look like either of us was going to get off that night. I was really sorry and I tried to explain to her that I was trying to spice up the moment. She was not amused.

As we could do in that point in our marriage we were able to view it as a humorous incident and we discussed as we had several times before (this time in hushed voices) what kind of stimulation turned us on. The whispering turned to her giggling when I related that the first time that I came when I masturbated, that I had moved my pillow between my legs and humped it while pretending that it was the blonde beauty in the second row of my eighth grade English class.

Then I whispered a question in her ear,” How did you first come when you masturbated?”

Pam said, “I am too embarrassed to tell you.”

In pressing for an answer I joked, “Give me a hint and I will try to guess.”

She said, “I used something you would find in the home.”

I asked, “Which room?”

She said, “Guess!”

I started my guesses, ” Was it the kitchen and with a cucumber?”

She giggled a little louder and said, “Not the first time.”

Next I guessed, “The basement and with your mother’s massager?” belugabahis giriş

The massager was not the wand type of today but rather a device that was the size of a treadmill and had belt that went around the mid-section and a motor that moved the belt. Pam laughed out loud at that one and said ,”You have a vivid imagination but next time we go there I’ll have to see if the thing still works.”

My next guess, “Was it the bedroom and did you hump a pillow like me.”

She said,” I have tried a pillow many times as a warm up but can’t quite get an orgasm from doing that.”

Then said,” I give up.”

She didn’t want to quit yet so she urged me on, “You forgot about the bathroom!”

I thought to myself, “I think she is enjoying our game and she might actually tell me. But there are a hundred things in the bathroom. Which one is it?”

“The handle on a hairbrush?” I asked.

“Not even close,” she answered.

“A comb?”

She shook her head no.

“A toothbrush?”


“A toothpaste tube?’


“A small bottle?”

“You’re close,” and Pam blurted out,” it was a Tickle deodorant bottle!”

Then she literally threw herself on me and planted an almost violent French kiss on me while quickly but gently groping my dick. She was really turned on and she proceeded to warm me up by taking my rapidly hardening dick between her lips and flicking the head with her tongue as only she could. When I was hard she slung her leg over, and rode me like a cowgirl for about a minute to an intense orgasm. She collapsed forward onto me and smothered my mouth with a kiss as she came to muffle her usual load moan of pleasure.

We had this movement we had choreographed where we would transition from the cowgirl position to the missionary position without uncoupling. I remember how tightly she held her legs around me that night as we performed it. Pam was still aroused and came again after a few minutes and then she held back until I couldn’t anymore. I could feel my juices building up and started pounding into her. She bucked right back holding her own despite the 80lb difference in our weight. We both came at the same time. The intensity was only magnified by the need to stifle our orgasm noises because of our hosts on the other side of the wall.

The next morning as we were getting into our rental car and saying goodbye, Katy said impishly, “We’re ‘Tickled Pink’ that we were able belugabahis güvenilirmi to come up to see us.”

At first Pam blushed, but then the two of them giggled while Dan and I broke out into laughs. Despite our efforts to be quiet, they had heard everything and in our passion we never noticed their love-making on the other side of the wall. Katy teased Pam, “Baby sister, do you remember who told you about sex when Mom dodged your questions? Remember when you were 10 and you asked her why Walt’s (their younger brother) pee-pee got hard sometimes and she told you it was because he ate too many potato chips?. Who told you that it was because he needed to put it inside of a girl and it wouldn’t go in soft? And by the way didn’t you walk in my room a few years later and see me making use of the Tickle?”

Pam shot right back, “Bet you didn’t know that you were getting ‘sloppy-seconds’ that day!”

We all laughed heartily at the exchange and we drove off to Atlanta to catch our flight early the next morning. As we drove Pam slid across the seat and sat very close to me. We groped each other never making it to Atlanta that evening. We made an unscheduled stop along the way at a Georgia State Park and hiked up a trail kissing and fondling each other along the way. Pam was wearing a pink blouse that she had tucked into cut-off jeans. At the start, I dared her to take off her bra, un-tuck her blouse and tie it under her breasts ala “Daisy Duke”. I expected her to take off her blouse to do this but she used the old “take off the bra under the blouse” trick. My attempt to see her topless in the wild was foiled, but she did give me the extra treat of unbuttoning all the buttons on the blouse flashing her tits before she tied it.

Pam took the lead as we followed the trail and the sight of her tight little ass in the tight cut-offs and her bare mid-drift was more than I could resist. Several times along the way I would stop her, place my hand between her legs from behind and caress her thighs sliding it up to her ass cheeks and crotch. She complained at first, but after the third time she would lean back into me and crane her neck back for a kiss. I would then reach around and under her blouse to cup her breasts. We were both very hot from the foreplay and the 80 degree day, so after about 30 minutes we found a spot next to a stream where we thought we were alone, stripped each other and went skinny dipping.

We were in the water for belugabahis yeni giriş about 10 minutes alternately embracing and splashing each other, when we noticed a bald eagle circling above. I wonder what the majestic bird was thinking as he eyed the two human intruders to his realm. After a few more minutes we got out of the stream and then realized that we didn’t have a towel to dry off, so we had to air dry. We did have a camcorder so I picked up and started to video my mountain nymph who frolicked around the stream-bank and played to the camera. Her poses ranged from coy to seductive and at one point she sat on a rock spread her legs and played with her pussy. The tape ran out and as I was changing it, she beckoned to me to and I put down the camera with our clothes and obediently came to her, sat next to her, and replaced her hand with mine. We kissed and she put her hand on my dick. We fondled each other for several minutes and we were both close to cumming when we were jolted by the sound of a gunshots and swearing voices that seemed very close. We grabbed our clothes and the camcorder, scrambled into a clump of some bushes and hurriedly dressed ourselves. It was then that two “good old boys” came off the trail. We were pretty sure that they didn’t see us. We could hear that they were both complaining about missing their shots at the buck. They walked down near the stream where our clothes had been piled and one of them bent over and picked up a black item and said to his buddy, “I ‘rekin’ some tourists dropped this tape, Jake. Should I toss it?”

“Yeah! It’s probably boring ‘scenry’ and ‘critter’ stuff, Homer.” The buddy replied.

Homer skimmed the tape across the stream where it hit a rock and shattered.

I looked at Pam and she whispered, “If those two yokels knew what was on that tape besides ‘seenry’, I’ll bet they would have jerked off every night watching it. I just put on quite a show for the camera!”

We waited about ten minutes after they went on and I waded out and retrieved the tape from the water. The cassette was shattered and some of the tape inside had come off the spool. It was ruined. I shook off the excess water and asked Pam, “What we should do with it?”

“We can’t leave it here. Some animal might try to eat it and die.” She answered. “We can toss it in the trash when we get home.”

With that settled, I put the tape in my shorts pocket and we hiked back to the car. We got in and the fondling and groping resumed and continued until we reached Dahlonega, the next town. We were still about two hours from ATL but we pulled into the first motel and got a room. We were on each other immediately and the sex was incredible, as was the video-posing Pam did after we finished. But that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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