Her Longing

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I cannot deny this anymore. It’s in my blood, my bones, my longing for him. I know it’s wrong. I know he was my teacher. I know he has a reputation to uphold. Still, how can i possibly resist?

I settle down in bed, the only place i dare to do anything about my desire. My deft fingers roam my bare torso, my barely covered breasts and lower half.

I slip out of my underwear, slowly, eyes closed. Pretend he’s the one stripping me of my conscience, my focus, anything keeping me tethered to the earth.

“Claire,” he whispers in my ear, “What’re you doing?”

hardly aloud, i respond to the voice in my head, “please, Matthew…”

A low chuckle responds, and a smirk appears on his fair face. Do i detect a blush?

Almost whining, I manage, “Aren’t you going to make love to me?”

A louder, but careful laugh this time. “You were always my favorite student…”

It was true. I knew it, he always told me, alone or not.

“Make love to me,” I say again, a soft demand this time.

He moves his fingers along the smooth lines of my body, feather-light to the touch, a small consolation prize for being so patient.

I’ve wanted this for the longest time, since i was assigned to sit right in front of his desk. Sometimes I’d just marvel at those hands, so much that i would lose awareness of where i was. “You ok, Claire?” I’d snap back to high school, to being just another face in the third floor room.

“Yeah,” I’d smile, “Just thinking.”

Now, alone, 4 years later, I pretended those hands were all over me, hardened and gentle all at the same time.

My breath shortened, and i felt the most sensitive parts of my breasts come to attention, for him.

“Perfect,” i heard him murmur, “and all mine.”

He dared to reach out again, leaving goosebumps all over my sensitive, burning skin.

“Yours, Mr. Schwartz… all of me, I’m yours.” Usually, id care to start bantering with him in my head, a cute back and forth til i’d pull him towards me by his tie, bringing our faces mere centimeters away from each other.

This time was different. I didn’t want to take control. I wanted him to move me, take me however he saw fit, make love pendik escort to my shivering form.

A groan, and then, “god, those lips. you don’t know how much you’ve tempted me, Claire, I… can’t stay away.”

A heat was overflowing from my face down between my legs, and i could only smile.

“I can’t stand to see you with anyone else,” he continued, stroking my hair, inching ever closer to my face, until i felt the sweet breath on my face.

This was always my favorite part. when confessions spilled like gems from his mouth, out loud or in his kisses to my own lips.

Fervently, our lips found each other, and started a dance that i never intended to stop. He straddled me, a vision in the streaming sunlight of my mind. I reached up as he kissed me like no one had ever taken the time and care to do, and sighed as i found his dark blonde hair in my fingers.

He pulled away for a moment, much to my disappointment, and quipped with a smile, “frustrated?”

God, if he had any earthly idea of how many times he came to me, how shockwaves ran through every limb from just a look at me, from every time his name came up on my phone, how i had blushed when he called me a “minkx” in a completely joking manner. I had been frustrated since i was 18 years old, 22 now, still with the most desperate need for his touch.

“Yes, sir. you kill me with how you look at me, how you text me and speak to me, holding my gaze with your own stunning blue eyes. i can’t take it. I—” he cut me off with another kiss, letting his hands explore me again.

“Oh god, please…” i groaned into his mouth, feeling him near my womanhood.

He took the opportunity to find the most sensitive spot on my neck, kissing and sucking so lightly i felt i might faint.

“Good girl,” he said, looking back to admire his work, “so obedient…”

I wasn’t all the time. I could be a real brat. Lots of “make me’s”, “prove it’s” were hurled at him in the past.

But he had me pinned exactly where he wanted me, and god, I would hope forever that he wanted me.

He adjusted til he could kiss my sides, my stomach, the crests and dips of my breasts, and i knew what was going to happen maltepe escort next. He was going to make love to my body, to give in to my heat, and I to his.

My eyes widened as he undid his jeans, sliding them off and grinning, never breaking contact with my eyes. His tight underwear could hardly hide what he was feeling in the moment. Fully erect, peaking out of the top of his boxers, I saw his cock, and gulped my excitement back. I couldn’t help it, he was the perfect size.

This was the moment that i opened my eyes, retrieved my vibrator, and continued to dream…

Still grinning in the front of my brain, he worked his boxers off, revealing himself to me fully.

He wasn’t one to be self conscious about his form, as I imagined. he worked out often, “a gym rat,” he had once told me in the classroom, where we had shared a lunch period once.

Neatly shaved and trimmed, the same dirty blonde greeted me around his cock, a welcome sight.

Before i knew what was happening, he was on top of me once again, his finger right near the entrance of my wetness.

“So fucking ready for me, aren’t you, my good girl?” I could only moan in response, as he traced his fingers up and down, just brushing against my clit. I couldn’t believe how much i would give myself up to have this man and his touch, god, that perfect touch.

“I know how long you’ve wanted this, Claire,” his eyes meeting mine again, “And i know how badly, too.”

“Yes, yes matthew. please, i can’t take the teasing, I need you…” I couldn’t believe the pleading voice was my own, so rough around the edges, a woman in absolute desperation to have and be had by this man so close to my heart.

“You’re so beautiful… lying out for me like this. it’s something else, I can’t—” he reached for his cock with his other hand, and started to stroke himself as he watched me writhe under his touch.

Sitting up on my elbows, I pleaded with my eyes for the motions I so needed, the need to be devoured taking over.

He understood immediately, and warned me, “I’ll have my way with you if you’re not careful, Claire,” my name on his tongue as if it was made to sit right there and nowhere else. kartal escort

I flopped back down on my back, when suddenly I felt it. His hands were replaced by the thick prodding of his cock at my opening.

Inch by inch, he opened me, savoring every second, muttering to himself, “so fucking tight, my favorite girl, oh god, you take me just right”

I was filled up and no time and we shared a moment just panting and enjoying the moment together, when he suddenly started to move… in and out, just the way I needed, the way I could only dream of.

Slowly, at first, his hips pressed into mine, pulling away, and returning again. I could sense his tension melting away, saw exactly how i effected him.

“Fuck… me… Matthew…” I let slip out of my lips, my primal instincts taking over.

He did just that, moving quicker and quicker, bucking his hips towards me, loving me, making me crave more and more of him. I sat up then, pausing our lovemaking for a moment and lightly pushing him onto his back.

“It’s my turn, Mr. Schwartz,” I whispered, and he gave me that grin again.

I positioned myself just on top of him, whimpering as I took his whole length and enjoying every single second of it.

The teacher, dizzy with the sensation of my cunt taking his manhood all the way, could only groan and lay his head back on the bed underneath our slick bodies.

It continued like this for what felt like hours, our gentle sin, unable to cease.

Finally, he growled in the back of his throat, the dominant side I knew he possessed coming out to play. “fuck yourself faster, baby. Sir wants to claim you.”

No sooner had he said it before i bounced up and down, shaking, so close to my own orgasm, feeling his approaching.

Dragging his nails down the front of my body, I felt his whole body tighten for a moment, his breathing heavy and angelic to my ears. “Oh god you’re going to make me cum inside you, Claire… is that what you’ve always wanted, huh? Your teacher’s hot seed filling up your cunt—”, he spit out, and a moment later I felt the release, his body shaking, a wild animal trapped under a docile creature.

His moans were music to me, as i felt his cum drip down, gravity bringing it back to his body.

i opened my eyes, and realized I had made a mess all over myself, cumming again and again from the vibrator as I imagined all this. Giving myself to the teacher, and making him mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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