Her Party

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As Nikki looks around at all the people enjoying their drinks and having a great time she realized that she hadn’t went to the bathroom all night. Suddenly she really had to go. She went upstairs to her bedroom to use her private bathroom. She sat down and peed long and hard. “Oh what a relief!” Nikki thought to herself

As she wiped her pussy dry she heard her bedroom door close and the sound of 2 people getting undressed. “Who the fuck is that?” She thought to herself and went to the door of the bathroom to have a look.

As she peered around the door she let out a gasp she didn’t know the names of the big-breasted blonde or the man who’s cock she was slurping on but her the tingling in her pussy told her that she would find out. She watched as the blonde continued to shove his cock down her throat.

Nikki reached down and lifted her skirt up and ran her fingers over her bald cunt lips and felt the moistness leaking between them. She dipped in one finger and started fingering her clit which was staring to get hard just watching these 2. She knew she just had to get in on this action.

“Hey you 2 this is my bedroom and no one gets fucked in here but me.” Nikki said as she walked out of the bathroom.

“Oh we’re really sorry we just couldn’t help ourselves.” the blonde stammered as she started to collect her clothes.

“Hey wait a second. You can stay but only as long as I can join in on the action. My names Nikki by the way.”

The man smiled as he looked at the blonde and said “My names Jason and this is Dez and you have just given us the best offer we’ve had in a long time!”

Nikki walked over to Dez, looked her in the eye and licked her lips. “What do you say we give your boyfriend something to watch for a while?” Then she leaned down and took her erect nipple between her teeth and pulled softly.

Dez moaned “Mmmmmm please keep going!” So Nikki continued to suck and pull on her hard nipple as she brought her hand up and began to play with the other. Her pussy was starting to really get wet and she knew she better move this along because she didn’t want to come before she tasted this hot blondes wet pussy.

She Eryaman Rus Escort pushed Dez down on the bed, quickly shed her clothing and motioned for Jason to sit in the chair next to her bed and watch. She climbed onto the bed and straddled Dez. Her mouth again found the large mounds on Dez’s chest as her fingers moved down her body searching for her wet slit.

Dez let out a sharp gasp as her probing fingers made their way inside her hot slippery hole. “Please I need to feel your tongue in my pussy!” She begged.

Nikki was happy to oblige. She wriggled down so her face was at Dez’s pussy. She inhaled the musky scent of a woman in heat and knew she needed this as much as Dez did. She parted her pink lips and licked from the top to the bottom very slowly. Dezs’ hips rose to meet he tongue. “Oh god she tastes good” Nikki thought to herself as she dove into her pussy lapping up her juices. She glanced at Jason and saw he was definately enjoying the show as he jerked himself in the chair. Dez was writhing beneath her as Nikki continued to assault her clit with her tongue. She knew Dez was very close to coming and wanted to prolong it just a little bit so she quickly pulled her tongue away. “No please don’t stop I want to come on your tongue!!” Dez whimpered.

“And you will don’t worry.” Nikki growled as she brought her face back down but this time the object her tongue was seeking was her tight asshole. She felt Dez’s legs tighten as she began licking her ass. “Do you like getting your asshole licked?” she asked but the only reply was Dez pushing her face back to her tight anus. Nikki pushed her tongue inside the tight hole again and again before she decide she needed to taste this little slut’s come.

“All right you little whore I want to feel your come all over my face now!” Nikki growled at Dez as she sucked her rock hard clit into her mouth. As she sucked Dez’s hips began to buck against her face and she felt a wet explosion all over her face. Dez was whimpering as Nikki began to lap up all the hot sticky juice she could.

She climbed back up the bed and Sincan Rus Escort gave Dez a long kiss letting her taste her own juices off her tongue. “You know your boyfriend wants to fuck me don’t you?” Nikki whispered to Dez.

“I think you deserve it after that don’t you?” Dez whispered back. Nikki replied by laying back and spreading her legs wide.

“Come on Jason you have suffered long enough and someone needs to feel your big fat prick inside them!” Dez said to Jason. “You know you want her so get over here.

Jason jumped onto the bed between Nikki’s legs. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down her wet slit a few times. He was so horny he just had to get inside her. He shoved his cock inside her slick hole and moaned. She felt so good he almost came right then but knew he better make this last. He began to slowly move his cock in and out. As he did Dez began to lick Nikki’s huge tits. Nikki began to moan and move her hips to meet his thrusts.

“I like being fucked and I like being fucked hard!!!!” She spat out. Jason was quick to pick up the pace and soon he was ramming her tight fuckhole as hard as he could and she seemed to love it. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him in closer. He felt like he was going to blow at any second watching his girlfriend sucking on her nipples as he banged her hot pussy.

Suddenly Nikki stopped him. She looked at them both and said “I have another hole that needs some attention!” She climbed up on all fours and waved her ass at Jason. “Now stick that cock in my ass!”

Jason quickly positioned himself behind her leaned down, spit on her tight anus to lube it up a little and slowly began to push his hard dick inside her. She moaned as she pushed herself back onto it. “Oh God this is the tightest hole I’ve ever fucked!” He moaned.

Dez climbed underneath Nikki and watched her boyfriend reaming this woman’s ass. She felt Nikki’s tongue on her pussy again as she watched. She looked up and realized that she too could lick pussy from here. She brought her face up and easily found Nikki’s hard bud and started to Etlik Rus Escort lick it.

“Yeah that’s it lick my clit while he fucks my ass!!!” Nikki screamed out.

Jason was fucking her asshole as hard as he could and knew he couldn’t hold off any longer. “I’m gonna come!” He yelled.

“Shoot that hot load in my ass!” Nikki yelled back. And as she did he let his hot stream go. Dez was still licking Nikki’s wet cunt as Jason let his load go she felt Nikki’s hot juices gush onto her awaiting tongue. This stream of juices down her throat made her pussy convulse as well.

Jason pulled his still hard cock from Nikki’s sticky asshole and dripped the last drops of come onto his girlfriends tongue. And just when he thought his dream night was over he heard Nikki say “Come up here and let me suck that cock dry while your little slut cleans up my ass!”

Nikki took his sticky throbbing cock between her lips and began to suck. She felt another spurt release from it into her mouth. As she did she felt Dez slide up and start to lick her boyfriends come from her stretched anus. She could easily stick her tongue inside and taste the cream her boyfriend had left there. She probed her tongue deeper and deeper wanting to taste every last drop of this mix. She heard Nikki moaning her mouth still around Jason’s fuck tool.

Dez wondered if she could make her come again. As she continued sucking on Nikki’s brown hole she brought her hand up and started to finger her new friend’s dripping pussy. Nikki began to move back and forth urging her to continue. Dez rubbed faster and faster and stuck her tongue deep inside and wiggled it all around her asshole.

Nikki could feel her pussy reaching that peak very quickly. She had never felt someone’s tongue so deep inside her before and this feeling caused her again to let a flow of juices go with a scream.

Nikki could hardly believe her luck as she looked at her two expert lovers laying beside her on the large bed. She had never expected her party to turn out like this. She decided she should probably go check out how the party was going. She slid off the bed and started to put on her clothes. As she did she looked at the couple on her bed and said “Stay as long as you like and depending how the party is going I may be back to join you later!”

As Nikki left the room she knew she had to see more of this couple well at least the wonderful Dez that’s for sure. She wandered around the party imagining the things she would like to do with the young blonde…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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