Her Petite Possession Ch. 10

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Kate woke up, unzipped the tent and looked out on to a beautiful morning in the mountains. She could feel Brad still asleep deep inside her jeans, which in turn were inside her sleeping bag. She hadn’t been able to shower the night before and was a little worried about what it was like for him inside there. She could also feel her ankle which still ached from the night before. She’d yet to put any weight on it, but she already knew that there was no way that she could walk down from the mountain.

This left Kate with a dilemma. She had actually read the magic spell before burning the piece of paper and therefore, unknown to Brad, she was able to transform him back into a man. Kate had always planned to keep this fact a secret from Brad. He was happy living as her beautiful lingerie while he thought there was no way back, but would he still be happy living between her legs if he knew that she had the power to reverse the spell? Would he start to question their arrangement and be tempted by life outside her jeans and skirts?

She unzipped her sleeping bag and looked down at her own butt and imagined Brad sleeping peacefully inside, dreaming only of her. She could feel his gentle touches as his dreams made him twitch and start. He idolised her and spent every waking moment thinking of how to please her. He could never hurt her or leave her. She gave him so few glimpses of the outside world that he had as good as forgotten than other women existed. She spent most of her life in a state of arousal and so did he. Why would either of them want to change that? But if she had to transform him back into a man so that he could carry her down the mountain, would all this be lost?

He might start to question everything again. She would still have the ultimate power to turn him back into panties and imprison him for the rest of his life on her body, but she loved him and enforced incarceration certainly wasn’t how she wanted their relationship to be. Of course she would do it to him if she had to, there was no way in hell that he was going to live anywhere other than her hips, but it would spoil things.

Kate touched her own butt, the denim worn and slightly ripped on her right back pocket, but still figure hugging and more than capable of holding Brad safely inside. She watched carefully as Brad’s tiny movements made the faintest of impressions through the soft material.

“Good morning sleepy,” Kate purred, massaging the lower part of her butt so that he would be aroused even before he woke.

“Morning already?”

“Oh I’m sorry, it is a little dark inside there?”

Kate studied her jeans in more detail. They felt nice and made her butt look great, but they probably did make for tight, unforgiving incarceration for anyone unfortunate enough to be inside when she buttoned them up.

“I can’t walk on my strained ankle.”

“Oh fuck, what can we do?” Brad sounded worried and unconsciously tightened up around her.

Kate was also worried, not about her ankle, but about how he would react to her next words.

“I may be able to remember the spell to turn you back,” she stuttered.

Shit, there was silence from inside her jeans. “Brad, are you still there?”

“It’s not like I can go anywhere,” he finally replied.

Brad was in shock. How long had she known this? Why hadn’t she told him before? Strangely though, these questions were over shadowed by the fact that he was nervous about being turned back. He liked his new life and didn’t know if he could now live as a guy. What if Kate didn’t turn him back into her underwear?


“Okay,” was all he could reply.

Very reluctantly, Kate unbuttoned her jeans, stripped them off and placed Brad carefully beside her. She quietly mouthed the words and waited for the inevitable transformation.

“Fuck!” Brad cried as he looked at his body for the first time in over four months, “This feels weird.”

Kate grabbed her jeans and pulled them back on over her bare butt, “I only brought one pair of panties,” she smiled coyly.

They kissed briefly and awkwardly and then Brad turned to her sore ankle. This slightly sore joint was the only reason she’d freed him. He fumbled with a bandage as he tried to regain his human movement. Kate studied his awkward movement and nervous looking eyes. Maybe he was already institutionalised. Maybe he was already unable to live in the real world.

Neither spoke as Brad dressed in one of Kate’s t-shirt and wrapped a towel around his waist. He packed away the tent and then using a mix of both piggybacking and Kate leaning against his shoulder, they started to make their way down the mountain.

It was a very different atmosphere to the day before when Kate had climbed the mountain. Now she felt naked, vulnerable and even though she was walking with Brad, she felt alone. Brad also felt lonely and cold, and for once wasn’t sexually aroused. His feet hurt from walking bare foot and he kept glancing longingly at Kate’s body.

“What’s it like to be… umm alsancak escort worn by me?” Kate asked awkwardly.

What seemed so right when he was between her legs, seemed so embarrassing now that she was talking to a grown guy. Maybe that was why she no longer wanted him in ‘man’ form.

“Warm,” Brad replied, his makeshift clothing doing little to keep out the early morning chill.

“Does it feel strange trusting someone completely? You know I could do anything to you.”

“You do ‘do anything’ to me!”

“Hey, I could do a lot worse,” Kate replied indignantly before giving him a slight smile.

“You already wear me twenty four seven… and order me to kiss your clit,” Brad’s lips turned into a smile as he thought back.

“Okay, I’m a bitch!” Kate half smiled.

“And wear jeans.”

“Opps, I do that a lot.”

“It’s like being strapped into a straitjacket, especially when you sit down. The denim pulls really tight.”

Kate was starting to relax and giggled as she imagined how tight it must be for him inside her jeans.

“It’s just that you feel safer inside jeans, as if you can’t go anywhere. And you pull tighter between my legs,” Kate touched herself to demonstrate the point.

“How does it feel without me?”

“Lonely and cold and no one is touching me! The second we get down you’re going back in!”

“Unless I escape first,” Brad baited with a smile.

“Escape?! I can have you back on my body within seconds… and I’m wearing jeans, the cruellest of jail cells, very tight and very hot!”

Brad was now grinning as he moved out of the reach of his hobbling girlfriend. They looked at each other for a few seconds before Brad turned and ran. Kate immediately spoken the words and within less than a second Brad disappeared and his makeshift clothing fell to the ground.

Kate closed her eyes and breathed out in pleasure as she felt her panties materialise inside her jeans. Her clit was already tingling, happy that its friend was back and already vibrating against it.

Kate could here Brad’s heavy breathing and his sexy voice in her head, “I almost made it!”


“Okay maybe not.”

“You’re lucky I have a sore ankle or you’d be staying in there forever.”

“My lucky day.”

“Believe me, it’s only a temporary reprieve.”

Kate pulled down her jeans and sat down on a large rock with her legs pinned tightly shut. She repeated the spell and watched as Brad reappeared, his neck convenient trapped between her thighs.

“See, even in your human form you can’t escape me.”

It was true that getting out from between Kate’s uber fit thighs was difficult, but at least Brad in ‘man’ form could stand up and lift his giggling girlfriend into the air.

“Put me down!”

“Only if you release your vice like grip!”

Brad lowered her back down on to the rock and waited as the giggling brunette held him tight. She really had been spending a lot of time at the gym. If she could do this to him while he was a one hundred and eighty pound guy, it was no surprise that she could do whatever she liked to him as a piece of pink silk.

“You’re dangerous!” Brad panted as Kate finally opened her legs.


They finally reached the car park and Kate unlocked the car and hopped down gratefully into the driver’s seat. Brad knelt down by the open door to see if her ankle was still swollen. He rewrapped the bandage and then looked up longingly at her. She was still warm from the walk and her red fitted top was sticking to her chest and extenuating her breasts. No doubt perspiration covered her whole body. The shaped seat had moulded around her jeans which were wrinkled where they pulled tight around her hips.

“Yes?” Kate teased, looking down at his expectant face.

“You know what.”

“I’m a bit sweaty and I haven’t washed since yesterday,” she said to cover her embarrassment, but desperately hoping that that wouldn’t be a reason for Brad to say no.

“I don’t care.”

Kate looked shyly from behind her hands. There had been no need to worry, Brad was already institutionalised and could no longer live in the real world. With his head already pushed between her legs and his sexy eyes looking up at her, she whispered the words. Brad was back on her body, safe and sound and helplessly hers. She put on her sunglasses and started the car.

“Thank you Katie!” Brad moaned, once again aroused by the warm touch of her body.

“My pleasure,” she beamed as she closed the door and started the engine.

“By the way,” Brad continued, “what would you have done if I’d wanted to stay as a guy?”

“You don’t want to know.”

“I do.”

“I would have transformed you anyway and kept you prisoner inside my jeans for the rest of your life.”

“Really?” Brad was both excited and a little scared by the matter of fact way she’d said it.

“Ask me to turn you back into a guy and see what I say.”

Brad felt her right ayrancılar escort butt cheek tense slightly as she hit the accelerator and then felt the car surge forward on to the highway. He thought about how he should phrase his request. He wanted to make it sound reasonable so that Katie’s refusal would be even more thrilling.

“I really enjoyed the walk today,” Brad started, “would you transform me back once a week so we can take a walk?”

“No fucking way, sweetheart,” Kate replied sweetly.

Brad was taken aback by the conviction in her answer. This wasn’t a game. Katie was serious.

“So I really am stuck like this,” he checked.

“You really are.”

Katie was getting damp and Brad knew he should finish her off. This horny brunette was just as obsessed with the relationship as he was. He hoped that he would continue to love this lifestyle. If he ever changed his mind, Katie would change from being his lover to his captor. Right now that idea excited him, but it could turn into a living nightmare. He ran his eye over her body one more time. No that would never happen.


Brad and Kate had often talked about the possibility of lending Brad to an unsuspecting friend. While Brad had once been worn by Emma, he had never shared that with Kate and therefore as far as Kate knew, it would be a new experience for them both.

Sometimes Kate teased Brad by say she’d give him to another girl, sometimes as a threat when he didn’t obey her. However the more she thought about it, the more it intrigued her. She could condemn Brad so any sort of experience depending on who she chose. Best of all, the woman would have no idea she had a guy, of sorts, between her legs. Brad would have to be quiet and very still to avoid freaking the girl out, but then it would be in neither of their interests to disclose their little secret.

The idea both excited and scared Brad. Once in the possession of another woman he would have no way to communicate with Kate. He would be dependent on either the other woman returning him or Kate transforming him, as there would be no other way to escape the other woman’s body.

After about a year of living as Katie’s underwear, the perfect opportunity presented itself when Kate’s cousin, Emily, came to stay. Katie’s plan was simple and effective. While Emily was showering on Friday night, Kate slipped into the guest room where Emily was staying and simply removed all the underwear from her cousin’s suitcase and on Saturday morning she waited for the inevitable.

Emily was blushing. “Katie, can I borrow some underwear? Somehow I forgot to bring any.”

Brad was freshly washed and was waiting patiently in Kate’s underwear drawer. The light streamed in as Kate opened the drawer, picked him up and kissed him.

“You’re on! Now behave!”

Kate excitedly handed him over to Emily.

“Oh these are nice… but could I maybe take two pairs for the weekend?”

Kate picked another pair at random and handed them across to Emily who smiled self conscientiously and then returned to the spare bedroom and closed the door behind her.

When Emily emerged she was wearing a white fitted top, denim jacket and mid thigh length pink skirt. It made the twenty one year old look about eighteen. Kate knew that Brad would be pleased with this outfit and his rare view on the world, not to mention his view of Emily’s long tanned legs.

Kate suddenly remembered that she’d given Emily two choices of underwear and so there was a fifty fifty chance that Brad was still laying in the spare room. Kate ran back to check. Yep, Brad was being worn.

Emily reached under her skirt and pulled at her underwear.

Kate looked at her nervously, “Okay?”

“Mmm, they’re nice, I might keep them.”

Kate hoped she wasn’t going to regret their little game. Even when Brad was still he could arouse her and the last thing she wanted was to spend the day with her horny blonde bimbo of a cousin constantly giggling and fidgeting because of Brad.

“Just going to the bathroom,” Emily giggled as she jumped up and skipped away.

Kate watched the bathroom door close and lock before picking up her coffee and sitting down at the table. She lifted her blue skirt and looked down at her own black silk underwear. After a year with Brad, ‘regular’ panties were no fun, but still the thought of Emily unwittingly having a guy underneath her perfect little skirt did give Kate an illicit thrill and make her smile. She pulled down her skirt, crossed her legs and waited for her cousin and her boyfriend to return.

Brad was in new territory. He was stretched across a woman’s clit and vagina, but under strict instructions from Katie not to touch. Despite being so intimately connected with this new woman, she was out of bounds. Touch her and Katie would know and would make him pay. Touch her and Emily might never give him back, given the effect he seemed to have on female genitalia. This woman may have been balçova escort crying out for his touch, but he had to resist.

Emily sat down suddenly on the closed toilet lid and Brad couldn’t help but react. Just a small tightening up of his material, but it was picked up by Emily’s super sensitive clit. Brad couldn’t see the smile on her lips, but could feel the moisture and the slight opening of both her legs and her vagina. Shit, he had to motionless or this blonde would soon realise something was up.

Emily had pulled her skirt up and kept touching herself between her legs, her touch pushing Brad inside her. He had to stay out, otherwise his natural vibrations would start to arouse her even more. She moved her fingers and he pulled out slowly and discretely, pretending it was just the elasticity in the material.

Emily was still in a good mood as she and Kate left the flat and walked into town. Kate kept looking down at her cousin’s white trainers which were still skipping along. The illicit thrill was back. She hoped that the game was also working out for Brad, but given her cousin’s body and choice of clothing, she guess it was. It was also exciting that there was no way to get Brad back, their little deception would have to last the whole day.

That evening Kate suggested that they go out for a drink and without Brad to complain she changed into her blue jeans. As she waited for Emily, Kate thought through the rest of the plan. She would tell Emily to put her used underwear in the laundry basket from where Kate could retrieve Brad before going to bed. While this game was fun, so was the thought of Brad being back between her legs by the time she fell asleep.

“Oh my god!” Kate cried as Emily walked back into the room.

“What?”Emily asked.

Emily was standing with a slightly confused look on her face wearing a beige jumper over a white shirt and leather trousers. They were tight around the butt, high waisted and buttoned up very snugly around Emily’s waist. ‘Opps, in at the deep end with my cousin’ Kate thought, this time to herself, as she admired her cousin’s striking outfit. As Emily sat down quickly on the edge of the hard wooden table, even Kate found herself wincing.

Brad’s efforts not to arouse Emily were now ten times harder. He was now held rigidly between Emily’s body and the leather and the back seem was pushing him in between her cheeks. However, the more pressing problem was that the front seem of her trousers was pushing him firmly against her vagina. She was starting to become damp, which made her slide against him, which in turn aroused her more.

Holding himself away from Emily’s vagina was exhausting and after only a few minutes, the tight trousers got the better of him and he gave up and let his soft fabric touch her. As expected, she became even more jumpy and giggly, but there was no way out and nothing he could do.

Kate and Emily walked to the bar and started to drink. The alcohol only enhanced Emily’s already good mood and she didn’t seem to want the evening with her older cousin to end. Even when Kate finally managed to remove her from the bar, Emily insisted on buying a bottle of vodka as they walked home. Kate joined her in another drink, even though she was increasingly worried about the state of the guest and the state of her crushed boyfriend.

“Hey, let’s get you to bed,” Kate said as she took Emily’s limp hand.

“Can’t I sleep here?”

Emily was now laying face down, stretched out on the sofa, her blonde hair sprayed out over one arm rest, her black boots on the other. She was already asleep.

“Shit, you’re stuck in there for the night,” Kate whispered as she knelt down to examine what was effectively Brad’s prison cell. The blonde’s leather trousers pulled taut across her butt, following every contour of the woman’s backside, “I know you can hear me,” she continued, her lips almost touching the leather, “I hope you’re alright in there sweetheart!”

Brad could hear Kate’s voice through the leather, but could do little else inside his pitch black and airless cell. With Emily obviously now asleep, at least he could relax and move around. He loosened up and let the front seem push him against her pussy. He also pulled himself in between her butt cheeks to take advantage of the tiny amount of space inside. The faintest movement was visible on the outside.

“Yeah, you can hear me!” Kate cried in delight, gently stroking her cousin’s butt, “She’s got a killer body, you’re a lucky boy!”

Brad continued to move around, as Kate tried her best to decipher his tiny movements.

“I can’t get you out, she’s passed out of the sofa… still fully dressed!” Kate explained, “And even in her pissed state there’s no way I’m going get you out of those trousers without her noticing.”

They both heard Emily break wind, although Kate couldn’t smell anything despite her nose almost touching Emily’s butt. Brad was moving again. Kate tried to suppress a giggle.

“You see what a nice girl I am,” she whispered, “I never do that to you… at least not intentionally.”

Kate pulled up the back of Emily’s top and tried to look inside the waistband of her cousin’s leather trousers. The high waist line, tight fit and the curve of Emily’s butt meant there was little to see. Kate gingerly pushed two fingers inside.

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