Her Plaything Ch. 05

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Just as she requested, he offered up his neck to her. She took the slender collar and wrapped it around his neck, pulling it until it was flush with his skin before closing it.

There was a certain feeling he got in his chest when she put the collar on him. Like it was a point of no return. Nerves and excitement clashed in his heart as he looked into Juliet’s eyes. That mischievous spark in there was now one of pure joy at seeing that collar on him. Her lips were curled in a smile that calmed the raging emotions in his chest. She grasped him by the back of the head and pulled him into another kiss.

This kiss was not as gentle as the one they just shared. No, this one was filled with a lustful hunger. It sent a thrill down his spine. His hands rested on her hips, stroking them lightly with his fingers. Her tongue slipped between his lips, exploring his mouth. He gave into the kiss, tilting his head back, moaning into her mouth. Her nails raked down his chest, drawing down his stomach and towards his cock.

“Lie back,” She growled against his lips. “Lift up one of your legs.”

He did as she asked. Laying back, he brought up his left leg and hooked his left arm under it to help. It was an exposing position and he certainly felt vulnerable, especially with the way she wielded that fake cock and bottle of lubricant. Juliet licked her lips with a grin, kneeling down between kuşadası escort his legs and pouring a generous amount of lubricant onto the fake cock.

“Now,” She said, stroking the plastic member to make sure it was coated. His eyes were drawn to her stroking motions over her face. “I won’t lie to you: this is going to be uncomfortable. At first. Grit your teeth through the pain, however, and I’ll make that last orgasm you had look like nothing.”

His eyes went wide at that promise. A better orgasm? She already made him cum a week’s load of semen. How was she going to blow his mind again? He couldn’t find his words. Only the tilting forward of his head gave her any indication he would agree to what she was about to do to him.

“Just keep up that slow breathing, like before,” Juliet instructed, bringing the toy closer to his back door.

He kept up that slow pace of breathing, trying to keep himself calm. Looking down into her eyes, she smiled up at him as the tip of the toy pressed against him. The excitement in her eyes both enticed him more and made him feel more nervous. Her free hand rested against his ass cheek, pulling it aside. Up and down, she worked the tip of the toy, teasing it against him. He moaned out softly. The sensation of the firm plastic against him was strange. He wasn’t sure of how to explain it. Her finger slipped to the base of the kuşadası escort bayan toy and turned it on, making it vibrate against him. He shuddered hard, his cock twitching without being touched.

“Fuck,” He moaned.

Juliet laughed. “I haven’t even pushed it into you yet,” She whispered, leaning into his cock and planting a soft kiss. “And you seem like you’re going to pop again.”

She applied more lubricant to the head of the fake, vibrating cock before she began to push it forward. Applying light pressure, he groaned out in a light pain. To distract him, Juliet planted several more kisses against his throbbing member. It worked. He wasn’t sure which sensation to focus on me. Writhing beneath her, his fingers dug into his thigh when he felt a certain change in the sensations below the belt. Juliet giggled and he looked down with wide eyes.

“It’s inside of me?” He asked quietly. She nodded. “How much?”

“Just the head,” Juliet looked down, biting her bottom lip in excitement. “Your ass looks so good wrapped around it.” She attacked his cock with her mouth, laying more of those kisses along his shaft.

He moaned out as she twisted the toy back and forth. It was such a strange sensation. She lapped at his cock, his member throbbing as she kept twisting the toy. While she didn’t push it in any further, the vibrations from it felt odd escort kuşadası inside of him. And they turned him on endlessly. He was a writhing mess, precum freely leaking from his cock head again from her dual assault of the toy and her mouth. It was amazing and his voice quickly broke down into nonsense babbling. She giggled from his reaction, occasionally lapping at his cock head after nudging the toy an inch further inside.

“Start stroking your cock,” She whispered against his member. “And if you’re close, don’t stop. I want to see you cum for me.”

He immediately grasped his cock and began to stroke. His member was throbbing fiercely in his hand as he worked it up and down quickly. Precum drooled onto his firm stomach. He was close. So close to cumming again. Juliet watched closely, licking her lips, pushing the toy in and out of him just a few inches. Eventually, though, it struck something deep within him. Something that he had no idea what it was. He came as that jolt of pleasure worked through his body, a new sensation that rocked him to his core. He let out a silent scream as she wiggled the toy against that spot inside of him.

“That’s your prostate,” She said, looking up into his wide, confused eyes. “And I’m going to make sure that you get well acquainted with it.”

His hand kept stroking his cock and each time she nudged the toy forward, another spurt of cum was forced from his member. It was funny to her. Nearly a week ago, they had been complete strangers. Now, with just a little bit of teasing with her voice, edging and introducing him to his prostate, he was eating out of her hand. He was now her plaything.

The End… For Now.

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