Her Victorian Bottom Shared Ch. 03

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Ava Addams

In front of a roaring fire that kept the crisp coldness of a December morning at bay, Lizzie turned the page of her special book and continued to read the words of Miss Asher:

“It was with a sudden moment of clarity that I found the very thought of bending over a Gentleman’s knee quite the most thrilling thing ever. The idea of submitting myself to the firm administration of a dominant personality gave rise to many a frothy day dream that spun lewd tales of well spanked or welted buttocks soothed only by a bout of vigorous love making and other acts of ill repute. That punishment should lead to such soulful satisfaction is a most peculiar thing to ponder..”

And a most peculiar thing it was to ponder mused Lizzie for it was a notion that had whispered to her for many a year due to an experience she had when she was eighteen. She had witnessed one of the chamber maids of an elderly relative being dealt with by a firm hand across her naked bottom as she bent over a high chair in the study. The sound of flesh upon flesh had brought her curiously peeking through the keyhole as her grand Uncle Robert stood lecturing the poor girl on her lack of attention before ordering her to lift her skirts, pull down her pantalettes and present her quivering derriere to two whole minutes of a slapped bottom as governed by the ornate clock on the mantelpiece above the fire. The girl had blubbed some excuse or t’other but complied meekly for arguing with your employer was not a wise decision to make if one wished to remain in their employ.

Once bent over, her Uncle stood to one side, rolled up his sleeve, and began to spank the maid’s bottom with a resounding vigor that echoed around the room. Lizzie gasped as her heart skipped and danced in her chest as she watched the punishment unfold. No warm up this; the first spank was as sound as the last and the maid bucked and stamped her feet furiously as hard slaps flattened each cheek leaving a rosy hand glow in its wake. The nineteen year old girl squeaked and squealed as her arse took on the shade of an over ripe tomato and her pleading for mercy fell on deaf ears. As the second minute passed, her Uncle stepped back to admire his efforts as Lizzie gathered her wits as she peered at the drama through the keyhole.

To her innocent astonishment, her Uncle suddenly stepped behind the weeping girl as she lay recovering and, heavens above, began to unbutton his pants before pressing up against her rear. Lizzie gasped as the maid yelped in surprise and, such was her shock, Lizzie stumbled back and ran up the stairs to her guest room where she lay on her bed in a state of bemused wanton excitement at what she had just witnessed for the rest of the afternoon. And thus was the act of spanking added to the nature of her own sexuality.

Lizzie smiled at the memory. Her late Uncle Robert had always been the rapscallion of her extended family line. Many a tall tale was told about his wandering ways and eager eye for the ladies. That Lizzie knew her Uncle was a spanker merely added to the color of his character and on each meeting she always greeted him with a secret knowing smile. Many a time she had dreamed what it would have been like to submit herself and her bottom to that firm hand of his. Each of those dreams had always ended with her rubbing her sex until, with the last imagined spank struck, she climaxed wetly in the most delicious way.

And now, here she was about to experience her most inner secret for real with Mr and Mrs Chambers the next day.


On her revelation, Henry looked at his wife as if he knew he not at all. That their fucking adventures with the young widow Miss Armitage had come as a most enjoyable surprise was bad enough but now Prudence was explaining to him that the woman had also admitted to having the same unorthodox sexual tastes as they did.

Prudence shook her head. “I confess Henry,” she said as she flicked through the pages of her own special book. “I was quite taken aback that she should have such a thing in her collection.”

Henry rubbed his chin. “I’ll say. And she is willing?”

“Apparently so,” replied his wife. “Though not expressed in any great detail, she does appear to have a calling for such practices and their consequences. We can clear the air at our next meeting so that we all understand what is acceptable or not. Being beaten or spanked is not something to take lightly. I wonder how she came to know of this fetish for I doubt her late husband had the wit to take her in hand that way.” she mused.

Prudence got up and returned the book of female flagellation to its place in her bookcase. “I must say,” she smiled. “These next few days simply cannot pass fast enough!”


The march of time is not to be denied and those few days passed as they were always meant to do when anticipation is in the air – slowly.

In her sitting room, less than a week before Christmas, and in front of a roaring fire, Lizzie sat at her table with Prudence and Henry opposite her. They had arrived a short time ago and had bursa sınırsız escort both eagerly accepted her hospitality of hot soup to warm their bones before they got down to the business at hand – as it were.

Prudence sensed the slight tension between them for the nature of this gathering was much different from their previous encounters where sex was the order of the day. This was different for it required the acceptance of supplication and submission to the act of pain in the name of desire and the giving of trust into the hands of another.

Henry looked between the two women. “Are we all agreed?”

Lizzie sat with her hands clasped in her lap. Her heart was thudding in her ears and she could feel the blood coursing through her veins. Her whole being seemed concentrated on that thing she was sat upon. “H..,” she began hesitantly. “Have you done this often?”

Prudence nodded. “It has become quite the thing, Lizzie. Ever since Henry bought me that book and explained that its contents were something he wished to become part of our marriage we have enjoyed its adventures. Understand, we have no interest in punishment for punishments sake though. I willingly submit to my husband’s whim for the sheer pleasure of it. I find a well spanked or thrashed bottom a most stimulating thing and seek sexual satisfaction before, during, and after it. A jolly good fucking after a good spanking is the most wonderful thing.”

Lizzie gave Henry an admiring glance. The man was older than her by some years but his masterful fucking was more than enough to satisfy her needs. “I expected nothing less. I hope your husband is willing to service my desires with the same gusto as he does yours after giving my bottom a good seeing too.” Her thoughts drifted back to her Uncle Robert and his rutting of his well spanked maid. “Spanking is oft a thing I have dreamed about when I am alone with my thoughts. I confess to being nervous with the anticipation of it, Prudence.” She gave her older friend a shy smile.

Prudence reached across and clasped her hand. “Hush Lizzie, I Know you will come to love it as much as I do. The first time can be quite the experience though so that is why I propose a scale.”

“A scale?” Lizzie looked at Henry who nodded.

“As a guide to your tolerance of pain,” explained Prudence. “Henry will need to know how much you can take and how hard he can spank your bottom or worse.”

“Worse?” Lizzie shifted in her chair for her bottom was positively tingling!

Despite herself, Prudence felt herself blush for her own bottom had gone far beyond the basics of a mere spanking. Over time, Henry had introduced her backside to various implements of one shape or another. During their last session, he had welted her arse with a leather horse strap that had her howling like a banshee as he thrashed her as she lay arse up naked over a wooden trestle he had found in the wood shed. That had been deliciously horrid but worth it for the throbbing in both cheeks had seeped into the cavern of her sex and she had climaxed in the most spectacular way imaginable as Henry had slithered his poker hard cock up her weeping hole. Prudence felt herself shiver at the memory. “Spanking is merely a single chapter in the book. Only your imagination will know its limits, dearest. The female arse can take a lot whether it is delivered by flesh, leather or wood.”

Henry stood up and removed his coat causing Lizzie to jump back in her chair. “Think of one to ten,” he smiled. “Five is average. A smack. Seven is a sharp smart. Eight can be a searing sting. Nine is your gasping limit. Ten is enough. You understand?”

Lizzie nodded. “Yes, completely. I doubt I shall reach an eight though!” she laughed.

Prudence got to her feet. “I was a six for a long time. Your body will surprise you more than you know. I have on occasion flirted with a nine these days.” she winked.

Lizzie raised a hand to her lips. “Goodness, your bottom must be as tough as well cooked beef!”

Henry grinned. “Ladies, shall be begin?”


Lizzie requested they stay in the sitting room for the familiarity of it and a roaring fire eased her nervousness for some reason. To be spanked in front of a rosy glow added to the romantic nature of her inner desires. She reached to undo the straps and laces of her skirts but Henry shook his head.

“No, leave them on,” he ordered. “I want to spank you both fully clothed.” He went and sat on the couch and took his wife’s hand to pull her over his eager lap. “I shall thrash Prudence first so you can see the nature of the beast. I shall spank her as hard as she can take so you can gauge the amount of pain delivered.”

Prudence gave her husband a wry smile. “Admit it, dearest, you just want to put on a show.”

He laughed as he settled his wife down into the position he wanted. He gave her skirted backside a timely spank that made her gasp. “You know me so well.”

Prudence twisted her head and looked over her shoulder at Lizzie who sat in bursa üniversiteli escort a nearby chair. “One thing you’ll come to understand Lizzie, is that men like their little treats when doing such things. Hence why we remain dressed. Men like to reveal such gifts we possess as if they were opening presents on Christmas morning. Isn’t that so, Henry?” she asked, knowingly.

“Of course.” he grinned as he reached down to her ankles and grasped her skirts. “There is nothing more erotic than a woman being exposed by her man.” he admitted. He then tugged up the garments until her stocking clad legs, sturdy thighs and bloomered bottom were revealed. “Wonderful.” he murmured as his member began to awaken in his pants at the sight of his submissive wife.

Henry raised his right hand and looked over at the young woman sat watching rapt at the events unfolding before her gaze. “Don’t worry, Miss Armitage,” he smiled. “I shall not keep you and your bottom waiting for long as I intend to deal with my wife in prompt fashion with a resounding spanking of her splendid arse.” The raised hand then swiftly fell and landed with a meaty smack over Prudence’s clothed rear, the sound of which, along with his dear heart’s pained yelp, echoed around the room. Waiting not a second more, Henry brought his flat palm down again with equal force that had his wife bucking over his lap and furiously kicking her feet.

“Yeowch!!” gasped Prudence as the smart rolled from her wobbling backside, up her arched spine, until the pain exploded in her head. “Oh, love, that was surely an eight!!” She twisted around and rubbed her tingling rear. “Spare thy strength until I am properly warmed up!”

Henry ignored her plea and landing another juicy spank that had both Lizzie and Prudence gasping in unison. “OW, HUSBAND!!” spluttered Prudence as he walloped her hard again. Thank goodness she was accustomed these days to having her bottom dealt with most severely for her husband seemed determined to wallop her poor behind to hell and back come what may. It was then she felt him fiddling with the flap of her underwear as he undid the buttons to expose her bottom and her bare flesh to the rigors of a proper spanking. She dropped her head as he tugged the opening wider and her already red arse appeared as if resigned to its fate.

Lizzie sat gawping and bit her lower lip as she watched Prudence take her bare bottom spanking. Hunched forward on her chair, her hands clasped together in her lap and her virgin bottom twitching and throbbing nervously, she realized that this was what had been missing in her life. The need to let go and let someone take charge. To find a sense of peace in the act of giving oneself to a secret desire. The room was filled with the sound of spanking. The drama of it playing before her as Mr Chambers dealt firmly with his squealing wife. Prudence was gasping, yelping, crying and laughing as her spanking continued. Cries of “SEVEN!!”, “Oh, EIGHT!!” followed each firm hand spank and it was a final flurry of cheek flattening blows that had Prudence shrieking “N…NINE, dear husband. Spare my bottom for I swear it feels the size of a pumpkin right now!!” that brought the punishment to an end.

Henry stayed his hand and drew his wife from his lap and into his arms where he kissed and hugged her as she tried to rub her abused rear which bore witness to the assault it had endured. “Well done,” muttered Henry as he stood her up in front of him so he could admire his handiwork. A job well done judging by how furiously his spouse was wriggling and trying to rub away the sting. He turned to Lizzie and gave her a knowing smile.

Lizzie gulped. Thank goodness her neighbor, the elderly Mrs Pickwick, was as deaf as a post!


The spanking of Elizabeth Armitage by Henry Chambers was a most beautiful affair. The presentation of her bottom to his ministrations both clothed and bare was an experience no one in the room that day would ever forget.

As he laid her across his lap, he rested his right palm on her upthrust bottom and gently caressed each quivering mound. A large bottom that curved and swelled with perfect femininity and bearing a deep dark cleft that he had already enjoyed in their previous lusty encounters. “Ready?” he asked firmly.

Lizzie had her nose in the carpet. Was she ready? Of course she was not ready! How could any woman be ready for such a thing? Taking a spanking for heaven’s sake! Whatever would the ladies at her book club think if they could see her now?! Probably ask if they could be next she mused with a wry smile. Well, the moment had arrived. The day dreams of her Uncle Robert and her imagined spanked bottom were about to become reality. That it would sting and hurt she expected, but it was not the pain that mattered. It was that deep longing and need to satisfy the itch which had always been there ever since she was a girl of fourteen summers. She breathed deeply and wriggled her bloomered bottom. “I don’t think I was ever bursa ucuz escort not ready, Sir.” she whispered. “I should very much like you to give me a spanking right now.”

Finally, after all these years, her deep dark secret was revealed.


Lizzie squeezed her eyes shut for there was thunder in her bottom and lightning flashing in her head. Her first spanks had been gradual muffled affairs with Henry slowly bringing her to the boil like a well steamed kettle. Each blow had her rolling her hips to absorb the impact of his hand and the pause between each spank was a precious moment of panting contemplation for the sensations coursed through her being like waves washing upon a shore.

Prudence sat watching as her own bottom throbbed and the pulsing of her sex had her in high heat with the need to have that particular itch well and truly scratched. But that was for later. Watching Henry spank her friend, her first spanking, made her smile for she knew fine well the emotions Lizzie was going through.

The spanker stopped. “Lizzie,” he asked as he began to undo her flap. “The scale?”

Somewhere far off, Lizzie heard his words but they seemed dim and distant for she was soaring inside. Her physical being in tune with her inner voice as both reached the same desires as one. Scale? What scale? Oh, that scale. She raised her head and used her right hand to sweep away the veil of hair that had come loose from its bow as she had twisted and jerked during her initial spanking. How hard had he spanked her? She wasn’t exactly sure. Her bottom definitely felt well walloped. But did it hurt? Had it been painful? Not really. Not at all. “About a um.. a five. I think.”

Henry glanced at his wife and winked. “Only a five, hmmm. We shall have to do better than that.” he promised. He undid the last button of her bloomers, pulled open the cotton garment and raised her hips so that he splendid arse rose like the morning sun.

Both a twisting Lizzie and breathless Prudence looked at the younger woman’s now bare bottom. The full flesh bore a red tinged glow that was sprinkled with mottled specks of deeper hue that was evidence as to where the harder blows had fell. “My,” said Prudence in admiration. “You have taken your first spanking far better than I took mine. I was quite beside myself with alarm!”

“It feels so nice, Prudence,” she murmured. “Like its been stung by a big bee.”

“Are you ready for the next lesson?” asked Henry who shifted on the couch for the sight of two well spanked ladies in their underwear was awakening the beast within. Once this spanking initiation was done, he intended to slake his lust and fuck them both with deep cocked abandon until he drained every last drop of juice from his sweaty balls.

Lizzie twisted free for a moment from his grasp as she lay across his lap and reached up to kiss him on the cheek. “I shall be disappointed if I don’t experience a nine, Sir.” she replied.

Prudence laughed as Henry snorted in admiration. “If a nine is what you seek, then a nine is what you will receive.” She raised her bottom as his hand rose. A pause. The room was silent. Waiting. Then a spank worthy of a nine fell and the spanking that she had truly dreamed of began that Lizzie would remember for the rest of her days.


A while later..

Standing, bent forward, so that both hands rested on the couch, Prudence and Lizzie stood side by side with their well spanked bottoms thrusting out from tugged open bloomers. Behind them, Henry had removed his clothes and was rutting from one to the other as he shoved his over ripe prong into each well slicked pussy.

Lizzie grunted for it was her turn and she felt her innards being shoved this way and that as the man’s huge member plunged deep up into her belly and stirred the cauldron bubbling there. She winced for his hands were grasping and kneading her sore and bruised bottom cheeks as he pounded mercifully into her dripping slot. Her bottom felt wonderful. She felt wonderful. She had reached the comfort of home. And now he was stoking her fire and the heat over came her time and time again. Each climax building on the last as she was fucked into oblivion.

Beside her, Prudence waited. Watching. Watching her husband fuck another woman with all the passion he did her when they were alone. Lizzie was mewling. Her body jerking forward and being pulled back by Henry as he opened her up deeper. Prudence licked her lips for she knew Henry was near his come and her timing had to be perfect. Both women had been well spanked and well fucked and it was time for them to give their spanker and fucker a treat.

Henry felt his balls tighten in their sack. He blinked for he wondered where he should spill his seed. In his wife or their lover? The matter was resolved for he felt his wife pull him out of Lizzie leaving his purple headed pike dancing lost and impatient between the two.

Prudence grabbed Lizzie by the hand and pulled her down to kneel beside her. Much to the younger woman’s surprise, Prudence hugged her close and pressed her face close to her own. So close, they were practically kissing. Lizzie had a sudden spurt of unexpected desire. She placed her lips on the other woman’s and tasted her. Prudence felt her heart skip a beat but didn’t resist and the kiss deepened as their passion grew. The new sensation was so exquisitely naughty!

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