Her Wild Side

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The bathroom was completely full of steam. Melissa could not see anything as she stepped out of the hot shower. She found the bathroom door and opened it to release some of the steam. The steam slowly cleared and Melissa took a deep sigh. She felt so much better for a hot shower and had soaked her muscles so that they relaxed.

It had been a hard week at work; she was a lawyer and always so serious. She felt so relieved that it was Friday night finally and she could let her hair down literally. As she looked in the mirror before her she could see the stress melt away and what she was left with was a beautiful woman with gorgeous long red curly hair. It covered her boobs and lay so beautifully against her body. She thought to herself that she was going to definitely leave her hair down. Just then lost in thought about her hair her phone buzzed. Melissa walked into her bedroom and picked up her phone. It was a text message from her boyfriend Zane. He was confirming he would meet her at her favourite bar ‘Sexy’ at eight. She looked at the clock and felt a slight panic as she realised it was already seven.

Melissa rushed back into the bathroom and started sorting herself out. She thankfully knew what she was going to wear, she had been thinking about it all week. Her job insisted she was conservative so she always went the complete opposite at the weekend but still sophisticated. She liked the sophisticated look and thought it was very sexy. There was no need for a bag tonight and as she looked in the mirror she felt satisfied with her look. She rushed out the front door and flagged down a taxi.

As the taxi pulled up to ‘Sexy’ she could see Zane sitting at the bar waiting for her. Melissa entered the bar and Zane’s eyes lit up. All he could think of was how beautiful she was and how lucky he was to have her. She looked so sexy in her black leather skirt and smiled to himself as it came just above her knee but was pleasingly tight. He knew her pert arse would look amazing. She was wearing a beautiful maroon shirt that he could see through and underneath were her ample breasts just fitting into her bra. He loved her breasts; they were easily a good handful and for her tiny frame a damn good size. Her beautiful red curly hair was loose and wild and definitely gave the impression she was up for having some fun.

Melissa walked up to Zane and leant against his body and kissed him tenderly on the lips. She looked deeply into his eyes and whispered, “You look very sexy and mysterious”. Zane ordered a bottle of champagne and together they made a toast that tonight was the night. It was finally time to go outside the box of their relationship and spice things even further. The excitement between them was growing every minute and was making them both so horny.

Zane had met Melissa at this very bar six months ago and they had instantly hit it off. The one thing Zane really loved about Melissa was that she had a job that was respectable and she came across as a sweet innocent woman. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Melissa was a dark horse and had a very wild side to her. The relationship was far from being boring and often there was an adventure/experience to have.

The reason tonight was so special and full of excitement was because Melissa had suggested they have a one off threesome. She loved Zane and knew he was the one for her and therefore felt safe that she could reveal a secret. Melissa had a desire within to have some fun with a woman. She was comfortable with her sexuality but she wanted to feel a woman’s tongue on her, in her and kissing her. It was about a month ago when Melissa had told Zane this and to her delight Zane was more than happy to oblige.

Melissa looked round the bar, she knew what look she liked and what would turn Zane on. As she sipped her champagne and looked across to Zane he was smiling and slightly hard already. She giggled and reached down and gently stroked his semi hard cock. They were sitting at the bar on stools so being discreet was a must. Melissa continued to sip her champagne and then she saw her. There was a woman in the corner of the bar sitting on her own. She had lovely long brunette hair, very delicate feminine features and was slightly tanned, a very natural glow about her. Melissa’s eyes slowly scanned down from her face to her ample boobs. She was wearing a deep pink silk dress and her nipples were poking up against the material. şişli escort The dress had tiny straps and Melissa licked her lips as her eyes continued to move down this woman’s slender body. Her legs were long and slender. As Melissa’s eyes scanned back up to this beautiful ladies face she met the ladies eyes. There was a hunger in them and a naughty smile.

A few moments later Melissa picked up her champagne, turned to Zane and said, “wait here and don’t move!”. Melissa walked over to this goddess and could already feel her body stir. She knew a beautiful thin body with good size breasts would make her weak at the knees and make her breathing deepen. Zane looked behind him and followed Melissa. To his delight she had found the most beautiful woman in the bar, after Melissa of course. He could see exactly why Melissa had chosen her and within seconds he was getting hard. Just thinking about what was going through Melissa’s mind turned him on more than he thought possible.

Within seconds the mysterious woman was moving over to make room for Melissa. The mysterious woman beckoned Melissa to sit next to her by patting the space next to her. Melissa smiled and obligingly scooted across the long seat and sat up close to this beautiful sexy woman. “Would you like a sip of my champagne?” Melissa seductively asked. The woman instantly took the champagne and sipped slowly whilst continuing to look at Melissa. The woman seductively lipped her lips and whispered in Melissa’s ear “that was nice and I would really love to lick it off your body”. Melissa gently stroked the ladies arm with her finger and could see the hunger growing in her hungry eyes; she leaned forward. “I have just four questions. 1) What’s your name? 2) Do you find me sexy? 3) Have I made you wet? And 4) Do you want to have a threesome with my boyfriend and me?”. Melissa took another sip of her champagne and waited excitedly. “1) My name is Tanya. 2) You are stunningly beautiful and exceptionally sexy. You scream sex appeal. 3) Give me your hand”. Melissa obeyed and gave Tanya her hand. Tanya lifted her silk dress and led Melissa’s hand slowly up her inner thigh. She took one of Melissa’s fingers and stroked it against her silk thong. Melissa instantly got wet herself at the touch of this goddess’ wet pussy. “You have made me very wet and I am hoping to make you as wet, and 4) I would be delighted to have a threesome with you and your boyfriend. I really want you though”.

Zane was sitting watching the two of them and had gotten so hard when he saw this mysterious woman take Melissa’s hand under the table. He couldn’t see what was going on but he imagined she was allowing Melissa to touch her. He was getting so turned on. He liked the idea of having a threesome but actually he was more turned on by the image of Melissa with this hot sexy tease and them touching each other. He suddenly realised that Melissa was walking back to him with the most hungry and happy smile. “Grab your coat; we are meeting Tanya in the hotel next door in five minutes”.

The hotel had a large double available on the top floor with an amazing view of the city below. Zane had ordered some bottles of champagne and was waiting in the room for Melissa and Tanya. He was so excited and was setting up the video camera so that he could capture every moment for both him and Melissa. A few minutes later Melissa led Tanya into the hotel room and introduced Zane. “I would really like to video you both but if your not comfortable …”. Before Zane could finish his sentence, Tanya had unzipped her dress and turned so Melissa could take it off. Zane pressed the record button and Melissa looked full of excitement and hunger.

Melissa stepped towards Tanya and pulled down the straps of the pink silk dress. To Melissa’s delight there was no bra and a deep pink silk thong. She turned Tanya around and smiled hungrily at Tanya’s bouncy breasts. They bounced so freely and were so inviting. Melissa gently stroked the side of Tanya’s left breast and then circled her nipple. Her nipple got harder and Melissa could no longer restrain herself. She took Tanya’s nipple in her mouth and circled her nipple with her tongue. She gently sucked the nipple and it got harder in her mouth. Tanya let out a light moan of delight. Melissa stood before her and knew she was getting wetter by the second. Tanya moved towards Melissa and put her arms around her waist; she unzipped Melissa’s skirt and mecidiyeköy escort pulled it down to the floor. As Tanya started slowly rising she stopped momentarily at Melissa’s pussy, she could smell the most heavenly scent and see that her red knickers were getting wet. Tanya gently licked the top of her knickers and could taste her wetness lightly on her tongue. As Tanya continued to move upwards she lifted Melissa’s shirt to reveal a maroon bra. She again reached round her and unclasped her bra. Melissa’s breasts bounced freely and were much larger than Tanya had realised. “You are beautiful,” Tanya whispered.

Zane was capturing every moment on video camera and loving every second. He didn’t mind that he was not involved physically. Instead he was involved in the sense that he got to enjoy this beautiful scene playing out before him. He was getting so rock hard, his cock was pushing hard against his jeans and he couldn’t wait to put it into Melissa’s hungry pussy. Her pussy would be wet from Tanya turning her on and that made Zane even more turned on.

Melissa leant up close to Tanya, their breasts squashed up close to each other. Tanya gently at first kissed Melissa on the mouth and then hunger took them both over and they kissed passionately. Melissa sucked Tanya’s tongue and then played with it using her own tongue. Her hands were moving towards Tanya’s arse and grabbed her pert arse with both hands. They couldn’t get enough of each other. Zane could see that Tanya was so turned on. She had pushed Melissa up against the hotel room wall and was hungrily kissing Melissa. She moved down to her breasts and played with her pert nipples in her mouth. Melissa was moaning and her breathing had got quicker. She was feeling so wet.

This was so exciting Melissa didn’t know what Tanya was going to do next. She loved that Tanya was taking control and didn’t know what to expect; the unknown was such a turn on. Tanya stroked Melissa’s pussy and could feel her wetness through her knickers. She took a big mouthful of her knickers and could taste her wetness on the material in her mouth. It was making her even wetter. She loved that Melissa was allowing her to take control and thought that Melissa probably didn’t even realise how beautiful she was. Tanya had seen her as soon as she had walked into the bar and had instantly felt her pussy stir with hunger.

Tanya moved Melissa’s knickers with her finger and gently licked her pussy. She opened Melissa’s legs apart and told her “don’t move. I want you pinned against the wall and I want to drink you”. Tanya started circling Melissa’s clitoris with her tongue; she then sucked it and could taste Melissa’s juices. This was amazing but I want more is all Tanya could think. Tanya stuck her tongue deep into Melissa’s pussy and started licking her juices out of her and into her mouth. She tasted so good. Tanya hungrily said, “I want to feel your clitoris get larger and I want to feel you come because of me. I am going to make you come so hard and want more”. She started licking and sucking Melissa’s clitoris. Melissa could feel her body responding and her clitoris getting engorged and her whole body wanted to orgasm. She wanted to orgasm in Tanya’s mouth and have Tanya drink her juices again. Melissa looked over to Zane and could see he was enjoying this and thankfully capturing this all on video. That was good as Melissa could watch this again and again.

Just then Melissa realised that her breathing had quickened and her whole body was starting to shake. The orgasm was building up so intensely and before she knew it she was moaning from deep within and she could feel her cum flowing. To Melissa’s delight Tanya stuck her tongue deeply inside of her and sucked her wetness into her mouth. Before Melissa had time to recover Tanya pushed her onto the bed and ripped her knickers off. She smelt Melissa’s knickers and immediately opened Melissa’s legs wide apart. She looked upon her clean, wet pussy. Melissa’s pussy was glistening with her own wetness and Tanya engrossed herself into Melissa’s pussy. She started sucking and then licking her clitoris so quickly that it only took Melissa seconds to cum. Tanya was so hungry and loved the deep groans Melissa was releasing.

“Lay down on the bed, I want to sit on your face and smother you in my wetness”. Melissa didn’t know where this desire came from but all she knew is that she wanted to have Tanya covered in her wetness and completely breathing and tasting her pussy. Tanya did as she was told and happily pulled Melissa’s pussy onto her mouth; her hands pulled Melissa even deeper into her mouth. Tanya felt like she could stay with Melissa’s pussy on her face forever. She tasted so amazing and had the most beautiful pussy she had ever seen. Her hands reached up and could feel Melissa’s breasts bouncing and her nipples were so rock hard. This made Tanya so wet that her silk thong was completely soaked with her cum. Melissa was enjoying every minute and looked at Zane as she said “move the camera to the head of the bed so that you can see me cum, I am not going to be able to last much longer”. Zane did as he was told. He moved the camera so that he could see every movement and reaction from Melissa. She suddenly started shuddering and moaning more deeply than he had ever heard her. She was grabbing onto the headboard and to his utter delight pushing her pussy onto Tanya more and more.

Melissa collapsed on the bed. The video camera was still rolling. Zane moved to Melissa and kissed her hard on the mouth. “That was amazing and you looked so hot. I am so fucking hard baby”. Zane moved back to the camera and said continue. Tanya took her thong off and handed it to Melissa so that Melissa could smell it. Melissa held it up to her nose and was pleased that Tanya had enjoyed everything as much as she had. Tanya lay down on the bed to catch her breath and Melissa opened her legs and started rubbing her clitoris. She could feel Tanya’s wetness underneath her fingers and started rubbing her clitoris rhythmically. Melissa leant down and kissed Tanya passionately on her lips and hungrily. Within minutes Tanya was shuddering with delight at her touch and getting lost in her kisses. Suddenly Tanya was cuming and breathing deeply whilst still kissing Melissa.

Zane couldn’t wait any longer; all their fun had been such a turn on that he wanted some fun now. Melissa stepped back to make sure the camera was capturing everything. Tanya unzipped Zane’s jeans and pulled his boxers down. As Tanya did this Zane took his t-shirt off. Tanya was pleased to see his body was muscular and his cock certainly was rock hard. She took it into her mouth deeply and Zane moaned in response. She started rhythmically sucking his manhood and cupping his hanging balls at the same time. Zane was gently rocking before her. She was so engrossed in what she was doing that she didn’t feel her knees upon the floor. His cock was so huge in her mouth and in fact her mouth only jut fitted around his cock. She could feel him getting harder in her mouth and quickened her pace. Within minutes Zane started pushing her head towards him harder and then suddenly the orgasm that was surging through his body was released into her mouth. He moaned so deeply and was delighted to see Tanya swallow and lick her lips clean.

Melissa was surprised at how turned on she was seeing her boyfriend pleasured and how hot it had been watching Tanya. She kissed Tanya deeply, tasting Zane’s cum. She looked hungrily into his eyes and growled “Zane fuck me hard”. Tanya made sure that the video camera was filming the whole thing. Zane pushed Melissa onto the bed, kissed her deeply and then rolled her onto her front. He pulled her up onto her knees and thrust his rapidly swelling cock into her wet pussy. Her pussy felt warm, wet and hungry to be fucked. Melissa could feel his hard cock thrusting inside her and making her groan. Just then Tanya came forward and started kissing Melissa. Melissa was going to cum any moment; her pussy was being pounded doggy style and Tanya’s kisses were making her get totally lost in the moment. Zane could feel his orgasm surging through him and the sight of Tanya kissing Melissa and turning her on even more made him even closer to releasing his orgasm. Within seconds his orgasm was surging through his cock and Melissa could feel her orgasm surging through her at the same time Zane’s cum was exploding into her. She was screaming into Tanya’s kisses from this intense orgasm.

Zane pulled slowly out of Melissa. She rolled over onto her back and spread her legs so that he could see his cum dripping from her pussy. Tanya walked over to him and kissed him hard on the mouth. She then turned to Melissa and ran her finger through the cum as it trickled from her fucked pussy. Slowly and with her eyes fixed on Melissa she licked her finger clean, then kissed her hard on the mouth and with a giggle said good night. With that Tanya was gone. All that was left was Zane, Melissa and the video footage of the best night they have ever had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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