Here Comes The Bride

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I heard her giggle over the hubbub of the party. A melodious giggle. So sexy, so provocative. It just made me smile each time I heard it. I looked across at her. She was radiant in her bridal gown. The twinkle in her eyes and that rich ruby mouth. It wasn’t the first time that I’d imagined those ruby lips of hers slowly enveloping my thick cock!

Silently I chastised myself. She’s a married woman now! Married to my best mate too! The lucky bastard!! Oh boy! Those curves! Now concealed beneath her ivory wedding gown! The erotic thought of what she was wearing beneath flickered across my mind! White stockings? A little garter of blue? Virginal white panties and a bra full of her buxom delights? Oh yes! The bride was a very desirable lass indeed!

The groom caught my eye just then. His voice loud and slurred. He’d drunk too much. Everyone was buying him drinks by way of congratulations. Too many. I’d tried to tell him but to no avail. He was well pissed by now. And on his wedding night too! When he first asked me to be his best man I knew he’d be like this!

Shaking my head I wandered over to the bar again to order another pint of cider. I stayed at the bar in conversation with some of the guests and the barman. When I turned around again to see the lovely bride to party was coming to an end. Several guests had bade their farewells and left. The bride was there trying to get her new husband to his feet. Unsuccessfully. He was a good deal heavier than she. Placing my nearly finished pint on the bar I strode across the reception room to help. Together we managed to get him standing. “Stan”, she spoke softly, “Can you help me get him up to the bridal suite?”

I nodded. “Of course sweetheart.”

Half-guiding, half-dragging we aimed him towards the doorway and towards the lifts. He mumbled summat…. summat incoherent. I mumbled summat back. Holding a conversation with a drunk is kinda awkward. The lift-doors opened and we somehow managed to get him inside, his arm around my shoulders, my arm around his back. Releasing him for a moment she pressed the button for her floor and the doors hissed shut. A little lurch as the lift began to move upwards.

The door opened with a hiss. Once more we wrestled with his inertia and propelled him out of the lift and towards the bridal suite. God! This is difficult! Eventually we arrived at the door. But where’s the key?

The bride released him for a second, his full weight against me. I had to push his bulk against the wall to avoid falling in an untidy heap with him there in the corridor. Quickly she lifted the hem of her wedding gown to get the key from it’s secure hiding place in her garter. A glimpse of those silken-sheathed legs nearly took my breath away. All too briefly, that vision of loveliness was gone as she released her gown and leaned forward to unlock the door. She pushed the door open and helped me get the inebriated groom inside. We staggered over to the bed and unceremoniously dumped our sozzled payload onto the bed. A sigh of relief from the two of us. I had no idea that my buddy weighed so much!!

Together we swung his legs onto the king-size bridal-bed. He was unconscious to the world. Totally past it and on his gaziantep escortları wedding night too!

I readjusted my shirt and tie and bade my leave. I had an unfinished pint downstairs in the bar and, after a quick glance at my watch, I really ought to find my own room in the hotel.

A made my way across the room towards the door but she caught my arm as my hand reached for the handle. “Aren’t you gonna kiss the bride one last time, Stan?”, she asked. With that she was in my arms, her soft, voluptuous curves pressed against my chest. Her full lips sought mine hungrily. A kiss so soft and yet with a passion that surprised me. My fingers caressed her buttocks as hers played with my hair. Her lips so warm, so insistent. Her veil gently tickling my face as I once more caught a scent of her perfume. A moment that I’d wished for….. for such a long time.

My fingers caressed her soft, curvaceous body through the gossamer thin silk. The fullness of her hips, her slender waist. Wicked thoughts thundered through my mind like wild mustangs as she stroked my bearded cheeks, her curves pressed against my chest.

My fingers moved higher tracing the delicate curve of her spine until my finger-tips touched the zipper of her bridal gown. I give it a little tug downwards expecting her to pull away from me to remind me that she was now married. But that rebuff never came and, as I pulled the zipper further down, her lips became more insistent, her fingers playing with my hair. Further still, until the zipper stopped…. where her generous hips flared.

The neckline of her gown slipped a little to reveal her collarbones. My lips nuzzled there… kissing her…. awakening her passion still further. My cock awakened too, twitching within the confines of my trousers as a vision of what she would look like naked flickered across my thoughts.

The groom shifted his position on the bed and mumbled incoherently. We both glanced at him just to ensure he was alright. “I don’t think your wedding night will be much to write home about”, I said to her in almost a whisper. She turned back towards me putting her arms once more on my hips and nibbling on my ear-lobe. She giggled, “I’m sure that my wedding night will be quite memorable, Stan. But my husband’s won’t be!”

Right then…. right at that moment…. I knew that she wanted me. As much as I wanted her. My hands trembled with anticipation as my fingers teased the silk down her shoulders. Revealing her smooth pale skin as it slipped down her slender arms. Her full breasts nestling in her lacy bra, her tummy rippling a little as she shrugged the gown further down. A lacy suspender-belt and her tiny panties. She giggled as she stepped out of her gown revealing her long legs sheathed in silk stockings. She stepped towards me once more, nearly naked but, before my greedy fingers could wander over her warm flesh, she grasped my jacket, slipping off my shoulders and down my arms, discarding it upon the floor. Her urgent fingers pulled at the front of my shirt pulling it undone, tearing the nylon in her haste. Her slender fingers toyed with my chest hair as her lips kissed mine with a passionate fire, her teeth nipping my bottom lip.

My fingers slid behind her to clumsily fight with her bra-clasp, pulling the two parts apart and quickly I slipped the little straps from her shoulders, eager to see her fantastic tits. Those tits that have been the inspiration of many a wet dream. As the lacy cups fell away from their luscious cargo my jaw dropped. Oh God! They were fantastic. Full. Round. Firm. Perfect. Her nipples already stiffening as I stood. I just stood there for a moment and then leapt forward to catch her loveliness in my greedy hands. Lowering my face I kissed her breasts. First one, then the other. My beard tickling her soft skin. My tongue flicked across her nipples, teasing them, making them stiffen further. Her arms snaked around my hairy shoulders drawing my into her embrace.

I took her sweet nipple into my warm mouth and sucked gently, feeling her sensitive skin tighten with desire as I sucked. She arched her back, feeding her gorgeous tits into my willing face. Her fingers grasped my thickening cock through the material of my trousers. She squeezed me, feeling how thick I’d become before her fingers began tugging at my trouser-belt.

She giggled again, her fingers now pushing me further back into the room, guiding me as she pushed. I felt the edge of the bed against the back of my knees. Her lips brushed against mine as, with a final little shove she pushed me back to sit upon the bed next to her husband’s ankles.

Her fingers tugged my trousers open and expertly dragged down the zipper of my flies. I caught the naughty twinkle in her eye as her fingers delved inside my underwear to grasp my thick shaft. Her fingers stroking my stiff cock, slowly sliding my foreskin down to reveal my shiny purple helmet. She knelt on the floor between my feet and, as her slender fingers stroked my manhood, her full red lips kissed the hairy flesh of my upper thighs.

I leaned back, supporting my weight with my outstretched hands as each sweet contact of her lips touched closer to my engorged cock. A pause as she gripped my shaft around the base and then her sweet lips kissed the very tip of my cock. Again. And then her small pink tongue flicked against my cock.

I groaned with pleasure at the touch of her velvet tongue. My balls twitched with anticipation. Her tongue felt exquisite against my horny cock and a little tear of pre-cum oozed from my little Jap’s-eye. Then, as I watched, her sweet lips devoured my cock, sliding more of my shaft into her greedy mouth until almost all of my length. Oh God! This was heaven! The way her tongue still swirled against my shaft as she took it so deeply. I felt her fulsome breasts nudging against my hairy knees as she slowly sucked on my horny prick. Slowly she raised her head until just the tip penetrated her warm mouth, her teeth gently nibbling my helmet before, once more, she took my thick cock deep. Oh God! She’s so good at this!!

Just then the groom coughed, a small amount of spittle dribbled down his chin. With concern his bride slipped my stiff erection from her sweet mouth and stood up to lean over him to check that he was alright. I watched as she knelt upon the edge of the bed and dabbed at his chin with an hankie. Her full hips gleamed in the light from the bedside lamp and her gorgeous, full tits swayed beneath her.

My angry erection jutted insistently from my groin as I watched her sexy body. Without hesitation I stood up, positioning myself behind her round buttocks. My fingers gently pulled the gusset of her tiny white panties to one side to reveal her pussy. Moist. Warm. Glistening with moisture in the light. Guiding my erection with my other hand I nudged my angry helmet against those sweet lips, feeling the erotic heat. She turned her head towards me, a wickedly naughty expression on her face.

“Come on then Stan”, she beckoned, “Fuck my horny pussy!” I needed no further encouragement. I just pushed with my hips and my cock slid deep inside her. So deep my balls brushed against her warm body. We both gasped with pleasure as my cock reached inside her. I paused…. feeling her heat engulf my cock, my hands reaching beneath her to squueze her gorgeous tits, cupping them in the palms of my hands and giving them an intimate squeeze. I kissed her spine tenderly as her little muscles squeezed my horny cock. I smiled, beginning to fuck her hot cunt.

Slowly and deliberately. Sliding deep each time and withdrawing until just the tip of my cock caressed her intimate pink, before sliding deep into her heat once more. Again. And, as I fucked her, she began to kiss her husband on the unconscious lips. My fingers found her nipples, hard and erect, teasing them further as my thrusting increased in speed making her ripe tits jiggle beneath her willing body. Faster still…. my hands quickly moving to grip her lovely hips, pulling her hot snatch back onto each jab of my hips. Her pussy was so hot, so wet! Squeezing my cock so delightfully as the speed of my thrusts increased. My belly slapping rhythmically against her white buttocks

She stopped kissing her husband and began to pant. I was reaching my climax too. I watched her face, her head turned to one side, nestling her ear against her husband’s throat. Her voice a hoarse whisper, “Fuck me! Fuck me harder!”

I needed no second bidding. Slamming my thick shaft deep inside faster. I felt my balls twitch as I fucked her hard and fast! Her intimate cries so loud as my thigh muscles tightened! Arghghh! Fuck! My thick spunk jetting into her hot cunt! Arghghh!! Her clenching muscles squeezing me erratically as she came on my thrusting shaft! Arghghhgh!! Faster! Harder! Shooting my spunk deep inside the horny bride! Deep! Arghghh!! Her little muscles milking the cream from me! ArghghhghFUCK! Splashing! Twitching! Thrusting!

My thrusting stopped. Her tiny pussy-muscles milking my final droplets from my satisfied prick. My fingers relaxing their grip upon her creamy white hips. She kissed her comatose husband so tenderly as I leaned back, my cock slipping from her sticky pussy. She kissed him again, her fingers stroking her Adam’s apple. I stepped across the room to quickly collect my discarded clothing struggling back into them. Tucking my wilting but sticky dick back into my underwear I glance at her. She smiled at me. I return her smile and whispered, “He’s one hell of a lucky bloke!”

As I open the door to leave the room I heard her whisper…. “Tonight – you were the lucky one”.

That’s it folks!

Future wedding invitations should be sent to my usual mail-box

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