Hey Fucker, That’s My Ass

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Big Tits

Mark Jenkins has worked for Blackwall Industries for the past 5 years. Happily married with 2 children, the last thing on Mark’s mind the night of the annual Christmas party was having sex with another man.

At 6’2″ and 175lbs, Mark has always figured he could take care of himself if the need ever arose. Of course he wasn’t planning on Jonathon Peterson tackling him on his way back from the bathroom.

“What the fuck are you doing Jonathon?” Mark asked as his 245lb coworker pulled him into an empty office.

Jonathon pushed Mark into the office, then flipped on the lights while locking the door. He then turned back to the man who had been his fantasy fuck for the past 5 years. Jonathon learned at an early age that he preferred men over women.

At 6’5″ and almost 300lbs of pure muscle as well as jet black hair and piercing green eyes, not many men argued when he said he wanted to fuck them. Mark had been a chore though, when Jonathon had told the younger man that he wanted to fuck him, Mark had laughed at him. “Sorry man, I’m straight.” He had said before walking off.

Jonathon had spent the past five years, dreaming about shoving his 9 inch cock deep into Mark’s virgin ass. He had fucked guys over the years but all of them looked like Mark in some way. The same build, the same strawberry red hair, or even the same sparkling blue eyes; eyes that were now looking at Jonathon fearfully. “I told you I wanted to fuck you.” Jonathon said huskily as he opened his jeans.

“L…Look, I told you, I’m straight.” Mark said slowly as he backed away from the other man. Mark’s eyes widened when he saw the piece of meat that Jonathon was packing between his legs. “Please man.” He whimpered as Jonathon stepped out of his jeans then moved towards him. “Don’t do this to me, I’m not into guys.”

Mark shrieked when Jonathon suddenly grabbed his arm and pulled him tightly against the other man’s body. He struggled when Jonathon suddenly locked his mouth on Mark’s. When Jonathon’s tongue slithered into his mouth, he whimpered in fear.

Jonathon held Mark’s trembling body tightly against his own as he forced his tongue into the other man’s mouth and caressed Mark’s tongue with his own.

Mark tentatively rubbed his tongue over Jonathon’s and was rewarded by Jonathon’s arms tightening around him as he deepened the kiss. When he felt Jonathon moan against him he started to relax. He even started to kiss Jonathon back then moaned in fear when he felt Jonathon push him to his knees.

“Suck on my cock baby.” Jonathon said huskily holding onto the back of Mark’s head and pressing his mouth against his hard cock.

“No please…” Mark whimpered trying to pull away. He turned his head but felt Jonathon’s fingers tighten on his head and forced him forward again. He opened his mouth to protest again but didn’t get the chance as he felt Jonathon’s hard cock slither into his mouth.

“Ugh…” he groaned around the hard flesh forced into his mouth. He almost gagged at the taste and did gag when Jonathon pressed to far into his mouth and tried to shove his cock down Mark’s throat.

“Oh yea, that’s it baby, suck me.” Jonathon moaned slowly moving his hips and feeling Mark’s tongue pressing against his hard flesh each time he pushed into the other man’s mouth.

Mark pressed his hands hard against Jonathon’s legs and tried to pull off the hard cock but the other man just held his head tightly. Mark knew that if he didn’t at least attempt to suck on Jonathon, he wouldn’t be going anywhere. Closing his eyes in resignation, he wrapped his hand around the base of Jonathon’s cock and slowly bobbed his head back and forth as he sucked hard at the hard flesh.

Jonathon was surprised when Mark suddenly started sucking on him, but he had always been taught not to look a gift horse in the mouth. “Yea, suck that cock baby.” Jonathon growled holding tightly to Mark’s head as he started to fuck the other man’s mouth.

Mark was startled when Jonathon started slamming forcefully in and out of his mouth. He wasn’t sure what to do so he just grabbed the base of Jonathon’s cock and held on for dear life.

Jonathon’s breathing quickened as he forcefully fucked Mark’s face. “Oh, ugh, suck me. Agh, so good.” he panted forcing his cock powerfully in and out of Mark’s mouth.

Mark whipped his tongue over Jonathon’s merter escort cock and was rewarded with a sample of Jonathon’s precum. He licked up the slightly salty liquid on his tongue then dug around for more. “Yea man, lick my piss hole. Drink that up baby.” Jonathon purred watching the man before sucking greedily at his hard length.

He fucked Mark’s face for another minute then reluctantly pulled away. “Oh god, gotta stop. Don’t wanna cum yet.”

Mark looked up at him dazed for a minute then swallowed hard. “What are you planning on doing Jonathon?”

Jonathon smiled at him as he pulled him to his feet and kissed him again, while his hands went to the fastenings on Mark’s jeans. Mark moved his hands to stop the other man but Jonathon just pushed his hands away.

When Mark’s jeans were open, he pushed them down over his hips and heard Mark whimper in fear against his mouth. “Jonathon, please, don’t do this to me.” Mark whimpered when Jonathon finally broke the kiss.

Jonathon smiled at him. “Relax baby, you’re gonna like this.” He kissed Mark quickly on the mouth again then dropped to his knees before the other man.

When Mark saw where Jonathon was, he tried to back away but Jonathon just grabbed his legs and held him in place as he freed Mark’s cock and balls to his gaze. Mark wanted to cover his cock, he knew it was insignificant to the piece of flesh that Jonathon was packing between his legs.

Jonathon however thought Mark’s cock was beautiful. He knew it wasn’t as big as his but was happy with what the other man had. Reaching out, he wrapped his hand around the other man’s cock and stroked it slowly. He heard Mark moan and lifted his eyes to the other man’s.

Mark had his eyes closed and his head back as Jonathon slowly stroked him. When he felt Jonathon’s lips touch him his eyes flew open. “Jonathon,” he stammered. “You shouldn’t be kissing my cock man.”

Jonathon just grinned at him. “Shut up.” He growled then took Mark’s cock into his mouth and started working his tongue over it as he bobbed his head back and forth.

Mark whimpered for a minute although whether in fear or pleasure, neither man was quite sure. Mark closed his eyes as his fingers dug into Jonathon’s shoulders. When he felt his cock slide into the other man’s throat, he gave out a strangled cry and bucked his hips forward. “Fuck, oh god, don’t stop.” he panted as he slid his cock deep into Jonathon’s hungry mouth.

Jonathon purred happily around Mark’s cock as he sucked furiously at it. When Mark started fucking his face, he tightened his hold and let the other man have his fun. He listened to Mark’s breathing as the younger man started breathing hard. “Oh fuck, I’m going to cum.” Mark panted trying to pull his cock out of Jonathon’s mouth.

Jonathon however wasn’t about to be denied such a prize. He grabbed Mark’s ass and pulled him tight against his face as he sucked harder at the other man’s cock. “Fuck, I’m Cummmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnggggggg…” Mark cried as he slammed his hips forward and buried his cock in Jonathon’s throat.

Jonathon let the first shot slither down his throat, but pulled back when he felt the second shot enter his mouth. He tasted Mark’s cum and sighed at the taste. He drank up all of Mark’s juices then dug around looking for more.

Mark stood there panting and trying to catch his breath as Jonathon cleaned his cock then slowly let it slip from between his lips. “You taste good man.” he said with a smile.

Mark smiled at him. “Thanks, I think.”

Jonathon pulled himself to his feet, then pulled Mark’s body into his arms. The other man wasn’t quite as resistant to the kiss this time and Jonathon enjoyed feeling Mark’s tongue slither with his own. When he pulled back, he was happy to see that Mark’s eyes were full of fire. “You ready for the main even baby?” he asked huskily

Mark looked at him dreamily for a minute then seemed to come out of his daze. “What main event?” He didn’t realize that while they were kissing, Jonathon had been slowly pushing him back towards the table in the middle of the room until he felt it press against his jean enclosed ass. He saw the look of pure lust in Jonathon’s eyes and cringed. “No man, not that.”

Jonathon grinned as he wrapped his arms around Mark and turned güngören escort him so he was laying across the table. Mark clawed at the table and tried pushing back but Jonathon held him down with one hand. “I said I wanted to fuck you man.” he said with a grin as he pulled Mark’s jeans down and exposed his bubble butt to his gaze.

“Look, I’ll suck you off, anything but that.” Mark pleaded looking over his shoulder at the big man behind him. “I’ve never been fucked up the ass before man.”

Jonathon looked at him tenderly then suddenly dropped to his knees behind the struggling man. “Relax man.” Jonathon said softly as he spread Mark’s ass cheeks.

When Mark felt Jonathon’s fingers spread his ass open, he struggled harder. That is until he felt a wet tongue probing at his hole. “What the fuck you doing?” He asked lifting his upper body and looking over his shoulder. “Jonathon, oh fuck man.” He looked wide eyed at the big man kneeling behind him with his mouth on his hole.

Jonathon just ignored the other man and licked his tongue all over the puckered hole, before he pointed his tongue and tried to push inside. He could feel Mark trying to keep him out, so he reached around and grabbed a hold of Mark’s cock stroking it slowly.

“Ugh.” Mark moaned when he felt Jonathon’s hand once again working his cock. He let his body relax and moaned when he felt Jonathon’s tongue slide inside him. “Man, no please.” he whimpered as he felt the big man sliding his tongue in and out of his ass.

Jonathon moaned as he slowly tongued Mark’s ass. He could feel the muscles relaxing around him and smiled. When he pulled his tongue out and slowly worked his finger into Mark’s virgin ass, he felt the other man tense up again.

Sighing, he stood up and held Mark to the table with his hand while he grabbed a bottle of lube off the table with the other one. “Look, I’m gonna fuck you whether you like it or not.” He said as he opened the bottle with his teeth. He spit out the cap then positioned the bottle of lube against Mark’s virgin hole.

“Nooooooooo…Pleassssssseeeeeeee…” Mark screamed when he felt the tip of the bottle touch his hole. “No, don’t do this to me.” His hands clawed at the table.

Jonathon squeezed the bottle, sending a large amount of the lube into Mark’s bum hole. Mark whimpered when he felt the liquid coat his insides. “Please, don’t do this to me Jonathon.” He begged again when the bottle was pulled away to be replaced with a sausage like finger. “I’ll do anything else you want, but not this.” He looked over his shoulder at the big man but Jonathon wasn’t looking at him.

Mark tried to close his ass to the invader, but Jonathon was persistent. Mark whimpered when he felt Jonathon’s finger start to penetrate him. “Noooo…” He cried even as he felt the man’s finger move inside him up to the first knuckle.

“Shut up baby.” Jonathon growled shoving a rolled up pair of socks into Mark’s mouth even as he grabbed Mark’s arms and trapped behind his back. Once Mark was gagged for the moment, Jonathon turned his attention back to his finger. He watched his finger slide easily into Mark’s untrained ass. He smiled as he felt his hand brush against Mark’s hole.

Mark was grunting, crying and whimpering as Jonathon slowly fingered his ass. When he felt Jonathon add a second finger to the first, he cried out against the socks in his mouth. “Mmmmm…You’re tight.” Jonathon groaned as he felt Mark’s ass cling to his fingers. He pulled his fingers out, squirted more lube up Mark’s hole then slammed three fingers into the man below him.

Mark screamed as he felt the three fingers invade his body. It felt like Jonathon was trying to rip his ass apart. The socks in his mouth were coated with his saliva but Jonathon had pushed them in to far for him to just spit them out. He closed his eyes, whimpering in pain as he pulled his hands against Jonathon’s hard grip while the other man slowly stretched his asshole.

“Hm…I think that’s good.” Jonathon said more to himself then to Mark. He pulled his lube coated fingers from Mark’s ass with a plop. He wiped them on Mark’s jeans then squirted more lube up Mark’s hole before coating his cock with it.

When he felt Jonathon’s cock press against his virgin hole, Mark started fighting like a caged bağcılar escort cat. He grunted when Jonathon suddenly dropped his whole upper body onto his back, trapping his arms under Jonathon’s chest. “Look, just lay there and enjoy it. You never know, you might like it.” Jonathon said with an evil laugh as he slowly pushed into Mark.

“Ugh…” Mark grunted as he felt Jonathon begin to penetrate him. He knew from having that hard flesh shoved in his mouth that Jonathon was at least 10 inches long and an inch or two thick. Now he knew first hand how big Jonathon’s cock was. It was tearing up his asshole as the bigger man continued to push into him.

“Oh yea, Nice and tight, Just like I knew it would be.” Jonathon groaned, closing his eyes as he continued to impale Mark’s ass.

Mark cried out in pain as he felt his ass muscles being stretched to accept the big man’s tool. When Jonathon suddenly flicked his hips forward, burying his cock completely inside him, Mark screamed against the gag in his mouth.

“It feels so good.” Jonathon moaned ignoring the moans of the man below him as he slowly pulled out, only to impale Mark again.

“Agh…Ugh…Noooo…” Mark cried against the gag in his mouth as Jonathon thrust slowly in and out of his battered hole. He felt like his ass was on fire. Every time Jonathon pushed into him, he left a trail of fire in his wake. Mark whimpered as he struggled to get out from under the big man.

“I like your ass buddy.” Jonathon growled against Mark’s ear as he started thrusting harder into Mark’s unwilling ass. “It is so tight. It feels so good wrapped around my hard cock.”

Tears were streaming down Mark’s cheeks as his ass was brutalized by the bigger man. When Jonathon started slamming into him, he screamed in pain. His body shook and was forced against the table each time Jonathon slammed hard into his body.

“Oh yea…Such a good ass,” Jonathon groaned as he plunged rapidly in and out of Mark’s body. He gripped Mark’s ass-cheeks pulling the other man tight against him as he pounded the man beneath him.

“Ugh…” Mark grunted as Jonathon plowed his ass. He didn’t understand why with the pain in his hole his cock was getting hard or why he was spewing precum all over Jonathon’s shoes. When he suddenly moaned against the gag in his mouth, Jonathon smiled. “Like that do you?” Jonathon asked slamming harder into Mark’s ass. “I thought you would after a while.”

He pulled the socks out of Mark’s mouth. Mark swallowed hard even as he moaned deeply when he felt Jonathon slam hard into him. “I…I don’t understand.” He panted even as his ass pushed back against Jonathon’s thrusting cock.

Jonathon laughed, as he lifted his upper body, and releasing Mark’s hands. “I’m hitting your love button baby.” He said with a sneer as he purposely ran his cock over Mark’s prostate.

“Oh god,” Mark cried pulling his upper body up on his hands as he pushed his ass back against Jonathon. “I didn’t know it could feel so good.”

The pain was receding as his body was consumed with pleasure. “Fuck me you bastard.” Mark cried even as his own cock continued to leak profusely.

“Mmmmm…My pleasure,” Jonathon replied watching Mark’s cock swinging back and forth beneath him. He put one hand on Mark’s hip, driving the younger man hard against him as his other hand went to Mark’s cock. He wrapped his beefy hand once again around it then jacked hard and fast.

“Fuck…I’m cummmmiinnnngggg…” Mark cried as his cock suddenly started spraying all over the carpet.

“Yea, that’s it. Tighten around me baby.” Jonathon groaned as he felt Mark’s ass tighten around his pistoning cock. “Fuck…I can’t hold it.”

Before Mark realized it, Jonathon started shooting deep inside him. “Oh fuck.” He moaned lowering his upper body back to the table even as he felt Jonathon fill his insides with his cum.

When he was empty, Jonathon pulled out of Mark’s ass. “Thanks man, that was great.” Jonathon walked back over to where his pants were and pulled them on as he watched Mark still where he had left him. He smiled as he watched his cum slithering out of the other man’s well used hole. He put the lube and socks away then left Mark right there as he went back to the party.

Mark stayed where he was for a few minutes, feeling Jonathon’s cum slither out of his ass. Going into the bathroom, he cleaned up the best he could then left the office for home.

The next day, he quit his job and moved his family to the other side of the country. But even years later, he would feel a tingle in his ass. He would feel a tingle and remember the office party and the best fuck he had ever had.

The End

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