Hidden Acres Ch. 10

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Alexis Texas

Authors note: This story is inspired from one I read in an incest digest magazine many years ago. Funny enough, it was through one of those digest magazines that I found out about Literotica.com. I wonder if some unscrupulous publishers scrape stories from this site.

All characters engaged in sex are over the age of eighteen.

Logan is a small backwoods town, referred to as Hidden Acres by the locals. In Hidden Acres there are many families who engage in illicit affairs with family members. As will happen, sometimes those secrets are shared with like minded individuals.

Lorraine Jensen was starting to feel as if life was passing her by. She felt like she was biding her time until the grim reaper happened to go through his paperwork and see that he’d missed her some time back. At fifty three and divorced, she was starting to feel like an old lady.

Her daughter, Cassie, at twenty years old still lived with her as she attended college. Her educational future had all been thrown into turmoil as she recently announced she was pregnant. Lorraine couldn’t recall a steady boyfriend and feared that her daughter might have just gotten unlucky on a one night stand as Cassie had been unable to name the father.

The thought that her daughter was that easy saddened Lorraine, but a part of her was envious. What she would give for a bit of attention, even if it was just sex. Hell, she’d gone to the bar with the intention of just giving a stranger a good blowjob, but nobody paid any attention to her. It’s not that she wasn’t attractive, she still had her figure, even if it was a bit more rounded than years before. Lorraine was incredibly shy and any time a man made eye contact with her, she’d look away and never look back.

Lorraine had a son as well, Craig, who was twenty four and had moved to the next town over from Logan. He worked for a construction company, but made frequent visits home on the weekends to hang out with his friends. It was comforting to have her son around and she appreciated that he took care of things she wasn’t able to do for herself.

It was another lonely Saturday night for Lorraine with both of her children out of the house. ‘Having fun, no doubt,’ she thought sourly. She clicked through the channels endlessly, nothing catching her interest. Sighing to herself, she felt herself sink into a deeper funk.

The sound of the basement door slamming carried through the home, followed by the laughter of Craig and his friends. Bret, Frank and Todd were frequent visitors and the group rotated at which house they would spend their Saturday night drinking beer and playing loud music. They were always considerate though and she was a bit jealous of their tight friendships.

Distant music floated up from the floor below her and she tried to imagine what they were getting up to. Her loneliness dug deeper into her soul. In her younger days she loved to go out with friends and party, but after nearly a quarter century of being a mother and wife, she had few friends and a non existent social life. Church was the only place she seemed to get much contact, but it seemed a poor place to try to scratch the itch she had.

After an hour she decided to go check on the boys. Opening the door in the kitchen, she stepped down into the dimly lit stairway and into the basement. Old Christmas lights were strung up along the walls and a couple of lamps shed the only light. It was like walking into a bar.

“Oh, hey Mrs. Jensen,” Frank said, the first to notice her. She’d always thought Frank was handsome, with his dark, wavy hair and ready smile. “Come and join us for a drink.”

Lorraine’s instinct was to decline, but before she could say no, Frank had taken hold of her hand and led her to the couch around the corner where the others were sitting. As the second room came into view she saw her daughter Cassie with the group as well. She sat between Craig and Bret, while Todd sat in the recliner.

Cassie was wearing a short blue dress that showed off her figure nicely. Only two months along, her baby bump hadn’t really started to show just yet. Lorraine was glad to see that her daughter had a glass of water in her hands and not an alcoholic beverage.

“Oh hey mom!” her son Craig said. “Hope we weren’t being too loud.”

“No you guys were fine,” Lorraine answered, waving away his fear. “I was just bored upstairs and thought I’d check in on you guys and see what kind of mischief you were getting into.”

“Well, none as of yet,” Todd answered, “but now that you’re here the possibilities are growing.”

Todd was the kind of guy who grew on you. Not immediately attractive, with thinning and receding hair, but he had intense brown eyes that were unsettling. He could be very demanding and quite persuasive, a combination that stirred Lorraine’s interest.

Lorraine felt the uneasy stir in her stomach as Todd looked her over openly, appraising her as a lion might its prey. When his eyes had travelled down her body and gaziantep escort kız back up, he looked her in the eyes and the corners of his mouth turned up in approval. He nodded slightly as if to say, “You’ll do.”

“I’m surprised to see you here,” Lorraine said to her daughter after she was able to break the staring contest with Todd. “Why aren’t you out with your girlfriends?”

“Jennie and Lorrie don’t want a pregnant girl trying to stop them from having their fun,” Cassie laughed and the boys joined her. Lorraine caught a glance that passed between the others and felt left out on some inside joke.

“Here, let’s get you a drink,” Frank offered. A moment later he handed her a tumbler with Jack and ice. “Come on, now don’t be a party pooper!” he encouraged when she hesitated.

Lorraine took a sip and caught her son staring. If she wasn’t certain she had to be wrong, she would have guessed that he was appraising her the same way Todd had. The uneasy knot in her stomach grew into a cloud of butterflies. Taking a long drink from her glass, she felt the warm liquid flow through her body and her worries started to drift away.

“I want to dance!” Frank announced suddenly and he went to the stereo. A moment later a slow song began to play and then he returned to Lorraine’s side. “Will you do me the honor?” he asked, holding out his hand.

Feeling silly, Lorraine set her glass down on the coffee table and accepted Frank’s offer. He was shorter than she was by quite a bit, his face nuzzling into her breasts as he pulled her close. Embarrassment flushed her cheeks and she tried to push him back just a tad, but he was insistent and wouldn’t budge.

“Frank, what will my children think?” she whispered loudly in his ear.

“I don’t think they mind,” he answered and nodded towards the couch.

Lorraine looked over at Craig and Cassie, who both gave her an approving smile. Shrugging, she draped her arms over Frank’s shoulders and enjoyed the feeling of a warm body pressed close against hers. She let out a squeak as her dance partner’s hands slid off her back to cup her generous ass cheeks. She turned to shoot her kids a shocked look as if to say, ‘I didn’t mean for that to happen!’ but they didn’t seem surprised.

Since no one was getting upset by the scene unfolding, Lorraine let herself go. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of a man caressing her neglected body. Even if it was just one dance and Frank was just humoring her, it still felt nice and it would give her something to think about later in bed.

The song ended and Todd cut in. He pulled her close to his body just as Frank had, but she felt the lump in his groin as it pressed into her. She looked up at him startled, but he just looked down at her with dreamy eyes. Sighing, she laid her head on his chest and let him lead her around the room.

With each song she was dancing with another of her son’s friends. All of them were obviously excited as she felt each of their growing erections. They handed her drinks and she downed it without thought. After the third Jack the room was starting to spin and she begged for a break. They led her to the couch and sat her down, Todd on one side and Frank the other.

“You’ve got such a pretty smile, Mrs. Jensen,” Frank said.

“It’s Ms. Jensen, now. I’m divorced, you know.”

“Oh that’s right, sorry. Old habits are hard to break.”

“Don’t I know it!” she said loudly. The alcohol had taken its toll and she was no longer feeling the chains that usually kept her a mousy, quiet woman. “You’re cute Frank, you know that?”

Frank raised his eyebrows and she interpreted that to mean, ‘Prove it.’ Before she could think twice about it, she kissed him on the lips. Pulling back, she covered her mouth with a hand and laughed at herself.

“Oh what will my son say when he finds out I kissed his friend,” she giggled.

“I’m sure he won’t say too much,” Frank assured her. “He’s kissed my mom.”

“He has not!” Lorraine gasped, slapping his leg. “Frank Morris, you shouldn’t tell fibs.”

“It’s not a lie,” Frank insisted. “He’s kissed my mom.”

“And mine,” Todd said from the other side.

“My goodness! Are you boys in a club where you go around kissing each other’s mothers?”

“Something like that,” Todd said cryptically.

Lorraine turned to find her son and ask him why he had waited so long to do his duty to this ‘club’ that he was a member of. If he’d kissed all the other boys’ mothers, why hadn’t she kissed his friends sooner? The words died on her lips as she saw Craig and Cassie dancing in the dim light.

Cassie had her arms around her brother’s neck, their foreheads pressed together as their bodies were smashed into one another. It was definitely not the kind of dance siblings were supposed to do. If she had seen them at a club, she would have assumed that they were lovers and not brother and sister.

“What?” she whispered escort kız gaziantep in disbelief.

Before she could think to move and stop whatever was going on, Todd was pulling her back into the couch. She blinked and then his face was descending upon hers. His mouth was pressing against hers and she moaned as he split her lips with his tongue. It had been ages since Lorraine had a nice snog and her easily distracted brain forgot for the moment that her children were being a little too close with one another.

Todd let her up after a minute but before she could clear her head Frank was pulling her towards him. His kiss was more intense and she felt herself becoming wet with the attention of the two twenty something young men. Frank began to feel her up through her blouse and though she knew she should probably stop him, it felt too good. Her nipples hardened immediately and her girls began to swell with desire.

Frank backed off and once more Todd was there to pick up the action. She was passed back and forth between the two like a rag doll unable and unwilling to put a stop to it. Her lonely pussy was on fire and she didn’t care what anyone thought, she needed this.

Todd took Lorraine’s hand and moved it over his lap. She felt the hard ridge of his stiff cock and her fingers eagerly rubbed him. A moment later Frank had done the same with her other hand and she was quickly rubbing both of them. Their hands had not been idle though. Frank was groping her inflamed breasts and Todd was cupping her soaked pussy through her sweats.

A part of her mind was sad that she hadn’t dressed up more for the occasion. She hadn’t had any reason to put on fancy clothes or even pretty lingerie in so long that she’d kind of given up on all of it. Now, with two virile young men groping and making out with her, she wanted to prove to them that she wasn’t ready to be put out to pasture yet. If she got a chance, she’d do it differently next time.

Todd moved his hand and tried to slide it under the waistband of her sweatpants, but she stopped him. Her objection was muffled as Frank continued to explore her mouth with his tongue, she could only make higher pitched moans. Todd relented and then there was the loud sound of a zipper being lowered. The next thing Lorraine knew was that his hot, naked cock was filling her hand.

Her mind melted as she grasped the humid stalk of flesh. God, it had been too long since she’d held a cock. Lorraine’s pussy gushed at the feel of him in her hand. She instinctively began to stroke him, his loose flesh sliding over the solid core. He was so hot that her mouth watered into Frank’s as she became exponentially more aroused.

“Do you want to suck it?” Todd asked and Lorraine’s mind screamed ‘YES!’

Todd stood up and pushed his pants down. Lorraine pulled away to watch as her son’s friend sat back down, his jeans around his ankles and his proud cock standing at attention. Sliding from the couch, she felt like she wasn’t in control of herself, her long neglected body moving on its own. Pulling off one of Todd’s shoes, she yanked one leg free from the jeans so that she could push his legs apart and settle between his thighs.

Looking up at him, she noticed that cocky smile she had seen earlier. He placed his hand on her head and pulled her forward, pushing his cock into her mouth. Lorraine loved a man to hold her head when she was going down on him. Her first boyfriend had been a bit aggressive, but instead of turning her off, she learned to love it. She was a vessel for his pleasure and it filled her with a sexy feeling.

She tasted the slippery precum pooled at the slit in his head. It brought back a flood of memories and she realized that she had missed this way too much. Lorraine vowed that she wouldn’t go without again. In her mind she imagined Todd showing up at her door in the middle of the week when she was all alone and wanting her to suck him again. She put her effort into making sure he’d want another blowjob from her.

In her excitement, she’d lost track of the other people in the room. As she worked Todd’s rod in her mouth, Cassie suddenly appeared next to them. Looking up, she saw the naughty look in her daughter’s eyes as she watched her mother suck cock. Lorraine felt a pang of shame as she knew she shouldn’t be doing this in front of her daughter, but that quickly faded as Cassie reached down to the vee between her own legs and gave herself a strong rub.

“She looks like she loves to do that,” Cassie commented dreamily. “I must get that from her.”

Her daughter’s words sent Lorraine’s mind into a tailspin. Was her only girl a slut? Instead of being angry or sad though, Lorraine was jealous!

Frank wasn’t going to be left out though and while the sucking mother was focused on Todd, he’d removed his pants and underwear. He pulled Lorraine’s hand towards his shaft and sighed as she took hold of him. Thrilled to have two cocks, gaziantep escort kızlar she moved her mouth back and forth, sucking one and stroking the other.

“That’s it mom,” Cassie encouraged. “You look so hot!”

“I feel like a slut,” she admitted sheepishly as she switched cocks once again.

“Yes, you are a sexy little slut aren’t you mom?” Cassie said hotly in her ear. “You are one slutty mommy, huh? Look at that, two hard, big cocks just dying for you to make them cum. What could be better?”

Lorraine’s body tingled as her daughter said the nasty things in her ear. She’d never done anything like this in her entire life and she cursed silently that she had waited so long. Cassie reached back and slid her mother’s sweats off her round ass, her panties coming down at the same time.

“Oh look how wet you are!” Cassie oohed. A second later Lorraine felt her daughter’s fingers on her slippery vagina. Her delicate touch on her puffy lips caused them to flutter open, gasping for attention. “You like this don’t you, mom? It’s okay to admit it, I like being a slut for the guys, too. I wish I’d known how much you’d enjoy this, I would have invited you down months ago.”

Cassie slid two fingers into her mother’s snatch, moaning at the heat of her syrupy tunnel. “Craig, come here,” Cassie demanded.

Todd was holding her in place, forcing her to remain still while Craig moved over and inspected his mother’s exposed sex. Lorraine whined and tried to wriggle free, but all she could manage was waving her hungry pussy in her son’s face.

“Give mom what she’s been missing,” Cassie said sweetly.

Lorraine squealed but she couldn’t move away and then she heard the sound of another zipper being lowered. She sensed that her son was behind her, moving into position to mount her. Her whole body tensed up, trying to prevent the unholy union of mother and child. It was one thing to give a bit of head to his friends, but it was another thing entirely to shag her son.

“You’re going to love this mom,” Cassie said knowingly. Her words rang alarm bells in Lorraine’s head.

How did her daughter know she was going to love having Craig inside of her? Immediately Lorraine knew the answer. Her children had been fucking! In a flash she knew who the father of her daughter’s baby was: Craig. He had knocked up his own sister! In her lust filled mind, she couldn’t be angry with them. The image of her two beautiful children engaged in carnal delight, rutting like wild animals, caused her to cum.

“Fuck, you just came, didn’t you mom? He hasn’t even put it into you yet!” Carrie exclaimed. “Fuck, she’s one hot slut, Craig. No wonder you and I are such perverts. Fuck her,” she ordered. “She’s dying for it.”

Lorraine yelped in surprise as her son’s cock slid into her and filled her tight snatch with more cock than she could ever remember taking. Her neglected pussy had been lonely so long that she’d forgotten what it felt like to be stuffed. She came again as his balls slapped against the back of her thighs.

Craig stroked in and out of her at a steady pace, sending her into a cascading series of orgasms. She spit Todd’s cock out of her mouth so she could huff and puff as her son fucked her. She knew everyone was watching mother and son engaged in incest!

The shy part of her brain tried to convince her to take her son upstairs and do this privately. There was never any question of stopping, she knew she was beyond that now. She’d let her son into her cunt anytime he wanted and she hoped that it would be often! But she’d never experienced sex with other people around and it was intimidating.

Another, foriegn part of her brain overrode her natural instincts though. She found that she loved being the center of attention. The feel of the two hard cocks in her hand were proof that they were enjoying the show and she revelled in their sexual arousal. She could hear her daughter as she continued to say filthy, dirty things, encouraging her brother to fuck their mother hard. The near continual orgasms causing Lorraine’s body to jerk and writhe were more than enough reward for breaking away from her natural shyness.

Craigs hands gripped her ass tightly as he plowed her fur lined furrow. She coated his cock with her copious flow, wetting his thighs as it leaked out of her. The room was filled with the smell of hot pussy and saliva.

“That’s it momma,” Carrie said. “Ooh you lucky little whore. You’re going to get his first load of the night. He’s been saving this up all week and he always shoots so much! I’m jealous, I really love his first blast of the night, but I’ll share with you. You need this a lot more than I do.”

Carrie’s words sent Craig over the edge and he slammed into his mother one last time, burying his cock deep into her craven cavern. Lorraine let out a whine as she felt her son’s cock shoot jet after jet of white hot semen into her clutching channel. She pressed her face into Todd’s thigh as she came once more, her pussy milking every drop from her son.

Craig pulled out much too quickly for Lorraine’s taste. She felt the emptiness immediately and she yearned to be filled once more. As Craig moved back, his sister scrambled around and slid beneath her mother’s spread thighs. She pulled down and Lorraine lowered her leaking puss onto her daughter’s hungry mouth.

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