Hide and Seek

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All ‘participating characters’ are over 18. Another one for my ‘extreme’ series maybe?

Summer vacations at the lake house were always fun growing up. When we were younger, kids would be dropped off at our cousins and we’d swim and fish at their pond while the adults stayed in the family owned cabin. When I hit 18 though I wasn’t really looking forward to that following summer’s trip since I wasn’t old enough to drink and tool old for the kids stuff but it turned out to be the start of something amazing.

“Why mom, you said I could just go fishing by myself on this trip, I don’t want to babysit!” I replied, mom had asked me to look after my younger cousins.

“Your Aunt Carol will be back here tomorrow, her ex is going to take them home, until then just keep them entertained,” said Mom.


I stormed off and put my fishing gear away, found the kids to see what they wanted to do. Hide and seek was decided, in the house only so I didn’t have to watch for them wandering to the lake. I found one of the always spare bedrooms and hid myself in the closet, I knew they’d never find me but wanted to hide and give myself five minutes of quiet time.

I wasn’t in there long when I heard the door open, I looked out ready to burst out and scare the kids but it was my sister Claire, pulling my uncle Rob by the hand into the room. I heard the door click closed then she sat on the bed and pulled his shorts down and immediately started sucking his cock! I was stunned, I’d watched porn and stuff on my phone but I’d never witnessed a sex act in person, let alone saw another man’s cock.

Claire got him really hard then she stood up, stripped off what little clothing she had on then got on the bed on all fours, her ass pointing right at me. I couldn’t not look, her pussy was already glistening with her juices, not a trace of hair and she looked aroused, her labia swollen and inviting. Uncle Rob got on the bed behind her and pushed his cock into her, Claire moaned in pleasure then rested her head on the bed, changing the angle he had in her.

“I won’t last this way hon, why don’t you ride me,” said Rob, pausing mid thrust.

“Okay but I want you to cum in me from behind when you’re ready,” she replied.

Rob got on the bed on his back, his cock soaked with her cream, Claire straddled him then fed his cock into herself. I could see how much he was stretching her pussy with each thrust she took into herself, her moans of pleasure told me she was enjoying it and I had never been harder in my life. A few, I’m not sure how many minutes later, the door burst open again and closed just as quickly. I looked and my Mom and cousin Adam stood and froze.

“We still have kids here Rob, lock the door!” she said.

“S… sorry, m… oh fuck yes, my fault, I wanted him bad and didn’t give a chance,” gasped Claire.

I didn’t know what I was going to do, I couldn’t sneak out, I was forced to watch everything that was happening.

“Well I’ll let you off, this one has been eager to taste his Aunt since we arrived. Mind if we use the other bed?” said Mom.

“Go ahead, do you want me when he’s done?” said Claire.

“Do you even need to ask? Just sit right on when he’s spent.”

I was in some surreal world, I didn’t know who to watch, my sister riding my uncle’s big cock or my own mom, now naked and laying back on the bed as my cousin ate her pussy. My uncle gasped ‘close’, Claire got off him and onto all fours then Rob got behind her again, fucked her furiously for a few minutes then groaned, his cock deep inside her as he came. He pulled out slowly, cum still oozing from his softening cock and sat down on the bed. By then Adam was done eating my mom and was between her legs, fucking her slowly as he sucked her nipple. Claire, without skipping a beat, got off her bed, straddled mom’s head and lowered her pussy to her mouth.

“Oh fuck that feels good, that’s it, drink your brothers cum from my pussy mommy,” she said, holding on to mom’s hair.

A few minutes later Claire shuddered as she came again then got off mom’s face when she got too sensitive.

“You ready for this one, he’s not going to last much longer,” gasped mom as Adam increased his pace.

“It’s been a while cuz, sorry, I missed my favorite aunt and haven’t cum in 2 weeks,” gasped Adam.

“It won’t be the last load I drink today, trust me,” replied Claire.

“Cum in me big boy, show me how much you missed auntie Gina’s pussy,” said mom.

Adam, seeming to do as he was told, groaned then pushed in deep as he exploded. He pulled out, I could see mom’s soaked pussy, already leaking Adam’s cum but Claire got between her legs and started licking her. I lost it at that point, it’d never happened to me before but I erupted in my shorts, thankfully my mom’s moans of pleasure drowning out my hard breathing. When mom had cum again at my sister’s tongue, she climbed up and kissed her then they sat up together. Mom draped an arm round Claire as the men got dressed.

“So you think he’s ready?” Said Rob.

“Hard mariobet güvenilirmi to say, I think he’s going to freak at first but once he’s in her he’ll go with it,” replied Claire.

“Tell him about his birthday,” said Mom.

“Oh, he got home from shopping with Mom, she’d been teasing him all day, low cut top, no bra or anything. I timed it so I was leaving the shower as he got in and gave him a full frontal flash. He looked at my tits and was ‘jeez Claire you should cover up’ then ran off. I looked through his door and he jerked off right after. He’s really self conscious for some reason, pretty shy too.”

I remembered that day, I’d stolen so many glimpses of mom’s nipples through her shirt and felt guilty. When I saw Claire’s naked breasts I almost came right then and had to relieve myself. I didn’t touch my cock for a week after that, feelings of guilt stopping me.

“Well if Sarah can’t seduce him I say we all just go naturist and put on an orgy in front of him,” laughed Rob.

“It might come to that, is Sarah with my Dad?” asked Claire.

“No, I think he has Jenny down by the lake, Sarah wants Marcus to have her clean,” replied Rob.

“Fair enough.”

At that point, someone knocked on the door. It was my cousin Jenny.

“Weren’t you with my dad?” asked Claire.

“Yes, I sucked him dry after he fucked me. Where is Marcus, the kids are downstairs crying, they think they lost him,” said Jenny.

“What? He was supposed to be looking after them,” replied Mom.

“They said hide and seek but think he came upstairs, they know they’re not allowed up here so they waited.”

“Fuck, lets find him. No more fun until he’s been with Sarah.”

Everyone left the room, I cautiously let myself out then sneaked over to the corner bathroom and noisily came out, making an act of wondering why they were looking for me. Claire narrowed her eyes at me.

“You were supposed to be keeping the kids entertained, hide and seek is fine but they knew not to come up here bro,” she said to me.

“Well I was so pissed off I forgot,” I said, I could barely look at her.

I spent the rest of the afternoon playing board games with the kids, everyone I’d watched having sex didn’t act differently around each other. Mom and Dad cooked on the grill and my sister played yard games with our cousins. I looked at Aunt Sarah a few times too, she was my Dad’s youngest sister, maybe 4 years younger than him but she was hot. She was tall like Dad, short blonde hair and from what I could tell with her always baggy clothes, had a great pair of breasts. I put it out of my mind that their plan was for her to seduce me, my mind was still reeling from what I’d witnessed earlier that day and just focused on keeping the kids distracted.

Next day, Aunt Carol showed up pretty early, her ex was not far behind her, he took the kids then left.

“Hey Marcus, thanks for looking after those two yesterday, it was easier for Sarah to bring them here for me while I finished up at the shop, I’d have had to go meet him halfway otherwise,” she said, kissing me on the cheek.

“It’s no big deal, I was upset yesterday but it’s all good,” I replied.

“Well I promise I’ll make it up to you okay,” she said then left.

After breakfast my Dad showed up with the pontoon he’d picked up from the marina and everyone busied themselves loading beer and food on board. I was hoping to catch up on fishing though, was too young to drink anyway and asked if I could take the smaller boat out alone.

“Uh, sure, don’t you want to come swim with us all?” said Mom.

“I’m not old enough to drink, you’re all going to get drunk and that’s never fun for me. I’m good with fishing,” I replied.

“Why don’t I come with you, you promised to show me your favorite spot last time,” said Sarah.

“That would make me feel better sweetie, I don’t like the idea of you out on that boat alone,” said Mom.

“Fine,” I replied.

I wondered if that was the start of the plan they’d spoken about.

“Well let me go and get into better clothes my love, I don’t want to get sunburn. I won’t take long,” said Sarah, as she went up to her room.

Everyone set off on the pontoon and as I waited I checked over my fishing gear, Sarah came down maybe 10 minutes later, she hadn’t changed at all and was still wearing the t-shirt and shorts she was wearing earlier.

“Hey, can you come and help me decide, I bought too many clothes and can never choose what to wear,” she said.

“Okay,” I replied.

“I’m glad I get to spend some time with you, you’re always so shy, I know you prefer smaller groups huh,” she said as I followed her to her room.

“Pretty much, I always felt left out being younger than everyone. Even Claire is 4 years older but acts like she’s 30.”

“Well I just want you to be happy, close the door for me.”

I didn’t know what to expect. My own fears, my shyness and being different to all the guys I knew had me terrified when Sarah started her seduction. She placed her mariobet yeni giriş hands on my cheeks then kissed me.

“Wh… what are you doing?” I stammered.

“I lied about needing help with clothes, I want you to have me Marcus. Have you been with a woman before?”

“N.. no, you’re my Dad’s sister, we shouldn’t.”

I of course had figured out that it wouldn’t matter with what I’d already watched.

“I’m a woman and you’re a man, that’s all that matters.”

To emphasize her point, Sarah took a step back from me and took off her t-shirt then her bikini top. Her breasts were magnificent, full and pert, easily the nicest I’d ever laid eyes on.

“You can touch them if you like,” she said, softly.

I was like a deer in headlights, I completely froze. Sarah took charge though, she took my shaking hand and placed it on her breast, my cock grew in my shorts and I was in awe.

“You’re shaking, relax and enjoy this,” she said with a smile.

“Why are we doing this, what if Uncle Peter finds out?” I said, knowing full well he was likely in on it.

“It will be fine and we’re doing this because I want you. You’ve grown up to be such a handsome young man and I want you to have this.”

Sarah moved closer to me and rubbed my growing erection through my shorts, I tried to stop her when she started to undo the buttons.

“I…it’s ugly.” I replied.


Sarah undid my shorts and pulled my shorts and boxers down to my ankles, I was already semi hard and it sprang out as if to meet her.

“Oh honey it’s beautiful, why do you think it’s ugly?” she said, gently stroking me.

“Th.. the guys in gym class made fun of me. I have a foreskin and none of them do,” I replied, looking into her eyes.

“Most guys don’t have them and they are missing out. You don’t watch porn or anything?”

“Mostly just lesbian stuff.”

“You should watch more, you’d see that you’re quite normal my dear.”

Sarah pulled the foreskin back on my cock then she got to her knees and started sucking my cock. I gasped in pleasure, her tongue was amazing. I didn’t last long at all, she looked up at me with her pretty eyes and kept sucking me, when I groaned that I was cumming she swirled her tongue round the tip of my cock and stroked me as I sprayed my seed into her mouth, struggling to stay on my feet. Sarah had me strip completely naked as she stepped out of her shorts then took me over to the bed.

“You can play with my breasts and pussy until you get hard again,” she said with a smile.

I knew it wouldn’t take long, her body was beautiful. I fondled her breasts, listening to her tell me how to touch them then she led my hand down to her shaved pussy. Pretty much as soon as I felt her juices with my fingers I was hard again.

“Mmm, good, now get between my legs and I’ll guide you into me,” she said softly.

I was thankful I’d already cum in her mouth, after she placed the tip of my cock into her pussy, I pushed in slowly to savor the feeling and gasped in pleasure as her warmth enveloped my cock. I was a little too eager though, Sarah giggled as she stopped me.

“As nice as I’m sure that feels for you my dear, slow down, savor every thrust, I promise you this won’t be the last time we have sex.”

“It just feels so good,” I replied.

“Wait until you get inside me from behind, then you can give me this pace.”

I listened to her guidance and slowed down, it felt incredible and she got more enjoyment too by her moans. I’m not sure how long I lasted but I got a swell of pride when she climaxed then came myself a few thrusts later. I felt on top of the world, I couldn’t wait to have as much sex as my body would allow.

“Tha… that was amazing Auntie Sarah, thank you,” I gasped as I caught my breath.

“Just Sarah now my love but yes, that was fun,”

“You are so beautiful, I’m glad you were my first.”

“It was supposed to be your sister but she needs to work on her seduction techniques.”

‘I uh, heard them talking about it.”


“I was hiding in the room when Claire came into the room with Uncle Rob then Mom and Adam came in and they all had sex. They didn’t know I was there and talked about me as they dressed.”

“Well no wonder you took to this so easily. I was expecting much more of a struggle to get you inside me,” said Sarah with a laugh.

“So how long has everyone been having sex with each other?”

“Hard to say, our parents brought us here on our birthdays, your mom and I lost our virginities to our dad on the same night and it’s pretty much all we’ve known since. I don’t think any of us ever declined, we’ve all had sex with brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, nephews and nieces. Adam is quite infatuated with your mom though so you may need to wait until you’re home before you’ll get her but you sister is quite excited to fuck you.”

“This is like something I would read about in stories online, they get me more excited than porn.”

“Well good. Mmm, you’re getting hard mariobet giriş again, want to take me from behind, handsome man?”

I watched Sarah get up onto all fours then got behind her, I think I spent the first 5 or 6 thrusts just gazing at her ass it was so perfect to me. I’m not sure how long I lasted, I know I managed to make her cum despite my clumsy thrusting but I had a good sheen of sweat on me by the time I got close. I gasped that I was ready then pushed deep inside her and exploded, spraying what seed I had left into her pussy.

I collapsed beside her in a heap when I was spent.

“Th.. that was amazing,” I gasped.

“Glad you enjoyed it my love,” she replied with a smile.

I laid on my back and just gazed at her body, she laid on her side, leaning on her elbow smiling at me.

“Think you could go again? They’ll be getting back soon and I want to wait naked in the hot tub with you,” she said, playing with my cock.

“I may need a little help,” I replied with a grin.

“Oh I think I can get you there, cheeky boy,” she replied.

Sarah started sucking my cock and in no time I was hard again, she got on her back and after guiding me into her I gave her slow, deep thrusts, listening to her guidance on how to please a woman as well as myself. I lasted ages, my cock ached a little but eventually we both climaxed and laid together catching our breaths. I rolled to my side and was gently fondling her breast when her phone went off, she put it on speaker.

“Hi Sarah, it’s Gina, I figured I’d better call so you don’t worry,” said my Mom.

“Worry, why, what’s going on?” said Sarah as she sat up.

“Well, Don was supposed to stay sober to drive the boat since they said they’ve upped patrols this year, well, he didn’t and his stupid ass hit another boat, he got arrested but since none of the rest of us are sober we’re being held in the drunk tank until morning unless you can come get us.”

“That’s a six hour drive Gina, no way. We fucking told him what would happen if he drank again, I’m going to kick his ass.”

“Oh believe me, there’s a line. Well I have to go, how did the thing go?”

“Didn’t happen, he freaked out and I can’t find him.” Sarah winked at me.

“Seriously, shit. Okay, we’ll deal with that later. Again, I’m sorry, we’ll see you tomorrow morning I guess.”

My mom hung up, Sarah put her phone on the bedside then kissed me on the lips.

“We, my love, are going to have fun with them tomorrow. Hope you didn’t expect to get any sleep tonight, we have the place to ourselves, I’m going to make us something to eat, feed you some of your dad’s Viagra and then I’m going to ride you until I can’t keep my eyes open. Your idiot cousin is not going to be too popular when he gets out,” she said.

“I remember my mom screaming at him last time he did this, thankfully dad was on medication so wasn’t drinking anyways,”

“I remember that. Anyways, their mess, come shower with me.”

Showering with Sarah was a treat in itself, I think I gave her the cleanest boobs ever and was hard again by the time we got out. She dried off and just put on a baggy t-shirt then made us each a sandwich. After eating, she told me how we were going to surprise the family starting with my sister. Despite my cock being a little tender I got hard when she described the plan and Sarah noticed.

“Mmm, I didn’t even feed you viagra yet. I’m a little tender, I’m sure you are too but why don’t you take me from behind on the couch then we can snuggle together in bed,” she said, taking off her shirt.

I took ages to cum but I managed to make Sarah climax before I sprayed what was barely anything into her, we cleaned up again then snuggled up in her bed.

“I’ve set an alarm but if they get back early I’ll stall for you to get in place,” she said as I fondled her breast.

“Okay,” I replied, drifting off to sleep already.

Next morning we woke up with Sarah’s alarm and showered together. We had a light breakfast then sat watching for the rest of the family to turn up on the boat. They arrived a little after 10am, Sarah had me hide then set her part of the plan in motion.

“So he’s still hiding somewhere? Sorry you had to be here alone,” said Claire.

“It’s fine, you can make it up to me with your tongue before I fuck your Dad,” replied Sarah.

I watched as they both got undressed then onto the bed, Sarah on her back and Claire between her legs. Sarah began to moan as my sister ate her pussy, Claire’s ass looked incredible and I could see from my hiding spot that she was getting wet. She even reached back and played with her pussy a little. I was hard as steel just watching so when Sarah said the magic words, my queue to exit hiding, I was ready.

“Oh fuck that feels good,” said Sarah.

I let myself out of the wardrobe, thankful we’d checked for squeaky doors already and before Claire knew what was going on, I was on the bed and had my cock embedded in her pussy.

“Ohhh fuck that feels so good!” she gasped as I began to thrust.

I held on to her waist and gave her slow deep thrusts like Sarah had taught me.

“Wh… who is in me S.. Sarah,” Claire stammered in between thrusts.

“Just someone who now wished he’d let you seduce him on his birthday,” I replied, increasing my pace.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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