High School Reunion

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Just a few weeks ago, I went to my ten year HS Reunion. I went there to be with old friends and show up old enemies with my high paying job, impressive cars and nice clothes. The night was pretty tame for a while, with the usual small talk and such. That was until I ran into the lust of my high school years: Christine. I can’t begin to describe to you how much I wanted to fuck her. I had known her since we were nine and had watched her develop. By the time we were seniors in high school, she was 5’6″, with long dirty blonde hair, a tight round ass, amazing legs and tits in the area of 36C. I used to have 4-5 classes a day with her and she was on the girls’ tennis team while I was playing on the guys. Being around her so much, I couldn’t help but constantly lust about her. Especially on the tennis courts where I watched her in her tight skirt and tans legs, running after the ball and making her tits bounce. It was constantly heaven.

Unfortunately, though, I never got anywhere with her. I dated her briefly, but nothing came of that, not even a glimpse of a bare breast, or a hard nipple. That didn’t stop me from constantly jerking off while thinking about what I would do to her, given the opportunity.

After five years she looked just as hot, if not hotter, and while making small talk I had to control myself from constantly looking down her low cut dress. I don’t know if she saw me doing it, or maybe she caught a glimpse of the bulge in my pants, but either way she invited me out to dinner the next Friday. I, of course, agreed. With my girlfriend out of town for a few weeks, I need the companionship come meal time. Plus, it gave me more time to look at her tits.

When the reunion ended, we said goodbye and I went home, where I lay in my bed and jerked off twice thinking about her and days gone past. When Friday came, I put on a shirt and tie and met Christine at a semi-formal restaurant in a nearby town. She was wearing yet another low cut dress, which was red and required no bra at all. We had a quiet dinner where we swapped stories of what we had done since high school. It turns out that she dropped out of college and did some semi-nude modeling for a while. Then she turned to stripping to pay the bills. At this, my cock turned hard, thinking of her working a pole in front of me. She was currently working as a manager of a Victoria secret’s and did stripping a few times a month for extra cash. I decided that by the end of the night, I would find out where and when she was stripping so that I would eventually be able to see her in the nude.

As dinner came to an end, she asked me if I wanted to come back to her place for a drink. This both excited and scared me. I knew that there was the possibility of this turning into much more than a drink, which is what I always had hoped for. However, I had never cheated on my girlfriend before and didn’t know if I could. I decided to chance it though and followed her to her apartment. Once there, we left our shoes and coats at the door and I sat on her couch, while she went to the kitchen. She came back in with two glasses and a bottle of vodka. We drank and talked for a while, and before we knew it, we were onto our second bottle. As we got increasingly drunk, we became much more open and moved much closer together. We talked about all sorts of crazy things until I felt her hand move over my thigh and land on my crotch with a soft pat. She moved close to me and whispered in my ear, “I want to make up for some mistakes I made in high school.”

“What mistakes,” I whispered back.

“You were such a good friend back then. I should have fucked you.”

With that, she grabbed my crotch as placed a hot kiss on my lips. My own hand grabbed her head and pulled her close and our tongues met while my cock grew. She rubbed my cock through my pants while my hand grabbed her breast through her dress. I moaned into her mouth as I thought about how I was finally going to get the piece of ass that I always wanted. While we massaged each other, I slipped the strap of her dress off her shoulder, letting it fall off her arm and out popped her soft breast. I grabbed the bare flesh greedily and tweaked her Malatya Escort nipple. She undid my pants and pulled my cock out of my boxers, gently stroking it and playing with the head. With all the lust raging in my body, I knew it wasn’t going to be long before I came, so I had to make sure it was done right.

I stood up and pulled her off the couch. After breaking our embrace, I slipped the other strap off her shoulder, letting the dress drop to the floor. She stepped out of it and kicked it to the side, leaving her standing in just a pair of black panties. I quickly undressed, throwing my clothes everywhere, leaving me naked with my cock at attention. I walked over to her and gently guided her onto the floor, where I then straddled her chest and placed my cock between her breasts which were falling to the side.

“I’ve wanted to do this for years,” I said, looking at her. “Ever since you first grew tits, I’ve wanted to stick my cock between them. I jerked off all the time wondering what they would feel like surrounding my cock.”

“Whatever you want is yours tonight,” she replied. “I need to atone for what I did wrong.”

She took my hands in hers, then place them on her breasts. Together we pushed them against my cock forming a tight little hole for me to fuck. I slowly began pumping my hips, pushing my cock back and forth in that soft hole. As I sped up, my fingers pinched and twisted her nipples while she grabbed my ass, pulling me into her tits. It didn’t take long before I felt the need to cum, so I immediately pulled my cock out of the soft canyon it was in and jerked it furiously. My first string of cum blasted out of my cock and formed a sticky line over her right breast and shoulder, with droplets falling on her cheek. I pointed my cock at her left tit and shot my next string forcefully at her nipple. It was a direct hit, covering her nipple with my juice and sending splatters all over her large breast. My third shot I laid right between her breasts, all the way up to her neck. The remains of my cum, I squeezed out of my cock onto her stomach, filling in her belly button and leaving little puddles everywhere. I moved up her body and stuck the tip of my cock in her mouth, making her lick up the last drops, then I moved back down to admire my work.

Christine smiled at me as I looked at her, knowing that I had enjoyed every second that I was cumming on her. My cum glistened in the light as she lay on the ground, with her back slightly arched, pushing her breasts skyward. She then slowly took her fingers and ran them through the cum puddles, putting some of it on the tips then moving to her mouth, where she greedily licked them. I watched for a few moments, then broke my gaze and slowly pulled off her panties. I revealed a well trimmed pussy that any stripper would be proud to have. Her mound only had the slightest wisps of hair running over it and a dark brown rectangle ran from her pussy up to where her bathing suit line would be. I knelt down before her pussy and slowly pushed open her legs while I kissed the soft flesh of her inner thighs. I spread her legs very wide, and looked at the glistening wetness of her pussy. It was swollen and red, begging for attention. I knelt forward and placed soft kisses over the lips, bringing light moans from her. I moved closer and dug my head deep, running my tongue over her puckered asshole. I licked it softly, leaving saliva all over it, knowing that my cock would violate that hole too, by the time the sun came up. My tongue moved from her ass, over her pussy, with long licks. Then I concentrated on her hole, licking away at the wetness there, enjoying her taste. I moved up her pussy and began flicking and suckling her clit. This drew more moans from Christine, which grew even louder as I slipped one, then two fingers into her aching pussy. It was so hot and wet, and she clenched at my fingers as I dug them around deep inside her. Her hips began pumping in time with my fingers and I worked her clit a little harder. Her breaths were becoming short and the moans louder as I picked up the pace. I bit and sucked on her clit hard, as I rammed her pussy with my fingers. Her hands Malatya Escort Bayan were grabbing at my hair, showing my face down into her crotch. I was breathing hard too, every inhale smelling her delightful pussy, every exhale tingling her clit. Harder and faster I worked her pussy until her body was flailing everywhere and she was cumming up a storm.

Not wanting her to get down off her high, I quickly pulled my face up and knelt in front of her. I grabbed her legs and placed her ankles on my shoulders. I then leaned forward, pushing her legs up and exposing her pussy, with it pointed in the air. She grabbed my cock and guided the tip of it to her wet, pulsing hole. With one long thrust, I entered her balls-deep and she let out a passionate scream that echoed through the room. I alternated between a many quick, short pumps, and a few, slow, long thrusts. This drove her wild, until the porn-star in her came out.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” she cried, her eyes clenched shut. “Faster! Fuck my pussy! Cum in my pussy! Make me your slut! Make me your bitch!”

I slammed away, my balls slapping against her. I watch as her tits jiggled with every movement and her face contorted into expressions of pleasure. Her hands kept alternating between rubbing her tits and massaging my cock and her clit. I looked down and watched as my cock disappeared into her hole, enjoying the warmth, the softness and the wetness of her pussy. I grabbed her legs and thrust as fast and hard as I could until my whole body jerked and my cock send a load of cum deep into her. She screamed when she felt me cum and then let her body go limp. I pulled out and moved up her cum covered body, sticking my cock in her mouth for another cleaning. She greedily took it, and when she was done, she happily sucked on my nuts.

When she finished, I rolled off her and lay spread eagle on the floor. She curled up next to me, pressing her body against mine. I could still feel my wet cum on her stomach and tits. She placed her mouth over my nipple and gently sucked while her hand massaged my nuts. She worked her mouth and hand in unison, bringing pleasure to my body. She did this for sometime, then stopped and ran off to the kitchen. Christine came back with two beers and she went to the television and popped in a tape. She motioned for me to come sit next to her on the couch and I did. She handed me a beer and curled next to me as the video turned on. On the screen was a huge orgy in action with 6 or 7 guys and four girls.

“This is my favorite movie to watch when I’m alone,” she whispered to me. “Those girls get passed around and the guys cover them with cum by the end. The best part is watching them lick all that cum off each other.”

Her free hand moved to my nuts again and massaged them while she drank her beer. I lay back on the couch, enjoying the rub, drinking my beer and watching the guys use the hot chicks on the screen. Every hot load of cum the guys dumped on the pretty girls’ faces made my cock jump with delight. I placed my beer to the side and grabbed Christine’s tits, roughly massaging them. I leaned over next to her ear.

“I want to fuck your ass.”

She smiled at me, “Of course you do. Grab your beer.”

I grabbed my beer as she grabbed my arm and pulled my around the back of the couch. She turned around and bent over, pushing her ass into my crotch and laying her tits over the back of the couch. She grabbed a blanket from the couch and through it underneath her, then she looked back at me, “Use the beer for lube and dive in.”

My jaw dropped. I just couldn’t believe what a night I was having. I was about to slip into the ass I had dreamt about for years. I spread her ass cheeks with one hand and tipped the bottle so a little beer splashed on her puckered bud. I worked it in with one of my fingers, then dumped a little more beer on. Christine moaned and let one of her hands wander to her pussy. I inserted the tip of the bottle into her ass and let a little more beer flow into her hole. I took it out and inserted my finger again, making sure everything was slippery and sloppy. I put my cock between her cheeks, then dumped Escort Malatya the rest of the beer onto it and her. Her fingers worked the beer into her pussy as it rolled off her ass. I grabbed my cock and slapped it against her ass a couple of times while she let out nicely exaggerated moans. I then positioned myself behind her and forced the head of my cock into her ass. I stopped there and breathed, not believing the feel of her ass. I knew she had to have been fucked up there before, but it was still amazingly tight. I shoved the rest of my length into her warm, slippery ass. I dropped the bottle onto the floor and placed my hands firmly on her hips. I held Christine firm as I began my slow fucking. I pulled all the way back until I almost popped out, then drove it sharply back in. She moaned with every thrust while we watched the torrent of ass fucking occur on the screen. I didn’t think those guys could cum any more, but they found a way to abuse the girls further and cover every inch of skin with cum.

“Fuck my ass harder! Do it like you wanted to in high school! Lift my skirt and drive it in! You know you want to fill my ass!”

She squeezed my cock with her ass, almost as if she was shitting it out. I slapped her ass and drove balls deep. I continued to slap her firm bottom while working my cock in her. I worked my hips quicker, watching as her body jerked with every thrust. My breath became heavy and I felt the sweat breaking across my brow. Christine’s fingers kept working her sloppy pussy while she stood there and took me. Finally, I ripped my cock out with a sloppy pop. I jerked my hips, slapping my cock across her ass and ass crack until I came across her back and ass. Long streams of cum ran up her spine and I rubbed the rest of my cum into her ass. I walked around the front of the couch and grabbed her head, shoving my cock in her mouth again. She cleaned the plate for the third time. I sat on the couch and Christine came around and stood over me. She shoved her ass in my face and I spread her cheeks, licking her beer covered, cock fucked asshole. Some of my cum smudged onto my face as she rubbed her cheeks onto me. She grabbed her beer and poured the rest of it down her back. It filled her ass crack and ran into my mouth. The taste of her ass, pussy and beer put me in heaven. This was the nasty girl I always wanted to fuck.

When she was satisfied, she turned and licked the cum off my face. Then she slid to her knees, between my legs. She kissed my limp, tired cock.

“Think you got one more load for me tonight?”

“Oh, I think so. It might take you a little while to get it though.”

“No prob. I could suck dick all night.”

To prove her point, she took my balls in her mouth and sucked. She worked my nuts for a long time while I ran my hands through her hair and watched the porn. When she tired of my balls, she pushed them up with her hands and licked my asshole. I moaned for a while and my cock got some life back into it. Christine noticed and left my ass alone, taking my head between her wet lips. Her tongue flipped it and her eyes met mine. This was the high school experience that I had missed. She took more of my flesh into her mouth until she had me rock hard, deep in her throat. Then she really began the blowjob. Working my cock with her mouth up and down, lips following her hand, with her other hand firmly on my nuts. She worked everything in unison and I roared with pleasure. I grabbed her head with both hands and helped her along. I felt the cum building in my hot nuts again and I pushed her head off. I guided it with my hands until my throbbing cock was an inch from her lips.

“Kiss it and I’ll cum on your face.”

She smiled and puckered her lips. She pushed her head forward and placed a sloppy one on my pre-cum covered head. On cue, my cock jerked and fired cum right on her lips, dripping onto her chin. I head her head as it jerked hard and moved, sending cum across her soft cheek. I pulled her close and let the rest of it drip onto her nose and upper lip. I released her head and went limp of the couch. She crawled up my body and collapsed next to me. We watched the rest of the porn, then she told me she needed to get up early the next day. I dressed and she walked me to the door, with cum drying all over her. She told me to the call the next day, which of course I did, starting my affair with her. Little did I know, there was so much more to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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